Call Him Father?

Friday, June 15th

Father's Day is this weekend, so we have to ask...does anyone actually call their dad "father" anymore?

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when most of the nine the link dot com it's your listening to all of there was that remote. Even come up and going to bother. Unless Hillary Clinton was the word on the thousand dollars. And I don't know one single person. That Paul's they're there and pop spot you don't use the others. Did his son calls him father. Really like. All Lohan. Does it like that yeah I like it doesn't say it also beauty of there. If that's what you are introducing your parent as it just know from the kids like I have a very different you might bring gearing. She calls her mother mother. You know somehow you're OK with that Heinz there was a candidate says better. And better mother's father. Mother still not great. And it sets you know mother Beth I can get passed from mother being like gas site. Nike someone it would sting your mother where in sudden. She's like I got to have a Simon's Atalanta sandals and music and column mother does it still doesn't. Work for me. I had it's just so formal and like. Mother to his tee all the reason porridge you can never say leg and Melissa again. The mother has become. You know it's an addition and the mother knew about it. If you know so the mothers doesn't yeah I don't like the mother. We also worked with a woman who called her mother mother dear creepy. Yeah old had to deal yeah. Beijing is no one yet have to deal. East do commercials or us about our commercial scheduling I don't know I can't say she's old architects and as people what's what's the big deal with father. Amid talk its usual justice honorable here informal would you buy a Father's Day card to dead father. Today celebrates you know down now as I get a card version. Wow who I as I mean I used to do you really didn't deserve it 10 it's a senseless I'm sure even if you know. I heard again Ed is so very sentimental is very sentimental so literally absolutely no way he would not. Appreciate and I he knew he wouldn't say he was vanity as I went I mean like a picture of me or something that is it like just picture me since. Or do go to prince and that instead it targets Erica I'm gonna frame it and give it dome and I a big you know big cartoon microphone economy it's really love your father that I pass act no I wouldn't. I used to and I'll tell you what is very. Weird it. To me to go to the through the Father's Day cards and read them and used him hard because there's so I Mike who are these days there's so sappy. That it seems. It doesn't it sound like. Something you would say yes or it's not written in your voice rights right prices sounds like it's from a stranger whom death doesn't even know my dad very well again I just could not Shakespeare or something and it. We're just anymore and I really don't have anybody descend the Father's Day card to. But what gets me more are they're ridiculous pictures. There's always like on volleys take ours is like a picture of a clock. Really. Yen or is or its three who have had I think you adding I think hip book a half hours on there so they just put random Horry or their. There's Carty shaped like a car like an old school car. It is dominating me yes and astute and advance written antsy and that's got to be out. Ravi could you just want you were scarred not card can't I did I we're doing humor isn't craziest. Yeah I mean I would do a humorous I think it probably humorous in the past and write something like gas. You're bastards on its decision doable little. I. And any I mean not I might cinnamon email. Only that. I have about this year you find a sappy is card ever no way. No way. No way. Because. There's. Would war. That we are guys it would totally warm his art noble way you see right through it. Like I let. Certainty but yeah. I I don't know what a neat secret nobody seem like an event. Then I was forced to do it is something terrible Amy decked it out David C they went. You wouldn't give a sentimental this definitely appreciate it and advised and your brother would be so jealous so no leads into your that's another thing I don't want him to display. Now I am here me and I'm going to be voted in you don't want your love for your father to be seen and really only a solid public debate I can be seen with like. At bottom and apron it's at real number one day. Tainted that he. Had a hard but come on people. A gaming via and Avery and they went a like a barbecue apron like a little leased him a little more longer lines though it's more mentally it. I mean even and his willow half hour you and how now Monday that he doesn't like to do the drill anyway it anywhere around the neighborhoods. Michelle might lead out walking his dog does not exist just tell the tell the guys had to Google and then the review. I thought that we are my favorite show at all and yeah. There's only one way to celebrate America's birthday Skype showed Tony 18 July 4 NB. He ballpark with the Charlotte knights as they take on the do. Bring your family for this special pre pre game street festival started. The ballpark it's live music kids rides and games food drugs and more in the best way to see the largest fireworks show in Charlotte is from the inside the ball. It's are available now at 1079 delayed Don Don thanks to who wrote the premier. And