Dad Bod Is Hot

Thursday, June 14th

Move over six-pack abs...women really love the dad bod! We also talk about how you should REALLY wind down after a long day.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when I was at nine only got. You're listening to all they're with their remote. Picturing you like and follow them Ramona Facebook's raise rates this podcast. This I guess we continue to do it's its address at seven. Brevard asked. Do you think stayed users who have dead. I now man who really knows the exact definition. But where. Like how do we. There's a man need to be be a dad. It do you think your somewhere in between. Men's health and dad bud. I don't think you're not allied dead body not the not sell to grow again but you're. Not challenging yes men. On definitely not either one of those right so I don't know that it dad but because you have to have. Like I'd like to be bigger guy to have a fatter everywhere where where is the dad died late. And voter masculine body type which is a cross between muscular and slightly overweight for seeks. And could be considered skinny fat. August fat. Dog rescue team that for years I'm in. I was skinny fat it's bad bet that battle. Is dead god knows defense. And. Eight but I have a little you know I guess about Fanny packs comics. It. Adds up and does not massively huge let it be like a big the that made him while he valuables and your opponent a passport and I'll have given there are thinking more like a dad bought. I didn't know boys like Kevin genes. That god save body because he's much bigger than me. So I don't know I have a debt and is and it does it doesn't equal AAA dead god says I probably don't work out. 125 year old dad buys probably different that fifty of that right it also demographics right yeah. 'cause I have a dad died of a 25. I'm I'm sort of the good that you add. And about a 35 years old he was. Good but he does not even if you could ever the body you have. Now be a dad that OK in my. Agent might be just a regular. It is half of that is when I might be just a little bit lighter than a dad died. But for 35 children of god as debt. Right okay so if you had this body into a barber 35 you would do straight at being good tactic. And I don't that lack of a better value out or are. You know. We're revised 87 year old dead. Your question it or not my dad got crushing it to the dead dot I'm just not not crushing it and just a step below it that. You know it's a step below what I would envision as a dad died being unique is that the buzz. What beverage can yeah OK settle above. And the fifth I I hit. Like all of all the dads and it outlined how a dead body isn't skinny fat is that and that's that that haystack Calhoun all the efforts that. I cannot what I hat and I'll leave. Out. If you have a bad my. Many thanks then yeah it is no love for my zone wrestler at night and today if you if you're that day. Dad died at Google I backed down and anybody of the move well. I'm glad haystack and an amount of like an idea like that it and that that little bit I know this thing a day job. Well two thirds of women say they would rather marry someone with a dead bodies that yeah I don't expect. I think about it. Then Harmon. That's going to be an important if you'd like. Andre the Giant. That is not that bond. Well you and I think that's. OK that's OK drive me Kadaziz mentally I think it is understood it. Understated. More ability to and I guess is that these it was haystack that's like active these types. I'm so anyway we're also abused about your body types through it yeah I am a dad bought honestly don't know. There's a flow chart someone create how good job based on your hi what's your weight is. So say your six foot ten a hundred between a 184 pounds and 213 pounds that's the bad. On zone. A camera leader dead on the broad. Yeah. Yeah bones and fifth cut cut and my dad abundant. That's a little. Thing. And bones yeah. I don't know if I. It's not a web site like yeah. That's it. I think yeah. You're saying that I'm guys with Fanny pack and pictures of the last count there. And he wants his. Yeah bear I'm he has a big ammo kinda hot links to things. Inside that. And just just about it and it was nonexistent and sometimes this is it's not think there is dad to the the dealers know that bones. I need to get on a set and you know it's that you're gonna smoke whatever. That's. Just I don't know on the dead opponent I don't let anyone I weigh about 176. Resentment and a dad not there at all are you five Spanish. Our yeah a year not that bonds' own. The how. Worried to get a hundred and Bubba you Anthony five din and a 167. Pounds. Now TC ads had looked sickly and sixties and going to pick up. It. Right. How much that don't have an Aetna. A lot of time and giant and yeah yeah. Okay yeah. Yeah yeah. Oh yeah and it's sitting in the I don't his feelings. Again it's time for the first stop on a summer's send off series the link you're sending you want to see your favorite artists this week we're shipping. What the Boston deceit as sheer. Don't patrol. And Hillary. He eighteen this week and win