Bugs Make Ramona Itch

Wednesday, June 20th

Even the thought of bugs have Ramona scratching all over...and of course that brings the rest of us lots of joy!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to mom there with the remote. Let's see here on one thing is I know that's Bob Hope that he would just Ramona hears any story about things that. It is this. Yeah now things that are like I enjoy a leg. Bugs crawling out of people and a lot of people do is add. There was a show right. That was about that the Kimble doctor Campbell whopper no yep that's also when that did the beast that grows within meters something. A whole year member that AM so everybody was inside me something like that. It was it or you wouldn't watch an artist tragic yeah I was about like people you know they'd find parasites parasites or yet yet you would never watch that show no uniform right now for money. Did you hear it right now. Yes it's horrifying. I I can't hear about something. Disgusting without. Getting sick to my stomach and I definitely cannot talk about. Parasites. Or bugs. With out itching its just something that happens and it's completely. And in control of like a real HH HI ER UN and I've studied itching by the way I do medical I've studied teaching us and we did take a doctor answer because I because I have eczema I I did some research into whether or not. You could not score it. I know you've got to have an H and simply not scratch I mean it's happened. Yeah happen on time. Grammy nugget and it's in that little touch of what he's you're itching ears right in the days and say yes yes that would be okay Internet in knots that exactly that's what happened. In these control groups where they had these people. Who were your children's. A new day they had this incessant itching they would let them go to the point where they are insane. Comets aren't that's. What happened when it had when they gave us. And they were not allowed to scratch and the itching persisted if they were not allowed to grass they eventually it. It's a. I'm sure they did that actual he can eat it sounds an ethical if you go insane and this was years again how can he do now there's you know it was okay. I want you could. Release I guess incessant as the key. Easy the bad. Give you have eczema and enter into July yet some kind of rash do you. Our broken out you are having an allergic react my good tournament semi allergic reaction and when I first realized my allergies shellfish without your attempt by your. No god the color the top. That was when we sort of backing Columbus and you were taking bets on how long I could go without scratching we at a horrible. Allergic react when decision made that. My groceries that not nice that was very not nice again I would respond within agony which he tried to tough it out I did it I did because I didn't want my skin to break out. And look really bad because I just adds to bites and say you had a public display of I'd scratch and and I couldn't tell myself I was. Lunch with a client. Nicole carpenter from black pants prevention and we were talking about advertising and then I asked her about how businesses going and she was telling me about. These termites. That are. Basically taking over Charleston, South Carolina that regulators and hyperbole they are the highest level of nasty termites known to humankind. And as she was talking about these termites and Howell. Whenever technicians was trying to help out some family members in Charleston. When he went to their home he could he. The termites. Eating and a now go home that's pretty amazing record I don't like what the dead even sounds like you're so as she's talking to sound like. Aren't paying events week. I AM ET and still ahead. I can't even concentrate on what she says you scratching your head no not yet or not allowing yourself to kind that I'm finding it. I am starting to age I had to start need it now ideally it's starting to travel the and so I. I feel myself just jetting down to finally I just leaned back from the table I put my head back innings in a goalie cam. I. I don't a spokesperson for bonds. On it and actually talking about. Fort Hood jags aren't you can mention what kind they are so I. They don't do this is the honest truth I can I have seen her do the at the live. Spots are black past have you noticed me and how often and I'm not making this up oftentimes what she's doing gadgets and you scratching your head. It again and schedule I can't take it. So then finally that I have dispatched because I I can't continue this conversation with you. I and now I am now Leila literally my entire body. Hit it big tie and I had is it seeing my shoulders aging now oh now my bags itching now my thighs aging and I said Nicole. I hundreds I have hundreds. Of traveling through my body Smart guy and I just say I I can't talk about this anymore because. Now I'm starting to eat some places where it's inappropriate for me scratch him public. I don't know her faith that our clients priceless. And every street bullies so mad they said they and you the president play. Leg and then you realize perhaps I've shared too much and right now. Perhaps you did and they yeah I I I I I could not take there's two things you have to say I couldn't take the first volleys it's your hands. From under