Beware The Turkey Drop

Friday, November 17th

If your sig other is acting kind of weird before the holidays they could be looking to break up....also what's the best way to ask a man out? We've got the answer, and Ramona doesn't like it....


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to on their wish that remote. Police there are anathema to FaceBook page easier matters remark Ollie at center and actually being updated Google is that. Silly ridiculous things and there's pictures up there from Dave bingo me in my Annie outfit. Which. Little sexy little racing. Shouldn't practice at intentionally now and gloom stuff that happened it. Somebody rather arise from that knitting needles. I'd there's there's in my dating. Terms about a god I just. Went by the man at FaceBook page and I saw the picture Ramona creep in on Thomas Davis a linebacker for the Panthers. Are you making like this rallying phase for scratching fingers which is about to scratch his back to something he and his wife never eat it like total life about it. You did not yes ago though I go to. He did yeah. That I thought I thank Kelly and WCB music don't. Yeah I have I mean are there any. It didn't really inappropriate when your husband in a bid to let you go check it out a little bit embarrassed like it never run into her ever and he. Yeah yeah. Wouldn't that hurt even know little about why didn't next time and guys on Gonzales to show our. And and that's not right. You definitely should not a secret alt and I'll never do that to what he didn't lesbian India about the Marino loyal. Ali and you gave us that we use in this we said we like your dancing in front of our own studio window and Ramona older. It was at the Thanksgiving Day parade yes it is yeah. There you go oh we are doing play by play is the Gatorade is. How. The battle that I am I as an idea that is good hardly ever did. And like that and so there is a break up. About to happen some people's lives they called this dating thing you know I'm eating names everything now. The Turkey drop. Because this doctor. Whose masters and counts as that make up. Is that a holiday stress can actually push many couples to their breaking points. Holidays begin in fall AKA Thanksgiving season there is a noticeable spike in breakups. Policies a pack of pressure to attend parties from our friends coming employers. This paired with advertisements encouraging couples to purchase extravagant history to other to be enough for some couples call it quits. And in the other person not in the holiday saying it at a person's into the holidays act and cost rats yeah and that's what it called Turkey drop. And you you break up right around now. Yet you you'd like to think we almost already we talked to let a little bit but you say once you make it Thanksgiving you got to hang through the new year. I believe so. If you're going to hang. At Thanksgiving. With people's friends and family then you've got to stick it out. Casino see you're gonna be a jerk off anyway dealer. He would you guys or gals breaking up so why put yourself through and that's a long. Month from Thanksgiving Christmas that's a long time. The hang in there assuming you're not in two. Buying them a Gypsy and their families making it all came all the get togethers. May be snapping at some point. And then maybe your dream clause will be out there and you'll miss it. Because I didn't cause and what did you claw howling Santa. A closets Alex cracks in it. Yes so you know have. Fail I know you're gonna going to be called a jerk but you'd be caught a jerk no matter went. You break up. I mean Christmas Eve Christmas Day. Okay they might be a little bit. That's our fine musician I thought it. Figures out before Christmas Eve or Christmas Day OK two days or so that I ordered as low as fine a couple of. Christmas daybreak cubs over things that happened on the despite happened that yet you know why because date is out there gonna ride it out for the holidays. They probably wanted to thank you to break habit thing is getting ridiculous and it deals and built built built built. Are we gonna go an excuse. I call last. I would rather. The Astros already reached in the last straw and then a last last move if you have the last straw is like it is is over I just got to figure out the right time and then you had the last last straw which is. Yeah I got bad cop I'm gonna say last straw where you use it as an excuse to break up a cholesterol less sure happened I can't tell you about my last round. In my marriage when I cave first married the man who I now call Osama bin married and not his real name as threatened to sue me if I do use his real name. When we first got married he was very much into the holidays which you know I am. A lover of all things Christmas right decorating fifteen. All things Christmas music. And when we first met he appeared to be intuitive yeah. A couple years then he's like don't let. Has raised jehovah's witness we don't do Chris never mentioned on the past. Not one nor did he mention that the first couple a Christmas is we were together maybe just turned debt. No I found Jim Knapp manner and amount because they are attending a Baptist Church here in town together just ate together. So they are a good idea to let marriage was was. Limping along as it was. The last straw. At the last minute he decided not to go with me to Ohio for Christmas. And dare I was. With all the gifts. That I had purchased lugging them all by myself. I'll be carried on the card through the airport always airport so I'm only getting on. You know parking at Charlotte Douglas at Christmas time I'm parked in some fields. A mile away from the airport. Try to log all his luggage. Church filled with gifts all by myself at the last few years traveling by myself for the holidays knowing that I'm gonna get. To Ohio and everybody's gonna ask why my husband's not with me. And an act to save my marriage sucks. And now are you don't act adds it was well they. With us that's what was that reality lag. Go to Barack. That Christmas was my last last frolic you know what last classes eighty guys. Last I even dealing yet the last lap I feel sometimes yes those. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day break ups come as a result of last straw. Last last straw. They grab and anyway that's the last last thing the last is this what I want my next Christmas to look it's funny how sometimes. And Stanley's. One of the spouses just drop off the air does not come and things yeah. And I think I assumed that everybody does happen there's been to our family. Two guys who has dropped off came everything and again never saw him again is are we noticed a married did you rely an indecision and I don't neck rapid remarks. More than a minute I have men in Ramona and the links bring you another great artist. Not really prevented it might make EB grammar. Grammar as he brings his good parts for. Scored a clean city. We do when you're getting it ended where another and one of seven idling dot com. Religion to religion to quit as I know my wife. If there was ever a retro on in last Wednesday. The partisan tabs it was little retro things they're doing a lot of ninety's music. And yet a little like the hand motions too legit to quit. The end and like. I'm not and Hillary. Artists are sick. I had I was against it again out in any bad via Seubert at them and especially when the halftime show is. Dean backing gay and but look big big. And live there have been. A match like your uncle and his brain decides to press that the family could GAAP. Tag team. Use who don't know it was in the nineties it'd boom period is there it is or whatever and I didn't and I global that is. And it looks like that's all they've done since the ninety's not the eyes may be. Drinking the cried yes yes. Absolutely no thought into the performance nine or they're out but I don't they go around a land giving it. Did you think every ninety's apparently probably get to I am going to. I hope it's not true. I am going to put a little snippet on my FaceBook page. Packed all of the actual profiling not only of the performance but a fan reaction after the perform alana and he was loving it she gets in his greatest night of my life. Don't think that that was all about LeBron. Not just part of it. She loved that song I went 198. Well I mean it's free sheet to perform as it. Appreciate your performance but see like he could wrap along with them knew all the words and I I gave him his. Yet you know what was it is to do and I thought actually funny and ridiculous. That they said you can beat tag team and they're gonna be even higher and hurt your picture taken and get autographs and tagged. It's. And edited it like Linux and Atlanta's first op. Not many people remembered tag team if you don't say the people who saying that will be there they don't know yet know. And when they do think you pictured they're gonna go like. Really easily really like if someone went over it and some nondescript genes. And some nondescript. Sweat shirts and and it's hornets had. Well parents on how often they get to I. Try to Google bandy how much tag team gets paper performance. I go about five grand. That's why isn't it on audio five I'm going to. Grand apiece plus two plus travel expenses. You know what they might be low relatively low make it planners. So in that case. I did anybody money. I'm happy with that I'll be more than a grand apiece I'm sorry I know hey no way album no travel expenses into manatees. Yeah Anaheim now don't knock on and I know they're not Bristol grant and. Once all know custom domain no not be provided to dancing and it wouldn't do that anyway. But would you come would you do you ever. You know like a country pop and a leg up there in the movies. Caught up. And like 8 o'clock am and get jobs weren't you have a dish. Yeah had a big hit time and good morning. You're good idea they had a rough life since 1995. That hit that invasion federal drug charges really. One of the guys goes. Certain the surveillance from the FBI alluding 700 pounds of marijuana. From a pick up at all although there any they've had but it does a guy life. And yeah. There at this. That is funny I guess they weren't that in by cost them. Addiction a grand enemy yes I iris is probably take it about 70% at yeah you're right right. Mom all right legit speaking about it we have acted too legit to quit. Legit reasons to call up your wedding. What is your hoping a change. You know of all still at the right I mean now yup the are the same values but you think they'll come. Lol you're you know you you like they don't want did you want kids that. He wants to keep party with the ol' gang you ready for a white picket and he relents and has said he wanted to go to this at all that stuff. And sometimes it does change it change for me would you can't expected to. If it doesn't lineup you have to assume that he is serious and she is sushi right now and you can't you can't assume it's a bill does grow up and grow out of. Should know that before you get married you're not thrilled with his choices of M yes right before you make it a serious relationship. Let's get to play before marriage yes I'm like yeah right are you need counseling before you're married. And being a stellar signed now some surges Mickey do the recall that miracle hair and that doesn't. That's like you have to. Most of it is now requiring. That now I mean I'd I got away with it. Bitch college now out no I had to have lunch with her someplace yeah I did married in the Catholic church and I didn't do somehow. The first time peppers married