Couch vs Bed Naps

Monday, February 5th

Nothing can be a great nap, but we debate on whether or not said nap is better in bed or on the couch!


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com you're listening to on there. OK this is. I'm not surprised that out but I can't read this about this yeah something about. Bad national council passed. We got. We have got. Kidnapped Jamal now our gay we're talking and Mac not talking. Two beds agree is dire reserved for your very sick. Or heard of maybe year. Hung over so you're you're a real. Like sleek. And not a knack. You go on just nappy nap. You've got to go outs. Now a nap. It's for the bed but you don't give it. In a bed under the covers. When you're taking and that you lay across the bid it would be uncomfortable no it's dynamic the hang over my head act something that lurk. I would fit in there. How I would I had an observation because you've got to Diana and here's the thing too I'm shocked that you would want. Things on your comforter and get a dirty body and drew little on it yet you don't wanna get and you're in your shoes I didn't say you don't feel comforter honey I did not say you don't want TriBeCa comforter you are in the U a year you're in bed yeah oh yeah she took a step it would it. Elect governors asked the bed. Once the company is back you're in bed. And say your bad. I think that's reserved for idiots. That is not a I do do occasionally do it because I just wanna be away from the kids or something but. Generally happen which is out what environmental Lambert twenty minutes of my go to but in general. I Napoli when you're watching TV airborne sport don't care about like golfers and think maybe you fell asleep while watching TV got them on the map. That is an apple which is stay asleep for two hours and. If I'm in it's definitely going to take it now. I am going to lay across the net was about the the it's intentional and Apogee but the TV. Yeah the attention that you know you're gonna take a nap media. Account she got. I understand you're an aversion. You how to what you read what people late on your account I people have laid on my couch it really annoys me I don't like it. I don't you and not try to get me I'm here a juicy sleeper and you drool I bet my cushions. Or my decorative pillows or you're cute little me how they remove the decorative tell me I had seen people who all have different Qaeda dies in their hair. That wind up getting a good rubbed off on at the decorative use about coming Americans saw glove that. He left that stain on the back in the lead I'm talking about there are a lot of people whose hair is lacked. We're lavender. Or to steal retain a path. And then you do yourself. Well my couch and your mom she doesn't apple can't you are first of all. We have recliner Ers and you're going to do if you're going to take a nap. In the living room recliner adjourn one week he's in one. And where is your classic in my rule there's a recliner I mean I'm not much room. There is a TV in my candidacy immediately Israel hit you on that you don't wanna get in the bed to get in the recliner allies. And actually. Have a that's an area. Watching TV was someone. You're in your recliner Wii is in recliner and her neck race. Someone is annual academy but someone is sitting there and watching TV watching the bachelor that person turns her legs. And goes you know the battle legs are on the counts you know arms and relating. She or missiles sock feet got vertical of the TV. There watching now that the legs there's at. Game. I have seen it happen I don't like it. I mean am I basically I'm not gonna say keep your feet off the couch what they just because I think I got off it is not a defeat on the couch because I sometimes I when I sit on the couch it by eye damage he's on. Like one leg under me that's that's not to think I just don't want I don't like that what if someone. Like OK they they get that position they doze off to wake him up and they don't go somewhere that you are now. Like yeah. Why did you go infected did that at Christmas time. And I believe in because first of all. Christmas time I had a lot of visitors. And if you have decided to take up. I'll catch you on TV that most of the catalyst for your sleeping. You had just taken and I agree to more greasy but my scenario there's a will bring people. Landis had I don't know her to mom's room and lay it quite a bit. I'm saying there's only three people in my scenario. I'm visiting watch TV you're to you shaken and they get up. Finally there are much bachelor why don't you go lay across the bed just proper manner on it Coleman resident. And. If you CU used used someone's atoms it's Lehman attachments they know you like forcefully Serena because I was at the net asset now. I know I have signal I could go even though only a what did you building across the bell like they're gonna sleep as loosely down accounts. I'd sit down really insane they look at you like wet. Should be given what. Friends says she can't. She cannot sleep without the TV and my guest room doesn't have a TV OK I get what you said can I sleep on the couch and I was like I prefer you not. Well I you put down sheets maybe. On the count would you do I prefer. Our best this final question. You know how weird. Because Canada. It's a seven. From RCA. And save. The link. Passed on a first date these questions or divorce lawyers and says so it's only applies to Ramona and knock we're now and in our mayor. Burnett. A closer look and that's weird thing to put on the end isn't it now nine. Who they say you should ask when was the last time you talk to your siblings or parents. I like that question on lie it is a