fox 46 yard Libya visual fireworks sponsors of these guys showed Tony eighteen. There were a threat about. Things that women don't want to tell there there's other guy or whatever will never tell them about. Some of these are in the past like this one woman said she's not gonna confessed to her husband. That she used to be big shoplifters. Yeah. And but then she adds I occasionally still do it. A little OK yeah there's a problem there is a believes the problem here is this he says he's as a rarely. I just a few words is that rarely. The president is still wrong. Poundstone could get jurist and now let's say. My wife for your life was a shoplifter. In their today. I don't think any you know about it. If David's done it is way longer it's in the last yeah or they still dirty still wanted to tell I I gotta I gotta men used to be shoplift here. And now lie I don't do anymore are because so. Only because. Not a candidate for army buyers. But let's say she's feeling here urged. Wants to go to therapy now it's time to tell you ought to see it's such a it's I don't know it's not benign because it's. It's a bad thing to do but it. Yeah I wouldn't say like I wouldn't dump or over it wouldn't be close to dump the Euro on it or it wouldn't make or break us. Right now though it's not a major read and I wanted to tell me but there would be no problem at shoot yeah it would even I wouldn't think differently apparatus that was like. He's a shoplift a lot. Six from happening stop three months ago Susanna started Wednesday and since she was arrested or not. It's our record on like I would lonely notes you've got to rest Abbott series arrested but not convict. And since my husband and Amazon are public record. I think if it's public record for her. It just hope to get ahead of the story AV if you find it eat you never know wind somebody's. Hater trained her sister. Or paring down its gonna Google you and if that arrest record comes up. At least give your. New C gather at the opportunity to say yeah we talked about that that's in her past. It's got to be on the block got to be awhile and I don't even know it on the first couple months and a very you get on solid ground I can understand why you would not want that. Start the relationship with something like that yeah I mean I think got to be pretty sound Lou there where everything is too soon via. And it also depends what she shot. Twenty's is something or make you like it. I could use what was it meet. Which are putting me in advance let and it and how was she doing it ideology down dungy knew she was uplifting meet a client that's worse and worse is stealing jewelry or something that's our clothes is against them now accused of having a rack of ribs and some sir lawyers in your plans. Are you might get it back he's about to answer this. That much of an image in the sand and you have yet. All. So that is on girls as he went to as he would doesn't wanna tell her husband at the husband. Deceased dude sex were kind of steps he stripped new photographer reap briefly worked as an escort agencies whose point Internap. If we choose early twenties and she just Rudy York didn't have funny in my money and he had got a writing career took off here and have. Mainly money trust bonds anything was a side hustle and she's very successful writer now. So without patient acuity gotten there but he thinks it might be weird error as my its Weirton are caused friction and just recited his business. And so I'll. And of his business event well I think like I I'd be used to be a stripper did nude photography. I'd I'd like no reason why not telling me that once again it goes back to. If you were Google. You McBride wants all our. You know. Your. Man's brother is into porn and might see you have now before he gets thrown up in your Sig others face. If I have to come clean lap are neighbors like twenty years ago you'd open the gas coming out again. The Pickens at. All apparently then OK a little seen movie called florist. That does in the background. Yeah it was and yeah. Really so how. Does it does at all yeah. Naked elicit an extra color yeah. I don't want a walks through the scene and at the pizza delivery guy who keeps is close yeah but don't you tell us. That's about Larry's old and I will laugh yeah yeah I need the big do you have to tell me have you sent. Former boyfriend nude photos now that come out now to yet to say you may have been together forever she was. Which you. When you did your stripping me she lives which might not professionally. I. As a clear not ended and I think kids are butt and it's important now I would. At the ramadi but he donated it all to share it with a rear radio segment so stop right there and when you dig your hole nudist camp thing once again on the should. Libya and who ethics overseeing our donors I can't I don't think. I think that video of kitchen somewhere right out and now we keep tests than I'd say a year but I wouldn't be ashamed civilians are completely naked heated up on your check Taylor's. That's true and is very odd playing basketball make it did it's one of all the sports. I think basketball movies. Is. You have to be really. Security immunity. To do well and donated vs Apollo Landers soccer. Link yeah. How do you think it's any easier much easier. That we. Much easier question to senator gore out of that yet. I don't different basketball you're driving on a guy you're