Did Ramona See Matt In His Underwear?

Friday, June 30th

The title says it all...Matt may or may not have decided to get undressed here in the studio...

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would that remote. Lou Taylor brands they have made the news that day every day every thirteen years and can't. A woman went to the Social Security Office seeking support Tennessee last Thursday and she took off her engagement ring to put some lotion on our hands. In the process of doing so she dropped her ring on the floor. And that's when some random dude in line quickly ran over snatched it up took into the bathroom and jammed it right. Ye Iraq. Marriage ended right there. He was the ring. Image here and that's important. Important not important that there's. So does nothing about the bigger I'm. Fear of somebody not that would steal it back in my butt. Betty that's. He's that's his that's his go to smuggle retain I'm guessing it people but Butler you. Yes I think yes I think he does I'm dealers have been known him for years yeah I imagine these guys not the first time accidents are you need it don't you know. I just have to start somewhere. Could it do you could best first I'd. I unibody there if they would do it. But with. This idea covered did you girlfriends go you know don't let anyone steal it. You build it okay and well I know many time that's not a friend in the person in the bottom right now the so he. Say Aggies jumped up there the woman called the police and they found a guy shortly thereafter and the lie in CAE. Nearby where he was in the locker room in the stalled trying to retrieve the ring. How long I don't take to retrieve it. A view. They can track you down the go all the way this YMCA. Sleaze walk around with a for a while I miss him. We don't know how far away the YYOK at least I don't it. I mean at least block probably ears open wobble around. And then as Siena called the police and they had to be there and figure out was going on why in your creativity Turkish our first tee if it the other. End. In this all you don't remove the ring you leave him there right to the counseling for end. You may not known maybe they surprised him when he walked out. I would drop that during his precious precious in his hands of course they arrested him for theft in the concert turned the ring to the woman yeah hey if I was one of the cops are behind this and I'm not touching that evidence about he was UT you know obviously today I mean we found Iranian need to come get it. You would take. The ring back I mean. I would pay into it that diamond Lara. He yes. Absolutely and another way they do free ring claiming it is I don't know but I don't doubt that they draw the line. Yeah because if I worked there that's where I would tell a lie the LA all right isn't it that way we're just. Yeah it and smell like mud. And this is big abides. Should itself. He's now known now and I'm just gonna say the other day we had already Jordy event ID you know he'd already event so I had to change from. I regular people close shirt and shorts asthma radio outfit for the fifth bat and enhancements in this suit. So I changed in the studio. Andrew Mona thought it was hot she senator basement page not odd partners atlas it was inappropriate. Not definite. 08 because we work NN studio. That is surrounded by windows to the outside in also there's a window where people just want them always look. But then that does this I was behind a guy who the spotlight. It is nose in the car a bit nobody can see him I'm an underwear. I sure you don't mind and I think she supported many here this isn't. Through no I'm not. At. It's just really doesn't doesn't behind the war. Here he did do that has already had been a little time at least he had the decency to hide under the border with us I. Just on the hill and then all I hear is don't get around and they get behind your match. That's nice pretty polite. We'll know then turnaround and surprise it comfortable with me I'm sorry it's underwear. I mean I'm wearing shorts now is on the court tonight who telling me that the next time I had to get ready for an event that happens right after the show. You'd be completely comfortable with these tripping down my underwear and be okay with a media pay you are much more disturbing and under what. Yeah. But it. And I got a hundred episodes and we're swords and women in panties at that looks like pennies. That wasn't the smartest thing you have listed among them are running ominous and panties. You would. This big minutes isn't that we Johnson's underwear just looked like weird shorts. Hopefully in the global animal. Yeah. I don't know our brides and dancing and unfortunately they're not underwear I dare you wouldn't I think tomorrow I hear you speak about. Are a wearing. So what have you written T shirts or polo shirt and your underpants when I'm missy how long sleeve plus to about five minutes in the gym wearing his bathing suit to learn. And I don't have the letter I. I think it's got to learn and your price at a social experiment that. Anywhere you are reading your bit in the U I just think about and other birds are yeah. I hope I guarantee would take at least an hour report Simon said to me is on something