Christmas Cards Are Trash

Thursday, November 9th

We've got a bunch of Christmas card haters on this show...can Ramona get the guys into the holiday spirit? We also tell you why you keep your pointless opinion to yourself!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all they're with the remote. Thanks for describing it beyond here podcast has to shares. Workers or lose that. Other vehicles about a group of people and and we keep doing this thing and all great comment on. It's time for the holidays soon in the holiday card za. And I am buried site it I have already. Started kicking out designs or the met remote issue carton of ice and out every year you do and also. I have already digging a look at. What I purchased last year at the end of the season that will be the Holloway the Hamlet like you got team carts. Yeah I know I did I get cheap cards. I got fairly expensive cards Eddie. Oh absolutely not tradition that I'll absolutely never do that to be now now you mark down the people who send letters say you can. Somehow. I don't mark them now but I DC by handling Q should there well but I understand that there are some people who are not in the craft world. And they don't understand it to the harbor of glitter bomb not a craft were but I know I hate it when I get one of those cards you open analyst outside a Baja but I I I'm firmly yeah against the Christmas card. All holiday cards sure let's go off the cargo we sit out yeah you get. You know he's against the holiday could I have occasionally against a firmly against it all occur we set has more to thank you. Then it is day Christmas card. Thanks for your support takes me a sponsors think it is more to thank you. What's happened descended politics. So were you weren't yeah thank you never your support do yes a year yet so that's hard it's coming from my home that says. I want to agree youth and holidays because. I love you and I wanted to spread joy this holiday season that means nothing. Not really now okay. Yeah cleared the senate candidate yeah I don't waste you waste your money on me. I don't say an amount haven't for years I mean everybody's busy we have FaceBook. You know FaceBook is. Used to have to. I'm sorry you've put up. Called. What do those who face a slide that says you know happy holidays so what the 22 minutes total I. I don't really key here that doesn't say that you went out of your way and why should be a happy holiday. You win out of your way to make sure I got deceit those cute family photos that you took this fall during the ones that are on FaceBook. Rescued him a picture via the ones are you've seen yet the fact that she made an answer and thin thin thin lean makes it different a. To me I'd imagine to be a friend would be on FaceBook I kind of blocked it's an unnecessary burden for some of the. Apprentice for so many people it is percent of people yes are planning to mail out. Holiday cards this year and I am an 9% wildly and I'm I'm guessing that. 50% of that 89%. Do not obligation and going about doing it yet and other fifty per hour I was just talking to a free to write about it because we exert much time effort. Discussing all the stuff that needs to happen between now and the end of the year and are alive that you think you know what this year. I really wanna send out. Christmas art I haven't done over the past couple years. And I like it if I have to start it tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow to get them out because I'd really like to do it I enjoy receiving them. And I enjoys the seawall and shall wait until the last minute and a apple. And for her to get it done and go to the post office and there will be some anger and bad feelings involved her sending out those cards. It happened so many people asked. Any right now it happened us for a guy you know couple years we finally just aiming at is retired. From Aetna ticker I don't know if your card I really wrote about the things I really mr. Glenn I don't this idea here here's. They're just that it's just yes well we know this from the studies of people. Think that the person they're they're giving the president to are setting it -- we try to be really original the president of that study but it's it the giver. That gets the most joy. I've been doing a lot of good things aren't type Idaho joy out of receiving them that is the day and you know I'm sitting you want no matter what you don't like it now and just because we've had this proposition. Yeah. My tape but somewhere. On the wall for matters Upton and overlay yeah. I've actually just go right to attract people K but around the doorways. And made it up like a Christmas card doorway. I have that a prop up Angel the two cards in and week a pile of them. So between that two candles are totally felt like a lot lineup time's gone pilot's thoughts. Sure sure thoughtful what's important setting when we just write your name dude that is even to the people say they received more than 25 cards in an average year I'd say. Thirty is my average lessons when he ivory. And about 10% of people usually get more than a hundred cards. Now those people have a huge social circle and I'm