The Best Time To Propose Is...

Friday, November 10th

Looking to pop the question? We'll tell you the answer....we've also got details on how you can win tickets to see the Charlotte Hornets take on LeBron and the Cavs!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to talk there would memorable. Rates and coming. Shares of the night yes he'd appreciate it didn't do that you have been sound they are due and you have someone has he. Timeframe. We're getting married yes February it was going to Mac. A relationship expert who by the way as you see sixty marriage proposals that you know talked about how he does is she's telling you. How to get him into propose. As he starts with do not settled go for the very best may. Well I yeah means that yes man and they are matchmaker and millions are available. And the matchmaker expert. You don't do it and settlement furrier just take like you know what every. There's. A woman who got sixteen marriage proposals they're probably not most some quality. Yeah yeah yeah in the state did under I would like to debate. That however you can have sixteen marriage proposals right now. How crass and fat burner yes well I have a cousin whose ex wife bragged about how. She'd been engaged. Like twelve to high school right right long day. So and I'm looking at. Her long line of former beyoncé is like. Exactly yes in fact if your interests and Ramona little. Changed. Holloway she is looking for people ask her her hand and man it's. Pat yeah as a specific timeline noted at the time my breeder not enough. That timeline. Outside of. Whenever someone listened to days and decided to add to use it okay you do this acts expert. What a day. Well what do what does that time on these schedule. That allows for an aspirin dating. Many adapt when you get exclusive I guess the one year to become engaged and move in together and. And one and a half years. To marry it's like two and I have to. That is is it that two and a half that of the two where is it more like one and a half. When a six month to date does OK I don't that I got everything you'd say madam. I'm. But then six months later. Yeah that's a year now so a year and a half to marry. If he got the right count that yet catch everything so you got six months before exclusive items you're dating for six months and then. Vince from the six I was the one year you become engaged in moving together both from the six month tort. Yeah why are all these is that why don't know Rondo able to know together no. And you have one and a half years to. Merry. I if it was 611. And a half that be something you're saying at six months. Your exclusive Thursday at six that's why I have like three years to get one know where you're supposed to get engaged yes at the time you met that yeah from the time you met them of not for the time you started dating. He now can't let's Luoyang where I'm counting that as a concerted attack we met at a bar Friday and Saturday were gone date yet and then six months later he's must be engaged. Well. Come on now and ridiculous. A year here a K six months later exclusives OK you have a year that's not enough no it is not. A year to get engaged the time your first date you barely know a person in a year well they haven't had. And a reminder you haven't even an exclusive right Lebanese booze or six months height and then you're getting engaged. If you're setting yourself that this is too harsh. If you think this is to direct. And insufficiently romantic you're. And is a part of a lifelong marriage and you need a husband who is both a player and a lover. And an Bernard too because marriage life until there are very very expensive what does she what are oneself and she did not multimillionaire needs to lay out the plan legalistic. Are we serious Sera not. At this attack on remarks wants it. Saba big money. I got a lot of Eagles could you do it. What is the dam on X I think that's a habit that has been exclusive for a full forcing thousands out now Gavin. Yet many you probably. Haven't. Even met the period as afraid and I married somebody I don't know yeah I bet. You know I and that's especially. Messed up if the person's like eighteen. Now when he man who on okay that's really messed them looking to make your fort. I'm Jim Evans are drinking eight tonight now let's at least say the least. Drinking and you're gonna go that fast on the time line you got to be forty and well where have you know. Yeah I'm not going serie. And our communities to charities and ask how emotional I was 31. A couple of all right. The guys that a month's visit for six months to figure out your exclusive. Means you might have been dating other people during that time. And they feel like okay Oregon a date. Yeah. Leaving Enron it doesn't seem right to me. Proposals he knows a thing to do about how it gets a bonus system that's so crazy. And six months a yeah you go online right now I don't well. It's just you don't wind up with that matter big music and I get mad at that