great question. I don't that you just tossed a pass assault when like Tommy talked I mean you got to lead up to add it to toss out there. The kind of labels things invasive and does Larry invasive okay. And yeah that's right you can't just leave that look like I'm dodging Evangeline. But. Our Brothers are your only shot there and I think he got like are you close. Something like that not the last time you talk to them seems IDC this isn't like radio Wenzel you know are you close your brother Diaz. Are you frenzy hang out somebody like that not when was the last time Kazan the guy's got to go. Well I call my mom. Two weeks ago saying he had a brother sister or they let it out to get to see him are you guys close and own stunt like that instead of when's the last time he talked to loan that possesses two specific. Where and I texted my mom yesterday suck up the good what's said. Leo boy they have a point but the concept of the questioners got it like to know about what how they view it I am finding how close they are the family's important right and I don't make it snap judgment about it today. How to crap pulled a family. Right you got to assume maybe that one slip through this calendar now owner of crap. Yeah all the other crappy family and I'll wonder what's pieces of crap he's. Yeah. Isn't this isn't ours tough couple of mayberry. You should say to them you believe in happily ever after. Someone it thinks happily ever after just happens is by not going to be great partner. And I gotta admit that stupid as you and I don't win you're judging them and say yes you're supposed to take. They don't realize it takes work and stuff. Yeah beard doesn't know me either way. Again I don't believe in happily ever after melodious sound just like doomsday. Luckily no I don't believe that if we get married ten years from now we can be had right you only that he did your time. And I think you value and confident that the correct answer would be. I believe it can happen but you really have to work hard at it relationship but who's gonna have it on the toes think that quick little one and I. I might even not featured in that as weird it's a bringing up happily it sounds like your princess GAAP. Basic stats are you married. Okay that's news at the legitimate question how. Just here I'm hoping that if we're on a day that you're not but I'll say it's a bad question I think you asked that before you go on the date. Dodgers to soon. I mean and I mean wanted to or Eric avenue you go on to say when which last relationship and they say well I'm separated separated for two years. And apple fanatic I know but I mean. And I marriage is personal if it did at the argue merry question is try to. He's trying to cheat and he's he's doctors say he's married the guy who the guy who is right trying to pull fassel does not answered honestly it. Man you know I know and so the question about. Race and if he does answer it. How are you prepared to take the answer right like are you gonna like alone he's honest that easy to not get it unless he says they haven't separated for two years. Ivan. Like told that the Delors unable to I try to get on kinda trying to get custody ever religious freedom from mama's. Easy. Wherever you're supposed to say what do you love most about your job. They have pride and passion that the government job to job of marriage to their job to work forty hours today. And a satellite interview question yeah. It's known to regulate what do we knew artists as I do over you're Saudi like. I mean we weren't that way. And that have what he loved most to say ladylike. Yeah that's it aren't I guys in it that way yes there's ways to find out of a person enjoys what they do. Without saying what's what's your favorite lease our favorite part of your job what's your favorite part of the ta. And what do you judge they say that's. Mean do you so what are you about something you and I had done bribe you earn a job you don't really loves. X is not a lot of people it does. Yeah it feels good people rightly want to date group says it pays the bills. And I. I don't think I would say I don't know anything more bottom left of that if you've been a passion outside your job I don't you only work forty hours a week and yeah a lot more that. To do other things yeah and sleeping. Ask you like to sleep in my job and Illinois Stevie you like and acts. Love homeless and as a bit about that. This is a fair question I think we're going to last vacation. Yeah I request a good yeah. And yet they also say email when asked how did you pay for your last occasion. All cash and I'm not. Your dad that's who reviewed there in my wallet too and that's only kidney on the black market. This isn't your day you look at gold digger had interleague if you did pay for it if your date went on an extravagant vacation. Could honestly probe while paper act. My friend my neck and money or whatever. It is big if you look credits I do now that he can find a lot of mount a person about credit score if you cannot ask what's your credit score. No I'm playing I and then 700 tournaments around. This this guy you travels around doing it called the slot show whatever it's like logs show it in theaters and things. How it is name he's there's a web site are dating site. I think it's an LA where you also enter you're. Number or and it's. Yeah effort that. Yeah I mean the end credits coordinating dot com can you go where good credit as sexy as. That's why wasn't this around. Something about that says a lot about a person has a whole lot right right. I did have a badminton you still be on average saver here's why yeah but my game and we can be Egan beyond there but you need to be