Beware The Backseat Driver

Monday, July 9th

Are Matt or Ramona's family the worst backseat drivers ever? We also talk about the debate of which condiments go on a hot dog and reasons why you SHOULD be picky when it comes to your love life.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com and you're listening to talk they would then Ramona. OK magazine writing. I was told today the very beginning heel yeah actually I. I hated. I would I ice clear U I would much rather crashed out. No come on yes. I tell my wife and also knowing I would rather her tell me then he hit something in ice even priorities solid I'd rather have the because then she does that well I saw my it is there's league Tellme tell me feel pretty. 7% of people have gotten into an accident because of the backseat driver because I believe that one day it will be me. Because my mom is the worst kind of backseat driver who thieves. Hazard. At every intersection. I go to back out of a parking stated that. And I and I SI slim down great and then I should but I here's a person coming out of the store. 500 yards and an act. Yes so you overcompensate. Gap at or you know I'm driving along she sees someone about to pull out into traffic. But I have. Many of time like theater not doing anything wrong or not cutting me off that. Your rear ended its ice plant on the brink since there's no reason for me to do it but think. How many accidents. Have been saved by the backseat driver I am gonna say hundreds Al millions done so are you a backseat driver. I you eat only when necessary. Now yes either you are you are now I that you are you again and again I suppose that we've made a deal with the each other that we are going to. Elaborate works in your relationship if you feel the need to navigate. You need to be behind me I don't overdo it you are incapable of being me I'm a window and you just need to shut the bleep up Nazr it says that's where none is pretty you dry hole. And you got it or you're in the passenger seat and you except what's happening. Except death. Well ansari did because they all the accidents have someone's I looked out. Yeah that would be. You know. And get because you're daydreaming may be a little easy in your back feet and in Nam was see if you many still feel this everything's gonna moderation are you a backseat driver a year the top ten things that backseat drivers do. Criticizing the drivers decisions. Okay that's different the backseat driving I'm a guy tell me what Tulane I should be out and it is an act that's not good that's not good not only about ones that might save a life. Complaining about them going too fast. I cannot. The patient you mound I mean you're scared I like I want tamraz. I was greeted on 120 mile disease and then. Yeah yeah I just say and you pull over they look like to get out there isn't it a point where you. They just say here gasping when they break oh yuck I go back to something yeah. You talk about how about passing driving. How on how slow they're driving. Now. Little dance yes and so that you hear this like drive I can't seek out all right and today I'm going on vacation. There were places where. The speed limit seventy miles an hour which I was not a good thing they're going 79. Yeah go on like 8085. And they're just acting like a problem. It doesn't go to sixty. Act funny number. But I gotta tell you don't want sixties to I'd Charleston that is. Race card and I got you on the traffic go it's pretty horrible candidate I couldn't complaining you know. Now if if you feel I I don't mind right love being a passenger if there's a capable driver. You I'm sorry are not capable driver may know. YouTube. You how do you know. I love you finish but you can't turn ADD off just because your behind the wheel and you make some split second decisions about it. Terms and lane and aliens that drive me crazy. But I I arrived but I barely alive. I was thanking. A case that case it is beeping and it was a thing about it is gasping when they break but also I'm going dead. When my mom holds on to that little thing that I hang my dry cleaning from. All right and that's at Sonoma got hit us yet again about the Q. Although that I am driving attendance sometimes reach over. We've liked the that's not backseat that's excellent driver yeah holding. Driver. Anything can be forgiven flinching. When you get too close to another car can't help that I'm mom and it makes driver terrorist down complaining about him going too slow. That's a problem but I think when you are rear ending Sunday and you my mom is always or do we need to get gas still need to gig as a that's. Orange light all. That's an iron but rivals like sometimes and I don't behind him my wife tells we've got to I want teller what are we gonna get right in their ass. Or can we go back up element here not. He's playing our winter concern. Pressing in my entire. Last pressing an imaginary brake pedal like you're a driver and a teacher I don't do that. Moon. Telling giving him advice on switching lanes that OK you can get over here. I generous for it is the one of your I try to slow in the fast and I don't be associated review another one pointing out when lights turn green. Who is half the people we I don't know this. Disagree I wanted I widget tell me before the person beat this is the only 1. That I am OK with on this whole list. Giving direction. If we are trying to follow. Some GPS. Now. I do not mind help with GPS because you know I don't fully trust EPS underwear and sometimes I will. Help out on the if I'm the passenger. I'll help out in I'll even using GPS voice. Monica that's an what is your voice mine is a board and Aaron I. In 1000 feet. Turn on to Wilkins then all of got that's annoying territory out