Dear Neighbor: Keep Your Dog Off My Porch!

Thursday, August 3rd

Bandy reads a complaint from an anonymous neighbor who's made that someone else's dog has been pooping on their front porch!

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Sales of and I only saw as best men makes him mad and Ramona and doc and bandy and bad he has. What's the app called it's called next door and anybody who's gonna H away your neighborhood. And probably downloaded in your era neighborhood and it hi Larry yes a lot of drama there FaceBook got my bill adds I don't know about that printers do you do anonymous yes this is anonymous to the person Atlanta dog poop on my front porch this is the second time. And I am mad as bleep the first time is right next to my front door elegy to New York on video and you know come get this up right now. I will host an idol called. I am not kidding Natalie and bearish you would do you feel like moving out of this state. Discussing and you shouldn't even have a pet if you're gonna let your pet poop on submit a hundred yeah. Good dialogue and this means your yard or your home is full of feces and. And I'm not putting it this time around I will come in I will know you aren't. I assume you're a Little League on up here amazing sick individual. Yeah complete disregard for you and your feelings. So I'm posting is a lot with a photo op of Santa whom I think there's a picture of me on and on his front we're oh. I don't blame it. Anybody on the person he's got video he's been this the second time it's happened in this guy videotape someone's about to be ruined yeah. Some tennis that it. On his sports yeah it sounds intent or it can be a straight dog owners and against that you know. There you know you haven't already attracts other dogs do it and you never know grant though.