I need good reasoning as to why it's bad and under development embezzled and what's your plane is. What did you learn why don't need to know your play in the didn't fix it but there's gonna bring on my mind. Summary. Of notes into the first meeting every or Trans Union report. And I also like a Psycho of those examples of it got app and then nods as quick do you consider yourself a good communicators. That is down that's done it's you know the guy to beat. What did I days and then when it got elected to credit score. Semi drivers in women 57%. Amend. Consider credit score is important factor and dating. Yes but most people they might consider it important to women than it is to me and it could be improved their gold but it could be more but it's not about old but it's got it could be they they say it's an. Org but in reality. It is important but most people don't know with the person spent it's all right it's a way down in the regulation to yeah we don't know started on that and just a couple of the ones until last relationship and that's technical I would never ask him but it never. If you go back in time what's the one thing you would change about your life a good lord. Polls say and it went to be an actor's question example start listing regrets. Yeah but the I got a list a mile long until we keep it positive things are hard today back. And 101 the other ones is this is just an example radio Johnny Carson has some sort of question. That sort of question to find. Out of there. Like there're have been doing you're there you're age you don't of their age. It gives you an idea what they grew up on your coach Jack. He says this divorce attorney says he does he has many clients who come to him and they don't know gal each other how old each other's. Really to get married for years don't know the president. Now it's off there was. Did you get good news or bad news first right tendencies guys being a member of the action and I don't remember which you prefer. Timeline. Cad he's bad you know that good news. I want the good news carries because. That with my brain after you give me the bad news well part of me says well let me get a pick me up from the good news. But once I hit a bad news I'm so focused on it that no matter what you say. Is goods it's not gonna work for me. Andy alum bad news urge another way in what they did a survey and they found that four out of five people were further bad news first. And his manager was saying that he used to always assumed it was the other way around so he's always you've given up the good news. He said he felt like a jerk if you just blasts and bad news then following up by a it just lines up with. How the humans are wired you know you want it. Read a book with a happy inspiring ending a watch films have been happy inspiring endings back if shot movies before. I had a dark ending neighbor re shot on the does the audiences didn't like them. So you're not doing any anyone favors. By softening the blow the bad news or telling it good news. First I can so I. Don't realize that my brain doesn't work like others greens and I also think it pans out as it. No way I got bad news. And that is the dead and how its windows. I got really bad news and Campbell. Opening up or is what what percentage of the time have you heard someone say that as then. The bad is worse than the good news. The thick. The good news just something to make you feel better about the bad news in using the man he's so dead end. It cancels out the good news yeah bad news is play more. The good guys Columbine just made up to yeah not a big the good news I made out or not and hasn't made up an exaggeration. And really bad news is bad and it's really good do you feel really do. Like hey there's a million dollars that news is you owe me a thousand dollars pay the good news great generally the good news is the day. Lost my job but I won the lottery that's not. How awareness. Like it is here. Fired but good news is you've got some skills that might translate. So yeah. You. Untenable that I value thank goodness in people. That how you think. Latest trend in plastic surgery for guys. It is the ear lobe reduction. When they say that trend what I mean like five Democrat last year seven got a this year I am glad I can't imagine the agenda doesn't unless it. A surgery that there are doing on guys who've been engaging. Engaging gauging. The medallion it is being gay to me it. They always people put get a big start putting a tiny hole and add a tiny disc canary year they keep. Making it gives they're bigger until I got this gaping hole in Mary ear lobe as women do it because of heavy earrings. But that's not gauge nun and I mean women get the coaches really Rihanna love and half I did that I had a little bet it is yet Irvine C surgery in Matthews. This so yeah he's a torn ear lobes is a problem prominently in women. Hold its large says fall through them which we noticeable but I just don't. See you guys walking around where I never noticed the look at a guy. Less than big gap mostly yet the really big aren't already national or old guy. Eight used to work with a guy who's lobes were incredibly low. Yeah I think they'll take his ears were weighed down as thinking is is your loads were kind of led his jaw line. They seem kind of strange yeah yeah yeah yeah I just put his ears and it definitely says it's not in yeah and then I have. I work with a guy on the edge ECB who has really weird shaped. Like here part ears are normal looking. But earphones lake here yeah I have these TV you Wear your tenure with the producers saying whatever you not amount that is here. Messed up here she's. Day did you. There's some weird stuff