guessing they're sending now like. Hundreds of cards if they got to send him back that that I'm saying is people. Let's assume it's out of work type thing it's a personal thing the nose people have big families and their old. Local markets and luckily this tradition will die out you know it's not an eye out generate passion in fact it's special now. I believe because people don't send letters anymore you know what else we don't do close and telephone. Although it's not just some balance that out ending it has truly become Spanish like riding a horse and buggy or watch in black and white TV. ORO. Calling somebody in the phones and texting me all those things under it and put it in the category of I know a lot of people who are getting into it. Manual shift cars. Instead the automatic. Because it's special. Mount I when a race let's wrestle back some manual car. A lot of people are getting into lip because a lot of people fresh and transmission. The burden she should if your traffic camera and on a hill and a manual car in traffic. I don't know how to drive it well it doesn't roll call it does. Half past 1079 delayed an Atlantic records have combined to bring you. Load curt yeah. And you know arrives early with this president on Sunday December 17 as all time low and special guest secondhand serenade spread. Holiday cheer for Fillmore. Get your tickets while they lasted all Ticketmaster outlets. You listened to 179 to link your exclusive source for tickets meet and greets and VIP experiences. It's an all time low Christmas from Atlantic records fox 46 Charlotte there's still more in Charlotte's best mix 107 now. No link. Blew. Matsui got a hero Liu preparing to meet your new partner your the parents of your new partner. Things keep in mind as the top try to avoid meeting during high stress situations. Larry. Bob are they part the year. Giving dinero hours something like that. Although it. Now most people needed to do and where it's a holiday. I think that's the best time to meet the pain I because there's something else going on besides the goal of meeting yet they are rather than just being an arrest on some on the main focus right he brought somebody's birthday or holiday you'll more people learned to want to do this Rogers sang alien caught talking to on the old time gas so yeah you don't want an official. Yeah me up no. There's an air to tell awkward gaffe. They they they get to you should do that on you knocked and I agree this two don't make the meaning of surprised anyone. Yeah just popping on the pair ranch are the parents pop in on you. Or something like that. Us. Yeah do Errol offered. Years. Hey kids. Didn't surprise us and went for the tax and I are record these grandparents surprised. I get to give your parents all the info they need before. You meet Dan. Don't surprise him like we eleven together or are we ready for five years I just kept Tennessee trailer. And I think like that. Where you'd just toss some big staying in the first meeting. Yeah I had sirens are very specific about. They'd like you did date. I the year a female and they want you to data male long or. You're Jewish or they would like to date someone else who's also a new race what are. Italian they want you gave someone who's also a downhill breaking down you need to let them now before you put your new significant other in a really awkward position. Right right exactly. Let my parents wouldn't care. I still wonder budget would drop it and just be like oh by the way by the way Amy's black yet. I don't know orb by the way it on the TV man like I Dem party Matty regulatory don't care. Is. Some. Truth can't let. Us on the diamond in the cultural yeah definite. Lee. And I know it's difficult sometimes to figure out when you should say something because you don't wanna feel like York. Let's say and racists right right because I've given your flight heads up. Then these Asian. Right you feel like we are you yeah you feel like you were. Not treating them Hussein when I say they are identifying them I nearly as he was Asian I wouldn't say oh by the way. Yeah it is they show you had a family might need. Old. I think you start win does some basics and you kind of thrown in there. I'll bet he's got a beard he's about it has six voter bald head and Asian and he's got a size seven Q you're just kind of doing data. A couple of situations where there was some thing. Obviously very special. About. As soon gathered at a family member. Brought into this are all it was uncomfortable for that person because of Bailey's you know stand around whispering Mike. Carriker I don't. Of those kind of things gas and again how do you drop that in without being. What's your trying not to be frightened people I cannot be the person. Identifies the person because a lot of whatever way you know peanut as a girl or whatever by the way yeah yeah a idea. I gotta do it a whole list of attributes. And descriptions and they just tossing and there's one of them and then nano. No way am I knew governed India is fourteen children ads and thirteen are coming and the doubters and unity unity and sort of now. Yeah you're right if you don't wanna