Date A Nerd

Thursday, February 8th

Enough with the bad boys....we tell you why dating a nerd is the key to finding true love! We're also way too obsessed with "coyote vests."


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening to do with that remote mood. Reverend FaceBook. As it was in the pocket has forgotten that it mattered and like in Oslo today. Ladies find yourself a nerd. Aides he because I need reassurance she shows up that intelligent men and are more likely to get married and Tuesday married and to beef faithful. Now. My second marriage I guess it doesn't mean I was. Two right the first time around goddamn I Smart dot this time because all the Smart guys yes Smart about it could affect act I I think. That'd be talked about nerds and geeks. Maybe they're not as attractive. As like dumb guys. So. They stay. You think they don't have many option they date above there should tell Bill Gates is it's scary because he can't do any better paid Zuckerberg. They were lucky to get what they got the delegate and risk losing now and nearly anything and maybe. Should I just got divorced from Melinda tomorrow bay. They'll be like god and on the demean another load that they'll the really well the run well here is Smart about it now. That a bunch of women would be thoroughly convinced that I'm now money changes everything alone. You've heard about the stories about silicone valley Silicon Valley store you know parties where they have to bring in women. I have meted yeah that too because nobody has a date or whatever they bring in women so maybe that's part of the thing. Are you think so yes I think about it are Smart enough to know that. If a woman loves you for years you need to stand by her. The Smart adapted. Not a lot of guys get busted they recognize. What they have and they're willing to do what they need to do to keep order may be Smart enough to do. Most guys get busted cheating. By some form of technology. The Smart guys. Technologies never got them busted in all the way around it so we assume they've been not cheating but maybe they have men. And maybe they don't go to that. Star Trek Nokia will keep convention. And you can look at him and that the people getting what they also are dignity multimillionaire Steve Ramallah take its arch convention center. And putts are gorgeous on deck whatever I don't know I. Until they actually come up with I mean what would the fact that these guys are Smart enough to know. But they've got a good thing and they need to keep this good thing I'll may be. Because a stereotype is a quiet sleep. And they know that the wise thing to do is age gracefully with a beautiful woman that they had. Okay how about the dumb guy. Has peaked in high school. And so now they have low self esteem. They get married and they cheat to try to bring your steam mapped back to the day was an air high school and they dated. Out of that theory. That's government that's gonna want a game like they're the star of whatever team and they'd you know they got by but it's their glory days and so then you always feel like. They have to prove their reality and and I'll answer a thing where is the nerdy guy. Didn't get anybody in ice well so when he gets one it's like. A statement as people and a banana. And I knew we deny schooler who generally gets old heave that ball again. But he still seeks the fat bald guys to you don't the at. I don't agree equipment at a I guess you beat me up I'm like right there every relative EP. No he's not a successful guy and beat. Most of us being hasn't taken care is but me. And and. As much to relive his glory days so he's out boy get around. Where the nerdy guy never had the glory days so we just happy to have a date he doesn't always mission all right you know it is message. That's on second tier and so where do you fit into your theories. I didn't have dates. And America is dom and handing out smarter. And then. Came news still umps and but I don't do it again he's I need pills and does. You have act that over romantic as an act of a terror. Times TV they get a hold it out overloaded but there's you know obviously I'm not. Democrats are Smart to me like a welder. Good welding here and you'll also can't act now. The fact that there are different types of intelligence like emotional intelligence gaps. And even though. This stereotype is that most demand don't have emotional intelligence and women do but there are some guys who are emotionally intelligent. I've emotions. The leaders Adam. Smith's eyes is an allegedly got enraged. Question and daddy. Sarcasm. Did bitterness and I didn't notice. All right and is looked up the definition and will find out how many of us in Herat emotional intelligence. Well the first one is their relentless. Relentlessly. Positive. Today and I Amanda. Two prominent say guys right now. I'm not you might think that appears that I am in need I remembered the five minutes to teach at a positive that he. Gap in the new senate wouldn't work which is being. Exact opposite there yet while I was negative about Eagles and it's evolved what happened. An Italian sometimes negative brings. And then had nothing to do with the Eagles. I was actually planning has that guy you never thought that they that they would win it stripped. So but you guys are exactly pots and more positive than you are a Mullah Omar what else. They're curious about other people