Is The Blind Date Extinct?

Wednesday, March 7th


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It's more laughs and more fun itself very quick that. On a first date. Ernie and mind numbing a lot of adrenaline sites they found the average par Ridder a person doing indoor skydiving. Was very close out of a person during a blind dates. Have you ever done a blind that you don't first eight are you done I'm done blind aids and I have done indoor skydiving I blinded it's really that blind anymore. Mean he's always have a picture. I mean blind dates. He's blind in the thank you not know them but you know many many years ago you know had a picture right right now and you can dolce and find out information. If you wanted to get through they give you the last payment in my Nike deal last name to date on our big wedding look and. And I would show me a little apple today who have set somebody up and said I'm not give you any more information and. I want you guys vote to go into this totally open no looks very thing yeah you got I'll come on got to get locks. Got to get Lux I did I get looks Megan Markel said she didn't know Stephen yeah I like being the prince hairy. I had outlined. A superstar parties about perhaps like no doubt you and your friends know it now you don't get our friends and when the person is an innate. Glamorous profession you can be. Influenced by your friendship on their level. And where union you know this girl's superstar like model movie star tight you know she's meant a moment and eight. So even if I don't know where your friends in uranium friends like giving extra point is they're your friends I need to reach it so they like you. My friends are going to fix not necessarily I knew who is possibly above my shalt not necessarily but it could happen. That could happen or or below they might not think highly yet. App you how mean she knows it she's gonna be set up with somebody. Yup probably wealthy and somewhat good. Yeah yeah I'm enemies that it was someone who. You don't know could be read this could be economic got to give our random as the death unless you see the picture you got to see the picture. I'm not going out of I don't see the picture. Unless I mean it at the guy is like 100% I Darian TS in their hot. And then in you know Mike. Type something data but otherwise not that hard to get a picture and give me a picture why would you not give me a picture. Whether any are your free until they say are you see a picture. And it's not agree page not now when you're not you're just not an iMac can't be seen with that person has yet has yet I can't possibly waste my time maybe. Paving wow then I might go a bit early to know what am I don't. That takes away one of the things to be worried. And I'm so gonna go probably but at least it's one less. Thing to worry about I know which one she is now walking and and visual blight daily some talking or texting on. I'm green and it. The last totally blind date I went on. Was the four people were into. Budget social media guy yeah and thank you know. There's no way I would have a picture of 99% of my friends any place ranking give it to you easily. And no place for me appoint you did you say I gave you wanna see a picture girl or you want you can check him out on linked in I mean. Anybody I would set up I would be close enough to me that probably the picture or no if they. Right though I live picture so I wanna Deng's picture about you're amid pictures opens up. There's something going on why don't which is a prejudged Emmys are not attractive wow let me very black and Lama get a pre judge of their hot. Where where may be. I am I giving you a picture because I know my friend is drop dead gorgeous and I don't want you to get in your own head and think you're not good enough. Maybe it's that I'll maybe it is maybe maybe I don't want you to psych yourself out now Ireland's psych myself out because he's nervous. Because you realize oh wow. You set meal would do. While north Cara and now. There whatever. The president meg in the US. And Markel I think I can packets at a high and there's Hollande. Right a survey also found his Ritz though 13. With bought about just not showing up the date leaders are nervous. 45% of Stoddard and lost her train of thought. I angers I didn't regular alone and that's just another day radio women claiming more awkward men. Two thirds of dale donors where the date and 20% a guy say they're totally relaxed totally confident the first day. No problems no worries those people have far more. Security. Then then idea it can't be beer relaxed now. And I did not relaxed and confident about. And C any my new thing at starting today if you let this man right now I'm gangs and more in a minute. Thanks for listening to our fairway left remote and check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com. So right. And at. India don't think heard me ask this question last week and that they had a top. Popular names in the 1940s. In her forties in the forties and just think of people old people names. What do you think your old people names that you think would be on your I was. I don't know and burst it went away but bird does not the authorities I think birth it went to became big bad bears that are out there if that pattern of wind on that exact opposite of the. Are absolutely and I believe