deal. Yes and I my dad would do some might have let why did meet actors and all your dad are odds he had. When I'm met my wife's parents my wife had to preface it by the reason he's on crutches is he stabbed himself with a knife. My only person that he's got letters and David Long cutting is it time and ice. Could put an extra. And let's start again at the person is in a cast or something you need to tell he's learning yeah and the come forward with some details like that no Arnie got to drop in no arm yeah I think to do it and down my side a drop side they have an injury he. I think it's Bessie is if some special accommodation need to be made day injury you need to give your family heads up but your role was someone who. You know it's just missing an arm and a unit got rid the world OK to tell me that a little bit in our. The difference Hernando on the black or something it's something you don't wanna to be like willow and if they don't wanna sit here and dam staring at or the got the talent so. And inappropriate please tell me yeah I did I say to my family oh by the way yeah. I'm bringing doctor meet you and he's missing an arm you'd think also there not gonna say air. Now they might still but at least they're ready for at least they note to try and it'll be that. There you think they'll be left can I give me your hand. I'm in love to have their way now they know here's the thing if you would tell them hey. They might want to ask seized a tears and a curiosity yeah yeah it's OK to ask about pluses or whatever or. Here's how he handles it about the one on they don't be worried about it til Vegas must at a golf wouldn't show you an area ice coal that Ortiz extensively about it yeah or are you rose a boat and circles. Whenever you need. The drop in net interest. And at some how to handle it. You wouldn't get mentally prepared for a one on dire one leg person and a guy going to be you know. Editors something just now that he's alive and near Dayton accord yeah. Are about and it's like something like he's gone after something like that he'd drop that in a thing to do him I think anything that's. Other than what you stereo typically have dated in the past local you've got to drop it and now just trying to get ready in ends is selling situation I think is that the person. Tell me as one on Armenians as its jobs. Just three letters to give you a heads up a got a command with. You guys get guys mascara long trans colder whatever he's got a wears eyeliner and a guy liner just glimpse it is that you're not taken on humans by a dad for so your. In all slack job and we want him in if you think that's gonna change things. Yeah family is obviously. Bar that does give my family time to come up we jokes added but that's okay jokes to be better than their like whoa whoa like I told. My parents. ABC got a nice. It it united. Had a I don't know that it's there and so yeah. It's all fair that Ramona. Yeah must segment Indian. Her FaceBook page don't last all week but it's a bit about this case during this space stations. And zodiac two days ago it was the size. We've got right now all. The least common Zoete X 00 and also allowed me you hijacking or monus FaceBook page now back in the day at a dormitory that's I'm. Girardi leave it open you must pay X. Talk a little money here first of all the top average rate new York and London to read a parking space 600 dollars a month. It bias in 600 a month people by the thousands of dollars running for hundreds years later flip a 100000 dollars. Actually I went to school with a girl whose. Dad. Paid for her college education and her brother's college education. Solely with the profits that he made flipping parking spots in New York. Guy and spyware semen held onto it. It even more. I think it was worth it to send them to acknowledge very fundamental morality or are you out of it ourselves got a thumbs up you got a mortgage or any. Parking spots. Yeah I guess you get alone made me and Adam Morgan I guessed. We the Oprah's favorite list and have a chance to talk with you about that Ramona and some of things you can get. Beatty sister all of the Oprah are you over yet she's a world for a yet look at it and I'm Nancy I whenever you. See you there's nothing. One has opened on lately she thought she got to take Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers. As ominous as he invested and yeah but is now she's got the the big show. Meals or something and it's called don't go. Leaving only deals I don't know and I would be that would make sense to sell well don't they owe it thump and oatmeal. Anyways Oprah's got a on this list of favorite things a 69 dollar came. Chicken pot. The closest thing homemade Oprah's dad well a present at home made probably and then it. Two years but B and 69 bucks Richard yeah. No I can make it for less bank. And lesson month and a slap. This is ridiculous 45 dollar gratitude jar. And trees includes card too which you can write your waiter grateful for. Act eight. You can make one of those Nokia easily yes exactly right our general spaghetti sauce jar and some paper. And Uga for X you're really grateful to give forty bucks five bucks to blow integrate all our holidays a jar with a big hit that's as. Little bird houses in a bird's. Between 91 and 200 dollars. 