yeah yeah. Yet we know when we knew the gap priest he just Adam. And they create mean. If you did him again and again you know why you're not I don't think it would have stupid classes somewhere. And I had to take like a full day and answer quiz is crap like that. M good at the crap. Baptist Church that my ex belong to an Indianapolis and a thirteen week course. Hurts and he is you missed any class. You had to wait until that class was offered again in order to be married in deter in the church married to where else but if you're gonna marry but be married by any end. The ministers in that church. Unit prior to ante by sums or money at I'd like this that I'm Daryn a money grab you you ought gave the gift. Well. Yes sir I am saying I'd like to see a study and I'm guessing there's no difference in people who went to some sort of forced pre marital counseling and those who didn't on the survival marriage rate. I just find it hard to believe there's any. Difference. BM helps them. And I depends on the kind of premarital counseling. Yet it's more so than just some quick over views of what's your opinion on money what's your opinion on children and stuff like that. Still remember the. Outlaws verses in line is now out and don't we begin repeating plants cleavage. Keating. That. Meat cleaver. And legally to do your net earned our meeting in my life that east on interstate eight. You used to stand I'll allow. Stick it up then you know always in Cleveland's like in breaking a partners on the should reconsider cleat. That's like you're leaving leaving the Keating recently to an odd he's ideally we guerrilla leader and Oakley irked the leak leaving slit earnings Abraham. Yes. You rely on the whole time adds I was not wrong you're weeding your life. Wish your new partner. Leading with your old family. Holy crap what is SSI talent. But the league they'll they'll really hot. Other anyways. And it was about drawing boundaries with GM says a horse tavern now split our senator. At Scientology's. Sever that your family ties. To adhere army. May include those silly or loyally an unwavering Lee I'm not doing it Mac died leaving. Leaving to adhere firmly and ask you or Lou really an unwavering I would just Allen setting up boundaries with your fans cup. You're listening to all there was to. As always thanks for joining us and to great pains. Commenting helps us fans. Paulson would tell you that the ice rink so to colonize its goals for the NASCAR hall of fame now. It is open and Roland things Dayton and. Bonnie is so much time and we had so many great activities giving up. Go to our FaceBook page for details and also bats ago you know he had cages. Some critical time killer. Sometimes just need attacked I don't. I act. All right now winging it and when millions. Well what about how to make the first move your woman and you're ready to take. The dating game high of warnings based day. You should go for it and make the first move yes. Yes I've I've center for years and our guy to come your way make a magic happened for yourself yes. But the way they tell women to go about doing is I think is wrong. Because plane the first step to making the first move is to fly solo. No wind woman. Known nothing I don't like it and I I don't neither because the thought of walking in to. Any give in let's say nightclub. Solo. And hitting on me and screens. Thirsty eager. You'll always worry about that but I don't think that that. Guys targeted judges Thursday just can't Nam so you're telling me. Unlimited. Say this debate and did let's say you're single. At a bar. Girl comes up it's easy on you and like you where US and she goes all of my myself. Little eight does little or no flag doesn't at a dope. Yeah we're loans. Plus if you're good and my by myself. Early with a group of friends he. Do you how do you use liberal. At a bar nightclub usually was friends I'll but it remote you can say something like I don't have any friends around you cheered them thirsty. Out of his. Say like. I. You know that's my friends on the way here right by I was supposed to meet somebody here and didn't show yeah I relationship with a lie or whatever tactics of Al who loses deleted our relationship yeah. 5050 shot like that I don't care now all he does not particularly. No way you can roll it's a bad idea because you initially said you thought this is a bad idea it's a good idea except for maybe the Bart into the bar thing. Can work but I think there's so many other places you'd go by herself that Maria and I think it depends on the ball or places yet and any kind of volunteer work. You go by yourself loans bonds Hillary. Every charity event I go to news is attended 99.9. 99% by couples. And be in Lima. It's called all of the first ball and me in mop that urge your game right there is rolling with my mom yes I mean you think yes and yes maybe once or why he went only Euro. What is it L. If I bring a friend. I still have a wing woman and I bring my mom. At least I had someone I got I'm afraid to approach you because your mother are single guys if these things I'm telling. The single women OK but I. I'm not talking about an event like a black tie event the type I'm talking about hands on. Build a playground or some bank kids or something inner. Bill no or you don't beaten somebody here. Macon goody bags illiterate people and about a quote. Well I'll Molly's in my. Yeah. Really now you know I mean like one of those hands on type thing knowing even questioned somebody comes by themselves that. I add that that's a perfectly. And you and you like. They'll be able you're on and get to as a nut he wired it bonus really how. I don't think you look desperate if you go to one of those things by yourself well I'll let you woodland as you just look for endless did you all of doubt it looks friend