I am highly curious about other people and you have zero Doleac that he. Yeah a tag I had zero curiosity do you have 00. And it's very close is he. Air well they can do something for me I'm curious. Up up up and that's emotional intelligence knowing. That I'm zero I don't enter Maine let's unemotional intelligent if I know I don't care yeah yeah how a guy that. I they make things fun I'm actually intelligent people know exactly what makes them happy yes and they constantly work to bring this happiness into everything that's due idea that hopefully. That you bring happiness and every candidate. Every organ is removed because you're not coincidental or login. Then talked and laughed and right now I have an easier game right now at earnest at the. Incredibly. Self a lot of that is good and now we're self awareness. I think my rants and my things like that Magnum eliminate but it caught sort of things. Bringing humor and happiness to others think it I think every guy but didn't give us. I don't think you're handing them their happiness. And and unintended consequences. If they haven't and it's really enjoy it. And I here's one you yet they are difficult to defend. I cope well you got your branch of who you are is difficult for someone to say or do something right negates your goat I'm very emotionally. Intelligent. And the final and is they quashed negative self. There will be about negatives. Negatives so yeah well I've lately been trying to watch. Then why don't watch the dreams at any minute lately you've been slashing negative self talk. Are you plug it like within the past like two minutes or some hybrid now that I heard about not knowing that I think you've just got to. Another thing now I don't know it's a thing. I mean banned all imports like eight seconds out and had a seats more glass and more fun it's fair with a bad cold and. You would you rather Wednesday zoo. This week's. Sounds continue. Your sons went from the past and dump someone or beat the person getting dumps. Absolutely. Rather get dumped yes dumped me I'm mad at downtown and I got her. Remember the person dump somebody yeah now I at. I'd rather have that hurt and guilt yeah guilt and feel like a jerk yes as you broke up with some on an album dumping somebody who has just really bad person makes it easier it and now I am an edited just not working now. Bureau is that your I'd rather. Have the broken heart then the guilt lose jerk L am. Would you rather look weak. And actually be strong and we're looks wrong and B week. But I'd rather looks strong to be weak. We don't physically or soon I I don't know I don't know how you look weak. It's just a little weird Lohan and Ella look we can be strong yeah me too. And I don't know whether looks front of the week is no one's gonna test my. Strengthen as it looked pale and chisel as they've figured out remain again yeah there haven't figured I'm never gonna less than anything around them. And I am not gonna let anybody asked me to help that epithet and it mayonnaise jar sorry I am too strong for the optical dark yes the team. On yet. Would you be rather be able to control animals not humans animals which your mind control electronics with. Oh I eggs electronics. Yeah. Your skin or squirrels and coyotes and all of lighting control animals look my mind and be your chance throughout we're not living in a Tarzan world and Menem I think I nearly put me in the jungle I get it I need some elephants to do some things but don't you want to cut and I eased the way you coyotes and squirrels are nice I invite animals into my area a enough. Where that should be. A super power and I would let me give me if I could help viewed yeah. What got get a pet elephant epitomize eighty running a surge is no I don't believe in that put in my training animals to. Be in the movies as some think that that doesn't Alex let my own little reason. Among the other. If I can fight crime. I did. Her. Hello or not has got a good you can walk around town with a wrap controller and so yeah pots and stuff. Horses in Iraq like it alum and you love elements you'd have one walking around their analog and I can see. That is. Usually irrelevant with your mind. Here with a elephant you're alone or any. A little amount into the country and I gonna do it might have animals earlier doing mime mind on the electronics they couldn't do with my remote control grind exactly. And animals yeah like go to. An ocean somewhere hernia. Ask animals that come over and it was good to monitor how pets animals to come over. Analysts seals go over now you don't have to unlikely guy in the bowels of my mind to do Nancy did battled to elevate you can't control the best is hanging out you can control when I haven't gone back you have them in your housing that cozy and once in awhile. No range. Thank you tell us about it. I'm I'm all in a mall and people I'm fighting crime and oh yeah and don't grind on now more ground alum a couple of tigers a lake then block it and just satellite gap. Go ahead and try and mud that lady over there half hat. Which you rather be forced to dance every time you heard music or be forced to sing along to any song you heard. Dance. Dance again any time I heard music because your bad singer. Is a great voice is annoying. It's annoying if you break it mountain song constantly in the time we hear a song I sometimes there's people who you know