timeline I don't know anything about what you. I'll go buy out goodbye nice to tell me that the first few dates were beaten now you get he should probably tell as unit about the five month mark. She expects to being gay this is my schedule seven months from now yes. No self and I. They're no longer it's really not many guys into the sixth and you're certainly not already be in this I don't know I'm not a dramatic. More damage. I opened this Friday at some magical outcome ice skating experience does tend to wanna seminar and the link dot com to see this special events and hours of the great things of Piedmont natural gas and. Fox 46 all right everybody when I knew I Charlotte. Classic throwback hornet's Jersey. Course should do our bag today in the ninety's that you gotta go to 179 the link FaceBook page. How about tickets to what about hot games of the season. The cavs vs the hornets gas in the brawn and yeah it could be your eyes if you post your retro photo on the 1079 to link face. A paint at all it's as simple as a picture of your past. And random personal BI chosen from all the pictures so it's really easier than ever given a picture up on FaceBook and dad get tickets to. Seed beat. Greatest basketball player nearest right now and your home down hornets and get a throwback Jersey that's all pretty good suffering there. And Benny was mentioning that. He like he saw as ours are back in the day unit in the ninety's holes you don't change your classroom. You go and Kelly to puke and Robert Reid et Al can't congratulate me give me hornets led served for reading 200 books correct I am very proud you have you had 200 have you read 200 bucks can nonsense though probably not back. Have you to wrap Ivy League big awards Nintendo know that is really what I preached. This could affect that they did bring us hornets. Well mannequins or Charlotte hornets uniforms on unlike Hugo. Near Manson and hey who Bert. Flying taxis ally 22 wanna yell baby. Fleet of flying ride shares the new number air program. Trying to work with cities in the early days were interested. They're doing LA because it's remodeled it is highly congested traffic. There's not a great transit issue. A solution and not one on the way so. This thing ride sharing uber air. Commuter option pairs comparable to taking an uber ax car rides and not astronomical. And but. Mona says he's not gonna do it out yet the average weekend. The law. I must say in a goober. It's very convenient. And evidently he vary but different right however. The last few bluebird drivers I've add. Have driven like pure mania of course everything according do you I'm a media advantage or any act of war in new. I have a friend I'd sit who had never bring it. On an override before so it was her first time she will never get in over par again because now the last. Times that's ridiculous she felt like she was gonna die am frankly I did tip I'm not I'm giving anything shy of five stars tonight were drivers and to never. Never had an issue not one I've given my honest every person on this does not mean I will never over again because I will I do think that they were. Not the norm he had six. But. They'd better be interviewing me aimed reviewing of the driving skills. I had a lot batter but they do it for some of the new peace somebody must've been rating them. And and so you don't let go I think that by her sound editor Hoover again that's like saying you're in a car to me it never ride. A car again was Eric urging is she'd never been she'd never trusted uber before it never she's already lie weird. And and it really was a very scary experience champion believed it was such a rarity and a million people negative I. I know I. Did little Burton does sometimes. It was truly frightening. We nearly went. We really real but are weighed nearly from the station. Uptown we almost reign over family but nearly at the game. And they all went back. We almost ran into the fence outside of the station and then a couple of seconds later another friend's. And you didn't know we screamed and a couple of out there today and he got it quickly. News it was a bit of what to do with a flying taxi. What I am saying is this a thought a bloody thing ever is coming gearan said they had seen it needs to be better screening. Well the night there islets. Yeah and they gonna go through a lot more training to fly I look Eleanor I don't don't. Yeah Perino it's free they fly it to the radio station every day and a helicopter. And go for WB TV so it's a price and old Brett it's not a it's not necessarily pricing but I'm willing to try at a lot of stuff for free but would yet be won him I think maybe when my top ten. Witches but I had to pay a private plane always available. Probably one of my top ten would love to have a driver that's it if if I was only some got a pilot of that line. You up a pilot ya wanna fly everywhere all the time the WB TV helicopter comes gets me at my house. There's a little tight and no yeah now security. Nance