it. Insurance newest album divine. GM would volunteering at 12:30 PM with Kelly Myers and 4:30 PM what Matt Ramona annual he had applied source fortress here. 21079 no link dot com. Com slash contest for another way to win. Warner Bros. records. Have a vacation to make Barbara and accounting jealous. And I can you haven't hit the matter my FaceBook page do it like follow all kinds of weird videos up there and articles and whatnot also royal Holloway has their own page. Hairs and occasionally. Things that all help you unwind after a long day according to buzz feed and no no and no from the man man. Neil won his whip out some colored pencils and coloring book or what you do as it whip out without as usually something cool. We put an adult coloring the sugar has become cool is that we take out and dad know no it and it made me because some people. Maybe but no you're not convince you you're not gonna give his cool people that's cool. I don't the local people do it. I know a lot of cool people who do it here you know local people just hit. What they're happy that actual people I am very popular Spain I knew I ordered I have. Very good friend whose daughter. Is incredibly cool it's a daughter and she's in to hear adult daughter. She's 22. Machine artist. I questioner colds. And yeah. I don't say you know why you're not into it is that why you question her golden uncle or not cool we asked Ellis we are probably how you judge cool well I vendor by hipster bar do my day in us on the phone cutlery. Maybe it is that I I just can't here's the thing and as I've mentioned and Ben he's on board that. Hollering to me is very stressful. Now it's much easier with a color pencil and a crank on. But it's still a very stressful and witnessed shortness of the penciled were allowed to be more exact yet more exact what about markers because I'm colored with markers you know markers no way a left handed man I got marker all over my hand. System and bad is bad single reason why you guys are so against adult coloring is because. You are adult coloring failures. That is true that's part of Italy failed this kid is. As it did you do the extra dark line around the edge of the picture. Go to that little phase which I'm not to my kids go through it probably people just can't collar. As a kind of gives you extra border so I was the only one that did that that'll nodded to use the extra thick border where did. Yeah as I also. Still struggle with perfectionism. In and if I went just. A little bit out of that black line yeah I gave was ruined the threat may add the color that was coloring with. So that was coloring a leaf as well apparently been dark green and land. And then I colored inside edit my pictures were pretty darn tasty and not cheating is cheating that is G gets you extra border. All of this everybody knows you can't do yet to stay within the law. Like you drive now on the road and decide that the senator lane should be two foot why exactly he's day and the alliance exactly that is the order as a social contract and I can't we all stay with a new line that I can't. And you start blurring the lines and then you cross the guy. And those annual walk and four wide down the mall and did it's it's out of control. Out of control. I I I have gotten better at I look for awhile there. I consumers to trying to make it. Like dark like really. Coloring hard to you know what I mean to make it look as opposed to now have coverage as a kind of lighten up just to kind of like lines. This removed the big stat is usually is that you don't talk about how I used to break clearly. Really bear down soul on ice and they're totally dysfunctional. At. The heart of. That's a big body vehemently and an aside I got a CN tolerate a kindergarten and I. When you go in the restaurant they look at you do like should we really give this kid the place mentally idea right I'm gonna go well forget though those those cheap knockoff Crayola group or crowd didn't related allow second and you know she's really forget. Is that lousy sharpener on the back in the big box on yeah that's a waste of time that you AMBER Alert has ever worked. Never words systems scanned to make him shave off your crayons he'd buy more. Act or the old but is it. Would asking him but it never got your crayons back to the magical. Exactly. That you had when you first got it employs about him even get a look at my kids crayon box and the budget crayons with Al that he. Rapper. I'll Boise I think raise more like that point not Arab but a boy but I'll point out. The only the only. On the organized you know I feel we're gonna come in his room. How is that possible. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I figured my most people are listening right now and saying. I can't tell you I do believe that crayons. Without their little crown condom want to be thrown away. Half an open net paper comes off is sent muted got an. Yeah out of the rotation and now she's more glass and more fun it's also what's that Ramallah marriage. Change your personality according to science the latest study. As couples undergo significant. Personality changes during their first year and a half of marriage. Both partners become less agreeable and cooperative as the get used to married life. I hope and you gotta get in the groove right. And I assume it was the opposite but now I understand. Because it may be early on you're trying to be the perfect had the aura the perfect wife. And so you go along with some stuff that. Later on aegis decide that you can't deal right were. The stuff that you thought was adorable. Is now annoy me. And also you have a lot more stuff to you have to agree on do. True I mean it is as of yet never lived together something like that in all of this study did take idiotic take account. It didn't matter. The merry the other are living together or not or how old you were how long you dated. It all was the same demographics it didn't match. So but yet you might might have more. Decisions to make their four years less agreeable or you know you kind of got him now someone had just let it rip. I just made sure I was extra annoying before we got married and has so I can only I'm Eric don't suggest that strategy because that's the there are a lot of people who might out of it gotten married in round hand to answer it is it is a flip of the coin. The researchers talked of the couple's. Different points and married six months first anniversary treatments etc. That's really stop treatment. ID each sector in the research team asked the couples to figure out what he had to the big vipers now to treat extra version house social and outgoing person is. Openness to experience. Curious adventurer is conscientious of the dependable plan oriented. Agreeable. Whopper of passionate whatever. And eroticism which is anxious depressed angry not a good stuff that we don't know about it's I am so glad bed and all that husbands. More conscientious. Good as they adjusted to their new roles wife's. If there are used to be employers to. Wouldn't hire single guys that recent. It felt that the mayor guys have more conscientious handle and planned orient and I say employers I also mean churches who would not hire a single press of their reason. Again in his fingers all over the fuse. Through it every Tuesday in the religious or so Nolan says that America. And that's not as saying keep your fingers away from the Zune. Has to be something goes at it today. Abbas that I husbands. More conscientious the wives less anxious depressed and angry. Aaron bears. Just. Let's I I guess. You know there's so thrilled to be with us guys that. They you know blessed relic I got a decent Hans I think it's Tom the bad side is husband's less extroverted. And I'm very outgoing to become less that go on and both husbands wives it they hear analysts agree. So. I think that the less extroverted thing is true in most people line level. Yeah a year you're here year and a half and the marriage and you kinda like dad are really when I go out. I'm not looking for any saying I got some dated you know I can opt here. And it's Furman and nothing nothing I can bop yeah yeah. And then William Hague. The sanctity of marriage just well beautiful thought I but not just the highest has become less expert at that women don't necessarily. I let that's why the women plan everything for rest. Well after your marriage. They were they like my life was going on doing no way more over she married me. Yeah and it dragged her down again this isn't out of Africa we will we are part of your people. But the buy out. Men came to. More kids in anything made its last outgoing gestured either who has thing you know less outgoing and I'm not I just don't go out there and I'm not telling you don't know. How big you know only through and going out all right good point that you mentioned it again let's go out but I'm still outgoing. Yeah I get it directly at 200 mariners and they never thought of it that way sir thanks I guess I'm not going yeah. I just don't want to go around Iago yeah. I don't wanna go out outside of your I'm going yeah okay I guess that is an exempts makes which is another reason I guess. We're not agreeable with our lives we don't even know I'm going on a gallon and a difference of the stuff is. Because it was stable and that we can't just luge on the and it's all about. The entertainment possibilities and now. Because there's just so much more at your fingertips Miller is a man here is now that I have Netflix I don't need friends right now as an ear whenever I don't have friends that Netflix Hulu. I'm from France an ounce and they're all gonna need unreadable this is how long it takes is defined damn thing to watch we never fight. Going to fight sometimes not fight but like this flipped through it you've fighting over your friends. Now over the over the what's yeah my friends which Netflix satellite tracker right she's the go to fast. I can tell whether it covered that movie watching this is an iPod hi things that he likes. House and calligraphy. Like a sad woman on the watch any announced the I. If tiger I don't it's also air load all. A given on the FaceBook page or Matt and Ramona liked it and follow it and love it