Date Ramona At The Cat Cafe

Friday, April 13th

If your date idea involves cats, there's a good chance Ramona will say 'NO WAY!"


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to on they would then Ramona. If you would indeed it is. Rates of tiger has ethical yeah definitely share that that helps us keep doing what we do and and go to Matt FaceBook page. Because. There are caps danger. And the getting on the caller's stealing food from babies. Rory. And one of the things they listed was why and she goes to a cat cat today. Oh wow well above the law to be brought to people. I mean I would I would do it if someone you don't editor. Could just imagine a guy thing I played a really cute date for us. And we show up at the cat cafe. Like I just look in the window. Of the catch cafe and he kept climbing the walls literally climbing the walls yes and walking the counter tops and tables. And it's better to weed that guy out quickly. Him as a go to the tactic papers date but for the girl that looms can see and that's a great day I get home. How do I get only pride drove yourself an industry. Yeah you did vet if you're going in you. Are you know what all whether it would not be feared to meet for the cats inside because. I'm getting hysterical. The man and I see knuckle. Head seeing. Pictures or video and I think even Wendell. I cat's claw I'm Wendell white owls. Oh win. Let's go hit a contract that culminated a fan would. You bars would dogs so. Can't little dog bar now and and in that if the person. And that I don't restaurants I love viewed the restaurant now that have. Made a little seating area outside. And the seating area outside his dog friendly I love you and I thank you. Map now mate. Sukuk that outside a debit there's a prompt. At least 40% of the dog owners aren't. Controlling underdog in or the dog isn't meant to be where those guys are not giving 30%. I'll DV 20% now I am I did a lot of places go to brewing there Whitewater center. A couple of restaurants downtown Belmont they have an outdoor seating area like string mean. Like now these they have a great outdoor seating area in fact. The only time I've ever seen a dog misbehavior was one time at the Whitewater center and frankly it was my don't. I believe that. Once the average definition of misbehavior is different the adult getting near me is misbehaving OK you're jerking it. Earlier climbs on me you are climbing on united Hitler's marquee persistently they had sniffing my crotch rocket like that. Spear crutches. Every Wednesday. Reminded of the modes don't make over. Here's one from the weak or your crotch sent. Yes. How you should take your commitment. A little further. In the bedroom. Because let's say you're in them and boyfriend girlfriend land and wanna be and husband wife Latin well may do you. One reason why you haven't taken that next up is your commitment to boot Barr has it been what it should be. For example are you committed to keeping things interesting or are you OK. With settling into Iraq you do this I do that there's over. He should be pulling out there and let your partner now yes that they expect surprises. Excitement. A light time. I don't safer life. Mean you know really. As Panetta yeah I had a I've said it as too much but I Erica that implies that there's going to be often regularly weekly or something surprises there. Urged her not enough I mean we got nag at him and imagination a twenty years in. Twenty years and we are not talking about you know. Turning your bedroom into a joke lives like an African safari. We're talking about some of the things like anybody has have a personal yeah what kind of her in the bedroom. I'm wolf that they. Maybe this time it's candlelight next time it's music. Maybe this time it's not the bedroom is the living room maybe you were in the cargo living room. Maybe you started in one place. It would is really touchy touchy grabbing grab me make out session but the boot walk that doesn't count as surprised me. That's it touches and that just you hunt and a dryer an Amy comes in and she's all over you. And you get things go in there with his pick make out session in the laundry room and mixing you know you're in the bedroom it's different then. Well she did today you'd get a bed you checked to see if she has her own mark miles guard and you check to yeah there you got your mouth guard it and if you don't. It's a good night let's go for. Not to listen article here. OSHA can help. Got a an agent here like the suction. Listener a shot. A little. It was just big surprises. When you say that implies more to me. If you don't count those as surprise to get a different blue gore yes that's nobody knew some guys to guess yes you adding some bets you can do the same week. Instead it just genetic tests we just in the laundry room be denied the lights Iran 19 dollars and countless liking guys there's a great time yeah. Those kind of give if you whenever I candles before. Does what it's gonna make it a little special if she comes home in public can't. In the mid amateur and knocked out. Got knocked out a bunch of these by the time you're in the rise of ten years. They recommend some daylight change to the scenery getting a hotel room. Matt Allen it's easier now anti crying and you know I wouldn't like I'm not the semi groping we like right next. Then girl part we are all there to watch a movie now watch you grow. You wanna focus on your Marie writes gas has paid fifteen dollars so you don't want any you don't want Mary to techy doll it's the you can see anyone heard it like kind of maybe do little rebbe rebbe on the sides no no no no bloodied. I had easily I hope all the places where in the movie theater. And lo and we got popcorn. A lot of good thing movement out. Owners reporting unit volume. Very likely yeah Madrid and London for twenty bucks and during. Why. The opinion that we were homelands we want to Netflix and counted. And that played well. Thanks somewhere album well I'll turn on to next time and. Yeah exactly yeah. Morning. Fresh off his number one songs all on my mind. Anderson he's just taking. Country by storm. 