Beware The Windsor Hum

Wednesday, February 21st

Apparently we've found a noise so strange that it actually made Matt and Bandy feel sick! We've also got an update on the guy who's been holding in his poo for weeks to avoid being caught with drugs.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to talk there was that remote. Let's see here in this sat own does that and he now has come out. Has made Doug Bailey yeah and bet you can dummy list yes I was trying to find it so other people could listen to it it's on the lender Ramona FaceBook page. If you dare the things you'd dad aren't a million man amazing music I know Vermont Maine as cluttered up just because she didn't get sick doctor and get sick my brother just sat eating get sick but he didn't have headphones on maybe that is. Usually advance Iowa maybe you guys are just crazy when he was lets you read that it's making Pete now. How big and you know internalize did and that's what you were expecting doubles that well. And their. Acting and I I wasn't expecting it. When bandy sat in fact I nothing right away I can't descended tournament thinking you hear this and he listened to and I said do you feel. Not present duke and I'm like yes like a dog off of SPD right like at that Disney the tea cups equal or something like that a real easy breezy the headache I. This time is doing the emailed me yes a title to it three times now because I tried to see what's what you guys were talking about. Well not that. 2 o'clock about it listen to that we're recording us and almost 6 o'clock. It's not cover four out. And we're not crazy there behind them articles that say sound can make you sick at low frequencies. No this is going Arnot town gap there aren't going on and Windsor Ontario it's been going on a sounds like a truck idling or some. Boehner but the government can't figure out where it's coming from they've done studies the University of Western Ontario university of Windsor. They've all been studying this thing since 2011 I'd have to and they can't figure out where this home is coming from this and it's constant. Cots there's all that loud and he's always in the background Allah the sound I put up was the guy who isolated it. But you can also hear it with all the background. Aaron ambient noise stuff yeah with Craig it to whatever. When he recorded it's an atom at a FaceBook page here yet it's rattling people's windows it's. Looking it's just talk about a kind of makes me sick I know I don't have a headache I have a throw up in my in and this little spot. You know through world have a throw up in this little hole and Hillary. Smokers get dug out there that that's how I have that little low level right there. Just to prevent Brett Ukraine announced that but now. And awful cute well how are fine horrified. By it. Some conspiracy theorists think that there's this island out the middle between. This Windsor and Detroit. It's where there's factory as US steel factory but it. It's got security private security and Homeland Security guarding it and people don't know what much about what's going on on this US. He aren't you are overreacting not only in this up for the and I'm not no because I don't think doc felt nothing in and are small sample studio own. With two black people and two way people the black people didn't feel. Right the Caucasian bank whose. And it's it's I don't did you not feel anything he's always wanted to be black. What time is there a guarantee is pretty cool about. Now what could be a black man like me at the eyes and so you guys as in you guys have been like people stand your brother dear if I hit it perfect I guess you can bottle that seems. And I went yeah. I download is down pretty had a bad stuff I'm don't I'm not fight and I hear that sound you know. Like leg Reba and listen. Then they're at it like that statement they use in the mid am glad media know all like. Gasoline raises your memory or whatever and then yes. I I I I am still feel I sorted out before his eyes are listed in the head and didn't little love that in their effort to mess you up the second time. I'm again yes my headache came back immediately. These it's it's right here it's of these articles. Google can sound make you sick and there's all kinds of articles about low frequency normally. I beg they. Like how like new England journal of medicine. At MD. Mayo Clinic. The Atlantic they did studies there's all kinds a stalker like this Harvard graphics amazing question there's a lot of studies yes I'm telling you we both make this up. Because your nanny. But we are not that don't know any better we're taken similar man's. I don't know but I really I mean I seriously really really feel. And it has ruined my day. Well yeah. My hair is because I won't be what got them recorded up my phone. Oddly you know people can get a minor and is gonna start playing and doing other not calling in the heads that I think can't come in let's go down. And I've been a more of. It looks like he can't get enough. He spectrum sale. No it's nearly a year away. Because we got the the stepfather Sherry. His new album. Let's get all the details you get your soon. Justin. All I'll OK these are some interesting nuggets. We say it. Maybe this is your thing but I'm a start with this Booth story. The package as we have we have reported on this. About a week ago our coverages non stop and but he is opt out. Yeah our Eyewitness News suspected drug dealer is now gone 34 days without taking a toe. 34 days they say it's a record breaking toilets right. Well mark chambers 246. Week in custody after Essex police arrest and detained him on the seventeenth of January. Details from his appearance at the magistrate's court yesterday showed there was actually a reference to him passing stools and a hospital. Essex live reports the you can live and unfortunately the prosecutor says don't. It's a and newsroom and they signed me to pool cover up people of the reading at eclectic. They're getting collects and unfortunate prosecutor Kathy Wilson said that no quote fecal