to an end and then you can get on a private plane and fly. New York City LA where everyone I did I carbon footprint imagine I don't. Do much for me and the line. The dialogue you have not surf it's in my top ten wishes today element I topped. Five transportation wishes okay I counted right yes I am putting above going to Mars. Absolutely. I know I I am putting him above that excited about going to Mars now I'm mama I'll put about having just a regular driver. Now. Deck is gonna get there quicker and you get a lot of places you know like everybody got Charleston I don't know how this is gonna work and cities though. Well because I am helicopters flying all around now these are really up to do. Around the when I'm guessing is if I had to guess there'll be there already are helicopter pads on top of buildings. Right and and I bet that's they've landed new. From there would you like any time to get on a bus or something you get your next connection or you can always downtown for instance and the landing pad on top of bank of AmeriCares. There you land you walk to work. That's our mark here we would land and parking lot. A lot of helicopters. Can't do much to my. Latch on it now. Let's try until it's affordable is going to be a lot of helicopters jetliner and islanders but not there's not I'm not enough pilots might be like a waiting list. I'm lonely still there really isn't an air traffic that the internal situations. Come we haven't. Yeah it seems like. Around the board I think I'm. Just. Saying in three years we're gonna hand there's an I don't believe it. Okay well. There's no way by 220 they're going to be helicopters Kleiner stellar anywhere just LA even in LA I don't believe OK how about I hope not. I have enough rich people. A really popular. Dangerous option but critics rich. That's the price is going to be eight. I'm I'm sorry I am gonna fly to LA just over x.s everyday and then Logitech okay Linda are gonna use your thrive again. In my in my in my transportation business. Guys ultimate idol so Bob Mars version coffee. And on the top. You're listening to all there. And Ramona. We're losing the podcast and sharing it and update desk team news. Every day at thirtieth and here's 149. Year old guy named Donald. Gaither from eight Oklahoma was scary has sent his former neighbor. Think Troy vaguely because Donald was pretty sure that Troy had gotten and kicked out of his trailer park. And yeah. And you get kicked out of a trailer park and it's on them back on on that in. It's O'Donnell went to Troy is placed on Sunday. And challenged him to a knife fight or is he called a knife do liar and I'm still on the bubble whether you can call and I've dual. I eighty slapped him with a glove like. A regular basis or whatever days backs haven't hit it over and his slow. Holes I. As I have two under current have a dual system fight I got some drama argue I want to find out and Abdul Indy V signal has to. Now it now. Do I do know sorrow again where it doesn't have I don't know do you feel right then boxing a dual. Now if it gets there has to be some type of weapon involved being weaponry implies tool caddy all right. Implies. By a boxing has roll up our eye duels and arranging gauge in combat in two people with matched weapons. And agreed upon rules yet it's got to be agreed upon. So they have money upon roles like you can jumping and start punch and a guy and then he starts punching back there was nothing agreed upon you started a fight right ahead and that's justify yet because you have to have matched weapons were due. Don't like trivia atlas this thing does it say about almost. Some this is going to be trips now they were dual all the time magazine today announced it will hand but they would miss. A lot of times or just skins and they re young like nick and people are dying handles all the time it is mostly not died was ransom would die. The famous person who died like Burma whatever amber yeah they'd they'd data bulletin duel like five dies when it down from until one well he had guns that didn't work very accurate yeah. That's all and that is those presumably many that's pretty yeah I heard them before. I think it's been answered and thank you undeserved okay yeah I I don't know how I'm gonna work better and add next dinner party. Cloudy. And we weren't talking Abdul yeah well hold appear nights. Then there's the front. I don't I just wanted to bring it out so I thought. So eight he gets kicked out and Townsend to a ninth dole. Donald town destroyed to a night stool he had prepared by bringing along for knives from his kitchen before and raping his midsection in homemade body armor which he made by taping a bunch of adult magazines and by. Got more public jab man it is now Iranian National Geographic there anything you know now or. Here we go to yeah. And the neighbors. And almost settling in around your trunk no time any loose issues that the very clearly doesn't probably have the ability to pull or he might not