who any time a song comes on in the car they have to start CNN you know I completely quiet yeah and danced the can this kind of mood and it is religious thing better. I loved Reagan out of the sun and you know and you used on. Yeah. I know he means I get a bar in the background rhyme or are partly SL doing it when I'm shop being anyway I'm saying all along with detract that they have a woman's door and a. I'll invite you noted by Giuliani now. There's your singing delight background had gone out if I'm getting invited everywhere and now everybody's trying to have a conversation there you're singing sixteen already rocked in because I try and stale. Yet it was kind of a serious conversation your blessing out your dance moves through and and you know that's less annoying at least. I don't you think. I do think third higher third alarm. Third arm. All the way what you which are high anywhere you want. Now third arm arm. Tired arm Mahan. You'd look a little bit and you look a little different letter I attribute but air instead of zero limited behind the back your head and or tie your fan and I need to see behind me. If I become an ally and tired arm I can give so much more done. There and win every fist fight ever beaten. Not necessarily. A vicious army trauma team I would take a three on guy any day at a if it is probably like confused by his arms. They get in his way and everything. Let's see which you. Rather a foot long nose or foot long tongue. Tongue. Let's assume you can't hold in your mouth. And all of a long time out so it's kind of console the Al now you you've changed it and I damaging. I'm changing faster roll out of your mouth Wheldon never mom I can which were the only time her nose and it's like can't keep my tongue in my mouth. I got bigger problem. I'm still don't know who it. And on time I remember of front line. Adopted a rescue dog they're dead IDC. The really weird all the time right now you'd look weird but. I might. Be in jail for ten years or comfort one. Coma. In jail anytime of the day on day you'd. It's I think your glorifying jail glorifying it under saying at least they would know what's going on in the world. But plus the with the stress of my family having this you need a lion air all the time. And I think I'm going toy years to secure a come visit you need. Yeah but at least I know what's going on. I can have a life some sort M it's usually 1020. Years for text double the amount going to sleep for twenty years and waking up into you will be light. A second you have a terrible migrants now but I'm also miss a lot of things. I kind of short jail is kind of like coma that would maybe beans that as a but he gained ten years of life. And did you miss it twenty years a life as opposed to sit and not seeing my kids for twelve assignment and I'm finally and then got artist and I can chip. You you have trouble getting along at a radio station that's not a skill you should brag about it. I'll Manny Harris masters shivered and didn't hurt and I'm a shiver ran an IQ you in this toothbrush Seth let alone who could. It's all fair with maximum. Is there a way better than going out different. That's what they say you. We'll sign off on. Israel takes them to vote. These low key slightly up from the chaff. And it's replacement photos and wall post. Hand. On time with alone on the counts and it's are not too long and we lots TV sign up the pace. Is now ahead early on through FaceBook for hours and pro especially the post part. And be photos for a little while black it's all pretty quickly thank. You re fitness class together. I love this idea now because. Bet that no woman's counting that as a ballot as a press now and it's thank. The stomach kind of to discuss that you would do it like. I loved to dance for example. We're doing a card he'll fund class together where where. Dance CIA and inhabit a good brand name I think he can be fantastic. Mayor a lot of couples classes just for exercise and you do well those. You know back to bank. If PE now yeah IB. I'll let that that sounds pretty advanced there's nothing romantic about doing that and blew it here now life now. I have wouldn't go over well in my life now you do out. Hip hop I would dance I would decisions bears surge worked out is if you say Amy has signed us up to do. A hip hop dance class together while it's a clans like to learn. That's one thing. If it's a wonder just art gallery trying to follow the beam the front person you and every that's not gonna orca go on more and act. And I could not okay with the if you think that's fighting and justice are making joint vision board. Yeah and then move did you make one. Yes I've made Udinese three vision boards I've never made one with a man that would be beautiful value that apple. By no contact and that's why put Amanda my vision normal pulling together for. You wanna share your vision board it'll put together a man vision board yeah. It double dog days it's an area vision blurred are we need men. So email us which are on your vision via Diaz who anything that's put pictures six and B. And did you dine. But no again after doing it that that is. Late as he put a photo of Kosovo where. Like the short order the past or whatever. There's an agent under visual aura of the plots that it did say he's enjoyed until I got Miley just get a bonds a bumper staggers in Belmont there. I don't know I've never done