it was in the seventies. One and a song called the Bertha but booty came on voluntary notice but I'd like to that's how the battle and we think that's what I. And novelty song. On the radio. When I was a kid big but are not big but it was the Bertha but booty. Okay well I've read it on type and and so they give an old personal Bertha should be happy Gladys or Gertrude. On those Atlanta is always a winner when he comes an old lady named. But but none of planting rose to be glad Alcee Gladys and here a couple years ago somebody took out my mailbox like in the middle of the night. Mowed it down. When I got the police report about it. He said a driver's name was Gladys. Knight sued Dow was so yeah old lady you got lost whatever. Let us look like 21 animal but why. Yeah. But the one they want you don't know at this annual Gladys that is Craig's you wit to grandma when you named after just half. Yeah that's the ground that's green I was named after my grandma. That is how it is crazy a by the way out birthday at its peak and 1885. Wow I'll I'll and that meant the look bogey but now and I presume I 1963 was on its. And anyway. So we received about Ruth. I hear that Ruth France's Gloria. Is Belmont there Jim Powell a lot of Noland an interim. And the jokes Virginia Maryland mar third. Door I can't march asked about it dot right or dots are north and yeah has yet and an aunt Dottie. Betty and Shirley insured damage early. Margaret which I still am outraged that its peg brilliant that. And again I don't get up taken that a market I'm gonna see some ID moderate nay get a low nothing and having a minute I can go Marge maybe eight. But the top ones in the forties merry when the Barbara Patricia Carol Sandra Nancy share. As so those are normal but then you get and there's only and the guys the only old one's the G area I never thought of middle name. It was big in the forties now I think about it that not a lot of parents Ares I own hand and Illinois varies significantly and Bernie Gerald Walter. Altered and I. Harold herald and herald year old large reserves are third Roy eight. Bring back Fred oh huge pretty old friend Edward are pretty old now in Eugene. They always there was an any everywhere back in the day now at. I don't know much Eddie yeah you're right you're right and and I think Eugene kind of got screwed because it kind of be hearing her name. Yeah I'm telling you you means mean former Panthers player you should adapt well why he had cabinet he had after he added reform became Internet is you gene was a leg. Reminding as a nerd I know I never would ease the nerd on the Walking Dead. You do was. You never ever have a mullet. The movie there. Eventually learn a CNN idol I don't I don't remember seems like you very. Their name tackle I think lol I don't know I just came up with a theory in my head nonstick into it. Because you know a huge need. I don't even know Eugene. Pretty those who want to know did you eat no I don't know when you genes of this is based dobbs absolutely nothing. Declaring an old Jewish community names a new here and Amy I got reminds me like I would imagine what that person like I. New genes and our domain I don't know why I do have named bias is now. Because they've treated you wrong layered on your you know like. Every Amanda I mean like has a big attitude. Like she's not your not taken any crap she's a man and you're listening Amanda you know and get a hold of Ramona how. Amanda's. That's that may we'll let you know and gas what's going down Amanda hunting. It's not. That's what it's grown lame like god Amanda Amanda act tough grown aim it's a tough girl and it's Mandy. And lol he's softening it up a bit. I at night in Albany habits in me Amanda says how you're a tough girl or you don't you know Amanda certain names is being tough girl guy names. Marge is a tough through large sense of how close are you know men are large somebody's taking no man known barges taking a merits. Oh well all I know when I know when. I'd I'd never told him my buddy's name and almost ongoing. Blanco here it's because I think this is a really. Really tough name they gave edited. Of course by black Reverend Wright tiger does his thing you Jean do messes things that you bring guys like Jeff rent but I forget names. I know it's a tough guy named outs this that is now proxy and it's something like rocky shores this. That's just doesn't it's going to be like a hockey. And. And Wednesday's mixed. Met Romano. Okay that's a tough and make you remind don't and that is the top name guys Mickey Mouse is Mickey from. I I bat I guess it can't just be make or Mickey it has to be Latin motto yes. I its Italian they had gotten on guided to bury these big Italian guys it just happens. Again today to hit a critical ornament. All there we met in Ramona. Or righty. Take you have moments. Rate and comment on the podcast if you would disease. Her IE ram and a. This relationship expert. Says no matter how close do you think you and your partner are. There are some things you should never ever ever tell him especially him. I'm Diana said always number of partners. Now now it it does say dead. If you have less extreme about somebody else just keep it to yourself write yet it could mean nothing you why would you possibly do that that would be horrifying. Well would you would you do that what do