BREAKING: Men Still Love Dating Younger Women

Friday, March 16th

I know this news might be oh so very surprising to you, but it's still true!

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Man continued to refer women who were 23 regardless. Of how old they themselves get. Are you. And make me pretend like I'm surprised. I thought it would be I thought. I honestly thought it would move up at least a little now just you still like Jimmie thirty year old only thirty. Rights are out. I would assume that. As you get a little older you you think that thirty I mean it's not like it would be 950 year old and a perfect world yeah it would be nice man. I don't I don't. Think that I would picket the 23 on and here's the thing. You don't think she was incredibly hot Dahlia yeah but you would think I don't have a shot whether Michelle anybody in their twenties. So yeah you don't but I have put it doesn't sound like something from lusting. After twenty somethings. Like duke by. History had just. Go to liar might ago whenever my wife's that's a.