to me about it. Yes says something to you yes because they're too busy talking on the hell yes okay. And look as Roma and how long for someone actually said in my face you know you'd is going to record for the. Since you're the guy who generally calls people out yeah and I think we'll take all. But we find her anywhere in Britain. He's become the use first Ramona with someone come to only applause and eliminate double economy right away. Must do seem. I. The minute you go Princeton by the for the department of. What can doubt the all the clients and underway. Along the hallway and into seriously long hallway it is it is the man. Gang all right nevermind I'm not gonna go to get coffee. Are both. Como. We're doing is keeping a yeah at least the last minute. You know I'm deadline in my cleaning lady Saturday that an issue there and lock down man to Eric and Adam irons and stuff. I like my underwear and and no certain guys that he says Austin residents are isn't even as I was I was as a walk back through the bedroom I shattered out. I just pressure on a short time. I'm a little yeah. The I didn't see anything can. Seem a bit. The bears million. We know your way you don't featured a road trip Tony seventy. An entire league staff to the Westin Hilton Head Island resort spot for the big summer party on the Carolina coast I guess what. It was a gruesome game seven through 1230 toured through the with a link price back again. It took featured a road trip 20s17 this August we're sending someone to a beach road trip every day. Everyday life details and discounted room rate at 1079 Philly dot com. Rajiv by cast these vital link to. Would resort spot. In this piece you know. We'll go to the high Def again. Please readiness and share that's one of the most important things that it is funny because I've for a restarted the podcast. Ramona asks us about what you organic dinner now grown to all downward dog and it's my new favorite yeah well you could you use that I don't even Ohio has used you probably didn't even know wanted. Downward all of course we watch downward dog and they're gonna hurt a downward dog. The bid he says right to any codes that. I Google did to secede in LA this might be something I'm interested in launching a and its been canceled two days ago. Two part finale airs next Tuesday. Acts on July 4 that's weaker. If the yeah. I don't care how important on July part of a bad rate she also Greg you're the only one who wants apparently did yoga. What it's it's a story about a single woman underdog. Add there also relationship and it's generated by the dog. It really did you love dogs and block a joke bit. Given an opportunity to grow an audience. That's because they know marketing sucks for the show and the show is about a marketing executive. I just think it makes sense that they don't Lotta market out to invest in it mind you base might put it on I'm if I can't get my dog loving friends to. Bought the network and do they showed me inside another phase but page tears oh brother went. It's ABC please expand their inning scoring this process on dancing mideast ADM's still waiting for ABC to give me say it and they haven't they haven't that is. That's a tough call right there. You still reeling from doctor Kim being canceled a and last grand standing. And told no one else but the kid that did not deserve that. I'm glad and it is sad is that what am I gonna do on Friday night actually get gators up that wasn't my day. He's a big fan of fresh off the code to which I I I bet on the bubble on the literally. I do so. No don't get attached what do you look at this evening you can have it Netflix Amazon or anything. Nick good shows aren't on AB CIBC and TV additional network TV a feel issue are much the CIS's the ends yet when the old people shows again CIA as a blue bloods you know only I primarily support reality and comity and while comedies not. No rational about a year I have gotten like Billy laughs from watching value also like the dog shows you can't take anything these days. At all about television and I was kind of hit a couple of friends to watch like L I got to develop this talent and I don't think any of them ever bothered. So so. Date heroes they're co op that are well that's the and there called us two extra people what pushes it over the edge. Speaking of dogs. This and you better show dogs eating dead people and that's video watch. That issue the minute this is little part hypothetical question to be die loaning her house which are pets EU. Buick cat. The answer is yes out. But if you have a dog and as sweet loyal best friend of a dog. Yes I was prize kind of attacks more than I and the dogs they say it's obvious that I think it's. Not that obvious both meters at the cat is far more obvious. Or it's not because cats. I don't think our our. As emotionally attached to your own and I say this is someone who is not a fat cats they are first of all they can go it would seem a lot longer variety. So it make me think that the dogs going in first busted dogs are usually bigger. And the cats are smaller they can enable and there's news I would test cat. National Geographic. I would assume that cats. That the dog waits for the owners dead but the cats sizing up