our name is Martha knows that on one it I mean I guess. I mean we've said like hey we like to go to Disney cruise or something like that we didn't pick the time to cut out pictures are not saying I highly recommended and uncooked dinner for each other OPEC I'm down without ads go to land it and that's a good one I think it's up to the guy. To get the recipe and all the items. That is yet. And they put together and Lance begins yeah for it and it all depends on who does the cooking in your house. Because if I typically in the line I'm doing a recipe. He is doing Camille plain mean and make sure that we have all the ingredients all the that got to take the fun out of it form me if I'm doing all the way. I always do and you're just showing up to chop. You can't jets. When you do that you know it's there's gonna get in the way and make noise so you that he can do that with kids asked have you singles thing. And it has to be like. And you better if it's like super Amish are up here I am bringing dinner your partners and you show up with a budget ingredients and whatever I'm that that's government. If you're just drawn up. Okay back could be that can be OK but I but I have a friend you lose dated a guy who did get. Acknowledged do dinner together and he was costly bringing groceries to her house. Basically I heard a cook you can't let us draw these together in addition to constantly. And you have to. Sick from the wooden spoon the sauce that's what they do and all the boots and others got a soft that's got this ultimatum was a lesson there must be sought although we're on would never do that. Sit on this osment but it's been back in the tell us. You're right because noted I get out and guys whatever is now because that's just how you cook it. Agog at every show whatever site does that they every girl or girl's hand and they tasted before the S and and yep yep yep. I'm on and on and on and try something new together OK we get bad. Try to plan a hot air balloon or whatever. Challenging and an Aries is that one. Re read your valves. And that's is down. First. First of all. I don't know mine I don't know where am I can apply attempt their second of all if we didn't have wedding DB DEU word eighty somewhere feeding you know they probably just how awesome that would be if you. Not even if you didn't expect her to do it even if this Valentine's Day Huey like you know what. I rediscovered their vows that I said to you. Fourteen years ago Amy said loud loud blab blab blab blab lie and I still mean it today. That's nice. You can watch football all day every day for the next five minds that's and you get no flag. Make an option not I don't know but my point is that's not that's out of a little Valentine that's like twelve sockets now what do we do. It's not enough just some I think so I say I am I say the valves and I'm like Gary let's turn on. The serial killer Manson story we've been watching. It shouldn't I. What did you need to mourn remain a follow up what I do but I do I do write her letters of the before I write her not a letter I write her a note or. You know it used to be a note now which would ever get fit inside the card. But is it that. And then there's to go on your first date again and edit or new. Alleyway and make out in front of a dumpster and X. You're listening to all there. Happy because they just look back coyote yes it's. You are looking up. What it basically looks like the dogs wearing porcupine quills. Yeah right and there are like spikes it looks like some out of that movie mad Max it had done. There's different kinds of one with spikes there's one would like quills. And I guarantee you if I show this to my mom she will want armory to get a coyote best irritates eyes amount of attacker. This person. Is really sucked in people and as it says it says keep off hawks to. Larger dogs. And she says in the article are that the on the web site. September 22 when he fourteen we witnessed our beloved poppy it's matched up in this stalls of a coyote. Obviously focused on a way to help this okay you're some experts. They Kyra he's a little coyote fax voted their monogamists. I'd they're propensity toward long term commitment is a competitive edge for survival that's weathered hard to get rid of and then urban areas tons of food. So the mom a coyote to produce large letters. And the main Al the maids. Who is a coequal. Incumbents departed proper hearing these are the high survival rate. As to somebody's always take care that the letter and that leaving them alone. And only in the American southwest now there basically everywhere managed dark horse ever hear and Charlotte. There reputation at midnight creditors. By coyotes will attack household pets but we don't know the numbers because people reported as a coyote attack where just like a dog with a scratch on it. And they're like our attic oh you but it could have been something else. The truth at. Prefer to eat rodents rabbits squirrels insects snakes berries roadkill. And you so crash and named Mitt. Go to our FaceBook page and see the video. Oh the shy guy I don't need. That can't tell a family's car and rapper had either way are they and family and sign all the big idea was that company and should really read about rattle at and rabid cubs and I feel. They had low in large and this -- did this show I went yeah yeah kind of make me love you not. After they