Dateable Pet Guy

Friday, May 18th

How much is too much when it comes to dating a guy with pets (or in Ramona's case, she's afraid to date a guy with cats)?

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would bet Ramona. A lot to thank you for immersed like having gotten having an amendment FaceBook page like Apollo. Es yeah zone but the fees to any kind of anticipate. There's a beat keeper who was transporting a box of these of these got out of the box inside the cab of his truck he didn't want to be to get away so he just got back into struck. And drove. To his son's work to say hello and then drove home national guys are good he's just swarming around nine here is he's now he did not get stung you did not have is being sued on the train just amazing to watch. Now it's been a man I'll on the and that the Matt Harris FaceBook page there's a raccoon. Who rescues it's maybe wrecked our posthumous RG is almost time on the record battery label my FaceBook. It's a pop some. That rescues its baby from a python. That is it's insane. Battle and a battle Royale on has is squeezing the possibility. And then the past and jumps on it. These pictures and clause the python apart. To get to the maybe. It is fantastic apostle and how I found at the processor evidently my tweet took and I don't know how to tell you so much about it up there again eventually although you know just follow me because of that. From python with lumps. Gonna years. Where who has. 334 followers and shifted from tight match. I can and cannot judge the guy with reptiles. Absolutely and. I did just that I don't judge him more harshly than I judge. The cat daddy and a guy with multiple cats and if I have to judge a guy according to his pet. Mean I give more leeway to read Thailand. And I know when you man with multiple cat with multiple me more than one. Now I know I didn't whine I usually allowed when cat and part of the reason why I'm say that is because our boss has get. I would say but a guy would choose three cats or more current. And even judge it I. I'm judging the tight empire but I'm stereotyping at least. Anna and I like the reptiles can be creepy and it's a stone. Yeah and a real owners don't it chances are you're not their place ten and was a guy who was a red tile guy always stoned all the time I don't I'm not an. Clark. Are you that it. Are not getting out of it's it's I don't now. But. Yeah they're different. Lol I think the more they're they're weighed more different than a guy too technical like ninja swords and throwing at our guests facial tattoos now the rooms are really dark you mean under black light posters aren't about the guy with a bird. Somebody do it. If you hit and didn't like a big cockatoo kind of they ask then he's probably. Are nice hands as he stable. That would multiple cats that was red tile guy with birds or that guy was some kind of wrote. I will tell you that the least it. Is a tax man as a person who has any of those specs haven't got any of those other things and takes them out for like. Where their people. It wonders for a festival something on the snake on it saying era. Yeah Iraq tune on its shoulder alert. Those guys the guys were the exotic animal on their body but it whopper of course Mozilla's eyes is is fish tank in doozy it's easy mostly. Yet this guy that's cool article is very cool a bit of cats is Liz stable is that guy who has. In a loose domesticated in animal. There should not be domesticated or khakis missed a squirrel guy goat he's got a raccoon. Yet he's got a goat hanging now I'm gonna go to in the yard right. There's not as a house. I again ago and I mean that's just how often does this happen. What this guy can just go back mainland goats dot com and tiled. Heard a big bird reptiles birds. And three cat. How are you how are you lining them up. Reptiles birds three can't guide berg guys first most of the stable. Red top guys second reject guys that are Keck as the two cats jump up at all. I know we got one dat is still the boss he got a tad biased and yes she does take a guess most women would go for the cat guy. Yeah okay good. But at least those other animals generally stay in their K it's Ford all I could look up and they can't could be on the counter now I'll helmet I'll read to know they let the bird. Fly around their house and they let those Gila monster out he hanging out on the couch. About four dogs. A smaller type house yeah move. Again somewhere there and I didn't have don't have a giant Donald literally labs size like that. A bit of a dog I am I'm gonna love him. Four for now square foot Wednesday. About. That and get things up. Things that are easy to deal but winning money which Charlotte this. Is the easiest we want to get you ready for summer with some easy my. Every week day from 7 AM to 7 PM take it and to win a thousand dollars cash every hour be listening to the bottom