the table loaded atop the table and Jack and a second of all Walt do you wanna go to bat and his graduate. Not what we're memoirs are you just get up you go to the bathroom and back its ace are but I had some places is trapped. The drivers and public. Or else. It was scratched him on Iraq under you 'cause you scratching your hundred yards or talking about it remember the time I had to see that isn't. Underlined letter in nowhere you refer how much your head. You're but you're under her arm your spies. If you're scratching in those places you're tell me. Tommy you can't scratch those places in public Bedell if you would outlook on it we don't take it sure if you leave your shirt I'm like right now it's not bad at all and you can't score. Elk slack jawed look when your review your dominant college I got an eagerly that are something that's the companies to tell me and I handled. That's because it's a guy does get to Metallica we get going on and on really Alexander I'm talking about a quick fly via. That. And now but they'll lose you Nolan was singing and yeah he's in places yeah. We're definitely an in place the bathing suit better. You can't get anywhere Beebe into and also people you know people don't we won it. You scratch your head. They dome I mean it depends how long your hang around it and just a quick fly I know I've woken up my like the scratch. Things and back cover babies. But I don't take anything. You like real especially somewhere else. Now I can draw but he does anyone could deep. Governor I am laying. Holidays and as. This July 4. No place to be is it sounds. The state party in Charlotte at PDT ballpark. A costly heating cooling and 1079 delaying are setting you up with fourteen kids to see that nightstick on the Durham bulls. Thermostat if deep passes to watch the fireworks after the. Lee Myers and. And Ramona. From the station that always gets even in the coolest experiences. 1079. Dole. That they reserve believe it or not national flip flop day. We talked about this one time how to get to. They started what does Obama wanted to start Danny you're gonna remember at all that we are we had a great idea every day admitted. I didn't write it down I don't think as we amount all lower lows were quite. Marquise de. Or will work spouse day and then we managed got to go through like I farmer's almanac or something weird like that. You have to play like two years in advance or something like that. And remiss if it's sort action required work. They regard more than you badges saying you know please know yes because beyond that you guys are done. Yep I think maybe in this day and age if you hash tag. Maybe you can make it go faster than make an official day OK Sosa and not switch today it. Yeah oh yeah target date I'll get on that it dates as a side note that bothers Davis recently. It. Could be a worse and worse month. In June terrible. What month would you I would like to have it on Sunday during football season where were all of our presence we can just go. Indoor our. Man cave bar or whatever and watch football from sunup to sundown was is should have to do with your family. It's not about the name it's not the popular. All of a dad again ones not calls Famer today. Sorry that our you're not send my that it is. I thought it was about it'll celebrating with your kids like used their mom breakfast and educate my mouth from Bryant's view. And then me out and do things Witten for a mom Aaron Aaron and there's that idea better idea of Father's Day is to move it during football season. And been ignore your family because you're watching football yes holed up in your man cave or to sports bar yes I. They can do something meant for me from. Nine to noon until kickoff I don't know before cooked pickles one I would have him on one knew what it pregame. Third I gotta get whoever bought up a nine to 1130. About G. It's like every morning and there's nothing to do on Sunday in June reserve sports going non. The only thing set up eighty yard work W but he added. And I'll do something with them I guess what about the match you know it's it's it's based on day it's out today it. And based on Allah I used I'd I mean like still reading and that is on waste of a baseball but it's off my sports tree now. Accounts are our golf limited US opens this weekend I believe I'm you just don't you just can't be satisfied. And football and a lot of guys probably her Father's Day will be out golf. I don't golf. So. I just did Salem meantime I had the TV room and thoughts back to back like. Blowing them up you know shoot movies stuff like that yet and Amy never watched there's an idea roll video like so eight hours of movies. Anybody say Eddie Eric smack it around about what he wants her Father's Day I'm supposed to say leave them alone yeah. Led a march next year and it's beings. On his TV at least a half day by himself. She had a mob along mob movies that you don't want a lot yet on high and that you're young children away and messed it up his Father's Day is for not spending time with your father on your mug and I segment 9/11 30000 even outside of football and the movie OK a movie day I'm gonna give them until 4 o'clock in the after. Okay and I at night or next year sentence set that straight all right where does that leave me I don't know where