Confusing Things Bosses Do

Tuesday, January 23rd

If your boss does weird stuff, you aren't alone! Ramona also interviews LeAnn Rimes before her show, and we show you how to find out if your partner is cheating.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening to. Rick comment. Do much good stuff we see here. Did help a lot of the particularly your time. On confusing things your boss says. And what they really mean. When you think they mean is also the timing for this justice is a good right now. No and a that'll never gonna do whatever your idealists out and kick in the act again down the field that ordeal and there now and as a sometimes it's legit is financial constraint on the business is really slow this year. Translation. You might be out of your season if things don't they go layoffs and we went up for the decision not getting erased but if you wanna go all the others doesn't get all the this movie rentals limerick consideration here that's never gonna happen no matter what right yeah. Three. You know how much is at stake here. Means that he saying you know don't maybe look bad. Millions of pressure here that's a much is stake in not bad for you but for me. Does make this go away. I don't wanna deal where they. Yes you can't fill that. You're out of a job basically yes because in my movie plays out to the same ending. I'm not yet these are every one of these comments means if I know what why do you like using your god backpack. Yet they don't want the hassle of dealing with a CDO it. I need you to be a team player. And being a telltale. Ear. Obviously you have a Bennett right dominant team player edited that's pretty obvious and then your fire legal. The other legal here and they all in with your out of here with a lawyer out of here you hand him there at your assignment Bosco is not bad. You could have been battered but not better the next time you got into. Pack as they probably have more work ahead a year and just some bosses with old race. The thing to personally. I hadn't thought of that. Very positive feedback yeah yeah but usually nothing happens about. The side. Then on site you might on another couple of mine yes and when I can do which are ideal husband and that's pretty good. You did such a great job and acts that guy is. I've decided that to say you're at a US but she'll soon be working double hours. Williams did such a great job. I'm a pile one other report little raised and us Airways has things are still slow your lucky to have a job debt and you're out here because you have worked too hard not to put it and. Do you like working here. I have not you yeah. And if others they're genuinely sick and make sure your happy or they've heard about your native attitude from coworkers who's gonna say no to that. I know I know I'm not happy where as right now law that's what that's why they're saying that but you need to know of course is a yes that's an attitude check. Basically doesn't have to eject either. I've heard they attitude stinks yes. Or her I'm her day you've been grumbling about some things that are wrong and I would like to make them better for you annually out it generally. It screams you're out of here fear attitude as an amber right. Deedee do you like working here doesn't matter what the answers are telling you I've a feeling you know like we're in here I. Again the and you could be out here in the eightieth and all comes down to you could be so no matter what deposit valued on all. It. Unemployed your boss holocaust probably not do it by nothing how do it anyway so just run a way to avoid ducked under the little operation. Probably some very secure employees. Who can't relate right now he had good polite very secure near John's list what are we can't have one voice of reasons Cameroon. But I don't understand. Biggest hits biggest strengths and biggest lenders have in common. Maybe we. 079 delinquent. Well there and boy did you scored the biggest hits from the biggest artist because. Omar. Experience. And much more when you win and the biggest hits on the linking. You can walk away with the biggest prize of all on the big screen. Go to 1079 the link dot com and the biggest hits big screens. Expect capital music group. Am I Charlotte's desk knicks 107. Size does matter is your did you say to you. Little while and only elite and raw means I only am I. Yeah it's so good to talk to you to tell you a millionaire. But we talked I yeah refresh myself on some leak in history. Our. Little girl it's amazing to think that you're just 35 years old you started so young. Yes. I did I. Mean have been bigger ever pop mine out there it is great is creeping agreed to hear me is accurate. I have literally lived here backpacks are. Among a little more at the end up yoga. Celibate you in the game. You add up the good of an enigma but it is. I don't I think one. Really great about start early on is that at. I don't have our hearts. With them can make up for the event that. Had great access that it is now on how to play way. Can bring about. How to do reclaim our and that you know it's not it. Inferior against their let me into the get aggregate and how I am a cougar bait. Not only in. I know you probably remember coming up on Star Search it was. Bad day for those of you don't remember it was. American Idol the voice of its day. Now when you look at these kids now who are appearing on these reality shows what advice would you have for him because some of them. Are distant young as you work. Yeah I think I'm in our car our. And I want my efforts are back across. I got other. Is Iran are. Like that or. Not it's that you think that the shows now suspect he do you know what money at it like a it would record duke I think I'll be in early am and you know you with each other and they haven't. He'd kick but they'll end. Millions and millions opened people you know that are that