of the hour for the keyword and texted him immediately to 7881. Messages generated well he's easy money from the station that wants you to have adventures all summer. Seven now. Dumb link. Well I email information and I you know I was surprised by this. 205 billion emails sent predict when he fifteen. It's gonna you know it 246. Billion. By the end. 2090. I would have thought. At least leveling off for. But I don't know what the percentage was before gonna guess maybe it's a world a lot of humans and computers but don't think a lot well a lot less emails and Pete. The people are dead emails are less formal Nelson they're being sent like text message us that a quick yeah they're very quick they're not as formal they don't have a deer or hey your signature people are just sending them. Like they would attack one thought yes I suppose maybe they used to wait it right a bunch of information write comments to theory. Or are we supposed to say when we start our email. Well they all the pins do you really want a response. And because now there are different ways to start your email. To increase your chances of getting a response. And then and if your choices are OK eight. Ill. And greedy lose or deer someone so which one do you think would get the best response. I mean dear obviously now. And little old informal yet formal say you're going to somebody. Who doesn't feel the need to respond quickly. And I never hear a year or even get here you have somebody asked me to do whatever. Again listeners and they don't savior. I used to get them like deer so and so it was just it was but not anymore yet even if it's like a PR company via an Aussie dearest ARRIS. If you are a lot. The best chance of getting a response you should start your email with hate sixty form exhibited time and you start a mad man. A mini dot. You're gonna get a response that's why access code is 64%. Sixty parties and that it is 64% we deny if you start it would dear. You only get response like half the time 56%. Lester. Now they say. Granite. Hey might not be appropriate for everybody. Like if you're applying for a job. You're reaching out to a very high profile client you're still better off we deer in stating their name. I talk I say hey boss man. And I view when asked big boss and that's why we don't did suspect act. That on the I must man now now in bad behavior reaching out to the higher up. Chances are gears so and so is I'd better move like pat Paxton big dog in the company. He's uncle as. Not act like the big man in charge I sent him something and died from pat like your pat you'll remember that we are directly hey pat. Then hey that's straight up that. And sentenced to hurt him on the subject lies that you mow. Both didn't we didn't go low closure in the in this subject line how often but hey area. Is that that we got that wrong foot higher up now. Or somebody. It's tails person shooters. I put that that I can just get right to you is done and viciousness that's good but. Well if you are. Responding to order let's just say your email haven't seen a lot about. And now if you are either not responding. Has sometimes not. Take a back of our year over the area barely responding. He cares. I do a lot of yeses. You leave the subject line blank I don't. Or he's been in email that's. By god give back to be ASAP or you may get a high priority message and they may look at it it's like. This is and I'm I'm the right urgent and all counties that I unedited and luckily I was a salesperson your years ago who. Every single email she sent was high primary. Ray Kelly yeah it every single line of Tommy undoubtedly end also if you sit and type in all caps. It's like you yelling at people here I end if you stand. Colored emails like you make your error your script. Like that's like yeah are Dexia whatever I guess maybe hear it and artsy feel like that maybe. You do that. Like we're artsy. And so we're creative types you wanna see yellow email so I don't what what do they do and that's not what it's tough when. Even when it comes to marketing companies where you have a lot of creative people. 60% in say don't get crazy with your font and that crazy with kollar are right that might I go to work for some. Major marketing company I'll remember. We kind of partner. A lot of debate this stuff up. Act it is what you did you. Bandages they ID and said it but it only 47% of all the emails get responses. That's that that's less than half. Audition good evening general the spam and junk guessed right and Esther respond to probably 20% of the emails again in Africa and on the job. Your largest information that de LA Nina yeah hey don't respond to this now did you stay in a surprise is high. I don't respond a 50% a mind to close. I read on yeah it'll be a lot of magazines and information and rattling that. So that's on app that connects its reality radio what your schedule all off