is going out. You know perfect wanna start they're high end up there I don't know right now we're gonna talk about flip flop album so rightly learn OK we'll talk about a you're listening to all there with Ramona it's over our church bravery. I ever say let's talk about sex that's. No education and not really you know it didn't say let underground it's absurd or it's the ninety's. Yeah I can't say hey let's talk about sex saying let's talk about sex. Like a cancer topic comments and county OS and juice yeah. I think Jack McConnell lock. These. And morning hasn't it gives you remember it's not a contact the company this. They say everything node and in no time and anyway. Physically yeah. Things that baby boomers can teach only deals about it Nikki. And another day. Do you think fed. Millennial really wanna listen to the youth sex advice from baby boomers that Blake that. Better be like going to your grandma and asking her for sex advice own. I'm not related to lay it really wasn't my grandma might try to learn about small time sex. Critical. Yeah that's yeah that's how he's. A day. Not to talk to you grandma about a minute and let you go to big. Ladies grandma aunt. Do you have sympathy you know how things it would be like I could saying we could do little retro sex and I learned this whole time since anathema Graham Chapman read him a letter but then again not I didn't want to talk to mammogram mommy we got grandmas and red sex and heterosexual. When you rely an old and sensed some of the that is something worth gurgling I know have grown sick. You'd know that they met old times sake of that and I would recommend hey as long as it. Is good theater any user's history. And our digital and 10 people no way am I don't care what he Google's over the years this is. And retro sexual. Sometimes describes an old fashioned mainly Amanda Beard football loving guy who cares about spears is no sex involved outside an old time sex. But it didn't look good if you let this take a yield six. Under the old times sex dot tax and ax ax ax dot com you all in good old times sex is back X and XX dot com. Wonder roll old poker. Those old glory. Anyway. And you'll see more acts hamster come. Out. Today. And you do OK so anyway I wore a bonnet all of that you know. This is proof why you should not gay sex advice from Matt Harris by the way. I would if you don't. But you know you don't need it. As much advice is used as here a pro individuals who got in and whoa. Now now that that's not healthy. Basically what. These people did was they asked baby boomers. What they wish they'd known about sex. When they were in their what they know about it now one thing winch. They head down about ten X what they were in their twenties a tech to give this advice for today's baloney. Okay yeah I learned some things do you wish you'd known in your twenty. Pretty good. And you bring him. You know or sex advice from a bunch of as early in law and yeah it's a light blue lace. You know that was early on that night I picked up seats out at various sources you guys are you talking about moves. Like you only get you talking about like don't try anything don't draw I will not look anything distributor off now like this thing. A like you died in a silly learned that right away. Let's go to beat Oklahoma. All areas places you've given various things did not specific. I don't know I don't know how he's just about balloons and a okay didn't actually wrote this paper up yeah. Hey forget L. Got into a oh lord only ever Bible says rice and others. It's a move by the way didn't you can look up. Has it entered anyway but not mood frontrunner mood now. Now. I would say I'm OK maybe learned that. Women like TV hang around a little bit content. After it's over it's. So don't leave after she falls asleep dude you don't know don't believe that there's idol and done those things away that Jose go into the bad you were going to do and we could never come back. They don't like. That. You know. One actually is it's a waste of time to compare your sex life to anyone else's. And that's why the Internet is so dangerous because it's easy. To take a look at what do you speak. Is the sex life of another woman you're age. Or another man your hate our time unmarried people. I'm talking about anybody anybody a camera into if you're new to unease. You can go to the Internet you can go to Twitter and you can see people who were you or your age doing things that you've never done. Maybe even never heard out right let's rate and while all on one and you might think that. You you're learning and not a lot on the other hand. It might lead to unnecessary pressure to try to newest edgy is sexiest things which aren't necessarily the norm. REIT I yet but it does lets you edit I'm not necessarily make you feel good. In a moment or about yourself. And I had the opportunity tossing out there. Nationalists and an Internet today you begin to this. I would be bodies and even with the club. I mean seriously if you don't have been answered. Ours some. What four mean would be unhealthy forms of sexual expression out there that if I was in my twenty's I would not. Probably be prepared to handle Brent why wouldn't you. Costs you've pretty relieving I know it's a different turn it's not a different turn. In disguise senator