Couples Who Toot Together...

Tuesday, March 27th

What does your gas say about your relationship? We tackle that, plus apparently Ramona's old and forgetful when it comes to technology!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there was there any remote. We'll yeah American drivers could get. Two political risk CDs. But he just. Yeah and that's how it. What it means that relationships that I know you are not a. Tutor now and I had dinner. You're eating what I got a bathroom. Anywhere near your wife yeah it's time yeah. And we still haven't door closed policy don't talk to me while I'm in there I knew you her I'm like she doesn't mind if much more open yes he's much more open she loves the talked to me losses you know in the air. I'm not like it went down to me while I'm going I'm focused. It does. Not necessarily about focus. I don't like being talked to win I'm on the toilet because it's my private time and what's going on there is depriving it. I don't even like you win now I'm in the rest from your work in somebody walks in the I don't want to talk to damn I don't want them talking to meet so that as I BB Google attack. Just different and I with my ex husband he was a barge in the bathroom kinda guy. That's my private PB boot. We're talking we're not easily looking at each other I like trying to hair just alien and it's just haven't. And I long I'd like kids talking inning but did this about you don't like she wants to pass some information along to me aussies. Bottoming. I'm comfortable. Sitting there hanging out in Oregon don't be bothered there's Emery. Thank you let me finish this paragraph or something and then I'm okay with a text message. That he didn't want him sitting down. Is that these. People sometimes you on the way out the door then just tell me the last minute I go on them we really important. Anyway this this session and in Chavez psychologist and sex therapist. Couples choose a big promise of social stigma around passing gas and other normal. Bodily functions. She says passing despues grossed thirty stink Unita attractive. It just. Am Tuesday ridiculed about in school or even embarrassed by peers they passed Hasbro the opposite sex anyone that matter. This Jamie Thomas just to carry over or adult lives and relationships. There's no shame in group. There is a. I don't think there's single you bring share. I don't believe I'm in this thing you your pants now. But every mistake he batted around here we shame rappers yes we do. OK like and what did you eat or that bill was a guy was a guy over the there's a total handle things here at the station. That allow you'd too. Make the air a little fresher that we don't believe I. And help you do desperate I think that's right does not help. That now there's covers it up can you try pretty death. But I'm saying we do shape let's not pretend we and we do. I got a restaurant and there's a smell yeah you're gonna try to figure out who it is and an airliner and an elevator yes you are judging whoever yeah cited yes. Don't try to pretend there's no one rim. I thought I tell you that you even know there shank is like you wouldn't group of workers people who wouldn't put the work rules that that is shame. Oh let's not try to pretend there's much. Well you know what if there are people who. Are ashamed to group that works that they take it elsewhere I'm on their team and I'm on the team now well mentally like now game. I Embry lighten up and I think you've for a trying to. Keep your smells from. Affecting other people negatively. I have coverage can't help without a Teddy can't help action you know you can't help or does somebody has. On some diseases. Maybe he's still a little you know I. Actually Colin issue and I had a startling number two in public. And I still shame myself. And I actually a shame because that's what we should all be just like okay it's natural let's not pull out the guy and that accounting that was just in the arm and he still try and strive to keep our gas to ourselves. Well not. Nodding but a group. Other developer event to again about the two tiger on a path for mercy flights. I'm a bit when it's a good sign that you here's a weird thing about this word art I would never lie to save fart in Ireland in there but lots of them are not advocate deals examines my sister in law Pham writes articles once is different than men to. Right there's really why is that learned right the Portland is break wind in a break when it was but he did say 'cause he's and we can say pass guess again. Not remember Aaron a specific talk about mapping of Hussein it was assumed yeah I remember the either really acceptable proof we go pupil who. I said Putin not poop Pluto. I Arie I'd and you hear outward. Did you evident very food shelter and everybody else the neighborhood caller fired every other kid in the world art I don't know why that one word is weird some people. And I don't know the guys send Avery oh if I was the guy who taught the kids the partnered. It's more like that in a stumble across the families unit at offended by fart as opposed to fight tell largest as they cut the cheese she's not offended. Yeah so I preach as a source are better errant Yahoo! years yet is at an overpaid why do we have that word from a guy so it's a good sign attitude in front of each other. Because you love people secure relations or normal living breathing occasionally parting human beings. The two slips out they note not gonna change the partner's feelings about them as a healthy side cultural Utley each other to pass. Couples who are comfortable doing some even have more adventurous sex lives is Chavez. Won't because you know it is what. Kind of adventure there come Clinton and another player ever