the owner like I am pretty sure. They don't get this aerial looks at him every night like yeah pass. That dude got some began the hungry cats that does that daddy you're your little worried at times yeah if he gives me some looks sometimes let me wonder and any airs at that got made fun of someone within obese that because I don't think obesity is a joke let. It looks like just Dario has already had a couple uliassi yeah it yeah he's if it is it can't go without food very long considered obese yeah that and I think yeah hasn't run to the value of the timing of Monica owned these very big loan. And a. Mount that's a geographic the two cases were people died alone in their homes either pets ate them. Most dogs. Turn while rules are down hard 44% of the case were person died along with a dog dogs thirty minute and a dead heat. Are either dead or even an owner even though there is normal dog food set and act that you go gravy train their gravy brain. As though fresh fresh meets again today. On downward dog now merely acting. The dog decided that he was gonna go all wolf on his owner because he was kinda ticked off and it's already stick. Do you seek out that the owner dressed them up in a stupid costume for Halloween. Would you be offended by that he wanted to show our oh yeah you went out goal for you and when she took him up to visit. Her dead. The dog ran out into the woods that he got skier to realize oh now I really do need my human Mike and when it was canceled at. I don't know what's going to hurt this little lots until and that's our debt fell asleep. And somebody say on FaceBook Hadera don't need their batters and walked actually my friend. Are not there was once a pace but you read at all. One to let FaceBook friends works in the ER. All right and she was working in the ER ER win a patient came in he had fallen over baby gate at this house. And got knocked out when dead buses lip open. And when he came to it is dog was eating his lip out any tend to like what does that kind of. Signs and then Ali killing Don I need to value. The dead already so they day at eight yeah this out form. That's something on sleep around dogs and can't these are not dogs to earn people's toes off in athletics. But. I know that they would go for personal for food. That is I think. That'll let would be very like your year your crotch or region. And your lips are bad your eyelids might be the Oilers. Or if you like passed out dogs they're seeing something. Put price I mean any of your organs Greg is. Writers my dogs that gonna tell that Democrats and all of a Dotel before and crotch of course. I don't want my dog to snack on me while I'm alive you're like your little dog as his little burst budget grabbed your ugly DO. Negated some kind of strange beast lesser known. Ellison dogs on die he probably will go for your island so yeah that's true not much meat there that is true that is going to do I agree I. I think this yeah and now look a little. IA. Cheap because you know let's see now he's covered literally there you go face in Amherst spurs relegate act. I didn't you meet them I can't tell. It's all there was and remote Australia ever. Got home. Okay you garage door with your teeth in the lot and all of a sudden you have to really really really bad. He had what I generally have to be when I get home because I hold it. If any public restaurant but. I find it I have to go when I get home but trying to. I like key in my purse and then put in a lot makes the have to go even worse like Thursday cranks up yes there's a. And your Blatter is late families release is that you must be yourself some people do. It's called key in Null and ITN loch syndrome. From some scientists gave up of that or more formally. Urge urinary incontinence. Optic LT key blocks here. Do you like syndrome and that's especially by more come with women than men happens anyway. The quote is when women arrive home with their arms full of packages. And with the key in the door they abruptly develop a strong urge the Ernie. They don't drop everything head of the bat the naval lose it. Often being themselves while trying to get to the bathroom. Well it yes yes. You know and then man they usually get older you had some Davies in India missing and are just adding this art not a parts in there somewhere. It's true it's true but yes it does crank up. So like sometimes I am I often say to you I am gonna roll the dice. Back to the rightly feared number two or whatever and and whenever you say you have to number two I tell you don't rolled the nicer and I hit traffic. It's trouble. On any adult baby turtle club manager AJ and I have you know. Nothing abnormal I'm shop in Chile and ask you. About in the new house. At all. You bet it he had. To the brain tells the bladder muscle to contract and released the EP otherwise it threats to organ hold it. There's a breakdown. When your urgency. And they released arena ready to you. Which people do. That it's still muscle. Mean basic healthy lifestyle exercising regularly lab lab lab. One win and you eagle are tangle exercise which when we say eagle. Eagle angle exercise congressional. Distract from the pelvic floor another solution is to op practice Craig bathroom habits they say follow