Classy vs. Trashy Mom With Wheezy

Sunday, May 13th

Happy Mother's Day! Here's a throwback clip from the Wide World of Wheezy days about different types of moms!


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Classic mom yeah at the hospital and the car dealer. On the police department and make sure her baby's car seat as they improperly installed. That trashy mom. Return a Wal-Mart car seat so she gave at that she got at the shower. So that she could buy a few caught in the cigarette. That you're actually at the classic mom put the shade in the car window to keep the sun out of the babies. The trashy mom let the baby bake in the backseat of convertible. Why she won't even rolled down the windows so that kicking into whiff of fresh clean air. Anti smoking in Iraq. Testing it with my I'll organize our eyes and he said and now you have not. Aim I all refusing to let their kids breed other smoking in the car I've seen it with my own I was not I seventies and I can now resting my. She brings extra snacks for the T. Just in case trashy moms tee it gets mysteriously ill every time her trashy terror and to provide active practice streak. But trashy mom. If she remembers is that duty to bring some stray. Star brand slices that she she found in your refrigerator. I saw that at my grandson soccer practice back in the day okay. And classic Hmong elves are key and balance school way extracurricular activities. Trashy mom. Spliced before iBooks she balances that it in one hand and then Bob Boone's farm Bob Berry Y and I will admit I do like balloons arms there Ayman Al. Very glad that. And I'm. I. He's a lefty mob didn't Abu Musab behind closed doors that's a great big event. Now I think my job sheltered tells teachers kindness and respect. Trashing. This lady sheltered child teachers underwear. To Wear at the bra off for it got back to kids basketball game. And weakened scene they had all of movement battle with an ample butt cheeks ever catching it felt good it did apathy. A bush shouldn't have to put up with gay and taunted by his mom floppies. A classic. Is probably very good guy who has a good husband and father. Trashy mom cheated on the mental is now married to collect imam. She probably spell her current husband from his pregnant girlfriend has that people in west sigma. Complaints every time getting light that one is a smelly expenses that guards in and out. And trashy mom complaints are mama everything I've daddy like another deal. Well that is my message to act. And trashing my. Lesson. Unplug and outlet that trashy mom bring you down. Trashy moms. Trashing man away from your kid and let me say here kid that Wal-Mart that left over there around their nets wasn't out banks. The auto. I. Are. I theory. I have ever period a. Do you see you seem a little dirty. And not. And I have not been Wada and marker and you pick. A.