but I don't. Those are not the kinds of sounds that turned me on no I don't want that advantage. It's not like he used those sounds are do we think based on that saying what they're saying is you're so comfortable in your body. That when you're naked you're willing to try old injury you're not want the light solve many years. Not necessarily far relate to come home and I don't buy related yeah misunderstood. Related to definitely be a man of mystery. I want a man image through this gentleman's turn. What are. There's replacing go for that moaning okay suiting and not okay wondering. There's like hell yeah probably is the probably has cited or something somewhere. This is Google and apple you know now there in that. I've been there I mean you regular that's an MP evil motive is never uttered about being things the better it is a problem and how you do it on cute or something I was you guys. Light them up. That's A says that the people do in front of two important each other are more might be in the Mort. Different types of stimulation. Lesson in addition here's the securities whatever more we can normalize it and not shame at the batter. Least that means leads to less secrecy and shame that can be isolating embarrassing. You're really into this acceptance of maturity relationship. But. It could being considerate. Of the other person. But if you're sick to your stomach. We're. They say up somebody else who doesn't like it is not a health condition you should just simply suggest she just says you should just bring up the subject. Without any judgment. Just share that either hearing passing messrs. smelling as an impact on your sense just generic. You know our. Like accusing them. And then when it comes conversation well when you regain your another rumor. Blah blah blah. Just in general sale. And it works to its all the time to think about that there's other. Times. Let's seeing him and then you can have a big discussion about exclude all kinds of fluids knicks' recent clue us. He has to healthy foundation a a look. Develop flu has had the zone that let's start number number two number three cover other kids aren't my head sweat in my bald head and that award candidate. Jam and my toes that's. And this is it was a that we forgot it more than. What's sound like to win your share of twelve KJ. Her share. Let me know primarily an anti gay he's got his share also. Now it's your turn. You name it every weekday from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM to grab your share of two. And then takes it comes immediately to 72881. Standard message and data rates apply. Is there an OK okay like everywhere every bit per share. And your share. From black cancer prevention in Charlotte this knicks 1079. Dual link our food nudity. He cherished formerly known as doc and Betty Farley as banning ability or. And remarkably she's may have a mashup word. And is ridiculous. No the yeah because I have others who are identifying with my. Ted means yeah. It's a mash up between technology. And Indonesia. It's when you're actually doing something old school. But you have this moment where you think you're using technology. Like. This morning. I was reading a newspaper that my mom brought home from church. And it was a little picture and I wanted to see it bigger and Stephen believes so I caught myself. Trying to use my finger that it will be argued the way I do what my phone yet doesn't like god do you are weird. You know what I have to tell you and it's a sad but I solid and I didn't really read and I assumed it your mom was doing it as just trouble with memory or something. I didn't know you wish you were fully functioning capable adult who thought that they can make the letters and things bigger on a new owners say. You never had that moment I don't forget what you're reading and how your reading it. Well little friend who. Was at a night's game and he said in a sense it happened to me just the other night about the night's game. And I was talking I missed a play and he said just for a second. Time he reached the remote to rewind isn't sing like odd. Because you never at tech you know none that form my friend Carol on FaceBook says it happens to her all the time. All the time Damon what's happening. On data did eagle the job isn't set I have tried to like photos in magazines before. Well I. What is going on air. I have been reading newspapers and magazines any and all of us do pretty well when you do. I'm physical paper manually everything up and that's why when you actually have. Physical paper into attribute. Its Wii because I read 90% of my stuff. Honest clean I read books and maybe that's I don't know. So the only time I generally come in contact with a magazine is when I go to the doctor's office or my mom brings in your magazine reveals many of the London. I it was like it and I twice it was like oh. You're on Iraq and you are all have in Iraq. And I mean a guy who's watching game things he reminded. I mean it's one thing if you're sitting in front of the. It's a figure well what you're sitting there doing your hand but there's a low and we think I wanna remind me I know everybody else. And living in a moment. You think you can remind lies why do you even go to the game if you think it's this is good watching at the MTV YE there. No it doesn't usually when you are you doing it one way and you switch it up. You don't get take you. The do you most don't ever give you a note magnesia if I'm on the phone and I'm looking not subcontinent Asia because it just made of Danny. Taking credit for this topic tech giant I think it's gonna catch I would assume technique Jeanne means you'd learn something about. Technical stuff and it got in on the count I had to a