Better Not Tick Women Off!

Tuesday, November 21st

If you're a guy, you need this's the things you're doing right now that make women mad. We also tell you why it's important that you stop trying to be a pleaser!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. We're listening on there with the remote thing. Do we're gonna talk suggesting angry and complementary and comment that you these are things that test its CEO we middle. You know when it's to deal with whatever. They say are primarily not a vanity. You do that really bothers them like being friends own the. Wants that that day an immediate bit labels say that we have a quote it's cold we're just friends to school. But deep down inside like. This goes for guys to guess through no. No no difference I think some guys are but it wouldn't call friends on they just say transit benefits or something. I did not get benefits and it didn't Strickland plans on that we friends and not in any event you know how. Oh yeah and prince now a real benefit of stagnant a candidate has a completely different category whatsoever monster I. Say some arrogant sometimes you do wanna be friends because you're not interest in at all. So let's just be friends the other personally when a popular vote so sometimes it's good to be friends own. Like that you're giving my friend region NASA sleepless. Both houses so hey I've heard. They'll. You've brought this went up the other day and night to day it's not being introduced properly. Like you go to whatever is meet people of close friend family member or whatever you don't say it's an important ago. And if you are having sex and spending time together the anti French yes stepping up. But maybe you're having sex and having sex is a true doesn't make you boyfriend girlfriend. That's a bad. Place to set the by. Where you had to figure out what it means that other person yet as. You say having sex doesn't make me boyfriend and girlfriend. But if I think that having said price of boyfriend and girlfriend right there any idea say gosh it's not automatic. You have to have a discussion site are you to the new friends who have been this is my friend to benefit our semi. And where does Clinton and Bob and have a and he went just beginning it are the managers and why I care about is Clinton hit. The singer Shakira and ignored it was ten minutes ago. All eyes in the fifth. Unchecked growth. I can really off the deep down these authors. But I don't ever say I'm I don't think I ever say it's my wife I don't know I don't say my wife. Yeah I don't know might do a virginity is my life being ranked and a member yes so but I although I do remember. Since. We've been friends forever. When Amy first met your parents. And. Her. Being anxious about how she was going to be introduced. And I know whether or not. No you didn't. But then again you'd had been kind of a jerk during your divorce manager and manager okay wait a minute now. You had been kind of a jerk to your family during your divorce not the ex wife. Not not I don't know I don't know what I'm trying to say is you had been a jerk about I don't telling people. What was going on in your life but isn't there isn't a question marks are everywhere they I didn't talk to them I didn't let him know she moved out the next term you know being alerted when you're getting and Lauren and I don't know when. Amy came around yeah. It was and all these questions like you know if he did. Yeah I was gone yeah so because of you're I could images Journal Communications and could you say girlfriend. Because and it wasn't even clear at that point I was divorced so it could just jump and it I don't. What I'm trying to say and Matt Harris attacks so it left these. This weirdness for everybody. I never I didn't wanna be as equations. Does my family. Everybody run by family. You know I don't come out for your family. Warm. I'm well that whatever. And so I never my parents cornered her I was at Penn State tailgate they cornered her yep and then and then Winnebago or the RV or whatever. Likes tell me what happened with that's marriage you know. Because they assume that she was just a buddy trying to hang around with. Love the rumor had spread of the family that I was dating in high stakes here it's which was he there a compliment for Amy are ridiculous. Odd. I'm I'm not I'm not. And spring and he started it yeah. I'm dating a girl let's just days she likes to hear the Ra I was singing yeah yeah maybe that they miss and miss him as a. Flat. It's out yet what am I get a episode down the rumors. A and please don't. Another thing and mom and dad I'm the worst I'm dating this woman who's not a a cheerleader. But but she'd like to cheer for Ohio's yes it is UST. I think. Yeah I can ads and ads would find Abby and I have grown up is that that's ridiculous well. Do you imagine you ordered ornamental iron. Manning Ramona no links bring you another great artist. Really prevented it might look easy grammar. Grammar as he brings his good parts for. Scored the queen city. There's no art show this week when your kids. What another and one of seven idling dot com. Welcome back to podcast we will. It's more more people join the club. Tell your family members whose Thanksgiving and Christmas when you're together with a. That may men. That the men Ramona thing is I guess men. So like net it could pass the beings can fit as the day they take your high take their phone mail and news you give me an idea as men and. I ID say when there's a lull in conversation orbit gets a little tense. Plug your phone and say am got this great podcast this year. And then you'll be laughing together. I'm not gonna lie left that. Laughter that's not realized until now could I laughed at YouTube on our right online dating is now the most popular way to meet your spouse. It was they were not in 2013. It is in 2017. Other it's still 