have. The Internet where most of other people look at points against don't get the old school. Hard cap is a difference I suck off cover whatever. Well his neighbor has come thinking about how to trembling and our. His neighbor did the Smart thing turned down the dual challenge in just went inside and called police not Donald was arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of an offensive weapon. Our offensive weapon when the cops ask him about his sexy body armor he said. Quote bend imprison and knew what to do to protect himself although he learned about six. Armor in prison by your adult magazine we know why he was kicked out leaders clues in that whole story. On the bottom right of the pack it was one of the names his magazines. And nine out of but if you don't watching Walking Dead. Which yeah I think Beatty are giving up on this year by the way I'm lost three episodes highlights an awful. But for years we've. This guy would be here in the zombie. He smarter than most the people we've seen on Lockheed. Yeah actually you know some armour stuff he had editing on the sump. I mean he didn't completely fill out the outfit but he was on to something. None of these people I got you need to use magazines to neck and neck collar a lot of different. Or anybody gonna be like that for. Yet I don't understand why this is so useful. Is trying to tell you of the zombie apocalypse happens bill rated new stain yeah all of my adult magazine is that it challenges you do a dual let me ask a kind of Smart. But it came down to a he was kind of Smart. That the review today he was at that they didn't thirty magazines around fairly you know good except I go to Wal-Mart dirty magazine added him. It's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Clijsters over. Intercepts it's just it's some positive things on this list are. Like you would think obvious but anyway it's you know how sometimes in the you're not picking up women thing they'll say one of the reasons they deal hygiene yeah should be obvious it's always on there. How about this when you sign your relationships over you do except that you're constantly crying wolf it should be on there should be on there. You know it's. Reid is let's don't you know wide. I cry every day about hiring and I told people at UN said it too many tears over this relation guy what you gonna do it. He say they say comes out of nowhere sometimes. Tears are culmination of fear of things being down a perhaps things unsaid. And you cried all the time. It's it's it's serious issue. It's probably overview friends of one and I Allen use a couple and I don't do it together is going to be in referees but I don't actually know that. Because. Lessig just stop hanging out what you would still might not get ahead or they say I'll take you know Mary incumbent anti. When they weren't generally what happenings. And I know I tell you this from personal experience. Is. Your friends. Even the ones who are part of relationships. Only want to do girl things with you evidence is that a possibility that they just don't like that guy that doesn't mean necessarily. Your relation is over okay you like man let go sales that. Your friends just don't like big guy. Yes nine times out it's and the reason why your friends don't like your guy. Is because he's a jerk that's probably true original sometimes you get Lovett and that should be the beginning not the end. Waiting and her ex I speak from personal it's. Yes are you got up so yes look at you don't know that couples don't wanna hang out what you do is no because they would say don't bring your the other along. Yeah that's hard to say to somebody. So it's a bit to say you know it's only dudes early girls yeah yeah don't tell me. But sometimes it's in Asia better husbands and and pain still a tough call rob my husband. He's not time that I could have probably hasn't yet you go and all the other husbands are there OK that's a really good sign. On if you've talked about breaking up. Then it's probably over you discuss the relationship more than you actually have a relationship. That's the size pretty good on thin ice yak please discuss it and fight overly he should do Al split things up. But there's never a final decision it's it's. That's probably oh. Well you know you just littering an awful it is it is argued LA guy on Anna Maria Island Gavin and you don't break out in the end of the another month of gone minds of a broken up and it's a sign this and it is London along sex slice you land. As sex life is gone cold. It's you know someone's toes being smallest another person is touching to market. Let's not typical. Problems tell the audience most. I guess the saint complain about the little things that are going nine. And if that somewhere in Asia finished because of headaches. Assesses the sex is actually happening to the pain and anger is randomness therapists usually you know and they need a good time yeah it died at the time element is good yeah up things this