The Book Of Bob

Thursday, May 3rd


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There are some things that guys are powerless against the no that's that's not what I'm referring to I'm referring to something else. We have video sports station and they're all guys and is there is there is there one woman that on the sports that general guys. And either they're great guys that they came into this building about a year ago and they're really a lot of fun and sharing you know I have an office that's adjacent to their. This this big open bullpen area where the sports guys so much testosterone it's a little arable. So one of the salesman came in the other day. And I guess he cut a deal with the golf ball company one of the golf ball companies I don't know what Bridgestone I think. And he had like two giant boxes. Of follow golf ball. Cases and he's just put them down on the desk I think they're gonna give them away its clients or to listeners or something like that. I sat there and watched as one sports guy after another would come walking by it all went. Us and this year. For. There's something new if you play golf you're guard Abacha seeing a brand new box of golf balls. It's like. Okay these guys make enough money blog by the going to be 25 to forty books right these are the same guys who if somebody sends over a bag of chicken wings oh yes that's exactly public XX. Not cut against that chicken wings for a golf balls that's a good thing. But just so funny so what's the female equivalent. Of walking into a room and seeing. What you care products or skin care products yeah right asking asking her to really get skin care products yeah that'd probably be more expensive to yeah I W right out of the way to get to that. On the fighting over them. You can have the golf balls when I walked the dog I walk sometimes walks and the fact taken really out of long walk there's. The gut putt putt driving -- is our golf course like a putt putt driving range and I think that I welcomed by. And people their balls go every which where Newton and I'll pick up a pocket full of golf balls for him to play with leader at because they're out on the road. Their over the past where where in the world you walking like I can't Wear that I can wherever I go I kicked the dog with these constantly with snow okay and if I have to like come dropping off one of the girls and have to wait an hour yeah wherever we are Nen shut them wash their it is. I'm so and those at the at that particular place those people I don't know if they've ever had a golf ball before they're more golf balls in the road than there are men sometimes just be rookies. For the first time so why I mean I don't know why you pay for golf balls like gates who doesn't freak are there not as good as the ones that I would. That did that they're not. Aerodynamic. The the only cheaper than driving range golf balls there every car this look at woman who plays loosely knows the idea he's a new era in LA what you're inferior ball I wouldn't play with them he would not play I might various rules. Put that out of your book of Bob okay you don't. We're collecting balls the board the married a church. I'm witness out of my book buyer for you recently became a to a smear in Lamo has this review book above. Three volumes this once there's a finger three volume I think we need to publish it you know what I'm not against that. You know many in my proclamations that it would help others have a problem with the at all. When I drag out the book above for whatever reason but let's see today's based third I'd like to go back to other may thirds that we had. And she what kind of wisdom boxer with a slick uh oh here we go. Here we go. Home I am never going to lose my mind temporarily again that was 2000. None. A good 19 years ago the going back nine years now have to go back further than I now how do. This is the most recent buy you might have to dig out the other one here here's one here we go quote here's why myself the most I am a Foley in order to be light. Have you changed some things you've tried. To change is that when you have you seen me lose my mind unless. What would that be nine years. Yeah I haven't you won a line in the last night based on its way to fight lost my mind in the last nine years just caught totally out of my mind. This volume of the book of Bob goes back to 2002. Would you like to hear something for 2000 no not at all. Not you can't name the last time I went on in my mind in the last nine years. That's. The opinion and it going at it's it's open season where I just lost my mind. You Q&A few customer incidents come where he customer service incidents where you called in. Stated the fact that if you were in charge of the business how much better the business would be running. Well that that's just enough Alex. That's his back but I think you are mixing up screaming at them I can't remember the last company that I was played heated. On July 23. 2003. Said yeah you might temper is always necessary and. And I got to fix but I had a message that we went almost since then volume. It is thank you met one of my favorite things that you ever said this February 25 2004 I should add this maybe due to certain ready quote. To casserole. This thing and Murray a suburbia. It. All of literally through those and it's Bob and Jerry.