to start a little bit of a heads into the reaction. You know I mean there's always a plus and Internet is more positive or negative when it comes to learning about. You're kidding right norm marketing. Compared to my dad told me remark for her. Other values and I hope it bluntly wrote on them but it's. As a in my environment. They're like yeah tell me not think a lot of data adds nothing. I for a long time you're dead didn't think you were sexual in house we have to worry about you were trying to figure out whether Nike day that you reduce daddy that you were making friends after a while I was at I didn't. Even I don't think you're dead intentionally. Ignored this sick or died I just thinking he didn't feel there was a need now that I've talked. That's true but he and talk to my brother borrowers history and sister for it teaches. I met a bipartisan about it like a couple here and act but your dad didn't know. No you know your mom remark. She told me to. Keep my pants up in my skirt down. That state senate that was my time sir see I think the Internet is a better than that stuff that we learn and agreed that you'd think they weren't school battered and things and I am gonna Playskool over the Internet well teachers yes but I mean you still also and your parents over the Internet and school. I would take the Internet over. Their kids on the bus. Now yeah now to our best at something we don't know why this is a real thing hook it. No but like all the kids are doing as we can probably find a site yeah that's that's scientific. People say all the kids are doing it and you can go to the Internet and find kids doing it got me all the kids are doing a good fighter real science site. Really. When you search out you'll bring real size looking for a side. Yes sexual science about a group of Zanardi at target. That's one of my advanced. People sitting on takes actual science and my other I got a million of them have number one tip ms. Liu wrote on anti America that is true. So it's reality reveal what your schedule all off there who. Ramona sorry tell you guys about national flip flop day. And I have very loud flip flops currently you're eating candy is unaware bailout flip flop phenomenon are you real. I mean and I know some like the cheaper ones sometimes make and I'll always try my flip flops on. And walk around and make sure they're comfortable. But they don't hurt my feet to do and think about audio did you think about the sound yeah. I mean I yet until these parents my thoughts are currently and I have shoes sometimes it will squeak on the floor certain ones on on the floor that I don't like that squeaking noise sometimes there's. I quit on chuck taylors is a certain flopping noise that it makes it I can't handle that I can't. Deal with diagnose the specific fear of Orange flip flops. And hear more of an upscale brand of flip flop. But I can't Wear them to work because they are to laugh out. It Baird it's a Q the flop Matt Higgins the bottom of my feet out and help help help. The problem is I've found over the discount store this is gonna throw. Andy's theory. Just out the window because I do try on my flip flops but it's only to make sure that the part that goes between my toe is wrong it is comfortable. Because sometimes it's too thick organic it has like. Roby kind of a wild world staying on day or a scene that is just too long 300% your life. Reckless if you by cutting discount store often times. Those flip flops. Our. Fasten together. Oh god knows me yes well. That little hole with a little look thing. So you can't either civil look at what it bearden literally fat would get to Roby and then with a plastic not yet so I can't try to mod because of I do them just seven alone. You get real flip flop at the flip flop knowing I only can see whether or not writing that. Peace between my toes is comfortable Iran right behind the brunt of it right and I go to Wal-Mart they are hooked together and at a mansion so now I have to wait until I get home. Or eyewear to work and all the sudden walk down the hallway is just meet. And it sounds like a smack in people decide ahead going down all paths it's dollar fine when you hear it I feel so conspicuous. And I was walking down here that now I just saw you put your leg bone in your crotch. You might priceless last I. You've got to make it easier even ILI flop flip the process. And and I was walking down a hotel. Quarry door whatever article thanks for the floor hallway and hallway there yet thank you. Mills salon. Got to be so loud my daughter was in the and I actually the person was. Eight feet away from your something and he said yeah you're flip also allowed and we can say is I'm not. But we know you raggedy. You couldn't speak up on any bio knows that it cannot suggest they don't want anybody. That he walked downstairs allowed flip flops and they flop again. I'll hear that too much so loud as you rabbit hole the problem with the sound of cookies anyway you hate to sneakers. On the basketball court sound if they do. Yeah head that's going to return eating out we'll watch it well I'll watch that basketball huh huh. Who really doesn't get taken here and that's. Thanks for listening to our fairway and that remote check out the articles. 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