of the car. My ways right now point two trial's version will be merging onto I 277. That's annoying as annoying as what I have wastes and operate at pianists that Big Brother honors on its you pick different sounds it's a boy band. We'll be like. Learn glanced at the next. So. I hit a period. Saturday July 28 pick atop the brewery it's now. The plain white T. It's 1191. Location. Ex plain white T. Host in part standoff between games and grab a floater would then keep listening dictated to win Saturday July 20. Max Cleveland seas and oceans are stand off exclusively from Charlotte's best mix one person. The links it is not so cool for a man to take itself. It's not. Certainly. It should not be a high percentage of their vote. Want to get away with a lot more stylized. And a guy. If a guy does a voluminous and sees high maintenance then he cares about his looks too much and other guys are gonna judge guy is trying to get in any means there's a reusable. And even then out of batteries come on man man shirtless. Yes shirtless in the gym Sandra lost a hundred pounds is still great a proud flag goes shirtless on that now. Again maybe now you lost under while you can double this year. Shirtless. I don't know managed just wears some tightening gun or whatever but it's it's it's I still don't think. And to do little those little weight loss commercial we're worried that we're all giants. As people all in outlying Jared just wait a minute that example and then from some way so but there are some legitimate reasons. They say it is okay permitted to demand so ornament on gang about to showcase your brand. That your brand. People level luxury a strong career every post a potential love interest with that luxury. Employers research new candidates on social media. And they get pretty good idea which are all about your online presence. Does this they say a lot about him. It says everything about Jared. Competence level orchestrated by a block so it is okay to take all attitude to show. Who so you are absurd or don't you think that everybody in this room. As a brand. Not enough to take a picture myself that was assessed a I I mean I mean you're you're I'll I'll be honest with Yuri yourself these are layer the terrible. They're terrible today that I just I don't get it is vital. Ever look back and a picture anyway let alone play. Camera up in the air Rory has put its. And end and leave you say your your wife has great angles on senate figured good itself I mean I'm bad I don't think you think here's a great allies. I don't know I don't take. Don't take any self and others and my page because they've taken in my what. This man. Then though you hold the camera time and I you know tyra right and then I see the top of my head realize how ball land the only. The nine now is that that dad always taught was at three or five seconds lag is one of the keys. You know that that's quantities in delaying the picture is you put that 32 L and you are talking about oh. And that it gives you a second at least two link that when they take you know take care. Felt the you know when you're gonna. Nobody gives you like you can reach it figured in your time to move the camera again depressed that. You can't negatives into Latin it's you know Canada Latin Loomis did you second still like so like there's three seconds right so. I can press this 32 buttons. And that time we get the thing where I want to edit count down. Iran seen you eat another person to sell it to camera Oreo one it. And then gotten things out data get ready early to get back based on having us into the Palestinians say him another reason is it'll boost your self esteem. And that's usually quite the opposite happens that itself. So they say when the last and get fixture here in the men's room mothers and other do you stay any besides. Like most men it was 1990 never. Yeah you don't the only man medium we self evaluate and private out of shame. Women are better expected often unhealthy to go for publicly yet we. You don't like you go to the bathroom on the guy there you're not doing much better. And then I would say it's really weird. The guy who. The stereotype of the guy who means. You know running the comb through his hair or fluff in his hair or brushing his hair. The stereotype that guy is that he so conceded. At ease ease. It's yanks don't you know in a manner he's talking about dissident to the boss they need that big promotion right now he's Smart me here in CDD yeah. Don't like you know I hate the little come that'll come back yeah. Nothing I know. I think I'm pretty even this I'll hold my father in line Telecom and I'm okay with them know Leo but. But what is old is sold there everywhere. The guys come and his or her party when it comes to how big is home of these carrying around on the bad bill does that give you a lot of times. All. You need to sit there have been a big guy. Like eighty's and ninety's we're contraband apparently brushing their way he then they had they've looked like there wave breast with a pet sitter and same at stereotype of the guys who's so into themselves the did just can't stand him. Or someone. Google much a little common these days. Ali another legitimate reason located to demand cell be is vanity is an only human it's masculine. Manner statistically more prone to narcissistic traits and on average men sick themselves out five times a day. Women three times today Suisse allegedly sec ourselves out Mubarak. I can't believe that it's not more than that. These I think every time IPO look in America. I you know I'm washing my hands and there's a mirror right there ain't. Right so you might tiny cone for one cent as. On any pro mode dot com. Are you sit him put your company digging up an and you