like. You know could be but your body in doing is trying to handle things well and football you're tackling and make you can. Better than that a deliberate slow drive to the basket. And even with wrestling banned illegal right point obviously but that's already the products though. The yeah. That's act. Just another run at the port yeah. I'm meg united. Soccer yeah. Category all by. Now the Canadian winter games and posting up business. Yeah plants demo yet again awkward media plastic around the box Bob basketball I has the worst football would be second. Lou obviously rest and its own camp. And then you know go on the winner games easiest. You know all all in all those are out of the but that. They'll go into the ball low on the list and he does parents regular bats. Boxing nearly naked on mag cases very interesting that you chose basketball yeah. It is well I volley ball outside town and and I think it was added an option. And protect him. The but where Ford yeah I'd like to have puzzles that bias it's reality reveal what your schedule all bear with Ramona. While vacuous. Hash tag best friend's day. Hang tag national best rains that answer it that way guys are best friends day I still don't like it. And I think it's ridiculous. You know you you they saying he. You forgive your friends and they do horrible things and that's one the way it's approved. By showing. That hey. Buddy I hash tag you and a Twitter comments and that's all good it. But. I don't think that in general men are doing. Any kind of best friend picture I learned a thing on non best friends today it is a guy like me and Mandy years something with my arm on him saying hey he's my best friend. We're efficient. And whatever it is you think your. An ordinance brand anywhere we all know amber never. I understand you're. Your disdain like your disgust. With the beautiful. And it's like you and best and take I don't argue are you OK with national writer dive buddy now. No I don't know I don't favor broad day hello. Yeah. Okay for you to celebrate. Friendship. By doing stuff with my friend and us texting and once as in not letting them be my best friend's house. Yeah I doing everything the best friends did that shall we celebrate not my just putting up some random picture one day year. Yes yes I and I I don't first of all. What was we vitriol or something you said we have toward this day don't we get upset about a lot of really slow small things yeah. It's not a I didn't have any. I I don't think Kyra Obama on the phone and it and we look like that's playing really crusty I thought oh. We're sort of going through you're adding you're you're receiving a bunch of things to get close not Jihad now hash tag. Best friend's day. A picture of UN somebody on base where are calling yourself best friends that's one Eric in that's that's a one item on the board and that it's ridiculous and the lane. For a guy. A given a gal might do that whatever the name for a guy. Now the second phase out and it is having eight some best friends that's okay nobody where do you ever have are against that. Calling them. And I'm talking new insight on the best friend and I went to blah blah blah that's weird to. He needed to be it'd be like gay women buddies or. My neighbor or whatever you know I mean I don't get thank you my best friend went down that. To the fishing hall Mary yeah I don't think guys use the best friends thing. Very often you certainly shouldn't label your picture. On your FaceBook or hash tag your Twitter. That is ridiculous. I think I stopped using best friend after high school. I was the last time ride yet be intense and it was my best friend and riveted the exact count I'll still refer to my best friend Ellen you lost your best friend now. That's what I gained yeah. And that played on a term yeah. I might even say what my best buddies are you know what are good friends something like that I don't think I would ever heard somebody. As my best friend. Mack have a handful of people there's like five people. Six people might consider like the top six by. Likes I certainly remote I've reconsider you'd waited in its top. Thirty so I hope. No it's closer to realize you're here way in the top the top. Five or six or whatever but I would never even refer you best record for how what what level we start dropping off the left lands and. And and at what point do you start posting so many pictures but then you leave somebody out Miller Alastair duke. Your best friend yeah. Yeah you heard someone's the only do. Everybody. Yet consider a best friend in your life like if you don't consider every when your best and I have friends okay come into this weekend's rain. But I would say I'm elements are list for other people know. People who I call friend who I don't consider me their best friend and with no but I my. How are you know there's not people could we did that member of study a few weeks ago that we did that you think that people. Are better friends and they really are from that study. Yeah edited so you may think. That there are people who think that you're not the best rent. But they believe that your your best friend will now you've shot down their hope. A being your best practice crushed a friend that's our goal on my person might not have any other friends except for Amalia and they thought this whole time you were their best for you actually like ten people yep and then he's