Bob's Annoyed...Again

Tuesday, May 29th


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I don't wanna read you a message from our listener Rihanna she listens to listen Cedar Rapids, Iowa AK BAT Ky and she says hey Bubba shared love the show. I want to ask you guys a question this happens to me all the time and it seems like something Bob could relate to LA OL. Do you ever just sort of remember something that happened you'll long time ago. That major ups paranoid then and just remembering it makes you re annoyed all over again stars are is yes. The answer is affirmative. When I read that I was like Al girl. So clubs can shuttle or delete to that. It is not something that I'm proud of it is a weakness it is a negative part of my personality and I am fighting it but yes I can go back clear. And I can talk to myself. And show us give them what four can you be calm as annoyed. Again yes the memory I have larger. I have that your dislike it it's like a talent that you have I think it is actually now it's an evil talent of bad tell in the negative tone between upheaval but bad. Certainly there is one protest because that's because of justice because I'd love to distance there is one person in my life who has that power over me. He won I shouldn't one person I can revisit all an experience with this one person that ticked me off. Right and I'm working so hard because you know use something I need to let go and not be attached to because it brings me nothing but suffering. I'm working so hard on letting go every once in awhile I cease. Shouldn't an omelet and your. I'm not gonna Michigan dispersants. It's. That's the. But I thought not emotion I wouldn't want to do you have that's. Oh. Feels pretty good to see that doesn't I don't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he has kept telling her join a dispersant you know. Really YouTube. How well do and this person well enough to you ought to be ticked off to just thinking about it. You know who it is and I am still take the details but that's why you're in the gold its purity of your tell you if you're ticked off than you know. Don't. Let a little song. About our frequent sit right.