19% to a still small percent but the number one thing. Away. The engaged people are surveys that they met which. I would I wouldn't see this say that they would continue to rise I quit your tenders and your other thing house oval yeah under the newer ones it up announcement. You know match stock common. Naked fish whatever it is plenty of plenty of vicious those kind of things so now you've got an instant gratification. So 90%. Opt for on. 14%. So but usually pretty good number. So it was 19%. On line which they cast dating sites or social media. Which is. Social media now it's only 2% but you'd think that we're not seem like it's kind of through friends a lot of times. Yes and donate your a couple of you'll see our vision to. Bandy. I know. Two other cardinals. Back connected through FaceBook not necessarily through friends. One was to people who. Went to high school together didn't graduate the same year. But but they showed up on their line because of that right but because there are part of the same high school friends group had a remember you had a limit you to. Right answer just aren't there some sort of social media. Interest like days they'd you know ash drag. Ashtray. Has drag that trash tag stretch and I bet you're a Gorazde in other trash bags the bodies of the through. Trash day on the dot comers and that would be the west anyway only to present. And next most popular way to meet through brands at seventeen collagen fifteen work at twelve. And yeah I don't I think. So surprised of friends that low I really am I'd died or work we college I don't know what age they did. I'd he should do beat trolling Antwerp Emmy nominee Bebo you know well actually get through college. He is probably not college. So you'll write sweet spot so everybody over 25 is prop flatly back on college that's why I think the numbers would be higher to a friend. Yeah that or or or work anyway. And 90% of people use a wedding apt to use a wedding app Andy he's an otter whatever something you could use something I think it is yeah. Envelope oh yeah last I remember you didn't know in Ramona and it yeah that's why I remember right you have to connect with the bride. You just have to do you have well isn't it better that way. Lose it's better to connect with the bribe but it's. As. Though female friend. Two guys who I've known. Wild the wedding planning was going London. I just feel cheated hint that the backpack. Why do you think that you may be involved in every angle wanna be a URL that I I like hearing it chit chat about. Selected in the cake in the flowers in the venue when planning the service and the dresses the colors then. I I like that chitchat and anytime I asked a question I pretty much got now I am very suspicious of the when I tried to talk to the they and he about Mary's dress she ordered a couple and he. Oh I would item line and it was just like it was just so I. And post. Wedding. Whenever I married thirteen fourteen years ago I don't remember when he addressed at all. Other light I couldn't tell me about it as you avail. I don't think so yes you know she didn't. Yeah I don't think she did that but Jim went out to you got to do what she did where in the Schiller AG William. Off all locked up anywhere during the Carolina bride. Fashion shoot which we Ehrlich over. Now Virginia where Dan and mercy interface. You look yeah. A little player a male and yeah. You turn magazine. I'm an attack him bail was fully it. I just was just looking at wedding photos of yours rear probably a week ago. No I really yeah I was looking for a throwback Thursday canopy trees and I came across a wedding would you even argue that you know old Lebanon she had anything I remember her base. Her hair looked like when I saw our way to get myself well. Any looks. Really chew with short hair or for no and you are scarier added it. Issued short blond hair McCain on the much of that. Anyway. I well I am. Suspicious of a guy who has control over the wedding plans. Any suspicious. As a PDQ what do you think he's up to live up to solve it hurts volume I'd be too much of control. Because. I don't care stereotypical or not the double standard it's not an inch hole I mean yeah. You know has an opinion. On the colors or a new CD. That's really nice because so I am too old darn dis interested it's that disinterested I notice you're dated it's not my day Jordan I don't try to say it's our day it's your day the good news there's a couple things we stick our nose in here and there but it. We're not in any times yes in my opinion I would give it. But I'm I'd say the one that figured it figured out I don't care is not the right response and I know it is because. I don't have an opinion. Of the younger because it sounds like you don't care I really don't care. I don't tell her a sale of your mother's house and hurtful. Heard all the ball why. Yeah about the gate thank you planned to tell the world that you will be together until you die. All I care about huge that air all I care about having your opinion because I want you to care or at least different hair all I wanna keep all. Care about is a view and our families are there and friends to see this beautiful moment an hour. A thousand words by the way. A computer I just pulled up a cover of you and your bride. And I'm looking at her veil are railing yeah I meant to say she wore but not all the all the McGee is a. It's more laughs and more fun itself. Yeah what's that. Many people pleaser about being here. It's amazing. Plan which you're not real and you really do anything and here. Pitcher I think between me and I feel like you're carrying I'm not seeing yourself as a terror definitely saying no death yet. Remember when I had my year of known yet last it'll three days before. Mama even if it lasts about the problem was after a couple of knows I didn't feel empowered I just felt