didn't do that. Is certainly in the numbers in Laguna diamond ball. And that's I guess my wants and now you can't you in my in the zipping his nine dollars. The people in order to simple. There's a Larry. I want that OK so anyway yeah I I'm very surprised that mentally and went really take themselves out three times I've kinda hard to believe. Check to see your daily of the car Mir the rebuke your high your hair is I went Emeka is how whenever there's something in your teeth don't you just because we're not checking ourselves much you are five times seemed small to me for a guy. I mean I don't know what they'd be checking out but I'm washing my hands after BP and there's a mirror right chairman a look at it. You know. I'm it would no you don't lose. I'm not I'm not allowed to edit myself about that merely on there. That's I think I'm looking at. I'm I'm busy leg insuring getting soap all over my hands like not my hand extremely clean they would then it'll happen just nature take its course. This thing. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. Do righty Ramon has been accused of being picky before and her. Dating. But then she wasn't picky when it came to marrying so I don't really visited resources by process. And I certainly my problem is yeah I'll tell you my problem is I'm an extremist. Rule anyway leaving the net. Meaning perhaps I was too picky before there would you hello al-Qaeda might pick yeah downright just telling me I'm too picky. Right. After all he had the wet towel. And I got like you like you say I haven't they had only one might. Pizza plank I don't think not dollars and when they ought to whatever put everything out on the meat lovers I don't care right and. Met lovers and and so we are now lined up cigarette summit that would did I do right C yeah I'd like just from playing Billy pat don't. But she went all in double meat lover's pizza and don't know maritime ops so yeah that's that's a release of status to. And it call parable when you call that takes analogy yeah it's an area now I'm Smart. You say you shouldn't be picky. Relationship standards not a privilege and necessity. And. Yes to a point. They're everything has levels every has the the spectrum or whatever you you have to have some level picky as you can't. Just go. You know. He's. And obese. Smell the ball harder you might when Roman numeral amounts. But it. Or Barry has I'm dating why then. Or maybe easing but he's a perfect guy every way perfect but he's an obese and Ellie Carter is. Okay that's pick he's got that. He's perfect every way this time but he has alike Texas. Which is as a technique you'd you'd Kimbrel. I am really or is he went public up saying oh no. What the or year to pick you know. Not all at once and hours on. Says oh yeah everything Ellsberg had decided to bring him to legs something I'm doing for work like eight. We're we're out it's got shell. And I'm into incident to people and then we start talking in it I look over. That's different it's my. Arm I. Is built for the goal no like you get people not a big not a big deep longingly at the age of five yeah. I think I'm sorry if all the age of five. You should be able to resist the urge to pick your nose and if you can't it's a sign of something much much deeper. I got everything else is perfect I can't get over that everything else. I. Thank you Brown's uneasy Internet let's. In not putting average is running out of Fayette. No I'm telling you that's a sign of something much worse and and if he appears perfect in all other ways with the exception of the public knows. He's now it's. Time the before we figure out what nose picking is related suits and dark. And the arc. Oh yeah you can't rule out that. Everything is part. He's he's hottest. Guys ever dated he's generous. And kind and funny. And empathetic and gives to charity eight. Break to give them fans. They're shallow. I thought I. Average candidate who. The hard to infinity. That's I am OK and relationship Edwards says keep pinky on Ramona go to picky picky Ohio say there's levels man. Milligan what are your mom say keep digging deep enough. Social needs are sensual. Those committees yet he's not funny like in my social need to be with another human being who does not publicly picked there nose. Yes that's essential role. That's core. Out of its core that's court man can be cooler. A bit but Eric yeah because you are barely troubles or various levels you know. 88. Busy Tel corny jokes Adam put up with that I'd tell the going gets sometimes you know cores any year of them here know I get that. You know he may not be the best looking guy today but over that in our nose picker but you. I'm drawing the law how it only takes his nose. When he's witty. Really nonpublic like the best of it and you sit next round to watch TV look a thirty day get away. Occasion but it went that idea. I well I guess I have for the but I seventy and a cart path that I guess my standards are lower that I think that's right you're listening to all there was. Few were surprised when I said that people make homemade ketchup. And I have had to make it to before and it does not taste like cats not this bad but it was attached. My ex mother in law used to make. Homemade jet wasn't a good. Look those guided by what we can't have that there's like ketchup. He called homemade jet to but in days like I did like. Like to me all year he has sweetie suite more sweep against the regular ketchup. But but you weren't like oh my dash Hellman and go back to. Hines Hines are now what's that what's the one that says cats up this concurrent talented behind it that it makes a catch up. In this is with a K and catch up on wanted to make the attacks up anymore. If they make cats up. I