are not here right Eric. Because the main thing that they have. On being able to come to step into the arena and but you know I'd. I think it is good for them I think beyond that Barack if they're going back into accuses them you know it it it really security expert and it's sure that you you know what techniques and our Alina is that the and I expect you know I was all of the lack another. It's a lot of work. Oh it definitely is a lot of Wear a big momma is a lot of work to. Our career. And are. In now that you have. Experienced. The mom likes to. Is this something that you would want for your kids would you want to and the business. You know. Oh I hate it everybody have at it as my child. You know wait. Really sick and I can't enacting pay. Obviously Eritrea and apparently there and then eventually they can expect it to get all the respect economic path I am. No ordinary couple McNabb not at all. I think basically locked and well you know when I was here a really good how all of my partner. Down. And collected picnic where you want to do what it is important thing as bank in the end. Think they'll want that eloquent perhaps. I am now looking back you know and then what language under the patent. You know from that point environment where. And now looking back in your career you've conquered. Country charts pop charts in timber Christian. Youth act it. You've got four books under your belt to novels. Two children's books but I will say it seems like. You've been showing a lot more love to the UK when it comes to music and you have their people right here in the united. I have noticed in that. A lot. On record pregnant. I would create an aqueduct is that and that. That. Quiet at. Well a couple things and. And like it to embrace. That as they are so hurt as but he kept our pal. I am. What are pretty quick on the record. Just kind of started writing for a couple of bunker. And it intrigued and excited but you're gonna come out. But you know being. Is yeah there are. More pinched more traditional country pop dance pop. And I can advance our beloved political. Carol I'm at a label or electric and everybody back. Now I let you act like and I could put market that ever I can you know can peel back. I'll probably. Are about. You know great story isn't very Mario. I would pick out the other apparently Aaron. I had been Clean Air Act well you know we go anywhere that I it would appear and then everything and clearly different because. You know army am kind of an open panel as being more area I can't wait we have seen what I'm writing when I am creating. Now I am I haven't. Had a very very faint and that experiences have been very compact but I am really cool to be able period to create something out of that there really. And and you've got such incredible voice you can do so much with that you consider treatment in. And yeah and gamble yet but I think it's. To me at. Great epic that are greatly. Greatly and about making people. Thanking people and places them so I am feel that they don't usually if you if you don't I'm not. My. I carry that I'm on right now and how I want and I are coming out and leave a cop mark constantly I'm not playing. What we're really excited it'd be onstage here in sharp early January 31. What can your fans expect to see in year. I'm lead Connecticut trying to again between Pakistan and an error on it and hit. It. You expect and accept the results are correct my heart. Because people pretty lax. Everything up for five. And I love Atlanta act in the audience everybody is a living rooms com. You know we're just like active getting our corporate. We deal. And it kind of end as a kind of pulled from the and we haven't had that aspect definitely. The optimal. Well we check the other cities you didn't pick a lot of cities we're just excited that Charlotte. Is on your short list. He'd kill you guys are facts. Before you wreck acted even. Can't get it right now. Leann Rimes January 31 night theater right here in Charlotte. Tickets available right now won a 79 the link that come the end thank you so much Eric. It's off there with member of. I met my expectations I. Holloway website coming backgrounds they're staying up there in voting on record as rested. For the hardball five. Choices right yeah. But it is described the one of them as curtains and would you say that up for yourself I'm kind and that never. Listener put on. Pace the pace and when I'm looks was rumored vaginal and pull out the wearable and Danny gives the thumbs up for it. He's we know Ramona in the history of expenses I guess in the history of knowing inappropriate global Lucy yeah that and pattern of. Yes and the other one break his enough what is what is and which of both of those side by side. Now we like to at times Ramon already in abandons Carrey got lousy you beat it wanna do it as an employee HR the many stage bottom line I'm going to HR Manny stays ever known as they JJ at Atlanta. I'm my side by side any okay you see that in the basement. Is your partner's cheating and you need to look out for this one a personality trait. I assumed it would be greedy. That's against I would I thought maybe I was self esteem. You know let's again and again and because. There were only that but more than 8000 people were surveyed and 81%. I'm the cheaters had this one thing in common they were. Jealous type. Button because that RCI exam has been Q8 C insanely jealous about everything and every line because they're cheating they assume you are. Also insecure. You know low self esteem Indy in the detention indoors all the time or somebody. They know they are doing it. So they're suspicious that other people are doing it on us because they think doesn't I think it's normal I think everyone's doing it yeah I'm not thought he was just so I. Grief I'm just gonna bust down. I asked him when they. A bus turn him whatever the other