a urination schedule. Most do it once every three or four hours. Loaded in your phone. Parents are three of for hours even if you don't have to. Just it's only in there and they're handled through the motions but on the other hand they need you know people do with kids. On the glass art so yeah yeah yeah a potty training and probably old people. And another thing is too when you have to be just hold it as long as you possibly stand. At least five minutes. Don't have the brat Blatter with that your stretches in the last hole more liquid and Kutztown or numerous after trips so when you see immune here on out jumping around like. Oh and and his. Roma Blatter at the studio has grown your mind you are glad it must be you'd sit at a time now so you should be proud of me. Now that it could be. Lehman didn't dispenser. And Edward number number two number one that is all got to me sign that increasing as I know people who have to. Like Amy target kind of makes when IP. I notice people hallmark once and make him the year there aren't that make you wanna poop yes seeing stores make people who. And an anglers say hello are kind of now because in the Magdalena don't want people need to be decide I know you're seek out of the Clinton dollar storm but I'm. I don't have a after the attack a backpack that is that a elect Amy's water broke. If Radisson target. And he died just an opinion targets as. You cannot let us understand a little bit about the you get out yeah more pundits than a minute judiciary by the way. FaceBook they're winner who cares what you that you stores that make you wanna be your boot camp yeah. And only incident deep threat and yeah. The Niemi will you go. It is not deviate met me negotiate with any luck it's science loans muddy my BBN cubs are deviant form I guess in a minute minute. Also there with Matt in Ramona alrighty. You know not an astrology I don't bias just this would be fine. It's them truly the things he signed the zodiac has definitely done once in their daily lives. Doctor you are eighties ergo her ago three or forget you false reveal very they come lead broke. OK you guys are limitless it'd leave breakfast but we don't we go down the line and this summer to fall birthday that we'll do that aids we know. And in berg though Ed and Lieber and then you're scorpion. Check all of this give you Ares even anonymous and room blocking out you OBI one point you'll blog about someone smear their name. An air Mary's Summers blogging about being bullied to bully the person their blogging about. I'm hurt their feelings they spread the word that they hurt their feelings and that person should be hated. So. Beriault Ares Torres. Ordering food to a place that serves food already. Tourist knows what good food is EnerNOC and lower their taste for the sake of some establishment. And hasn't bothered to improve there's little the ether guard diver gourmet delivered to decide Wyatt who walked. As well as part of a restaurant. Get food from another place and bring slow lessons down earlier this thing apparatus through. Moment David a magic team that has a jerk move I would feel so horrible the ad that is that your that is that is I would be too embarrassed to eat with you. Gem and nine at my mom came he'll text you up. To Leo while Langer. Accords bad. Yeah so I'm I'm. On our loyalties serve it clearly is for chumps new gem and I loyalty there themselves. Why shouldn't that mean I don't give my mom that she is lawyer to herself not cancer. Breeding everywhere at the party said the guy look them we are once. They have to go around the party shaking hands and they get to that person who think they probably made it looked Adam's kind of weird one time. I gonna pay attention you'll socially all ostracize often. And now Leo this one point the whole point of the story from that zero not a texting news and complementing themselves before the person text back. Yeah yeah. Except that what time. One texted a picture of my foot Leo up text their news and follow the meeting went quote on the hottest personal lack of a week to get the chance to react every respond. A nasty. So yeah for me you know this lovely a big year. I hit a segment is all just jerk behaviors by signing. Would we do. Who are sick whereas even put that there day you know it's science. At at and that's that's doctor right. Yelling every one police shots and a library out. It at that event could not replace the live Blair Murray or loudly criticizing the fittest someone's wedding dress rather at the reception. An answer to the rude they're trying to help that's right. Now we're gonna get better doc doesn't help out the that's him all right are you getting out of he doesn't have to talk. Bandy Lee Brown. Weaving as somebody was waving at someone else. Ol we have done that gas is all I'm and I have done that. Sort of party and there are just trying to someone they know is there's there's Americans feel complete. Believe in jumped the gun yeah they say. Yelled Burson hello the first person to see waving before they realize that person's waiting at someone and a can I have done I have to. At the end of the bar and the man that sort happening one timer specifically remembers and the bar this woman has the beginning