ought to dodge detection and cities. Because are strictly nocturnal. Hiding out there today in parking garages alleys under passes drainage ditches and all that stuff but it is like coyote. In the daytime I don't forget they do that like golf course or something to it just that date. Hi kind of they're afraid again. They you know. There are ongoing because of people turned down the words and stuff. Some divisions big box stores all that's so there's less Karine a which means loss of food water shelter. And rock kinds animals. So coyotes are pushing as they can take care some. Other animals January to march we care less than their breeding Ramona. A great air added as we speak January to march is that time ended hungry just the most aggressive. And though they were just. Barry eating monogamous only gospel preacher and are being eaten there are you pink does Disney picture. Of the that I EO ED. But that's not what we see why I carry USSR and curbing coyote okay well I think it coyote again this year that has not been good. Is urban high yield here's what not to do. Never intentionally feed a tired. There's somewhere there's an animal lover with probably a big heart and a tiny mind. Never is via Skype your site and making that coyote expects to be fed by humans. And inaction here. Now they are unaware of the coyotes come under my door expecting food and I'm like all old. That's that's how it happens that's out heavens they they knock on your door and then you open and they don't and how they approach me out of food like well wait wait I'm I'm just trying to walking in my house with some grocery. Socialist please don't keep your pet food outside. Always clean your grill after using in store and a garage or shed of possible I'm not doing. Cover your trash for audible. Make sure your compost bins covered don't add me blah blah blah pick up fallen troops and fruit trees up. Pet. That tips safety that he cats indoors. At least between dusk and off I will say. There used to be. He a lot of Ferrell cats. Hanging around in the parking lot here as a radio station. And then the coyotes showed up and they're not here I have not seen EC. Will stray. Right since the coyotes started they might have been intimidated they might not have been eaten them edit in my hand I'm I'm not saying I think I'm afraid. That's. Did that coyote showed up and they are nine and that's good although we do need to wonder. As a group. What the coyotes are eating out that there are no he has hanging files I just said we just need to wondered out. Don't leave dogs at any size tied up outside defenseless. At least they're tied up that a car yet and in in dog has already run a less than a coyote vest. And then. You have to go to coyote. Best dot com he's been on those FaceBook page. This is ridiculous ridiculous it's pet body armor and it's Ken Lar it's got spikes is a cause I don't know never let your dog outside unattended even an offense area sorry I'm doing it. But they say they give defense a six foot putt a hundred bucks. 120 bucks released starter pack. He's the dogs who'd just ridiculous during ridiculous yet the independent the odds are so slim. He has preserving social remedies of the throat guard to see that yeah we just spikes coming out of danger spikes. God it's it's it's it's crazy it is they demonstrate. Canines spike it's crazy. I sewed it used to seeing coyote in your yard neighbor Ramona here's what to do a gang because hazing chased them away. Yelled clap stomp your feet waving arm throw rocks are bought tennis balls that I am. Update on the to frighten them blame the guard knows. Never stop doing that we will lose or natural fear encourage your friends and neighbors. Who haven't done that to do it. So don't hide in your car Ramona that just adding to the problem. You gotta get out there and throw balls out like I've got to pack tennis balls and all time I'm supposed to get aggressive with the tea yes. Otherwise there's they can't what's the big deal that's just a woman yeah pays and pays them days and days on bank. In Atlantic you know I'm. I'll be on the news but crazy hazing coyote. I don't know. And it is and then people like we do believe. This stupid B word decides she behaves a coyote yes. Know that when I'm on I'll be proud of them on the news telling a reporter how I got attacked by coyote in the and I explained that I decided get out of my car and hazy it. I will be the laughingstock Ike now cool hey you're dating a wild animal right here biologist biologist says by the way and it should wild animals every. Rated Internet yeah. There's no different than any other again dear aura pop some or whatever they're wildlife man yeah but it pays him he's your music your neighborhood. Is a Tizzy which you go to whirlwind or what was position. Way shockwaves yeah so read your shot when he should be going neighborhood neighborhood getting in this article that says he's them away. It makes sense right you say you never wanted to get comfortable. And let him get comfortable. It was a hidden yards and throw stuff Adams goes away and come back for more stuff to think that it. Not just being mr. vegetarian used to threaten to go get his gun. Every time played has a lot. Unreal and again always rumors about it but I. Think yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and music you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.