pretty jeepers it's yeah that doesn't surprise me. And I think they've found. Cheaters. Hit it. He. Will thirty or 34% from all the majority won 34 rescinded its leaders. Were only children no siblings. And Adam. That's you they say only children have a severe need for did you admits he's true I have an affair later in life but you say that about the baby of the family. They tend to have a tinted is he hundreds or dish finally and is understandably don't I don't think could. That's I went and Currie. That's pretty high percentage of it very small and there's only children. So considering. The amount the pool from only children. I went three cheaters is an only child expert guy who play. And if you're lady does this. During sex he's more likely to cheat yells another man's name okay yeah that's actually assigned she's probably already she wishes she were cheating. Married yeah indeed out of sand. He does this during sex she's more a new move seek a new move. Now I heard that she brings in some like could complains about your performance. The group. No that's aside she's communicating with you about what she wants. The biggest sign for you is if your woman is speaking big oh how I mean women who face yeah are more likely to cheat and how we you know. I mean what declining claim that they know and woman. Really haven't won Wendy's bacon I must cheeks but yeah exactly resonate. Everything sent and so. Who knows if there should erase an orgasm. Six warning signs accusing you of cheating pats. Suspicious phone activity S. One more sex all the time. Lie about where they are and go missing without explanation. That's and they blame you for it the problems in the relationship. Think about wanting our sex that's always read that it seems weird to me. Is urging getting it to mean any resilient enough or maybe try to covered up right yes yes a year like. Yeah it's kind of something in yeah you guys aren't doing a lot so they're going out of early should shipped to get it. No we just said they're doing more sacks while more sex and the more with the person they're cheating and more with me and how they doubled back again. Now are more likely to cheat if you want more sex is what he's really enough I think Saddam you have more sex now they want want more sex. You're listening to all there. All right any experience and doctor here to. Amazon launched as a high powered tech outreach to market this week. It is a year to Amazon goes supermarket you know checked out. Since Edwards by attracting users by. A high power cameras and wait cents. And out what is in the Amazon headquarters. Haven't got a lab. Pick up items you want to leave you stand and bang boom and it's that is no. Waiting at all that partnership move bam and leave it. So they got computer vision machine learning out terrorism sensors you put something back. You put it up course or on your Amazon account. Maybe you like that. So goodbye long lines. Advice even annoying still checking out a check out. If you wrap up from a self check out you're gonna have a prominent. Industry. Irons that can't tell you something if there weren't a lot of other people like me. Problem. Was so check out then there would be no cashier's in the world number doesn't know our shares look at world. Technology. On our Wal-Mart they doubled down on the SL check out they just built a whole other section. And so announcing cut down on the island just peruse your wallet and your values and a half. Idol so you never will go to do it. I go to it in moments of desperation. When I Selig says there are. Long lines that checked. Each lion helmet people have how many people are waiting. And then I determine how much time I can ways. If I'm desperate to get out of there you don't but talk to anybody to sell checked mountain you know there's no wasting time no no Lacey back. I ice it and then. I I also look to see is there's someone at the ready. Is there someone. Who is remaining this so there always is years to be attentive. Because if there if they seemed to be done well enough. I think time they got to have a plan. Analyze it I'm going to it I don't know the first race different sound check out sometime you know we're clearly not a check out are you now have apparently he's exactly what they see item in the bank parity did that. Lead off item in the bank. It's a damn that. And doing them though and I. Don't you at a sanity a couple times I've gone hundreds of times. Idaho my depot or Lowe's or whatever it is that there. I yeah I judges and a target out wall lower and how clever you do Amazon your amazing she would never use this. If you take to you whenever you and even trusting you'd think there is. People spyware dry until a messed up which you will let sound like a cashier never Maceda. But you know it sure if that's like having a human contact and oh wait a minute this is bringing up at seven dollars. But I know it's on clearance for five that's the sign says because they can't hear and I can configure that knowledge and the confidence. Happened. If I hit behind you behind you like here's two dollars to help out of the way it's none that I that I had to dig as years as people like you. I don't have enough time to save money well there are slow people in this self check out sometimes. Italy with a where that thing is when I don't know how to use it you need unease or Arum yeah I yourself more time to go to the store. We're just gonna use that very. You're going to be a few people from down lays down a mile away yourself slowly die and I'm mr. speedy makes years I'm OK with you you broke I'm OK with you Ramona staying in year yeah you stay over there I don't do you rent out every game running either one do you. In line to write a check she probably will because you know you probably I guess that you won't get try to rest as the thought took that into. Guardian aren't cargo