guilty. Because of things that people ask me to do. Help out sick children. Help us sick pets now while our people about god and people. Is is again when you say no if you could possibly do anything you feel cure kids. Yeah I I I know which yet you gives you accused is that a good precedent of not helping people. Ever. Thought a not just. Internet society go to hell in a hand basket I don't care but that's not on the list is dude just let the fellow candidates but I is on the list which is interesting that you say that because it just says. It's easier no saying there was a muscle. It is the more you use it the less people expect from. Saying the more you say I'm on available and reachable. On main you know whatever people stop asking so much from. Then they debates even respect and like you more because of it. Yeah I don't know about that but we actually treat people the way they treat themselves. And respect and honor your time more than you'd think they'd you know people think government Matt. And no known pilot be looking at a man they didn't look as a good thing now is not a doormat. Saying yes. Writes oh all these years oh yeah yeah again they've done they've been whispering. And I just don't know yeah they haven't they that you're gonna help make I don't know what they thought about me and generally when an. I try to people please it was like to be legal adamantly home. Oh my god yeah. That early years I that I didn't tell the people they. Across a line here at ten economic incentive now now you know next. I mean I put two out of three. I think you I'll give you a 31. As your wife wanted to daughter Avery what is your daughter Addison that is your three. Worked three on his Caleb probably because they're only three people you're trying to police I'd police used three I think you have big guilt on the people pleaser but you have no problems and so. I don't mind saying nobody you'll feel guilty yeah. I think you have but I like him or we call on any cars that people pleasing them. It but see the and that it would iPad is nobody gets pleased that I don't examine these mean honestly yes the jaguars are the exact opposite color is in the. A bit. One of the things they say do well be stop being able to insert install the Exxon went text or emails or whatever. It is up Tony for hours even you know it's a yes. Point four hours. Just of the that is part of something you really really wanna do you think and is also really hard not to out of the gate react. Right away. We get to get our Friday at new ministers that you like. I've been getting a lot of drop in requests. Lately it's not a drop and they request it. No it's it's. They dropping it in their request some. All who the drop and is unacceptable. So who's Rodham my suggested I say I. Want to Ximian. Email flash text about that and I'll get back to you later. Giving me an opportunity. To think about it at the delay stall tactic the stall tactic and then respond later. Win I'm not immediately trying to people please like our do it yes what you had his practice they like they got exactly the same weight. But first is what I would say is. I'm not. Going to do anything with you use drop in those people are checked off my list them they can no longer be my friend so should. I think we do is dropped your people with a mass appeal from a 32 a zero launch is. Mainly for crowd. I hate competent and so let's say yes yeah and you have. And if I delay and his gonna obsess over for 24 hours and I'm still in it not send him this. I now. Well I obsess over inviting people to something more than I edit. It's obsessive over. Are those people policing. That's a grim biting people. Yeah business that. Went on the side note it's unbelievably easy anymore it's about me OK I am so yeah. I'm sorry for me you plead that might not make. It but do you know what I mean about. And you putting up because you like is this really get to be a good time you're going to something ratio or whatever. I think it'll I can they not gonna lie and then you put her off next thing you know he'll last estimate last minute when you just go along with you that were afraid that as people. No I mean yeah a good soup and I was just I don't know you mean it's all stopping them at that day our sister please myself. Oh. People plays or proper brighter and alternative. There's an old saying that no was a complete sentence. Master by an assault and you know sort of giving an excuse I'd love to my cats eight. Torment and Saturday dot whatever products. Migraine instead provide an alternative. Something like I. Don't you pick out Russo but I can't this week in now Renee. She's got an excellent I've frontier here. He is a silver pick out there it below Renee cause you later leg so old. Why do you tell Mac that would help us over. Because everybody I know is is busy design and another good that it. Like someone's gonna move the furniture wanna do. Don't look at the bond so you're disagreeing with this can you RB Jerry you're asking that are not the person you you're you're running nose to yeah now. They're getting please do they. Got someone to do it. Realize you have a choice. We can't say no. Gotta think in your ahead and sometimes you think I have to say yes because they did something for you. Are got a siesta. Big Willie because big really gave me ten dollars and I'm. That's why I hesitate to ask people. To do something for me I hesitate in asking for help you to even hesitate in expecting help. But if somebody offers me help. Whereas now you I have is from doing man they say oh I'll do sections a tree I'm hesitant. Two except that out because I don't know wind they're going to catch it if it. And I don't wanna be under the pressure. Of trying to figure out what I know and how to pay them back. Yes and what if they asked me to do something at a time when I can't do it. That's two testifies