going on an easier downloaded it on third issue. And maybe cauliflower ear guys they ever get him fixed. That I so what can I do you know cauliflower eager people wrestlers and boxers know in the martial arts guys that cauliflower ears. I'm not even sure what that is a cult like carrier yeah. Under a lot of in I know if you can a lot of gross images out their I'm a Republican and now creates smacked in the air like wrestling it's. It's more laughs and more fun. It's affair with a bad. Seed Texas about finance public places. Most popular places the public cannot spots quarterly survey of doctor Ed. Should mr. Specter Ed listen to assess that collided makes it that. At the bottom is that work. One point 4% I would have guessed that. Higher maybe they're not kind of dented at work now I just. Mean people who are where I'm guessing you know people who have done it yet I know more people have done the work that some of these other things but. I think maybe when you think public you don't necessarily think work right because maybe you're like behind a door economic last. I looked at and let the real reason to be watts is well. Public restroom. Just wobbling got you behind it has some value pocketed pineapple and realize that all. I don't know I don't know why it's that low is an examiner yet modern idea that well you're also the guy who will. Did dressed in here in the studio to get him some you do have to work yet and although use end and sit right in front of big giant window or. Use still act like no when kinsey underwear doesn't count as nudity. Am I am boxer briefs. Weights there's nothing to be seen like a swimsuit. Just. I hope that stands up in court system. The fact that wins them. Co worker walks by and sees you your underpants and goes to HR I hope that I would say underwear is not indeed it was a swimsuit idols today. I. I'm going to limit or it yet I had to go in front of the day. Yes I did that bit that could benefit and was this incident at yeah. Like it that way this day I guess there was a big. The debate is front and it got his Warren is not as artisans historic night. Told us it was not what we can now. Why hadn't gone. And that the dean as president attorney had to go in front of the being one times there's a big raised donors model over the front yard ever crappy fraternity house. You're sliding in it and then there was a report that one of the guys where is Nate. Yeah had to go convince dean that he's going attacks took the as very serious talent agent at the front of returners Rory Bora and stuff pleading my case. He's. Got a little. How am I got. You bring a little hidden as I didn't get that I didn't go to go into admit that he's a black guy yeah. I don't look at we have a background and he does know that I couldn't bring in investments. And ethnic identity and residency at the very back. In Pakistan it was just a. I don't know how I'd jobs just to let a little drawn only cost a bit. That he is somewhere and I need all kind of things did you. My name isn't it yeah. Yeah. I definitely. I was in an interview resin on him or five times that I like you exhibit today yeah. I wasn't as young as I was and the rest. It has in the long out of their residence for the president how will lead to guys as the president and stick up for your guys did that ever were already on double secret probation or whatever on so little. Sliding in the news so. You are arguing in wedding invitation hasn't yet is not a good solid workers I would that they get Ellen gray stretch guess what exactly. And how does that the tolls all the all the senate have to handle all specialty hand. Look at I don't. Don't forget about I wouldn't you say Jack Kemp and climbing and they like ox agrees thanks you know so. As you know if you haven't supported so that your argument yes yes I can see the billboard now caught news to world. Parents. 100. Reduced to a journalist if it. Yeah. There. Are all creative people and as it does it save your life. I can humiliate and so I worked one point four on a balcony one point six. See that swimming pool one point eight overrated. Leann and dressing room I dressing room which do the dressing room think. Do the dressing room before I did public restroom before I did swimming pool. Not a pop practical. I would still be dressing room yeah. Yeah now yeah I I don't believe and Jimmy I know a lot. And I can hug index I don't believe in but over like you're in like you know whatever sordid and and sometime on my Levi and an accidental aren't current hangars are being knocked off the wall I don't like the idea of walls next I just don't ID I'm always afraid might go on a dressing room we have not lady friend my life. Like she comes in a look at Stevens and since I'm afraid they think. That I am add up the hanky pink yeah yeah I make on assure all four legs are Fella yeah. I talk very loud loudly on the. They missed red. The Tuesday and a as the low tide in the chest and it's a big key day you're on why he was getting frisky with UN doesn't turn. Who's to have and it's it's not very classy. Exit dressing room. And what people think and at about eight. Okay. Are you mentioning classy. In the same conversation. Where you aren't going before the dean of college argued. John. I'm older now and Mary bus idling demand from Coles and got really good deal. Right Mr. President we horrible place. And schooled university library op classics. At the movies two point 6%. It was a difficult. Pull off of all they have is very rate to lean back. Recliner is now maybe Caesar than ever now it's there's this thing teachers can make a reservation. To help you make a reservation. At. This isn't a blackout plagued