1079 to only presents. Anderson east for a special exclusive acoustic performance at the company's own on Saturday April Tony first. So denying the league is the only place in town that acid is the acoustic show an. All electric showed the underground leader that. Winners qualify that we. Tickets to see. Anderson he's lying there red rocks interfere in Colorado on June 20 no worries if you don't win tickets to both shows you can. You can still register a 1079 the link dot com this CD comes. Who's to gel and and they should they're red rocks in the deer deceit Anderson he's going. The company's own. Acoustic performance must be present to win a trip so look here. There's an east. The electric on Saturday April 21 only from Charlotte's best mix of 1079. World. Goes to leave and go to FaceBook page if you haven't of that summary get Chirac podcast. There's a video up of an howls. Lou. And now. Ruining a wedding thing. It was an honor all very mention the editor Alan okay. Very bad ass Al's very bad. But we list like bad as urgent new year rarely hear out okay. Still thought we weren't an endless Elizabeth you know right media villages like about top by about as Al birds out front and and then. They crow to grow very. OK guy at. Bring your thank you never know and not a Beth and her about it permanent permanent faced but then beautiful. And you can advance the and let us know the fact that. OK and he said yeah it reveals who you spoke your spouse is most likely to have an affair with. Today you do when you take a look at whether it's friend. A colleague. A family member. Or other. Which is the highest. Most Nike and I don't think Pam remembered never item but I don't read some calls I cheated with my wife's Suze order to people my wife's mom. And it's you people that Mary there. X.s sister. Negated one sister and they moved on to next. Manner yet at the opera family drama for life that they were log in with a widgets I don't know how I wouldn't feel good about that knowing that there was. You know Thanksgiving dinner in passing a drumstick somebody and mice. A flight yeah it's their husband their leverages her life itself. Summing up opted and I don't even know where it. Men whose ex has been hooked up with her sister. So they both had kids by the same god only go to actual children were stepbrother stepsister but also 'cause. So the news. Being area partners or their question again and we couldn't get better. Answer or spells most likely to cheat west. To a friend a co worker. A family member from a partner family. Despite or other I pure numbers. You have many more possibilities with friends than you do pillar. Yet more most pleased yet more friends. Yeah friends. Fred is on the other two though. On a lot of other. Many others. At the legal strangers. An area that the he never leave your pretty much talent and I do in my house I am very today it is still out there are entire web sites. Dedicated on the ground looking up what hasn't really answered them extra Hampson all right typically go to bars Ming and his center. And you keep decent at it now. Others are only two acquaintances friends or family members. So that's co workers right and I mean friends I got the. Give presented the men and women who admit to having an affair with a coworker. Hello 25. It's 36%. And one in three. Percentage of men and women who admit to it the Delhi with infidelity with a brother in law or sister in law are. Please 3% 5% its 17%. Man way and high wrong did she get close and follow. The thrill to paint this scenario yeah but I didn't vote get out the middleman to gets attack Clinton and. Thought about it. I got my sleep apnea mask on I don't know and. Bruce said. Married man who had strayed at least once during their married lives a married like a cat and her entire life would be different married. I've in their entire life that members 57%. Up at their married life would be either line 15% in for its 22 I was at a bad. I. And women who have stayed at least once during a married lives right close but yet at twenty hot it's 14% it's lower the governor Locke and that are they're filling now bat an intimate look at the data that you think that people who travel for work. Are probably more likely to be able to have a successful affair. What percentage of men and women admitted to infidelity on business trips. At ten. It's 35%. And B a and it's got a flight attendant and pagan business trips which in no way I could think of her is taking business trips you do how come on and it. They also say this now here's the here's the. The reverse if you have a spouse who travels a lot and also opens up. You're entryway into another person's body. And being a human yeah I could totally live did