and I don't think there's a lot of Latin and but I mean like you should get a light follow and really liked and really really file. I'm an occasion and really loud like one to makes we'd love to the page now it. Did you name it went to management takes a potent kind and I land. And I rental car didn't act. That's. OK so except on economics yet it isn't one way for you to have it in a may easy. Hold these sex life over the age of forty UN sex economics. And you. I don't wanted to become trickle down sex and so. I. A he has ever trickles down on equipment and anybody that. It's not something where you pay and that I didn't have an LA and there's to downplay your life yet Clinton companies paperwork. If I don't. Is about small gesture vote revises adjusters to cover you're gonna make some phone that you end up. Off it. Honorary compound interest in the world I asked you not gonna cashing your stocks every day. Your ride the wave that aren't dead markets but in the process. Those steady investments. In real man. We'll build your love portfolio. But we're exposed to keep track. Sounds really were keeping track of every time something that's keeping track you're just doing it all the time you're doing it often. She doesn't really do wanna go a lot a lot a lot so we put you in my leg there every dudes off. I think tonight in literature often see tiger even recognize there's something special. Going to be doing all the time you think that the best way to make her want you leads to deprive her special edition sprinkle in. It's Brinkley and I wash or collateral car washed every Saturday eventually should be like. You know much like I need announced though you know you don't want to you know sprinkle it is that way with kind gestures to urge wife toward any. Okay wrinkle and I'm goes back to keeping the Barlow the thought that area. Yeah because it. I mean after awhile you get used to it taken for granted that's sort of thing C a sprinkle it and and like you like you said he got it you know holding your back pocket. Well when she says no I have a headache as they remember that data give you a flower. Loans. And today and it's it's doughnut he rolls her eyes and an arms out of the room. Now how about this create a new ritual that becomes you war. One that promotes partnership as part of your sex economic like sacrifice and animal before we do I'm not foot massage every Sunday night you know on the in my massage. This isn't just. Got a fallen asleep on any entrance every Saturday at him and how would that I'm not resentment or you decide day every Thursday routine now becomes a redeem you co cook. You cook again and coo position Coca Weytman Allard now making it. I think and so the point was yours poster take it up all the guys added a new one. And coach here every via TV viewers change your routine then that you should be doing something random. Not every third at. Suggests it yet you doing and signing a random but you're also creating new Britain and I don't want to be an item and it's. About your old rituals would what's the kind old ritual that you have. It's kinda like yeah but it's something that's better than I mean you're putting her sexson comics bank. Like when we're watching a movie. Or TV show and I got my phone it is today where I recognize that actor from the that I scroll through and caller's he says set up the movies on but I did give some advice. And so didn't bundled I'm and she is tired on. That. I don't really see how that's not what would the kindest because he gets and others to remain rental van Johnson is and I. I guess the Nolan movie again I was then yeah. Arguing you want to sell you under the guy is now but does. All come on Ramona. I mean you look at out. OK these are and let's wrap this up with a higher heat and higher Kia compliments. And the hierarchy of the bedroom. Higher Q compliment says what you say matters. When you say it matters more agreeing and how you say it matters most. Okay yet you are pretty. And it doesn't work out letters odds. How he would apply that to the hierarchy of the bed. And yeah oh yeah. That he answered. A mile hole again when you say matters Williams and matters how you say it matters mostly a clinic though. How does that translate that when you say like now and our own. And how do you say it matters that's all he's got. Is gonna keep saying hello again and local animal murder no doubt any. He. It does everything matters matters more and it mattered most. What matters what matters more and what matters most valued that few majors it's all about her. Never mind we. Still stunned the original well yeah. And it went in the hole and I and so now I'm. So economics interred in the claiming it's. A man and he's and I don't think I don't think he's ever now. I'm fine. They asked was just matters when you say it matters more and how easy it matters most of the last. He in the bedroom is what you do matter oh. You can do it matters more and went. Know when she's got a. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote and check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 link dot com.