matter was collected and so is case goes on. This is what it's as a Max and this is in the papers in the story quote he did wipe his bottom and it was a stain on the toilet paper. Now and it any amount of fecal matter been passed we would not be in this position today she has resisted have been bending over and as looking in that. As toilets I made history on day 24. When chambers broke the British record for spending the most days in police custody. Off visibly be swallowed some of the drugs of course the rest of the patient and waiting formed to finally go over six ever since it didn't operate as. Ago. He's held out they sell lie and downwind and. A break because we have medicine do what no other human could do not only. Had request more time to detain him in court it's been past time. ASA has today asked for another five days has really suffered enough it is the media really. All the drugs Al the for prosecutors said chambers a daily sexist and possibly we makes a request. Was even taken a special facilities. To encourage him to do the deed summaries of special facilities at the airport. Defended and that's what happens there's bathrooms on average all of them defending. Andrew morsels of police were in the toilet which sabres for their backs turned. However nothing happened that his attorney. Last week it was really chambers has been eating inside its now. He started out eating frosty cereal bars as time when audio lead up to eight of them a day. Yeah. However. He has now swap the bars for fruits and vegetables. It actually goma now and well Yeltsin makes a pitch made by his mother. Essex police have done. NASDAQ added to trick. I bet it's trick can clog it up I guess that my mama monster is always make me go get knowing that his mom's place its always been but I. Yeah yeah yeah so the police station the Essex police have started a hash tag who watched. Give my updated on any sudden movements. After 24 days actually stopped making the announcements and they said the update you as needed and that was the latest you know I challenge you guys. Now there's a lot to later show yeah. Yeah I do think interest you can die or go three times today are I am on a net person to be Iran want me all that. You don't want that from us a plus whatever happens. You can't even if you think you can't make it through a show. Only only airport or hours right now everybody's always amazed at that my skills. Okay there's skip at least yeah amazement don't everyday considerate to scale then some people do like how do you do that. Yeah that's our mind to really blow it are they are and I'd tell them that that these veterans. Scale will actually have three skills that we really pumped up and show your skill let. By the way until dreams of taggants amateurs wash what you believe is your skill to. Go the the most amount of time without actually. He's thinking I can I can definitely go through and durability to poop on demand it out when on demand. I'd tag and I got along or short window if I acted as a bit of a small hole at times. It's all fair with Matt Ramallah the terror. He's. Big he's thinking that you should stay to your partner today he'd keep your love a lot. And while you might be drop an L while Brian let let me let me do any Libya are. What's and it just is important this day and experts say might even be more gratifying. For your party here is. I lights use. Now as said you have to have a. More than just like you can you walk out the door I did note. They're gonna be on the wrong that I. You don't. I tell a lot of people I love the people in general. Well. I don't necessary like or wanna hang out with everybody I love the same angle to some of my eight relatives. That. Blood. Yeah because. We don't like to do this they can. Games that we don't communicate in the same way but I don't necessarily enjoy spending time with them one on one man or buy them that's for slot that yeah. The same kind of little lucky and Beckham. But we hit it again like someone. Even mean it is you're not just lovers. Love that are ranked. It means. That you think you're special needs me to think they're fun of and it means you really enjoy being around telling a woman. That I love her and she's my wife says all the same things you just say criteria and more and I'm like cute and all our. How iron and good luck says everything you listed there and same thing. Your partner that you love them but. It's even more special little anti land it now but you have to like. What's your fuel went on they have like you I really liked I don't like you very much you can't let it hang their you've got to say. I love you also tell you like to tell you that like gang with like yeah in around yeah like K you make me laugh you know whatever he yes we like. You know text or like you or her you know locking the door. Yeah and yeah you don't love me anymore. It's like we were just roommates now we downside is that why. China how they sat and don't just love you honey I lied to you are now I had this team but there's more you gotta throw more out of it's I hope so. She quickly eating give you an example. A friend a mime and she her husband were breaking up. She was telling me that they made the point to tell the kids that they both love then. And they loved each other but they didn't like being together anymore. That's ownership kids taught. Us lies you tell your kids. I don't like this and I don't lie and you know models still love them. I know I love at all from banks like nine a at that I'm. Anger or hatred just like not there's no loner model since I have love for my act I'd. Say crazy about it but my ex husband as a human being. With my gut and amend the to. And again to being Timmy do you realize. And for that reason I don't like him I'm not going I didn't talk and I'll I'll really nearly ten. You toss out love like nobody's business. The problem. Yeah that's the difference but I'm special nylon liking someone. I mean yes. Or is it your area if you're talking about. Someone you have to log there for starting in Baghdad