in by a saw because there's most people aren't gonna say yo make the borrower art or think about it. I got a. But I've heard people say. You know as so until because he or she owes me a favor yeah certainly in favor CNN. You're right right. I'm afraid is one guy he's good friend really different. He said he needs got a new Israelis like I wanna use it I can be out and their shells used you have an on whatever so I know we got to catch him but also on the other hand if it suits. All share with that remote there are some rules. Then again. You wish your boss would probably won't say whether or not our bosses have done as the passengers devious and the less than one is you should make introductions. Just don't yeah. Ironic there's a new guy and as I get lazy do we've reviewed it responds bad bag new person is like the first day of school and in nobody's really. Popular dear introduce themselves. We get a better job of that around here now it. It but he needed it was not remember that person to do since I wish her name not just getting there are people that that by you know if you become ago. Yes don't know I don't know what office then there's another person and there are. I mean don't don't just use this thing it did is I can't keep track. On also. Don't be a gossip if your boss. It can be gossip. Adequate rule for everybody but especially for the boss managers are privileged to heavily confidential information and their employees' salaries. The reason they take personal leave and data that can bring the company down. Don't tell people yeah right. It also respect your employees work place sneaking up on your staff not cool. Tyler sneaking up on what like they're saying like is the balls colored T well the boss has an office Hughes right. I would you like doc a in a guy command or whatever. They're talking about just like walk right up to their cubicle or open desk. Way out or whatever it to them by years ago we had a boss who did that speak up on you install on your computer screen it's all show prep. David said you can't not like it's a cubicle or some resources and a quick email and yes. It says. Only a minute we do the calls yet know. And a message saying I am and barrier around a hundred and talk about something and you can text back eminent analysts on a law. At that. Gonna take Tuesday I'm on my way over your office I started an unnecessary and art Adams say come can come up and seemingly have a chance or something like that and easily pass up and you eat come to him in Los is very good it has come companies you know it's. When you get a chance that by my office and I easily respond on the in my office on the development of the it looks as I don't have an office yeah that's right that's rights. But. You know they just basically say again you've got maybe middle is up. That's walking over their cubicle. Might interrupt them it's better to get Mans up dispersant is just as the etiquette that you would have upon you was the boss you should expect this thing. And tell you would expect nominee to per barge in your office that you should expect to get a barges somebody's cubicle. That just sounds silly isn't it a little elm on this one is surprising to me and passed beyond here. I keep your office need is a boss and your personal hygiene and an acceptable level. We've never had a boss Ben I doubt they're talking about his boss they had who took their shoes off first thing in the morning at the office blog about barefoot all day stinky feet. Or you want to bring smelly food in or whatever. You would like tentative bus ads that you can't say only a bond that's right. Pick up the check boss. Since you make more than most to your staff it's only right that you paper group business out like you say we have to go to that meeting. Mean it's a to place it shouldn't be saying to everybody all right let's divide this up yeah you know whatever or better even worse is they sometimes the bustle leave early. Now their bodies left their paper it is and the body there's. He says that he is they say we can't. Company will afforded them I'm a fund set aside or go for pot like no that's works now I renovate and mile mile per tell me to bring in San scrambled just. I would rather pay for my own meal then. Make meat cook it brings coming in an old war. Before is to eat food from questionable coworkers. Questionable as are listening is questionable no no god just move the meeting until a non EDS. Yes and the solution like this stupid is stupid that's a forced extra work on some yeah don't you and that matchup where freedom someone like me out. Whenever I bring in its gonna be store bought anyway yeah. Some honest like I gave you is oldest excuse everybody now because it will be diary and a couple hours I'm gonna get today off then look at that. Here's a massive word for its new provide easing snoop and supervised. Excessive monitoring an employee activity. A group postured delete sex instant messages browser history without cause. Long. Says I whoever's left two minutes early. Personal have to hear god here's five minutes late and just all that kind of stuff. You know. That's a supervisor not a boss. And so micromanaging makes employees are comfortable distraction that John reflects a lack of trust all that sort of thing. So. I said in a stack gets cinema stuff. Into my crap I'd I would tell. Is it right we could and would deltic. Hybrids that most people can't just say I'm more desperate hockey sucks. On the the incarnate it made it off there we met her. Thank you as always for sharing. I guess it's again it's also left a great. Comments that helps a lot to. Of course is it in Dakar here but Ramona once Ilia. A little. Well I love. And TV and the movies you see some character. Who has a heart attack during Nokia. In Manhattan and that's comedy. Mr. Obama should should fifth well Simmons dying. In bad