Bob & Sheri Hide Food

Friday, April 6th

You'd hide your food too if you had to live with their families!

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You know I have to do now there's two things in my house and I have to hide peanut butter and sauls and here's why. If there's a jar souls and the house and able to open it consume one's been Fulton prisoners for generator than the next time that once also don't go open a brand new car new and repeat until there three or four jars of sauls and an honor rent an eloquent and I don't know how old any of an artist plus. It's not a huge refrigerator. Now wanna go to Costco I I high ate the peanut butter sauls if anything happens to me. And people start going yes she kind of weird third it's huge arson CF in the dryer. That's there's a region where I do not lose my mind OK ever bring look at me aren't. Writing thing it says you've been myriad awhile yeah. Kazaa I would bring home like dark chocolate. It's an greeting you should have some dark chocolate liquor to medicines like it's medicine are. So and I'd put it somewhere and she would find the dark chocolate in it and I will go to my dark chocolate place I would say. Where's my dark chocolate it's it like out loud and I hear laughter in the other room. So I can't find hiding places except I forgot that I put it in hiding place. Until the other day when I I went to this cabinet for some other reason. And the dark chocolate has been there for a month. I'm now it's no good. Kevin likes Bosco chocolate syrup which I'm street nine. It was kind of I you know Bosco first I never had Bosco chocolate syrup and I didn't know it still existed but it does and I found that on Amazon. And I ordered him to came in like a six pack bottles of Bosco chocolate dessert and a full let me care Maria had never seen Bosco but you best believe they were chugging it like it was a traffic. Two weeks ago I'd going to the bathroom. And I opened the cabinet and I'm rummaging around in the back for the bathroom cleaner straight. And I low man my hand on something and pulling out its Bosco chocolate syrup I don't know which he has hidden in the best general rule Barack's. So hard. So I say can I I've found your Bosco you're former Boston. Like buzz is like it's. Word is it just right now I'm not listening to your bus go I find your Brusca. And he goes out. I forgot I had it there. So are how you hang in happens honest we looked like she you crazy food workers.