College Kid Replies All With Cougar Joke

Wednesday, April 11th

Reply all is one of the most annoying things ever invented, but a college kid used it to tell a joke that went viral!

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You're about to happen at Southern Oregon University the school sending email to the entire suit of body in every faculty member. And it was an email warning them that a cougar had been spotted near the campus which is in Ashland Oregon none. So if the email said if you see it cougar please call 911 and a 23 year old senior named Caleb Diaz hit reply all and respond to it all that's just my mom. This. You can see it troubling but it hurts so it went of course it went viral I am at the university said that messages like K lives would typically be blocked but somehow his reply I'll slip through. And a spokesperson for southern Oregon said. God I'm only three months older than your father and FF FF.