I've blunders of the leg ad buy it. I want to love. I'm I'm I'm not. My love that the word love is sparingly to me I don't plots and you'll Willy Nilly lots long yeah Zorn doesn't mean as much you can tell everybody leaning. Mylar. Losing many dozen a dozen loses me it's not as national. Is spend you know similar to that national. Special. Music and I love all the time. Everybody had low hum I'm not trying to hang out with I know how to tell. I'm not dumb people a lot of meat. Yeah okay because I don't think. I love people aren't even tell I don't tellem and I mean you know. I am I'm not there at night you know I don't toss out a lot views all the time and those are special so that's why like isn't bad special does loves her very special for me. Like you look around telling people like you Dan you there how well if I've ever talked view and ask you to do something editor at. Tell us that that would more than like six. Back up the ads say what you may or subway. Really liked that guy doesn't make you assume it I would imagine yes I did I gap burn out now is it business. Big oil business. Text that you have probably like you it's not about business. Pretty good chance like him. And I've I've gotten I've I've called cute Jesus that's a problem. Yeah. And we die exchange dialogue and a phone. We're dependant. On day. Now for the question you should ask your partner to keep the love alive and that is how are you. So it is the most loving me you can do is to sit across from the apart America. Look your partner in the guy and say how are you. Shall counting. What about you talk teller or. Like at the dinner this is national day it was a day that my dad and everybody says bank. How worried are they socks and you sometimes eagerly gobbled up walking and doc got acts act. Bennett and and some point to go out injured but we set the table with a kids last month we say something Saturday. AB hasn't decided I was released. They don't talk I'm tired. Last Islamic Alexi brighten up and give us anyway shot at she is she's tired she's tired and you ask her how just how are you tired. That's a that's a valid answer yes she's not she's not a very. Should have dealings with the US. She is feeling like age like guys and really wanna if she gets a say great grade and she does not want anybody to see. Jesus. And no doubt that. I'm reduce some bad. And as a flop wage like how she got it and something or whatever. Night. The candidate got movement it. When it was you got that. Yeah. Unwilling discuss her feelings urging it up front like delay into that tiny little merry and yes I'm down and I know it is is leave it comes of that stuff. So yeah that's how you do one thing I think in that just. Gobbling some therapists I would hope that most people are asking the other person like that was today ally and what's going on. And then me here is the final when you meet. Which is about need. It's to tell you so you told me like him. Yeah can you ask them how they are IQ Narnia now the next thing that's gonna help your relationship survive and keep the love alive is. Here's what I Amy. And then your partner know what you need it I'll also solved by a mile leads US EU asked how they are. Yeah now you need to strip for a conversation. With your partner about your needs are out there than. Bobbing up your feelings until you explode our hoping that your partner says or does a certain scene. Most guys don't need anything really. I'm it is I couldn't come up with a list right now in this conversation is. Onion and I have to tell you like you would end now our youth clinic several my because I didn't want my show right now. That's the name I need I need door why the ball. In the lead to lots Netflix. I need to use are. The drugstore and pick about medications. Yeah these are things I need in the and. Yeah Heidi mess it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with the Ramona side talk system. One big news enjoy advertising with expanding now. Now and and you'll hear what she likes opening ceremony. That's it yeah. Wiped facies into it but you really can't get through much of it. We'd see she's like well maybe it's because I Sam I want. Maybe that could be it definitely affected you've already squashed it again I can't escape the joy out of it you know I'll watch a highlight some. He's undoing some fancy maybe not so frugal. They have on demand now I used punch and you see like one guy at a time do something's but anyway. A couple of things as you know Olympics but we. There was a scene that unfolded in women's short track relay. To reduce qualifications gave the silver medal to the third place team in the bronze or Tina wasn't even on the ice. All priests visited this is Al messed up this says. Second place shine in fourth place candidate were disqualified Italy goes up from bronze to silver and then Netherlands who was in on the track. They get a bronze medal dangerous and on the sidelines hey I had to go man I'll take it. When it comes look at her hook ups at the Olympics the Alpine skiers are taking on the gold according to the dating app bumble. Alpine skiers are on the proud more than any other type of vastly. The 2018 Winter Olympics hockey players second. Only matched. With freestyle skiers and cross country skiers tied for third. Snowboard and ski jumpers at the end bottom. That surprises me because I guess since snowboarders. Are. Newer to the Olympics and tend to be. Young. And her. Actually no I nowadays they are out there. Are first gold medalist went to a tee at seventeen yet was none of these snowboarding third. I think just. And haven't allergies a and that's how I thought on it happens I have minorities. Did they get done campaign they're smoking up and just knock them boots and everybody put severe snowboard it's way cooler. Then you know being what was the number one thing again. Yeah Al I'd like this year again at a next game guys or gals post there there are people. There's a 50% spike in normal things since the game started so winter events over a year just that don't