bad cut and paste or something like that that's what I would've gotten in. I think it's. I don't. Military command and forget how to do it the old way. But yet I'm gonna help ease in the sense. That you know. My phone was dead and I needed to come reverend Sally but I've been using it. My. Cell phone so much that now that I need to remember her number I had to hit me yet. All is just nobody knows I never knew the number probably three and edit. Nobody knows them and their room and talking about it. I don't know why I've and I usually watch it. Later on an even higher up her game on I don't fast are the that the island yeah yeah I will give me that. Why and as a as a thing that could happen. Because you're watching TV you're used is certain things which are not used to being outdoors watching a game. And they advocate but you're watching the television. Roth and fast or relied and so it's and it's in your hand it's easy to do but. I can't mistake this piece of paper. Put our call load it into our phone you can enlarge tonight I don't understand most of her debut is it there's a picture on your phone you couldn't enlarged. Are summaries and maybe that would or if you're looking at a laptop and there's a picture and you touch the screen and lead your computer and I'll give me that on. But they're just two different things holding a newspaper result so I don't have but it does too now on different playing Nolan is diving. Most know inciting and yes they are again it gets me in my free and the Sierra web Syria cut. Pat and I also it in my iPhone into a land line Jack. Yeah really confused and I start to dial might numbers get readers think you're listening to all there. We'll hold a mad it's odd facts. Rock road yeah there's not a Barack got Adam Lambert there are still about. 100000 pay phones in the US. Dwindling fast lie enough to know you. Fifth of them are New York is two million in 1999. And I've no idea it would cost. Two big focus the last time I had I was stranded my cell phone wasn't working my charger was working. And needed to make a. All I was in the south Mikey area I've found a loan pay phone. It was raining that day and there was literally. AE puddle that was six inches deep right in front of it. I weighed over 2 April they aren't 35 cents and that was just enough or 35 cents a it but this was probably ten years ago. I don't know I was thing Bristol quarters I guess it must if it senses opened. It was there. Another and we continue with the facts mr. Rogers announced that he was feeding as efficient every episode of the show because a blind viewer once asked if they were okay. If anything I. So responsive red sour patch kids are the exact same can be a Swedish fish just was sugar sprinkled on top. Pay phones are now up to fifty cents at seems to good yet get around number now. All. A group of parents is called a am. And say it like that team that's on that hasn't. Take the animals responsible for the most deaths in the US our farm animals alive b.s and watts and dogs. The farm animals accomplice so many thousand pigs and chickens and indeed I have sources that I think that should be innocent he's bees yeah yeah and that's cycle category category is an outrage swinging. Within two and a half years of a Wal-Mart being built the houses within a mile of the store. Grow up and value one to 3%. Go up co op that's surprising you have your Wal-Mart did you go up. And you're up and am. Look at this when we sold who isn't you know the 2008 or whatever wasn't as bad timing. But I never Senator Biden Wal-Mart I'd pick and other stores and behind that pays him at a Wal-Mart. The these are mine target. And Elena outlet. If I could take definitely. Waldo from where's Waldo. It's only called Waldo in the American version of the book. Most of the countries he's going to Wally your Willie. Liz bring me I think you and I don't know reliability. Is elegant way of fund game who wears many similar facility is great if that isn't. And the inventor of the chicken and oh in Laguna then look at that. The average smoker. Loses two teeth every ten years out Tracy refused mad men like you've fallen out of refined. Or violent hit a woman trying to commit suicide Eiffel Tower. Landed on a car. And later married the owner of the car. Well I love a love story a love story mega movie out of that that would be a good movie. And Vieira would be good and begin actually losing C Dallas like death in bowls and I didn't parents thought the and wasn't really happy to see look after the fall. Yeah Michelle messed up and the guy was an ugly anyway this is the act. If I had never ratified a variety in everybody in my old doesn't spell let's look at. Wow let's say in this 163. Ers. Could fit inside during. It's true panel Marion is this huge. Crowd. You last edited pineapples are not a single fruit but a group of Barry's that if fused together. Oh man as a while that is a well. The inventor and did. I'd love pineapple like that there's absolutely. No way I would buy wine that was an already slice I'm not. It's. And every spot apple and yeah. Why we're in news agency isn't too hard too long and hard. Not all hold pineapple yet oh no I I don't think ever gonna dead did the prickly things there are intimidate the. Usually intimidating. Coming up pine goal. At all that they are really the commission a year or something like coconut. You're telling me that Addison has kind of a pineapple by herself via. I now now I what I've never tried it and. In that ignited immediate credibility and I think unprofessional of me did like some legitimate business of cutting a pineapple why yes I can. I seem critical to cut up Coke products. Also cut up. Mango will. But meg doing this thing and it's a