hold and there's still outstanding in time and let me tell him outside checked out I have a twelve year old and a seven year old who can fly through that thing and never have problems my nieces Lebanon bam bam bam and it's not like they're like. Mood. Or I would punch him you know movement elects all your children are so good I. But what did you literary events to look at AJ yes it is out. But I like the idea of not checking out all even now. Now I just don't yeah I am ban grand litany walked out as he is paternalistic filming big head down at me while Mora Macs. Eight Charlayne get ready. Incredible night of music as 1079. And don't performing arts presents. Or on Wednesday to. Innings in 37 million albums sold. Don't miss this rare chance to see a music icon. Get your tickets now. 179. And dull parts dot org or by phone at 704371000. At 704372. And spent the night. Wednesday January 31 promise got a life spray. And Charlotte's best knicks' 1079. It's a link. Then he does news nuts and wacky news bangs every day at 330. And sometimes that sixers are a couple of examples from. Mr. bent. But 28 year old man named Douglas Francisco from Tampa Florida I was driving drunk on Wednesday afternoon. Any pulled into a drive through and ordered himself a burrito. Makes sense he pulled up to the wind go and order his breed no. The lady at the window told him to pull around they'd be. Ride out a year cooking the breed though they'll be right now I and nest. Pull around some hasn't had that happen and I hate that. Only two I hate it. There's there's a place. That I tirade against on the regular with my friends because express is in the name it every time I've done a matter what I gotta tell. All around. A few cats I agree. Well it wasn't express for this guy either in fact it wasn't even in a Mexican restaurant he was at a Bank of America's drive there I. At all. He had teller in the window was thinking quick on their feet apparently and told him the pull around while they called the police. And he was promptly arrested for do you lie I am amazed that that person's didn't just say that he loser. The kids that that's not how they handle the bank. Then that customers and I do on you yeah yeah. Lou. Actually like did did he did add that bank when that I'm serious man I mean like average age when you have a talent here. The Italian usually. If it does is no audio those are now I think music. That's. Slipped your lives and get bigger and you don't have your credit card when you noted you need to do you bailout he loses at. You want you want to do I wanna really go on the run. Darling don't do that here at the legs and use customer service right so I guess that that didn't that happen. Now they did need the cops came and got him yet he was arrested for the DUI I'm saying it's not as first offense some. Carolina lost you don't do the breed it's the drive through thing if you haven't and robs a late season the plans. Probably the best part. Is that the sun that is not first progress on the first I mean during and sir I don't know I think there's a laundry. Or perhaps he was having a an odd reaction to the alcohol the bits that made. Easy money again Berea maybe that's race. And had a prime misunderstood. What else yeah also for men in India or recently arrested after attempting to sell a genie in a bottle the genie in a bottle May Day. Analysts on imposed. To a guy for more than 161000. Dollars sixty grams Regina bottle and it seems like a reasonable price pretty finance I don't even have it when I don't know I don't know and I don't know that unity is Craigslist version. I think is a different name for Knight yeah please note. When the potential buyer met the man and a hotel for the transaction go down he was shown an empty soda bottle. Knew that contain the alleged Jeannie. Not yet at least get a lamp. I like he had an LG bottle that is a genie bottle Jeannie and amp let's that's the first thing I'd be suspicious stuff. Well I give you sixty grams a land okay it'll go right at two leaders 7UP I'm not and and the mire than in foreign demand that he didn't pan with a thousand dollars to spend on said Jeannie and he wasn't entirely sure there actually was it Jeannie in that bottle oh so he was thinking maybe Italy got there yeah I don't know if (%expletive) Texas an empty soda blah well I understand this isn't. Maybe not. True I really. Guidelines that they responded by robbing the guy but he only had nine dollars and 42 cents on him. Solve. It and now he didn't even come prepared that's that's why that that that is just a waste of he sellers time. And they could have potential buyer lined up over the phone or Alley last app. They locked the guy in the hotel room and the may blocked in and found him they still is nine dollars and 42 cents and less hours. I'll lighted gas oil. You know. Creditors against her time had been wasted years since so many things wrong with these are dim and I am sub blamed the poor guy who wanted to buy out there that. Why. I blame him because. He'll not only did he believe he was also kind of skeptical once he got there yes that means he's not a completed hit it right underneath the vehicle line media again he needed. Handled and out and find out more than one or the other or other like don't even go yeah it's ridiculous and he knew the prices 161000 dollars. Why did you know fears Jack there's no way you're gonna haggle down from sixteen down from the nine dollars and 42 saves you Rhode Island. That when he got that deep need to be good wins on it and get them the money needed to do. The guys salad tea and bottled up Metallica. See his first win does for us rob and and lock him in a hotel. Yeah. That it everywhere that's probably an alert police were able attractive and now he an arrest bird. Via auto scene in the models for. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.