of the law are. She's like and I illustrated somebody behind me yes there have been. Scorpio. Yeah this is me and it fantasizing about bleeping a character from The Sopranos. Yeah I get about what basically were attracted to mystery secrets and power. You you should fit into that well and how I do so I don't you do. There's abide about people who have mystery secrets and power come. As a side dish up a party empty handed and critique the guacamole and fitness at that. Eric's thoughts as a person Brock automotive cultural appropriation it's no mean. Bank capital come Lernout booming sex parties during a work meeting. For the in hit us the one they're number one deepest desire is to. Work while they've. Bleep it's aquarius philosophically connecting with someone up picturing them and a leather sex swing. Shift now. All of the keys that are aquarius but for what I mean these settlements are minding your deep conversations stimulate the curious and elect which is directly committed to it connected to their genitalia ups. High seas feel like they're dying inside by hiding it they jump on everyone else out. Wow. Crises man there's that if they go just that it's here that one especially bad. Promoted her cancer ways of sending out new Texas. Leo and I don't say that you pay a snort listening to all there was OK and form of a match. On the singing hey we it is I have to decide that yeah that makes musical play man I've contrary to popular belief. Mice really are like crazy about cheese. Oh far from their favorite food they're really desperate. I medieval families hung meat from a hooks on the ceilings for drains and bags of beans left large wheels of cheese out. With. Tees cloth for protection said vague it they really. That's what got the whole thing started to maybe it's mass like cheese but is only thing available to them because the meat was hanging up and it's always to put them ouster actors are down. I try to do peanut butter and why does it look at them yeah they're living in desperate eased to do peanut butter. But I had to my super peanut butter on the mousetrap and that NC. As I heard it was better. Nations is okay. They met my achievement to get the peanut allergy yeah. Arrogant and if there's that conspiracy theory out there that there's a link between number thirteen murderers. They post a most murders have thirteen letters and her name. Our conference accountant. 65% of people usually eat the curves of the pretzel first then go for the knots. Yeah I'm happy to them not firstly to rip it off and then get to it needed. That doesn't it makes cents to finish at you can't even handle it. 2000 guy here. Pete Wentz from fall out boy's related to Colin Powell. Usually stick it. Can do warms your people who. Yes today was Britney Spears and. And the bush or some argue on the probably haven't so that's okay now there's word that he's OK he can really and it fell asleep thank you. A man. And once survive competes alone for 25 years. Mail lots and I and have a space to cancer and use it to start careers a zombie actor. That's only good for him have. The average person can only remember about 60% of what happened then yesterday. I'm low end or bring an end now. Wave down yen 60% that's. Lot. You can send that coconut a potato or some Breyer wrote. Or a brick and plated meets all the frisbee your pillow at the US Postal Service that a box. Shouldn't. We should try it. Yeah I don't know just give me a course is truth on the Internet. It's the oh you know hopefully we'll be able believe koalas are cuddly and they are not. May well be called bears as a marsupials not cuddly allowed koala uses its claws and teeth defend itself appeals threatens if you pick one up and it just touch. Well they are wild animals vin diesels FaceBook page and more likes any other actor Andy runs entirely on his own. Slots are lazy. No they're not slow start and a big. They discovered it's smarter just lay still intend applies we actually sleep only nine and half hours he's in a wild crazy. Well actually you know. Powers. But it gets lazy and our dogs and cats are out yet I'll definitely super lazy well and here's another thing you know you and I deeply dogs oil whether or not research found that that. Dogs responded robots in the same manner they responded toward people. Even in fact given a choice in a robot to spoke to dog's name and a program voice and and say here's my hands in the pan am robot they'd rather do that and the person. Dogs love robots. You know what we're here arguing that on Africa finally any proof to the contrary. Minister noticed an all time sleep aid dandy. In east as sleeping problems. Killer sheep and impressive steaming lungs and either side the head. He belongs in places long as they remain more. And honestly never thought of that in Michigan and generate. On naked mole rats. They're not negative all right is that they survive without oxygen by turning in a plants. OK that sounds like that you just made out of the low and they're quite fashionable actually and you poop. One point two times a day and UP 68 times. Only to lose. That's a matchup the. No yeah. Thanks for listening to all there was left remote and. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.