very difficult route to go ahead and you know. Look at it. Very difficult he granite I don't need somebody. Ed I've tried debate go I'm not going where there with the pineapple and avocado. I had seen it done but I haven't got a salad. At the open market in the seats more glass in more fun it's also there with a network. Well thanks for listen to podcast always welcome that please share I black ducks did the best movie weddings and a hundred of its early stretching back. Number one the graduated. I was in the sixties Dustin Hoffman a tank and it would be church. Love actually it to everybody cries of that and Christmas I didn't never I've never seen it. Which people are amazed at number three to five year engagement don't know what it is. Convention that sounds like Catherine idol type thing to sort of get beat at the top ten. Out of what Allah is about your engagement. Number for the princess bride which is that classic in new what do you think. Now it's more like us Tennessee Titans Lou either isn't letting scenes in it but I wouldn't say. Regret letting loose the right click saying Shrek is a wedding movie right now I think it's not keen trek is number 62 and a about it like father of the bride that's on the athletic fractures and. Think they're Smart can they like Wes Anderson movies and I don't think condom. Can't have a discussion about somebody with a Sanders at least Darrell they're very absolutely the very city. Back. Coming to America. And number six best wedding I. I'm not yeah. Any move lateral losing no it's a romantic comedy. Mean I guess it's about him finding a bride. Of those command. Speaking to queen this makes sense number seven as wedding pressures I. How about bridesmaids never rains. Number nine wet hot American summer and sort of solid answer runaway bride number ten the deer hotter. And they're not all things of that well and they do get married adult thing is about them going. The fight nom and yeah that sort of thing and eleven Forrest Gump. It lowers the rumors I think in the Maryland which is narrated. Lobster named where she died of ES TD's or whatever and out of the gas again. Twelve goodfellas. C'mon now he does get married and Jerry Maguire. I'll let the hangover that Hillary is in there it is that 75. As a wedding movie. Yet seen yeah that one's all about yes bachelor party party try to get to the wedding again in time. So I can see that father of the bride there we go for a team you and the godfather. No way. The father honor the bride to have been hired because it was such a good movies edit. It gave birth to remake that doesn't mean it's good now and and a sink hole. Mile all received it was a good movie that doesn't mean Sundays or good movies at a secretly made a lot of sickle and back on me. If tech with at least popular people like did fourteens yeah all right if you'd been hired her patents and you normally don't do belong I don't think that sex in the city is on their seventeen. The movie. That was in a winning movie and I was. More almost a break a movie I will give you this front is weddings and a title. Eighteen my big fat Greek way. And I don't know what I yeah and there's some monsoon wedding which is an Indian thing steel magnolia is at NC. You guys all on a wedding and hid under someone dies moving mamma what you say bandit leader I don't want no Jews mama with habitat. One handed out at do you use mama live without doing DNI. Error situation that is a. On the and the list of under Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson or five films heats Julie Andrews wasn't to with a most years apart. She had like forty years between. Best movie weddings. Here's what I'll just give some wee ones at that your number 92 a night at the Roxbury. Every asset ally. One oils are Earl Bennett what does that song. You donor and it. The wedding now tombstone. It is a less. Iron and it's at 67. Is a resentment is hardly any weddings in Atlanta. Actually no okay chorale right. Number eighty meet the Fokker is and then meet the parents both on there OK I would I would put those on your wedding. All right maybe closer than some yes Little Mermaid and an. Again discuss that has a wedding at the I was taking a wedding movie. 41. Minute of the wedding is the main bet that if the focus of the film is on the wedding. The play us about it what goes wrong. And if it is in a much anticipated. Fulfilling a winning dam that Apollo wedding to murder major problem I mean The Little Mermaid gonna go wedding ring I was all about her won law lags. At continue to it will when you didn't look any one of those Disney princess movies. You could consider most of them wedding movie because Vinson. Our inland in the weddings. I mean they write off of the prints but that doesn't mean they get married and had just lived together and it's really tough interview ever after let him make some assumptions. People so the hangars at forty year old virgin hallows at a wedding movie. That's pretty close to wedding movie that is about him that old school. Well Larry I remember right wedding I remember landing remember the winning scarface is on there thirty enough things. Tired base. Step Brothers may be. As at least out of mom and dad that are getting married and and and and combining fan so baby it's a stretch maybe. Tommy Boy is on the going on here in the land does. There's maybe like ten that I would consider letting lose. Judging them or else. You're you're oh god I suspect is on the my best man on. I don't know highly broke down some effort entertaining and talk about a top money and into the one's in Iraq or weddings and a funeral that it's going to be. That a funeral. Any general. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.