hour episodes like you know it's gone cold but in this and you're still having it but it's. Distant critical used by having evidence like. Via my toe is giving a lot. Under in the house I don't know if you have a squash stow. Are you complain about its arsenal during sex. And it just didn't want to those get. Did you just say in any behavior you have to my knowledge this aboard this kind of drama that. Let me get a cramp you fall cramp and I could answer tough and a man Eric trance. If your family weighs in all the time your relations at trolley or. Because it's known as troubled and the family has two way and they were they things. Then. Maybe that's pretty good sign it's over are probably and a lesser X nosy people here but they're thinking it's. On thin ice so that's why they're timing and yeah probably good sign some people are just I am hey David just they've seen. And hired to cast yes yes. All against Shockey is on the list elation by the overs of a year dating. Other people. To think you're just hanging when it did says here's a test the waters. And I think it's a lover that's the same thing with that a trial separation. And I don't I don't have a trial separations work out a pay one and a hundred ads are the odds are pretty slim I've seen to work out. Very well. It's just what's gonna happen is it's a year. You're just gonna get up and get back together for men and continue to threaten to break out. So. And I don't by the transit operations ideas. That might. It might but I try you do separated don't separate point don't call it trial separation. Well that's because yeah. Do much else aggression and to see if we'd like living. A Smart. Better don't like living together because it's a trial separation you've got to let it all in all out. One and done a separation means you are heading for divorce. You're waiting out your time until you can file separate trial separation says things Iraqi. The stakes of that are coming to this point do I would appoint people are they have not mean not blaming people for no it does not yet for a guy that's. I guarantee for a guy. If it means I'm gonna blowing people for a month or see if I can score for a month. OK if it finds a better or what it means I'm gonna let you figure out how much you do or don't appreciate me that's cool but I'm just telling you while amount. I'm receive I can find some better. Of I T out of ultimately it's probably over its. I don't resentment that I do yeah it's adrenaline to the I'd met in my somebody out yet somebody out there's actually having this conversation ahead right now in Libya or are there to trial separation and about to go to their man or woman and say. This matter romantic says this rhythm on your head. I can't anything's better born in Berlin concert series presents a nice you don't want and then. You might never mind continuing. Any person in the. Think each of them went seven healing dot com. Wednesday's we do would you rather Wednesday is you from the week we got a couple for you let's see if you're still on board and I can't I know you've been. Really on the bubble in this have sex was someone who has bad breath or bad BO. He says it's time to think about it and you land and our spot yet low eighties the pretty gon or young I can't dating and I our hands down bad breath. And rental nine I guess. About saying I can get away wouldn't hold my breath again I can get away it would not only no ransom and have to read close talking. That actually taught. The sex. And since there are many things where your mouth is very close to my nose. And Null. And. How are enclosed in buttons. And so I'm good. Are these what happening in other places for human rights and when he's around. And beyond those ladies dug in around and not be deal or no way around address. Without kissing and being near there. This so not breathe or talk. Lawyers far away from it remember that while we interviewed. The comedian whose breath was so bad that it was filling up the studio in the bunk. OK let's call it a drawl then the bad to you always are filling up the place and I still got to go with the BMO. Over the breath as it's gotta be less. The breath like that comedian friends it's. Country got closer to home it was worse than far away. Right below the further you are we from the breath for doorway of his mouth the better it's going to be BO you cannot get away for a I feel the same way about breath I'm sorry you can't get away from bad breast or you're gonna be asking you got to pick one. You've got to use laser rounds got to go due to get away from the body did you guys in the mouth right. I. Picture. I don't got a you can get around the body when it can be the certain things are not yet. I Iraq. On your mind my best insect that's always say that Brad yeah we're take a breath didn't. I'm sorry I can't talk main market dignity. That. I can. Myself. It's it's. Which you rather always be ten minutes later at least ten minutes early. I'll go late now always early early