sex usually uses. Come. I enemy has never not normally be a crime drama you've seen it haven't had time to time crime done here is a cover up because. It happened to win that guy was with a woman who loves why that's ago you had big time politicians. Jumping all that is good point good point to call doctors in Los Angeles studied over 4500 cases of sudden cardiac arrest. And they found only 34 of those happened during sex or within an hour of having. The very very small percent very steadily point 7%. Yet. And they took a look at that. Men vs women. Only two of over 4500 cases. Were women that's because you you're not putting enough effort. Says that right there I think and out enough that perhaps you're trying too hard you negated you know you're not putting it you are not getting worked up into a lather. There are okay and if you were seven a couple of other gown you need to see your doctor because I'm pretty sure of your blather ring yeah there's a problem. And I also believe. He was that the women aren't so quick with a 911 call or getting aspirin and or something like that why. I think the guy just stop moving or Sunday because he wasn't in doing Nader like he was slowing and that. I won't learn. That. You're not doing anything at all yet. They're going to be like. Just like Karl sleek. Oh no you just keep moving maybe yourself. And edited to wiggle and a little Melo who don't know how to I don't know now did you get now what's that Shannon. Amy is just was completely. Unresponsive. SuSE. You would just feel like I guess he's not into it yeah just go off then well do your own same gulf on about your business. OK I'd care a little bit but you know if the guy dies inning and the heart attack and there's no blood being pumped. And you still continue don't you have what's at that moment in Edinburgh again because obviously this guy day. We're trying to do is really important and why has soared to a more peaceful and certainly before her. He's just gotten soaked Concord LD passed down navy took a like Dalembert type and go to that Allen to take four year. BP to go down after you die. That. I didn't let back and that's how I was going to Google how long Brigham Moore you mentioned that they don't look last year a history. And say now. That's not in our view to six hours for rigor mortis. OK so she's just like. I was now for the bad Mandy get a second wind also may be she doesn't wanna be with that guy anymore he still out of shape. She's look at her out while they say even though. Is very rare to have a heart attack during facts. On the downside. If you do you. Go into cardiac arrest while you're getting it on. The odds are you surviving even with CPR. Are slim. Like 10% or less it's probably. Not that item again people aren't actually of our member right if it. Your your big zero point 7% chance of you having a heart attack during that he get a feud to the united chances are you're not gonna make it. You're not gonna survive I think even if unlike being with met me even if your partner hears about you and tries to administer CPR gaffe is not gonna help much where I thought I'd. Wonder. How it would be grows. It would absolutely be gross earlier if that's a Butler didn't hit my partner had a heart attack and die aid yes I would probably the. Suffer from such a horrible PT SD of that moment right because I'm assuming I was. Making love with someone who I love but it was as making love. And my PT EST would be so horrible that I would never do it again but don't you think that would never have they always like to say when some guys leased to be doing something he loved. I don't wanna go right. Though you you might like you you've got to would you rather him I don't think he would be such a beautiful memory for me. Really beautiful memory freely now last time amien ahead she died and white and also know PT EST. Yeah probably but I'd like to think at least I was there and their last moment and that you are mental loosen and she's said. A look like or lead to four minutes you can tell. I'm hoping to do you tell you did your job leading you into something like that happens. During that he has that I'm telling other people that you guilt or I'm gonna get wet wanna. Did you have a toxic BP now I can't speak to look at that probably equipment. Yeah like that was your stripper named a sudden amber yeah yeah. Easier nowadays ever name tags PP. And me to be a good rock band name and to be the most critical to try to get attention may dig my eight earthquake. Those are good outing a C agreement implies this disease if. Well you know. And also due to use it to get. In case you. Haven't noticed that sounds like it's. Toxic shock and liberal and they have a yes OK how about. OK well anyway do you does that you automatically do when you're done is that a thing or is that just mired. Debbie some of wary about. Yeah oh and by the way when it comes a year and a art today during six bill if the least of your worries I whether or not my. I ended not my personal months. When their heart stopped and this is the thing about. You know doing it. Our stops forcing the blood around the body. Pulled the polls in whatever areas the lowest. So. It penny on weapons missionary and you can continue to do for a little bit I guess. That idea and it's disturbing death yes sometimes even leads to after you die have that is it's. After these guys to instill finished. Bitter enemies blurt out yeah that's certainly the ball Owens should ever know. And you can't believe everything you read on the Internet he has again no you can't be bad for hum women's team gets to tell you I'm. That was something like that that that assurance from some cows but never really affected site and I. That he trusted. Thanks for listening to our fairway and that remote check out the articles. 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