85 pounds of blueberries for fifty bucks yeah. Five paths. It's awful sounds like it's ten pounds. Whatever. Accounts at. I've towns for fifty dollars ten pounds ten dollars a pound area. We gad let's see here what else I saw here that. Well Oprah has she recommends got an olive tree in your bedroom. Oh yeah go to 53 bucks which he says she is olive trees that are bedroom a tree is a forever gift. It sent to earth and water it just grows better with time I would like to get that. But I don't anybody would spend 64 dollar or fifty trees all. But I don't know like is it hard to raise and voluntary. And two I wanna like well I'm an in your house how it turned into. Columns that much. And likened it to going to mime in the store to what are you had a big stars that's a lot of work out that you can keep it down tree alive. Great growing plants now thank you very shocked enough oh I thought I was thinking cooking you can be terrible but you went on to the olives. Littered edited out of the house and we're not here. All the wisdom of Sunday's her new book is on her list of which are all look on your favorites list. Cannot happen. Because you can't say my book is my favorite. And just doesn't doesn't work that way. And high analyst at two grand 55 inch Samsung TV and it 12100 dollar bike. But we looked at the TV has many art course or interest in mourn the TV trinity does things. And what is the deal on it. It's just like Efrain TV so it looks like a work of art when you're not watching it. It really doesn't you can upload a photo or something on to loot TV in middle. Shallow as they TSE Lee burst anyway it gives me very preview win med TV get top down glad to you know you get to it. But Mona Lisa there's something kind of I hated it as a mass online and digital picture frame that's also a TV isn't that you'd like to get for me. I think they'll for the madcap elephant puzzle it's only eighteen dollars an elephant puzzle a puzzle are looking at a list right now. And I'm on that pizza oven on or put it that's one of the things had gotten angry you know you and. How is that feeds on and I absolutely hate the cooking faint of the year winning this if you don't cook. The pizza and then of course you might not always wants it whether it's the George forming grilled. Well good pizza then or dip bread maker for the love of god that bread maker deliberate and crazy early bread maker. I love it Peta make. Her although ringleaders have been pulled up the up pasta maker yesterday. So she did that I think that was going to be one indicted it's kind of like the cup is doing better but it's really get it and Allison that but anyway. Pizza oven sounds okay on the on the on the surface but you're right Andy did you take up space ms. bass output next Altria mine. And usually pizza home order out. Normal people or did you learn those are someplace it's reality radio or schedule all off there who. On Wednesdays are minus the merger will make over urban policy. Expert. And. Until we had recently and I don't think it's. That and I I can't form with a all the weird things said about Iraq. I try to argue the worst domestic is that people send me yet so I'll ask you for a message that Ramona Holland he's known. No so anyway leader Sergio thank you black man you guys can say they aren't great. Why does a great umbrage in Iowa eight. Gives and we ginza way are great they sure are that they are not enough to keep the love light burning all the time dad degree to make a monogamous relationship. And they'll. Couples talk a row and there and 116. Yes they don't actually express. They're wanting a yes and my joke about it it for why I'm Mike joked about it or. And bring it up as a would you rather her name yet at her home. Ma'am we sure need is Kurt. Or months that she did this. No shoes and tell us senate scam yeah Obama desires to gonna forget about that as an early 2000 I want your Porter thought. Just think you're making conversation. Not understanding your dropping hints yes but you know you like to put a steel are out there maybe a little steeler out before we actually LE respond yeah. And that's basically what you're doing I think everybody's aware that when you do today they hand that it's actually feelers. Down like he talked about noon your girlfriend was telling you about the date the couple yes everybody know bring it up like a pair of bills since he can yet parallels yet. Let's say there aren't yeah. Spears and Paris and little boy blue. Yeah he told me this year. Boyfriend's trying to did he believe it. Yeah and then if you say. Yes and my Wear bunny years that's that's why I'm saying what the way you hope. And everybody gets into these guys do it that whenever they beat the person brings up. Has you have an opening there this today. Would you would mean that at some cooler whatever you judge their reaction lasts all horrified our ally whom and its interest they they're either way you've got to yeah you you don't have to are they say no way ever and yet some Alice