you hope to gain from that no upside no upside. If eight they say everybody has said she's not people who are under partners but it doesn't mean anything. Yeah let's which is why put that inside the person's head right now. I shouldn't tell me if you think somebody's idea I mean Karzai can somebody you're circle I can tell a unity. Yeah you can't say you know I really wanna hook up wit your best. And you really Betty Lou Darrell hook up and I. Hey how about you when you like but I had I don't like I should know I really love this new chick in my book club. You you Wednesday man and she is hotter than hell. Not probably say say but I she's cute you do yeah and but together early on the younger isn't. A some like that this is a oh but I wouldn't say she's uttered I like it but yeah but it's a I don't know as I. Another thought current views now and 00. Yeah I. Agenda then a black. I think I would not say that I don't add somebody not to say. I would not say but I got an agenda even if you have you back. I'm known as the real thing I anticipate that or not it aggregates as an all or another to get it done editor in any anti U younger as you know they're. Good size. This I know you can't agree where is because. If you never listen to this I guess before if you don't know Matt Harris. You probably don't know that he is our resident dream killer. And immune. Adding that's and this play through expert says. You should never tell your Mae and you don't believe in his business idea if you do that. The Chile's dream you didn't kill your relationship now I I. I would expect just a relation to erase some wasn't very strong as it may in particular gimme very sensitive when it how could criticism about their careers. May be your partner has a business idea that you think is doomed to failure. But he's genuinely excited about it. Keep it to yourself we're gonna and DR bank account to make. Yeah. Buttons. And hats buttons at the event. The only thing you're doing good example too is makes subtle comments. About ways he could adjust his client now and that's sad but you can't tell him that you don't think it's gonna work out. I did there's no there's so many personal easy using your money that's a recent comments second of all he's quitting. The job that you know let's say make him. To wander grant I'm gonna quit and I'm when. May. You have banks may not look. And I that's just the factory like him I'm monkey penis and maggert of resolving it and awareness of the organic feel month out of his hands like that just. Look. Let's side are you long enough to take the hill and UH yeah my dad that was your all right personally I don't I don't MER I got home personal computer I don't. Point being. Is that if it affects them the family a lot then. You should be able to chime in. In my financially is that it's you know our our time wise you know I got to move do. That says she's deeper something. Growing all of his time. Outside of work into this idea and you think it's just down. You shouldn't you shouldn't say yet each is down where you should be like dude you're wasting your time well if you're the idea I'd probably say you know that's not happened. And warm are ready just say good night and this precise I'm not spending and you're forgetting your family in Maine. All day year making. Agendas and so on and on budget and that's only in you agenda and they make him look easy and an almost penis and building your own Turkish prison. Happy you didn't do that man. And that he be bed like all they've done the doomsday bunker. Some like that I am a didn't them have gone down there would you anyway and it made David there's doomsday employees and a year ago and I doubt that account number and that's the name of the magenta. Yeah evidently did but. I. That's probably a movie tomorrow. Let's hope not notice how Beverly on the main and only good good glad he's well look younger. Saying your Graham probably. Hey I got a in the bar. Get a Jake and at the end there you get them again Madonna and Virginia and isn't were alerted to Laguna and I didn't know unseen. The junger has agreed urban dictionary extremely. Ordered large breast the kind earn a fact way too big for the body attached. And yeah and I can understand yet that's exactly what I meant. You know at the Menendez. Says they now know. Making game like Zhang gambit called on. Where you stand boo said that's a typical habitable now. Orleans following a move out. They don't take out now I don't. Let me put it about yellow. Post it notes Roger. I want a leg wouldn't the guy guys that didn't know how are Adidas Salomon Spencer's gifts this isn't back in a black and I don't know earnings it's also air with the load up. Subtle ways. To turn him on outside of the bedroom. And then and that you're dealing. There's a judge. But they note one of the ways and I'm like yeah yeah it does not begin I'm segue into something else okay. Boom to demand an hour whatever you know they they did that the two of the points on all the kids not these days because it was an original movie yet. Does that allow did you maybe I don't know I gotta look Alvin and the chip Monday night movie was that I was thinking it was in the one run zebras lookalike. That is one can't learn there's one version boomed out browned chicken and brown cal. But joked yeah I can joke that it's big