not benefit all it to me until then good but I'm. They need to guy or gal who's against the other travels all all the time has as much of it chances cheating as the person travels. I am so glad that they ask that the pride and ask that they just in the travelers Jeter not one standard out. I know today that double double standard question poll. Mayor. As for the reasons why eight. The fastest growing category dating web sites is. Basically as people begin to question twentieth century values. They have between first entry approach to human sexuality. Meaning. They're not looking get married I don't know I'm just gonna sleep with his one person for the rest of my life. At an atom I completed the get through that much. That is what about somebody hotter in the way it or not not even hotter there's a lot of guys pop uglier so I did is went some strains. And budgeted Mary guys who admit to cheating say hello my wife but she doesn't have sex with me anymore I believe that it. Talk Ellen. Put. And out of does go that the opposite way probably to I guess why go out on eleven because there there. I don't and other on the mop and then on Obama needs gets the number one reason American and European women she is because quote. They're partners dot paying attention to. So they look for that attention alls I don't know the Europeans legend necessarily about the specs it was about the compassion yeah. And the intimacy wrongness now. The other problem but yeah it's wrong just call it like animal a stick it's a similar. One resent American many European events he. It is. Many in Europe aren't they supposed to tee like out all the time and do it was in a more reason millions of that because they aid they are aren't earned they are excited there's no. Like weirdness in the bedroom the other person was really hot. Well I'm batting at that. World does not apply. We have not okay I'm saying I can understand being ariz as an saying it's the reason. I mean. In Jamaica trees and that's pretty decent one. Most guys give the opportunity to achieve with someone hotter than lose there hardly win again. I think that's just a fantasy I think that is duke I had not seen a lot of cheating had seen them at men and women. The person's cheating with is a downgrade little physically. Some guys mentally and judged. The it's reality reveal what your schedule all off there with Ramona. Do you have goose bump muscles. Need goosebumps yeah in whatever they're they're actually. Muscles. Tiny muscles around the hair follicles. Which contract when year. When they're really steered or scared or whatever or when you get we're tickled or something like matter my junior watch that movie. Yazoo and song. Yeah does the muscles man. The Fontainebleau deflection and I don't think so the bug to make other animals per stand dot. We don't have that daycare most analyst sees few bumps that them. Hair like hackles political circles or hurt them right at tackles that have never heard tackles never hackles. Each days he can LES is like when your. Did this when they're goes up and a dog dad summit with tackles. I think that up. Definition of the word uncles look at advocates at tackle Rick wild hair is. Along the back of a dog or other animal rise and its angry or alarm. Yeah yeah yeah Iraq yes get your hackles I would know about the erect higher deficits are really give you're getting like flustered or whatever. Little ego alone you've got my handles up. You got my direct dial irons. Crazy idea you gave me go to a rich hairs I never did direct dial I just knew their parent and I know arson about tackles. At Aaron on the hackles are all this time. Message Mary. This is ridiculous to me when he sixteen. Scientists discovered a new organ. A new part of the body another award at how do you find other organ after all these years a couple of people apart and another organ and they just just. That's like saying yet there's new organ it's called. Nose to show his department know it's a double fold of abdominal cavity and Knight died justice system. It used to be like separate structured but it's grown into one nailed you know there's a functionary thanks but that is amazing to me. That in 2016. You find a new organ. Yeah. Mandala dot org it is stated it it's probably just part of it's down like it grew a Dick grew to gather doubted it became a new organ. And Arizona's looking for new organs so equipment but I don't even wrote dollar based. There's a thing called due was later. Your cornea the clear outer layer of your body has six layers off. God they die stuff one of which is just discovered 23 team. Listen 610 thousands of an inch thick. They I guess they thought it was five letters they've got a six year and we final list of six letters because it means got to contact them plow through something. And I answered. Then of course Thursday tale. You don't have very morbid human embryos which tennis and maybe you're not human embryos have a tailback OK but you don't have a lot of back that's got to get back that's like dad that's a weird back. The in shallow Hal the and they filmed here were again out Euro changed into asked. Big person that from hot girl or production and hot with a big prison Jack Black spots he was a skinny person now leveler but the George to stand the guy. Had a tail at the end. But anyway. It's cinematic masterpieces. You have a human embryo as a tale about ten weeks in development. I did not know kids at apple in the vertebrae fused to a single tail bone. No wonder I can't make heads or tails you lose. Ultrasound photos people's emails on any details that I had do you do in attack and it isn't like yeah. A likens it to turn tail whitish gray issue were alone. Durable iPad that. Solo at. Europeans are tail and a lack of thought a trip I don't know of things are bear with that remote. Every weekday around 330 sometimes it's 630 Danny as a news not here's an example. Deputies say Gainesville Florida woman took some analyst. 