The Bob & Sheri Cat Show

Wednesday, May 2nd

Have cats taken over the show? Listener Rachel thinks so!

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You could leave us a message on our on our act mystery on the apple App Store earn double play. If you look at the bottom of the screen on the and the very bottom you'll see a tiny microphone can tap then talk back. And here we go with who got this is Rachel. Bob I guess we're all counting on you know don't let this become a catch up. Plenty of it. I hear you Rachel and itinerary. Out I worry about that as a matter of fact we've had so we can't songs I'm sure you listen to me. We got some you can excellence and I think he begins to break for awhile. Rather than rather than asking for more tax also is this a bad time to tell you that my twins easy has sec can be best friend to guitar and it's going to be infuriating jail time it's a very content well known and well. I'm okay now this is Sarah and Sarah is reading from the Wikipedia entry about Bobby and Sherry. How come in theory it's the era I love your show. I am and I looked up on Wikipedia and I cracked up because they're appears to be a pattern of irritation on Bob's part. In regards the running gags for example. Chit chat. The quote is he tolerate their taunts at opposite chit chat that it irked him when cherry says that on there. Same with first time caller bothered Sheri Kidd than finger snaps bark sometimes acts irritated at having to do they had tons. She Ares minions. When he is particularly irked that no one agrees with him he refers to Sherry and her minions. Pogs Miata bought his error on a New York he perks Bob. And Alan box on air I'll say oh province. Yeah. This is my allegedly beaten Wikipedia. This this this will be here after I'm drawn. Bob historic what do life how I got up and take the good with the bad this is Kara. Not answering the C define as episode an oven cleaning my back from hosting the Bob talk about himself. Telling you. I cannot believe that not a single woman over the course of your life has actor told you how little you are. Late I don't believe that this is never happened Cuba let me tell you I feel bad for the female race not standing up and saying something about. So here it is your really good looking man you need to news. Well. That thank you very much does save that for jobs like Karen Aaron a new species can Canadian. Yeah all right female race. You can put on notice and say I'm home legal have to think about players moon and the sweet bird. Canadians some scene and that's probably pardon. Really feel that way. Not a whole journey. And you don't look at Cupertino. Herbert is okay hoopla and who would who brought that up. Things about yourself I've never said it looked like a potato. The both Hewitt that what the wives and mothers and he's looking home and you know I don't really know.