there's been telling forever what someone for the animals and their thing in barnyard Chris rock and a look alikes in the annals seeing as he added NASCAR's Alyeska president Ruth anyway. Where to me how my daughter's headed the other day. Boom to my William. You have a different frame I know I know I know so I don't share with the children I didn't I just was like two and a bit as good. Because it's really weird because they do have quite a bit me and children's movies where there are definitely. Some references thrown in for the adults yes yes yes. Eight kids don't know. What the adults need Dubai and widely adults are so amused yeah. They just find it cute they're fun like a cute little I. Yes yes like god all our guys dating myself a bad news bears. You know movie if someone they've. Trailers whatever had. But tanner sand. Did you or the sun don't shine and we couldn't wait to say that and Chavis not really pleases that you really didn't miss Edna that's assault while still send no shock. Did say. You know what demands a date back to you about Ternium on outside the bedroom real. Study in the same system we're say let baseball tournaments and no sign yet that is not even listening but I didn't know where the sun didn't shine. I knew is. Your mother. I didn't know what a lot of them over the corner of the closet without I don't put. It's sixty something I can't figure out our ally I had I don't know the sundin and John Ginn this is not there we. That element turns into the hot pocket it does turn and that on occasion here I like to be a part of Mets therapy it it at I mean just good. See here like that was the Powell a professionally midsize responded and then that's when I found out that. Please would send those Chinese is not a corner in the closet and. How does that make you feel how how. Amazing video. Room there. Yeah that I have read and make me feel good at an opponent and if you let that sell orders that led them now matter anyway that. Myriad segue. Subtle ways to remind outside of vengeance it. EEE homers and you send out janitors had enough. Those affected at this found. Out and out an adult it's not this child. Could be arguably the they've put that on TV eleven believed it on anyway. And turn in my cyber saying now your 'cause I love he's expected so you say something like. Bomb near my best friend and I enjoy your companionship. Mean yes let's continue on its post due yes a subtle Natalie. It's it's it's a turn him on it where there but I'd assume it's proposed by it. How much time. Cyan turn me on you're my best friend they have my wife told me in my I mean it's cool I'm glad she thinks that might wish she'd I'm not thinking and who were about what does he do less sexy voice and whispered in senior year. You've. Which he whisper anything in my years as an odd and I am thank you it's going on. Duties and whisper. So she comes over and says you know no EE LBO. And grant it could have had a sour cream and tomorrow stock and teased it just yeah yeah yeah he said speed demon attack. If that. Really takes you are unrealistic to do blocker but if so what do you do that. A that's actually not heard without. A cement that this is an author podcast strengths on the all from a compliment just report released court economic until account and about how we Lux. Canyons matter relationships in reference to retire. Then am I mainly feel good Lou again turned on me that that's a little that's too much down. About subtle turn on so I get it but you gotta tell me guys waffle boy Helio. And I wish or not it. And I like S my favorite shirt on new assembly ways and make you guys feel good and yeah senate turn a monster has turned onto a guy means. I'm not going to work right and anybody that some on two minutes light into the but we tournaments in front row tonight. I'm and a. And it I'm going to this workplace radio station managed just making it up not TV on occasion where address like. He beepers and you know the matter at diners and I know shouldn't say it in my. Believe I like that portrait or whatever I do like that now like your teacher and com. When you go on a business trip bring her something back so be happy monitor well they had a busy schedule I think you brought something back for. Canadian girl I went to the Super Bowl right. I had hurts figure out what I did. David tell ya to tell yet another break me well senator just I might die on me and stated this piece and the souvenirs of I'm. Assuming there's kids your laundry list a bad souvenirs they bought in my life just say one thing the first a role that I went do. I think going to sell an act at the Super Bowl I was my son to my card you in the games but anyway. Amy was right arm and we just had a baby I guess let I've bought a one Z. Foreigners or is it ran bottom once and it was I. Five times today and it was supposed to be and it was bluish it was a girl was only six Ron czar might. As I'd like sixty dollars for one Jillian and I don't want to sized babies are. And that I. And maybe close the side girls might like age. Other guys does knows it and you know I don't and they don't want these should be one size itself. 1 o'clock news or any old lady and this big babies that I did bad stuff again. Thanks for listening to our fairway left remote and check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.