that and that interface that it has. I think. Guys don't pick up hands on other things. But he sexual hands. Back cut and I got a cut through the clutter again they're they're all in with Shakespeare bulls all day yes all they want it back back back on hand cut through the clutter and annoys. So. You and you will. So you and you and you and it's a sex terrible. We don't know when I want you know or open the crazy thing that my friend did. To understand immediately. As I talk about her friend Becky did you understand immediately she's telling me is experimental. Don't I know that the body that might tell I'm no expert but I'm saying I'd be saying I got my dad you won't believe that Beckett. Or I'm saying is there'll be reaction and a door is open. As of you don't have to stay I want this to happen. You just say like that and trust me he will we even in what he likes it or not. I got an army mice. Now he's gonna look like he's gonna have a reaction like you bringing that up. If it's a hand it to him or not a hand he's got to figure out what it's an or not it. He's good he's had. You're gonna react he's gonna dig I don't know yeah. He's got a great and you're gonna know you guys drills may lead towards what you drag all limp or if he's. Strongly opposed to sound like TVs. AA is Saturday and that we're going out whether Johnson's. You don't you don't say you know Mike and that that really doesn't. Are you one valid he would just buy blurt it is a blur the causing a one iron out the. And you say it out what to Johnson's on Saturday night when asked why I hear Tim and with the johnsons like to swing yeah. Yes the doors open for him to say I would like with the Jenna and are you when you're straight happy go like really Johns. You go on to the guys and all that's disgusting our food. You know she is gonna high are you saying I I'd probably see some agrees Zeneca if you want to. I don't I don't I said and then I'd say something like one of I do when you don't. Because I've been thinking about this I don't know on ten times that I worry and told me yeah that is. Yeah like Johnson and and. This but. I'd call her. The. We're talking about yeah yes and there's going to be here. Yeah I didn't get everything I had no idea what you can and yes yes I mean if you really really want it then yes you have to. But it Dan forced down from. If you really want to know now I hope I'm now okay. And it really. Expect all the same variety. That you really want. This thing it is does position or does the situation. Then you really have to bring it up bring it up and bring it up and not bringing that up multiple time buys. Is. You mention it I'm a big guy is gonna were react. You know one way or another usually it's going to be really the view. Or interpret my gosh are you serious. Nor mr. gusting to get back to get three days later ago. I'm more about that at disgusting is at stake. Hey here's a pre requisite. Your relationship has to be built on trust. Murray out. You also have to be able to tell each other how much you mean to each other. And you also have day be willing to tell your partner how much this particular thing means he would. Right it is just something that you've been thinking about all. Or something that you really like to try you have to you have to yes it is the thought it cat and gives the motor running right. You might get a lot about old Carlos receive. Their request without judgment. Or give Erick. Can receive or give us got a bit political judgments. Well there's very little things I would judge not there's nothing I would judge about it I think she say anything I could. I mean it's now. The person feel horrible for skyward joining him in personally attack let's usually yeah I'm not gonna gentlest that we would even and given a break and Taylor and you have to also understand how well. This particular. Action. My float your boat. They're trade offs and the relations I would do anything so you try this this time and maybe next time somebody you wanna try to do your part is going. They'll try it free articles on contractor contractually obligated. Mine expand its. Think there's no 1010. News forcing it down throughout the. Now now in the news I don't think that that was a term I listened to our impact on whose throat as I was a thing that was a one of the where today at this thing it says. A sentence in that doesn't mean it then. The solid reliever yeah. Yeah. Legal troubles begin and everywhere I all grown up dunks black you know it's not really doesn't mean literally means that with that. I don't know in other settings. And all India GAAP. Well the bottom line expressed what you want. After par you guessed it you they can't handle it comes and it sometimes these things big sever vice tradeoffs but in the end. You have a very hot monogamous relation behavior if your guy or gal can't handle requests Megan's enough it's. Today it. What a break up with. An amendment debate. I shall find out now missed by a website for whatever here in due out on somebody who's into so that's your listening to all there. Our. There is at saint John's green do you grow all our stars and books are designed