lists and justly Sunday volts. In unity is im new to the area of many years seventeen years. And now now trying to meet some new people. Budget which you can use. You can also do like some sort of thing that you enjoyed doing that. And try things on the light click shopping like girl things identified some guys like two straight guys so you gotta. Our only ball there's a lot of volleyball groups that do mollen recreational. Ball dodge ball but I signed on adult kick ball yeah. Seen Miette adult time all your pretty good. Literally you had to be good at. My and then I'm fine but that that back and meet people you let me. That's the way you'd. Be in the entertainment bag yeah. They're now where. You're gonna be considered it good but bit extra and you can. Here's swollen nose able appreciate your trash talk. That's skewed and many may never mind don't ask you ever back up and get under that there he'll turn up every guy but I think there are places you can do. Without a friend. Then there's no question what are lots of things like you go to heroines buyers element as the nice guy who wrote the and as you scared like yeah the worst place to go Obama has something Carolyn led the NH there's. Some guy walking around out there when it opens in your back pocket yeah. They're not lava man that is disturbing though I am saying though that there are lots of places that you could go. And even if it was like a restaurant or something's. In and say don't conference you can go to a restaurant there by yourself. And no would think twice to him. Just went out to dinner by herself somewhat. What you think anything out and owns don't think you're thirsty have a thing you're hungry replicate. But back door and drinks and you're able and then it would be thirsty to drink an update on them there's no way she's there on those girls hair basilica there's a rare at all. You can go down to every night go to our. Holiday and I skating bringing I've been there it's families and Koppel not all the pat and I am but listen. Think single guys are hanging out I stating don't number but a group of guys might mean yeah. A group of the straight what I guess deposits look at that oh well. Wind dies tonight nova single to figure eights about the single. Ain't angled and single dads and lots Buffalo Wild Wings is there which is a sports plays OK now the guys I'm in so you could say you can wander into the aren't there eat some wings say what are you doing here just I just wanted to skate around pretty yeah I mean Wayne is Buffalo Wild Wings know models seem like yours by yourself think people always wonder you think you're going to be the third do you examine just I just I hit an eight game now for Wayne noticed eight. And they need to laying there had been no one's gonna think you're better guys nothing while this is awesome chick she's she's CI TT. Images. On herself she had cubs and girl yeah confident Allman yes yes that's right as the panel allow wannabe with bright confident and ran down there and falls who helped you up eventually got Knight in shining armor can blow up on every hour on the hour and a half barely looked. I apparent that guess odd doctor. Not that's another idea yeah. They keep calling and they I'd say he's scheduled buys you dream. Once we get a concussion. Bill and I'd advise. News media and I got actors on it now. I'm at I've a lot of hope for this working out of I'm gonna win woman her and just opens up plays out Manny this depends on plays out. Two wings to fly with. The senate tonight on CNN saying we're gonna try out your theory held you know how it goes don't help each other up and and they're just can't read by a skating. I'm just here for the chicken wings but I don't want to fall out and Adam Knight in shining armor like a hallmark movie help via. Moon happens all so it's more glass and more fun it's fair with Matt. All right because I knew not everyday around 330. And here's one from the league. I'm 32 year old guy name Rondo should know from Anchorage Alaska with to a Safeway grocery store in the middle of the night on Tuesday. And stole one other motorized shopping cart itself. Mean it's cool. Employee saw what he was doing and they called the police it took the police about ten minutes to get to the safe way. But it's a grocery card tops out at about two miles per hour in that ten minutes Rhonda dole had only made it to the edge of the parking lot all of our guys that got stuck in some snow. Domes our formal cry or. So again mainly pulled over you're already stuck yet he was stuck in some snow in Surrey and arrest cardiac and yet he got arrested. An autopsy loses right in the cards have a little fun yes. That's usually I can still get sped goodness knows try to leave the party was trying to leave. He wasn't out in the parking high yet I think he might have Dan do you zone rule against negative for joy ride. Right engine and found that there is something the parking lot there's. I just wore the sweater outside the still OK to port no rule against cell where there's letter for a joy walk. No other animals you know now now now now at twelve that's is like taking the shopping cart you can push to shop Carlos Brown parking lot last time the property huge gist of the. Saw one of the motorized cart hanging out in the parking. And I generally inside the store for reasons that that person has to ride in the car at some point. And then leave it there they get out of the car at the end it into their car here. But this guy is no rule against that you don't I'd be rest. And don't get pushed a shopping cart. All the round of argue on Wal-Mart I can go to general. The budget to try to oust. This weekend and it jars only please get her out let us know. I'll ghosts I mean that's excelled because you. You know you can't you're not