cocoa. Look who Coco pops in London do yeah I hang around and look so I might not member Illinois hears stories dynamic condoms they hand out and that's always a story. And and if you look on line another. Editorial. You see the old Olympic venues that they built over the years that are just like. Rats and threw on the. Only learns and is very dull gray don't just drugging again drug dealers like hanging out sold drugs media everywhere say no just say no the Olympics. Countries states whenever. Well until the Whitewater staying here I thought how. He's had actually on TV yet. The Olympic if you thought that your crazy Charlotte. Now they have places for them to the. Peta ridiculous to me you weren't sees it. The insane. Feel all the why not bring these Arenas arms and old people I know the number of hotel demand there are Revere really their holdings of attractive element was not at MA but they had a lot more space. And they did it in new Whitewater stuff on and on site but the bigger city. Is that it is at Eds adds we don't need a girl can dream we can't get this we don't have enough hotels for the super ball little on the Olympics. And it went out to sleep for the NBA all star gained a shift button to elect made it. No and I guess apparently never criticism. All right so another note rushing curling I got charged with doping. And the bronze animal of all missiles unless it is scandalous. He said Davis set out to my spiked his drink. At AZ press guys this up for. Don't and I think Darrell yes he said hot key he's there as you may. Are you got a much of Russians got ticked off that we're allowed to compete under the like Russia cannot compete under the Russian flag. So they're called like a way our which bans. And or something I am apt to Russian points anyway. He thinks the one of the guys that ticked off the curling team are doping and drug him so he gets ticked dobbs doping. And the rush to just go and that's evident they're rig in every election and met dollars. And then there's this. You know you do see the world's greatest athletes and and you also see this moment. Freestyle skier Elisabeth Sweeney. As the appetite 33 years olds has been doing it's in all when he thirteen students are not long or single minded goal make it to the Olympics. American did you make the American game they're good they've been doing a reverend directory. And then she goes I go Venezuela as their moms from Venezuela. And go hungry. Coaches are nearing grandparents. He cannot do a single trek. Two didn't even get off the grass to catch air. Sushi just needed to finish within the top thirty if you World Cup skiing events. After quoting fingers competing in half pipe contests around the world to finally qualified in December. To adore Chinese event where basically knoller showed up. Present another event going on to Colorado are on the top people Wentz there's fifteen people there to Venice thirteen that a fifteenth. The fourteen to fifteen people foul. There's your finished thirteenth without a single track. So her goal is just keep don't know events. Whitbeck featured fewer than thirty people EU and not pulled out. I don't know that I wanted to hire her for her tenacity. And determination or pity her because because that you can bettors because she's stage setter sport. DNC got and even then even after all that and competitors pulled out with injury there's a limit on how many skewers the single country can compete. There's a Hungarian a ski federation thing which has to balance men's and women's competitors they need another woman. And she just did it if you've watched it it is like a ninety year old. Going down the end but it's not bad it is it is news they say the fields not deepen a women's fight and so just. Keep going winners not that many people. Her only goal is to not fall down yes paralegal she's shares that with toddlers and gotten probably going a mile down and a and she. I believe she ran for governor against a switch here. What. The Pentagon. I don't know. This isn't thrown out stupid. They are making that up let me see the possibility Amanda and G also Russell. Abraham Lincoln is just dead at the Harvard grad who want dragons Arnold Schwarzenegger in the race to California governor now. Almonds guy gets things going on here. That so but he 33 instilled. As obvious as she lost that the governor ship and you lost in the Olympics is being Jesus I well and winning maybe just make the Olympics. And even now I don't. On the winning ahead. At a way scam the system the death begin a system. They they're gonna tighten the rules they say they tight barrels a member of the movie Eddie the eagle or. You don't remember that we go yeah you'll Eddie the eagle he leaves a British guy could even see basically. And he does do is he jumping. And now what Olympics it lies and he would just crash every time. Eddie eagle conceit electric thick glasses on a high of a movie about a couple finally did just cracks up and so they change the rules are there would be no more Eddie Eagles even though availability gilts that's gonna crash all the time. Do not ever volunteered to tell stories to children if anybody had an eagle. Really like Dennis rader somebody was in that movie about this and I want I did not know Dan is a good Yemeni nationality act eagle I'm telling you that. Is qualified as. Didn't didn't seek the you know he would be happy and in eagle did you find it and you jacked in minute you Jackman there relatively. Starr yeah British skier 19881. Competitors since 1928. To represented Great Britain in the Olympics what do. When a good time that laughter. He and they you here today the eagle if you will does. He shock the system and how much love there is out yes and done I would advise you to rent some movies. You can find it but you'll where he'll be thrilled little Eddie eagle peninsula rotten tomatoes at the same manatee he finally went yes. 82%. Audience score 80%. Tomato meter. Now it's sweet and wonder. Home to Finland yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.