there with Ramona. For instance of any relation to feel it when a woman complains. She's being dramatic and went amid complaints there's a real problem. I've not yet as a bad double standard however I will say. It's all Mattel. Oh. And and credit. Well as opposed I got paper. Yes about my systematic and does not matter who says. I maybe march attic and you are Baltimore's. Dramatic but it years making a general statement. Used assuming every time a woman's place in dramatic and yet you got a problem but he. You gotta learn this thing. If she is. Complaining more. Or let's say just noticing things that are right mourn the and you are. But she's also responsible. For more then you are you can't count that. I mean if she's taking she's she's doing 90% of the work. As it relates to keeping the house. Am preparing the food and buying the clothes and buying the food and taking care of the key. If she's doing 90% think she probably have a lot more to say. About what's going on wrong he's got a 100% of the paycheck earning. That is creating user that just his last name same month that saw us might make a 100% more. Degree that I do but nobody can play but I might be seeing more. In my day to day operations and he had to move. Out of its. They'll I. I don't buy that theory but I Dubai you can't just say it's. Dramatic woman says. Iowa will go without one. The view believe that. When a man confesses his feelings it's endearing when a woman confesses stirs feelings it's overbearing and clinging. That. You have a guy known as a woman's a feeling person who could. And that's not a generalization. You know well that generalization is better than. Thinking that a woman's feelings or overbearing or clinging. At least and any generalization as a true one women are more the most in tune up there. The most part I feel like of course under present Bud Black I'm a hundred a human and endearing. I mean to edit to talk about feelings as a as a as a woman they so why would you think. Very legible on the dogs better Phillies this is going just being a woman. This just and edit a man confesses his dealings is not bad and dear to many times as he doesn't overboard and even elements in America right again. Wow suck it up rotator. Cuff humor and lightened. Yeah I in light I don't mind that is enlightening. But I'm women. Feelings men David yourself grip the bat that daylight and you've got that we ought to keep it to yourself but. You overdo it I've heard women's. Desk adolescent problem. The cry all heard that all the time any time I can count it. On one hand. I don't like five times I've four or five. Buy dot but that's like callers and things like that the most people like your guy cries all the damn time ever. Isn't this your calls big music on my god my god cars all the delegated to dig it out at Brigham and death. It'll give the girls a one with the guys riled up. Does the truth from facts. I sliced bread last week it women want men to show their emotion but not all the yes but not all the did you cry too much. You're probably suffering from the predators I mean if you read like a little bit yeah woman cries like at least probably once of my house. My Mike Mike as we do you like the leaker monsters we commercial or whatever certain guys trying to burn that stuff commercials. Hallmark movies or stuff that's an X on my got to I would just love him yeah and personal don't overdo it man can cry yeah. You would dump. I get tired of his. Also when a man that's a man to let me up barely felon can take care protect apparently I could pick out. To double standard V doesn't answer your text it's no big deal but if you answer is he's offering doubt news. It's to be. Even Steven. Well you hey you never return tax on it you get excited don't say never okay you're right I just don't have my 48 hours probably. I'm I'm I'm a Tony for I've return your takes it into law hours I don't believe it within 24 that's that's too long anyway. Guess wealth. What lessons that light and I mean in the area alone don't call it in the army ever. It's a double standard that could hurt things gave you can complain about his family but he can't complain about yours. NS double standard atlas is except that yet but he just. Everybody gets it. That's the latest you gonna play and I'm I'm that was then in the many families. You wind up spending most of your time with. The woman's family. And most certainly is I now am owner told outlook Allah yeah I mean it's and that's you get together more. With whoever's most local yep whoever's most most yes you're listening to all there was to that remote society ahead dec. Got to tell you in much to Al these guys are mocking me because nobody Samir video and I'll explain its and the amendment of FaceBook page which is like can follow. Side there roses I've put up via a video I'm Matt Harris FaceBook page that bear this guy goes to get a