you blog I'm more season to now it's in me you know the whole thing and Alex and Michael Lisa ones behind you and Ronny tell not to come to go order her quite elegantly clarinet in his beach erosion twelve point 7% aren't. I I couldn't see that and then the car and then now a public park field Forrester guard. Which we've said Arden shouldn't be on the list. Ardent seems very weird and I know look at it enough and sexy about a garden garden yeah cartons does weird. Grandparents go litigated on you are Burris you don't think of a garden as large like a very large X Rite Aid that given as a smaller. Are we talking vegetable garden year and there's like found low light little cupid. You're listening to all there. Ramona. Yeah it and podcast very next. First actress to show our back button on TV. Share 1975. Well but I would I dream again to get a little something over it could get a lot of peace or something and he should I think. Go early in the ad machines. Perrier water. Sam Pellegrino water in the big to competition. You had to drink until Lana both on my naslund. And I don't have amber and order their mind is blown a bit surprised about that. Are needed because down. It was kind of pushed on me. And I was too embarrassed at this fancy places they know just apple. Went and got the bubble water tight I know would you like handsome you know. The shore and then I was like wait a minute disclose how much gas needed drink water I don't play cat the bubbly water ordered the college bubble water. Water bottle of water vision 200 novels and competitive that soda water for a yes or moderate yes yes I. Alaska. The only US state whose name to be tight on just one row lefties. Only word of god. I know it's not gonna happen if they couldn't couldn't. Eight. I don't think South Carolina. If you cut a hole in a net. Will have a last holes. That in your pipe and smoke hanging out strategy began an ever gonna come up probably living you know but it's awesome to throw people the Super Bowl party. White chocolate. Chocolate not technically. Because it doesn't it chocolate solid packed solid and and then head back back. The comments. Are growing apart. At the same speed your fingernails grow and wedeman clip on. A city. Shakespeare invented the word you can. Any else was first to toe and is the first and do a knock knock joke. Iraq writes come on that's that's pretty crazy I do like did not active now in a lot of yelling and yet you pay and Bill Gates is a favorite tree and it's monitor electronically to forty hours a day. Yeah or year old Mabel trio baby monitor mixers waters or whatever he is into that damned tree. 46 of the fifty states have at least one town or city mean named at Riverside. Six the fifty Springfield second most common at 34 states. A guy that's well thought provoking at the Super Bowl party. And then it really had a Super Bowl party deep. Just walking with a teacher that says it nerd has arrived at a senate election game at the northern comers in the started yet the agreement no gun. I don't know it invest your best small talk on the arrive win the game starts in don't know how about your stand there. I know an important city. Like sort of forced day. Yeah how could be a cab of the ever again I ask you go in the bedroom much TV but you're selling these scanners someone goes like good Maine voters think you'll like it and weren't that. Yeah. How would be okay right or someone says I'm stuck. On band aid has been is a bare metal that. This guy bad guy singing. Tingles of the weird the weird party man. My yeah. My iron you know they're mandate. I know I have some. And delaying party. And volatile. As it's someone's like serving deal at the party. Here you say you know the average Leo good to be about 1015 years old ones of resilience we know was honored that he. Vehicles and heavy equipment to. I'll bet you yeah yeah art that behind. Saying that beneath her all about who. That man and I have friends and found interest in all of the other thing with a vehicle and a person living about the thousand I think yeah. I don't think global. Today. You know what I was I was listening on the radio this guy and then here's matrimony should have yet these ridiculous facts about heels and legs. You know the most popular cities it you know and worst way to ever try to be interesting to note that outside and you bring it up like he. Songs that he did the dealer he's Graham your hands yeah yeah. And I think we're opponent back and forth back and I read it would teach. They admit amendment the most living tee ball of the state this could come up like somebody says such an mattered. You know Dr. Seuss invented the we're we're. Used to and I. I didn't get the message what we could come up. You know like me and harsh laugh and like I you know yeah you're a group Bryan is the. The. Like hyenas girl alone Durbin conference that area and into. Other moms Queen Elizabeth anagram mosque in Elizabeth and and earns I'd never play it doesn't. Got up there is not a group a cockroaches here unethical and intrusion that limited their technical scientific next. Tell me this is the greatest party ever lose. It's not the greatest birdie or as someone goes. Lets you don't it's impossible. As these when you're sleeping. Just. As part have never and there is some guy can that he got a mullet. It's you know the Marlins and pony tails are just too with a men's hair cells that are banned and. You've got the mullet so. And until having hyenas. Tackle Zach Angel potentially coming month eleven I give it the definitive until it yeah. Thanks for listening to our bare wood met Ramona. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.