don't even know young people know about the leg ruined for regular catch up after that no no way I bet I would even called a catch up. And it's one of those things like you said you can imagine making ketchup and you know world. Yeah I don't at all I and. And the woman who wrote this article out. She doesn't like homemade ketchup says that she makes mayonnaise he said that's fine. Bound mimic human race. Two dozen wood duck fat so I guess it's something different but I still stuck people making it a 1008 hole. Waste of my time originally I thought making your mustard might be dominate I realize there are different kinds of spicy masters. Okay domain at first I was like have to make my appeared making your own Muster didn't use that spicy honey mustard I get. Right Gabby I wouldn't do him. I see that like yeah and you're special Sam Wyche has this special mustard that you put on it I get that ride just making your own. Golden is yet Nigeria is home to your regular yellow I don't give. And I don't and I would be kind of like. I'm annoys the right where to put off a view they would you do I'm ice ceramic homemade mustard there where you find that interesting conversation I would because I. I do a lot have a cousin and god bless her she's the sweetest thing. But I really could not. Could control my one dirt and that's when she talked about getting into making home major injury on. Well like my dad craftsmen are darkness and don't. Yeah yeah yeah Dick and I I am I'm cool Schweppes the Shoemaker a broad ginger and and like making beer. But didn't take off ginger ale business she. About. Your home may catch it pursing your homey male person and I'm only ginger Paterson. This is purely doing it for a business no I'm doing it for the when you come to your house debate. Tejada chip you know I'd like. I didn't get one of those fancy Smits. He RP. Farmers market. There's people selling are to settle condiments. You don't think. I think it says is that today I think there is you know I used. Co host Charlotte today yes and they would have. Quote chorus chef in the kitchen pretty much every day and for me the hardest part of that show. Was the kitchen segment because I didn't want my face to say. I don't like this food writer I don't even understand what you're telling me why are you doing it so one time met this. Cook Kaman and she's preparing. Her own almond milk. Reply yes like I I guess I can thing healthier without chemical. Why do you buy it like everything myself why I mean yes yeah so much Sheri I think. I think the difference between he's got a good time. And while I think you're on all and I never had a problem like they can't the nominal awful like I just. Dow hit its so these are trying to keep my expression blend yeah because. Well I was leg. My head I'm going at UT. What this but I just by cap. If you really want it really fresh panic now wandering around your Lil. They have and I won't get my own they need me just something that I have really been my panties no questions that way I did find I think that the cats up. Which many are not aware of. I was from hunts. Member I was and instead had to. The and then there's the people who are very fired up a lot what to put on a hot dog. And but anything that there. Our crab mustard chat channel our panel hostility. Then because chili dog got a hot dog or anything. And a hot chili dogs originally don't we don't like even it was Turkey meat I I ate Turkey franks were chicken franks and I'm doing. Ketchup mustard. And sweet relish that in the you don't have the sweet relish I can completely skipped. Hot dog all together because Betty and. There was a gap I figured out later this guy and ours that is like a festival of some got a hot dog epic answer mustard on it and he got very angry at the plot. He he he said must have mustered as the only thing that goes on a hot dog I didn't know the guy was spam and error anybody I know seriously. Where you from. It's real easily have the ability areas. It. It was a ridiculous why would you do that wrote apparently got a different look we're ready to file on me yeah me. And and New York City I island and up they'd give birth they eat more hot dogs and the other group in the country. And it is only yellow mustard with occasional onions. Yes it and I that's in. And then you got to Chicago dogs got you know. Mustard relish onion pickle spear peppers tomato slices. Pop up bloggers honored I was and introduce a slow on the dog till I came to the Carolinas. I that was totally foreign to me Alex sauerkraut underdog. Now you're not donated you know I don't like sauerkraut and I I prefer my small step for Newton. I don't want the law my dog but not Arnold again you know I have learned to appreciate. The all the way dog that has a law and yeah billion everything on a serious man my mom loves it. He loves but it ultimately I think. And I like my foods mainly separate. If you are like him again you know like mom makes it one big ball. On. That's anyone else in the past year what condiments like mixing together. This person likes to mix ketchup and mustard. For their Fries. So they've even division mustard on Fries and I don't know then fly me oh no I'm I'm I'm definitely not and people like amenities and prize. This series denominations and make six years. Doggedly to it lately. Ten days and yeah they're not bad enough calories brings many know I can't imagine it actually imagine giving everything and it put. But I will say this now I can't either whatever he'd I want that news. Think back to yeah I I I I don't like dry stuff that my dad went to something juicy on everything. I'll play teams it depends on sex bet that's a way to live. 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