Celtic with a bear. Dom dom in the air attacks. We don't know how to ended might be too gruesome to demand my page it's like a mine it's easy beat to be dead Freud. So but I'm wind by the let's watch you're wondering a wise and on anybody helping him wives and like somebody throws a rock one rock the yet. I'm OK with the rock thrower mania you. Now don't you risk your life taking consulting with a bear and now I'm supposed to risking my life in America I'm that dumb don't. Whatever your mom I call the authorities or call for help dad died and okay yeah. Ultimately I hit well all it takes dig down bears be and you know yeah getting killed. Granted they're gonna keep yelling things like that more rocks I want I'll yell up the car window. Even a dog went down in that dog went down that pegged as a stand as a dog that's one reason why I love dogs so we. That's lined up talking about that at first aid that we incidentally about two days ago my friend Joseph Sammy a video of us who we are in Spain's running of the bulls. And I told that story before that. And to make a long story short McDonald says story. Men email naming names now you know I mean that's. People admitted to the bowl gets out of push my body across the gravel and I jumping and the dependable flicks we await them light but I do get in there right away. Like I would with a there yet and so we had a video and I got a few days governor forgot about it until the bears thinks it all ties together. So there's a video of of that my body branding get dragged enemy jumping in and some men have banned is third up and madam at a pace the pace. Really MB oh yeah. We should the mother Murray a little. Wasn't sure it's a little of what they are pleased to present what he shot went to the public. Don't print it that was shot of the day at the worst video any Israeli I think that I can't. How I make how. Is bill bull. And you really have to squint to see it. I stopped several times thinking okay may be it's just the way it's been explaining how does pausing it in different places to seek and now. Now and then it's not real and make it to some kind of tech guru yeah daddy can do it who will analyze these videos or heard the FBI yeah. Terrorist analyze and say face recognition it would be like we have here on the with the enhanced great day there like sorry we can't do it yeah. It would those guys in the refrigerator to Italy freedoms if it were a crime you really got away with a yeah. Oh freak in ways. We violently brutal anyway I think it's really trying to make it but on and then it ends abruptly got my buddy taped over it without wrestling match something. And Larry the wrestling Moxley or Firefox wired aunts and I'm not painful when born at the half. That is that is true a maybe not blur is born in Evernote. And again it right when we first. Just just like Saint Louis first. They preside HBO available. As college or something and would like the lines would shake like it would be like kind of command but it we be bouncing and you stand up on there and just hope that. In the than the bouncing scene that you might see a boom or something teed stand right there like oh. And I was here but I didn't think it's in India and it. No news you're gonna talk don't wanna do it now Michael. Is not a bull also. That in a little aren't here in the guys did or didn't. No new animated and cable. Not mrs. college. And enabled Continental's. Aged between empathy I don't know I mean was account is an odd tonight do you think. It's vague and count them contributing to it couldn't as a legal adult entertainment. And a half ago apparently the word nerd they miss it. And they you know has matured a fraternity. And went Florida Atlantic fans are gonna lines Fuzzy HBO and the real cute little. Good to me. They know is that though is that again they are younger at a friend's house and wait for the open. I'll tell you what have you actually ever see bouncy born you will be companies. And I you can't tell what's what a I I won't take you well I hope I never see bouncy and. But as a matter fact side notes. No really porn Honda the adults. On May fourth may the fourth be with you. Light sabres the search for light Saber you put nearly teachers do whatever. Like sabre was up thousands of percent Y as a side note I picked up what are the rest of the. It's not me of course nobody was we're talking about I don't know there's there's a pitch and then these aren't mounts even. You can actually make out the light of like cable at times been lights Abrams we are not because you don't you think of a doctor I mean princess lay yeah site. I don't quite understand. Now my site veterinarian when when I know that earned him a minute ago and you know medium that Irving. Has it hit my. Thanks for listening to our fair with a metal remote and check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 mil and dot com.