somebody says what they don't know what you're number eleven. Thank you eat a but you're my best friend I have done things where I have shouted out my best d.s and I haven't heard from someone like really no not me. And use her best nice things to him. Crying. And this hour. I'm following you in the colony. I'm who loves me knows that if I'm mantra dimmed to be on the at least they were left out intentionally. You might think that line and now and and nobody ever same best best to kinda for a girl opens up a hole. Fifty people some meat that Bastia one ever end. Nasty verses best. Big there's old I think there's a little fine line there although. I. It's weird being I would first I would hate it in my wife went calling your best friend real I would hate that. Yes. There's a difference for your wife your best friend is the difference is addicted there's a total depth I don't. I don't equate that and it's no slight on the white for the best friend they play different roles in my life. It just I it's. It's a deference towards what you're trying to part of the best for. And it's certainly don't you can't claim as your best friend Amy caught. Up a blog and FaceBook and M. He needs your best friend. I don't I don't I don't I I think of those two rules separately he can't beat your wife in your best friend. I don't I really don't think that they're missing a game I think my best friend is somebody go and watch a football game which my friends Andrea Powell around to it. My wife is in congress kind of hooked together. If I don't I don't expect is just the big difference. We get didn't have my buddies looking best a Mac she's not gonna be in the group. And you if you can. And I have worked together leg literally my entire adult yet. I started working me to you when I was probably 25 via a day. I have worked with bandy and doc were pretty much all of their adult lives. And right now I am feeling incredibly crushed. Well I. So I got word is that I would consider you more best friend an angry. But I I find that wrong but I would. And could. Their candidate John someone else is best friends are categorizing. You know we're doing and judging a guy. Who posts. That guy is bro he's desperate ads over judging on social media FaceBook Twitter and yeah. Yeah and that's that's the key the city yes Ahmad slightly to eleven best friends well their bodies through and better. Thank general Troy and the best way to show them you're the best friend is to hang out with them and do things that friends do right. Rather than just so why publicly hunting with a picture ID to picture of me here. I'm a guy that's okay had to go to the Eugenia I went anyway so I'm a guy and I posted pictures. Let me and my best brand. Hanging out doing some cool where we're out rafting together like and I find nice and I post a picture I go I said national best friends all. It and I plan my game plans wary and that's where it gets in Vietnam laying in the rangers' goal in the trouble we have pictures find but your hash tagging is so someone else can search to hash tag in look at you're doing your best friend you know Bob Clark lose and generally they're best friends on die it is dog. Shirtless man regardless dog I call it a beard and yet the had a beard and the only reason that he posted. A shirtless picture of him with his best friend his dog gets was. To make women go. All right. You're listening to our fair which met in Ramona. They haven't term greeted at. This. Alter podcast and do it you're about to stars McKee great comment and we will all off via its OK when we learned about. Where learn about that guy who acts like a boyfriend. But says he doesn't want to beat your boyfriend. He does thoughtful things for you you've met his friends maybe even is family. He makes play those with few he's trying to you guys have great chemistry. Why doesn't he wanna be in a relationship with. And that he wants to point other people he also sometimes guys not even see in other people lobby in America he wants to be does say he is senior people easily in the Dora Maria yeah legs open someone else comes alone that he feels better yeah. They say the craziest thing about this kind of guy is that. Even though he says he doesn't wanna be a relationship he's gone every day doing the boyfriend had a staff bringing yet. Yeah when you're sick economic goods that are guy just because. He says he doesn't. Want to be a relationship. That doesn't realize he already is rod. No not on an Internet yeah this is an IE a relationship doesn't mean it's a monogamous one or he wants to keep a monogamous. True that if you buy yeah caller like ten. The thing he says he doesn't why he's actually engaging it which is emotional intimacy. If we don't know obviously luckily it didn't. You're assuming if he okay. If you have met his friends you've met his family and making plans together you don't want to see on seat as thoughtful things he had paid in taxes every day. That guy. Yeah hang out his as one of Vienna Miller Everest. There are a couple of reasons why you hit the nail on the head you must keep his options open. He is a committed bachelor and if he says he's committed bachelor but he's acting like he's not. Take his word for. You know yeah yeah otherwise it's your fault if you get hurt or what and I I was he had to say that I'm committed that's already has it saddened I don't have answers a question. I