300 dollar wedding ring. From the house of the child she was babysitting on Monday. And damn now I doubt that's that your baby sitter did. The jewelry and Italy's are the least of your more. You know you you I always. Mike Davis there's a great but I wouldn't be surprised babysitters go through rulers. Well I think mine does but I gonna say they drop Ellison the and even surprise you. Our allies and there's no telling what can regularly hire to baby sit out black. Alan. I'm guessing this will be the first time in some jewelry yeah. Those toys I don't want to sell clean up plays out well. It was 27 year old Lorena Margarita. But she refused to leave. Today. At someone refuses to leave a place. It's got our own John John's done a volley. Where I don't ever somebody else's home. Arrest should not now stone asked the league you are asked to leave it is time for you to go it is but sometimes they you can't throw me out. As an odd choice doubling the news when you're stealing. Nicki don't go in to rob the banking god not lead him a couple of yeah. You have trauma center. For all of this. Has been a strapping yourself. By this point in life. Had called police deputies arrived they tried to subdue the woman she wasn't taking orders from anybody she came to our law enforcement officers in the crotch. I've said it before I don't understand how you get the second. First guy Dick ticks in the crotch the second guys got to be copper in those overseas gallons is obviously pretty accurate. At this point you know you're dropping your police shield your crotch or something your. She goes I don't Amanda put it. And here on the liberal woman Helen yeah they have been the Pentagon and the police penis she didn't I got to rent out there we're cops. No I don't know a direct not only finding out in Manila I mean your colors. Won't stop calling it brigade and it just the little it is putting on your company your Kevlar and youth academy gap now but I'll be finding out here is I can't wait on. Although it's going to be awfully weird if I ask him questions to navigate so yeah he's the guy is not malice and out the. Cubs. He is a protection you know after all regular thrown out big time. I'm comfortable with a win that and a cup must admit I'm better than mine. Dave police went by Dave wearing in the play baseball. And a U a there were becoming uncomfortable. There are very and I'm sure the better and Alex smaller and sturdier. There's no remorse today and there are no because you know like you they arm that you planet you know everything is body's immune dogs are smaller but. Image everything Smartphone smaller. A thinner like cars weigh less everything's so you imagine accomplished. We've had some sort of technological advancement. R.'s days the old gas mask. Then hit the yes Manhattan. They are coming up. It's backwards. And where did government doesn't grab and trying to put on your face and say gas mask. But then definitely they a couple of your base that I have been plagued the worst kind of bully in the attic. Hello all kind of blow you do dear friends and teammates. As if your child listening to visit my dad if your girlfriend. Take something that's meant to go over their private parts. It shows it in your face they're not your friend I got news for that's not my friends did not get any attempt to get it I think it. Man yeah not friend. Well I. Amy what you do is different that Ramona key guys are just broke up. That's a different I mean people we've drawn where each other sometimes yeah a bank robber. And wherein. So anyway this LSD babysitters she is stealing things. Least no Goddard took her to the medical center where blood doctors discovered she had the wedding ring in her rectum nearly killed. Well they you must go back. I guess course YouTube and how does the doctor to doctor. Katrina trailers. He's just put his finger up there it is randomly grammys coming at all this wrangling. Somebody had to be like dim demands operating in the red I don't know what the procedure culture and Palestinian. And it's not a vegan but that cannot be suspicious. Easy yeah. Miles north. Of the second job at the drive three cinemanow where. The doctors do. It goes bad. What about. Aren't you get up is Tim mature each other than that and I'm gonna be. I'm now on Salmonella got no the legs gallon. As about why the doctor just randomly just look at somebody's function. There's something going on there and sort of all seem like do these high error karate chop sticks and nothing all that other. Alitalia. Emmys could. We didn't and so you right. Logic and science hello. We've got a giant I'm looking. A lot of trouble and I think it can't get an expensive isn't it. The senate that it started out. That's true we would document. Okay it's again it's not that brings down note. Don't ever minarets into. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.