age twelve I did my anxiety does not mean to Missouri twenty minutes early. Because of sit around wondering if people are gonna show in Sudan where a right and a link appeared late Diego worry about them eating you've really played all the time he hate me for Miley look at where we made it even Stephen twenty minutes later twenty minutes early. Are you a twenty minutes late and meanest place too much okay. 59 it's only been on goat it it's when he hurts when he I'll show up early. But it it's they wanted to and did ten minutes I feel like fifteen minutes there is a buffer zone. You can be up to fifteen minutes when we're talking about this every time is of me to rest your life. People are gonna be you're used the bucolic only person in the yeah I gotta get twenty minutes early nowadays early with a phone. Not nearly as big a deal as. That a year anxiety yea my inventory data come on late. Every got to come early I've guys estimated. Here good to go out and loosen up a little bit mentally prepared mentally prepared Orton and trying to make. That he media artists are renewed go to which Iran. Would you rather be alone the rest your life. Are always be surrounded by annoying people I'll go alone Ali Al own this really child picks alone alone all the time. Now over annoying people come out labor. I think yeah. I know you can. I think maybe nine very good. Obama invited you wanna be picked everybody. And it's a long yelling keep calling me and Indian day today when he is doing. Home or get loans are very beat all the time or being you can add your wife all the time normal range. Like you can have your life unless you're calling her knowing it. I write you have to be surrounded by enduring appeal. He did on your nerves 24 cent and in order for artists arrive this scenario definitely some point gunners open all of us do that. He. Knows now. Yeah below and you'd like. 'cause you can't keep annoying and things like that we'll have since when you reviewed this is Vanilla. If you got a sexy lingerie but he does what I have said. Only. I know that's annoying or get a little Lisa look a bit annoying opening day alone has let you look at. Yes presents and willing to let. Apt. Your vantage Eric's okay or another. If you you wanna below now I'm not gonna benefit now you're gonna convincing me but I. I know I'm not totally convinced that big. A languages. You make you crazy like you don't really go off the deep end at some point. I used to be re just go even more insane than we already are Olin will be around to see it. This is just so a lane on one of the via. No pot the rest your life or no cake. Of the I don't like I don't like I. Legged and honey I have four years I pretended to like pie because my family's big time in the sweet potato pie. Yeah I have a very good friend who swears by her apple pie and I would eat the the bad apples out of the pie but I don't like pine crest you do without hi all so I can do I can series I would much rather have lake. Candy and candy yams vs. That having him in a sweet potato pie and there's no choice as caper plot so I don't want for life so I. I am definitely getting high and I don't caring I don't know because it's just. Strong hatred surprise don't. Don't like five. How and it has input you know and then pretended to appease people but I can't pretend you. Pretend like why did you always use because I think are coming now. I'm coming out of just on the off married and go on there to announce that this holiday season and you have FaceBook. The wanted to enhance noted there are so proud of their lives you be taking down these old ladies. And hang it is well Lincoln today hurtful because I have won it this way years. By her sweet do you say you're gonna go. Out in public and decode it baker decree. That you hate pie and I have always hated pot. You can't do it and advocate you know it is. A big that I am my answer be hurt because ideally like cooks with love. Can and not directly and I pretend like that I kept private I don't we you I promise that the eulogy ignited yet they always try to. It now made some amazing sweep the data by I just was a piper I'd rather okay. Yeah I prefer it can't communicate via BellSouth at and. Have a strong feeling but I think I'd rather give up I think it now I'd love chicken pot pie two months really. And about the demand parliament pop in my day diet. My liking it's. I hadn't thought stolen or other things that come in high form. I like one floor. Yeah manner that that that's a and I but I have gone given up high the only flag I wouldn't wanna give up. Up and and also my mom's fried pies yet. I've handled two mini med cakes in my address. Of icing totally yeah maybe something wrong I think he's way too much ice being. But then again yeah icing. Cupcakes are great yeah on a regular updates. An adult you have twenty plus miles. I do think he's glad I had it about time you eating them for a moment in the life. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.