to be. Thank god you're here. You know and he doesn't your anger and John and brother podcasts. And the opinion he has here at the thought he had in here is that. There's too many opinions on the Internet rather people CNET Jimmy strong opinions for too many pointless things themselves. Including him he said so he has decided. Elect of at least one useless opinion every day. I lot. Of that personally gave up bomb was no opinion unprofessional rest and there's and dad. Well I. I recently developed one. Or about one not good peek at. That wasn't liking. Mickey bella and professional wrestlers on Dancing With The Stars. I was unless you know Larry and does. That nobody does it doesn't really matter and I Dracula bit up but but it would die without it why. Tell you though back to the wrestling team for a second rarely do you find someone whose opinion changes from. Its budget both carriers like it too. I love it. It never goes. I don't know whenever. Banks that did knowing knowing who likes it's in Gaza by a reds above her readers of wrestling and then one day their opinion changes that I love it. He's that you change your opinion on what it never goes the other way. Older pictures never give up on wrestling once they like wrestling they like grass. Restaurant tire life and and it somebody who doesn't like wrestling I never liked it decision is made by a time like fifteen. Don't you can't give up what you're telling us do you not give up one having an opinion about wrestling and blue light hit the you already hit it into my damn. I named bugger worry about dieters who donated I'll get. You. Don't have. Now know what a what I'm doing is I'm trading it and for whatever you feel about wrestling you feel about it the timer 59 you never start to like it if you hate an exit. Think rent and bills. Wrestling fans argued the budget book readers about any event has. Its work you never change your mind your whole life. Not just there and they did you meet in a nice wrestling fan doesn't he zero burgers united Jay your mom it's my time. I just met the big news today no OJ could that would yeah I don't think you re yeah. Would you are. I have ever ran in my life. Say to get pretty useless opinions you'll you'll have more time and energy. You've you don't have to allow I don't intend these opinions. I am tired a lot yeah more stress we have more opinions. We'll assess advocates want and don't try to do it be bad you know you do is give your rent you love go ahead. My. Readers and lighting up people use a little comb my drop. I. And and. He is a. And opinions. Don't get those things. And I did on the floor he's done made up yet. S.'s is that I don't these are on these and I useless things that this. I think it but it does a day at least in my case they entertain people and I. Even brought and it leaves you tired you didn't impress the without anxiety. Byrd the trade off try anywhere entertained. It says he's goes on to say they have no idea offering it is not to have opinions about things. It is big do you know I couldn't. You know what though. On the opposite. You have more opinions on things I think that anyone. I have ever known in my entire life experiences that is on things that are absolutely ridiculous that people don't even notice like a like your opinion on whether or not use did. To consider for a couple of seconds whether you liked the salmon got to put lettuce. No Asian union lattice is the yes or now it is never and I got to pay all the and it. This is. Is and pinch hitter. That's wrong totally wrong yeah an option and he's the man fabric of the Atlantis is and always are never. I was at my back to the day I got. A do you afford to oppose it. If you'd like old. Opinions and then just weigh you down for no good reason right. You are the poster child all right well are you know what I've been talking about you. I have a legal little stress because I I don't get fired up on like. Political stuff much anymore let us in wrestling and he's like. Yeah. But the manner of things that affect our world Tampa managed our lives started out trying to put my head even given up on men couldn't hit a fat. That's water small arsenal. Saying that I think agents Reggie gay and I had the opinions are not just sharing America about important things connect that. On basin. They they save you stop. On the opinions about the useless stuff you have more time energy and it opinions that matter. And Dahlia and they Internet would be better place without opinions that says bad. I'm fine with nobody else having an opinion what else is on the Internet besides opinion. As a. Good I don't know some might be our opinions are observation. Same thing and a front page fame Democrats on the bubble I think yeah conservation. Is definitely he. Neutral. And that's true okay I'm man home his hair. It is bad that the man called. So what I did and I think there is obviously a but it what do I say. She delayed. Cruising let us. There bush he's getting fed. I'm still not to base everything before them therefore I. And observations. That becomes independent OK I got me I got. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.