shoplifting visionaries handle it isn't your pants and walk on the store movie is total that's the same thing right you'd Doolittle and Anderson of what I'm saying that. To you walk out of the store it's not shoplifting. You can put meet your pants right then and water. Brown now I don't know and I think you get arrested in that in fact I have been in my cousin is visiting with me. He lives in Charlotte for awhile and we were shopping together one time and a eleven now estimate as he put daddy. Chance you may not put items under your clothing that you have not paid for what they announce it in the store. I okay well. The other certain areas of town you can't do that bat but again what I for a while someplace and all right you guys hadn't done little for you tell us out or illness no yeah. In Fort Mill like I would mean his fans and walk around for awhile it's. And I don't think it's not illegal. It is made an announcement because they were suspicious about somebody in particular. I. But I will eventually say excuse me sir I yeah. Time is important to keep stopping things under his shirt would you please. I got a lot of heard I've always been told that you can hide stop but he just can't leave. No yeah a bit. And you eat dinner doesn't have. Well assert that they have to wait till you leave did to jump you. Or whenever asked usually begin dumping you who are not meeting with the information from what I wanna know was why. Why because it's always good thing I think that's a meat in the sciences deadly destruction of property in his opinion that meeting you can bill. Attendance at a failure and no no no it doesn't Clancy there. Yeah oh look at that right here xenophile taught you. Adult or telegrams at the you're okay. Yeah. No no sir you guys are just alluded to on edge about the stuff that. Really on I thought I'm telling you I'm always turn it I think was the security your thought it'd I have heard it it does right here he said he heard it didn't I don't know. My right ankle law is who was tackled. In the parking lot. That's why no. Video leg penalized on it and yet he got Carolina that we easily be happy with the Italian batteries or something name broke his neck between them and be right LA live the same information maybe that's. I dig back in my name to the kids still were on the yeah. I am very afraid like it like going Home Depot and I've got like screw or something on and I need one it's the same sized room. I always like holding up an am extra people they had to steal it like a walk in wave it around it does no one. I can't imagine and I did not feel as well it. This smile and suddenly turned it down as it's not your plane. You know that kind of thing and I would imagine. They can't get into the kind of indictment let this media and I cannot hurt him in his pain. I don't think you and another thing about it. It be surprised. But could implode last chance of let's play that game Sunday. I'm just embarked map put his fans. The unknown that's why they're so bad bad thing. All there was the most definitely shocking and on this aren't guessing game in hand extended periods in Amanda next. Oh yeah. Yeah. A little fact about shooting that you didn't know and you let about fourteen written today. More than 218 could be a sign of a problem. But. I'm not sure how to count that is one aren't you all well I'm I'm gonna count maybe apprentice fact it is but I don't know it's like get did you did you did you. Is that I don't want. They're Israel and emotional and. Yeah you or is one sitting at Ku. To again lose and does that count as one honey I don't have. Only done. We'll. End it. Does does I think someone needs. Despite if you have questions or you think it might be a problem. I think the problem I would just like to know I'd like to count them to be you would like to count yeah and I don't know like to. Ounces winds though if you have over 22 each you're gonna go see your doctor fine doctor on duty too much I definitely don't have ever wanted to be but always good I don't know I don't. I would've had averaged 18. Ramona is for you little fact about how we cannot. Chewing gum they should do. A religious lot of more air some Nigel burping out other times it works its way to and a intestines out the other end. There's many sticks artificially sweetened with some things that make it to. So Gaspar who's voting occurs and art in suits and I. Am gang did you ever picked up and eighty you do just. I know the there's a thing but you know tomorrow on May attention. And another fact about it. You have to admit you like the smell of your own gas. Losing Knoll simply put according to assign it some more familiar you are with something whether it's strong picture or smell. The more likely you are to prefer. So that's little tidbit for him at the Spezza getting mats that tax cut if you prefer your own tunes to someone else. We're just happening just like you can't help but Smith and so familiar with you can't help but they open their around all right. And that scene up and it is our time to simulate life to disperse and leave with a sit around. Did a real men know instead they're reading it they just said they're interested. All right. Samuel Jackson. We're supposed to have a giant Afro and pulp fiction but they're gonna production assistant who went to get a wig didn't know the difference between an Afro Jerry curl. I'm alone. That's pretty exciting and good. There's a scale of close encounters like you know the movie. Close encounter of the first kind Justine UFO. Plus a counter the third time seeing an alien. Support kinda being abducted by aliens in this segment kind of just having sex with an alien. Yeah that's true it is probably England and I. It's six. There have been in the past. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.