just don't wanna be in a series relationship and a very good friend you is heartbroken right now because she had everything she. Had ever wanted with this guy eaten. Successful in the hands and they did wonderful things together and ate up all the time in. The had amazing chemistry. And she told them that she wanted to have a series relationship and he said he did not. Yeah I hear your take their word for. For everything. Right you spell that it announced he would grant you yen so he can't be heartbroken because he told you you're not my number one right. My priority is my job my priority is my family yeah UN not a priority Jay-Z how much we heard how. How can wipe the deaths if he treated her like she was a priority yeah and I understand all the plans that make her single like yours yeah. He did all the things that made her feel like she was his number and like she was ninety series that he was caving. You know and is gonna change their weekends together he called all the time in which is shaky cam Gordon is it which is all these rare things Torre took weren't getting all I should she be. Are broken but she's not allowed to be mad at him which should be mad at her angry with him. For not doing something he guy yeah your heart is sad to budget but that's not rip the guy. And that they had told her she was disappointed. In herself like I have got to go for it you know I should know show my hand. You sure that you told him what you wanted. Or selling them so that you would keep yearning for something he wasn't giving. It was getting enough percent that other 10% is really important you'd so he told I want that timbers that he said no I have the opportunity to move right now. Neither me neither do better says is pretty cool dude I'll just I'll just. Yet I'll play the same game and be like OK let's some options out but it. Maybe summer's gonna be out there to my 10%. But there are doing everything you've gotta yeah there's a decision at some points or got him as a priority or could be just something like. I don't wanted to get married we can let the other dog an area by Matt Harris hasn't but I do sound and out liar and I didn't have worn down. Happily so let's not done yet married but I think most people you've got to read it and why. You didn't get worn down as a bad way to say yes here's became known back in my senses. No here's a Matt you were already married did just didn't know it. You did well in the piece of paper you owned property that's why since I was born lived together for ever. You're one of those guys who's like well I'm man that had a relationship. Not realizing Conan now you are. I wanted to be an act had a relationship I'd just didn't wanna have it. Let's go by the state. I don't need and the parent label. I'm not to buy anniversary cards or that sort of thing I think it's it's not I know I was a Massa yes I do. Afraid of the responsibility. That the label brought. Yes and I think in in my heels and the repercussions. Of what you felt with the repercussions are believable yeah yeah like guy you know. I thought media had a chance that other woman. I I don't gonna benefit us. It hasn't undergone. Advocates you like to New Orleans. It's not a reason that he doesn't have a live together that would be to Britain began to boo O'Brien story but do you say I don't have my life together. Usually the guy in the guy at the time big guy is in self aware enough to believe that that's the reason why he's doing AC. I went a good idea yet you don't know when it's gonna happen if he could never happen but he might be. In about moving our starting new year or maybe he's sick and the point of this is that he's not where he thinks he should be at this point in his life bottom line is. One this is article basically saying it's not you it's. Larry that's the point of the article battle because. A view as something you're not bringing at a table the guys that bring unit that 10% that we activities and operate he's just a mess he can't. You know whatever. What do you suggest the woman do I mean I don't have you have had women who lived through this wouldn't what's your advice for the lady and it depends. On what priority your house on certain things it. If you. It's very important for you married is an important and are having its aisle as a born and then you got to cut batons little girl ends. Or are at least after certain point. But in news. Like let's say living with him and talking about it being a monogamous letting the other situation and that's good enough for you. And that and take it Madonna expected to be. Other than what it is. You know if you wanna get married don't get married and that is the latest. They are if you're cool okay I'll skip the marriage wedding part or lived together and you won't screw anybody. Then you do that you're gonna without. Or didn't you. And and aren't just credit which are ready to settle earned our deal or not I don't believe what you just guided our day is you come up. To an agreement. And you find some things that it might not be perfect for Q you might not be perfect for her negotiate ideal it's. Mutually satisfying yes it's a partnership that while it is not perfect. Yeah he is in its imperfections. Okay that's better ways and a guest. I hope I should be relationship blog doctor. A little early for good yeah yeah. Hopelessness and thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.