Ditch The Relationship Drama

Thursday, August 2nd

Ain't nobody got time for drama! We talk about the ways to make sure your relationship stays drama free, plus we cry over the fact we're not on the most recent list of America's richest entertainers.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there with that Ramona when he sent a National League high as you know fighting started and it's like yeah. And actually dining in or account. And dark lord knows everything about religion can be and I get out cool yeah. He asked me just pitted out but. Then again also called. Dot at a session sweetie sweetie honey I'm. I get a lot of man I don't know where I am at a lot of when you Garland sweetie it's he probably does too lenient. Isn't it now lull. In the meantime tells about drama. How they ditch it in your relationships. A lot of times we get sucked in to unnecessary. Conflict. Happens in my family all the time. Because there are three. Basic roles in say conflicts. In the drama you have the victim and who's not actually a victim Greg is someone who feels like they're being bit later treated Ron. That's self pity going nine. Adding you have person that the victim identifies. As their persecutor. And. Attack and made out to be controlling and critical. And dad if you're the angry cursing kinder rigid. Feel like you're superior you might be somebody's persecutor and I can't count out here the rescue. This is the person who is working diligently. To save the victim is he good guys that are mediator is that different than AM rescuer there a fine line yeah there's a mediator then there's geno. Then there's generally no drama. As a part of the mediator is gonna step in and defuse a rescue or take soccer takes a sign and I get a 211 somewhere along that line yeah. Rescuers as you will righteous anger. Maybe some input the they don't have the negative shadow hanging over around that the persecutor has but they're definitely playing a role and they're usually making it worse. Because it gives it victim an idea and are they don't want the kind of. Goes from one the other not talking. Like talks that person that talks that person not talks to all three. Like what time I caught myself. In one of these dramas I knew the drama queen well loved her dearly. And I realize. After her major episode. That I had heard this so called persecutor side of the story. Cash. Andy got a long time I just listened to the drama queen and finally. When I talk to the persecutor I found out that he was just panic trying to draw some health rebounder reason. And she was using her drama to push the boundaries and get anybody else on board and. Who is more likely to be the drama person data poll. The one who feels persecuted or the one that go around. Persecuting people allegedly burst. We are more likely to be the point person in drama. The drama queens where you're looking for are like get that is that is the drama queen usually the persecuted. Where's the drama queen the one that is not a queen is a person who says they're being persecuted never never the drama queen the one that's saying. I am so much better than someone's out. Rarely now sometimes. There are usually the first Q usually. They think they're better but someone's trying to bring them. Now while they love you both yeah yeah I've been involved in a lot of drama in my life. I know you wanted to have them arrive and I'm very aware and it was going on or forgot it yet entered a lot. Well first of all the reason why you're not volleys that you and other kind of person who's going to engage. The drama queen needs an audience and if you don't engage. You defuse they have little problem there as primary drag on for not talking to people. Drama is always a choice. Ready the drama queen saint cool that might be meet or you the person who winds up at the rest as a rescuer or Europe to persecutor who is. You know being a little real really critical. Hell yeah this one of the few times that you know Bay Area I'm bad memories really helps move luggage around my totally forget to tell somebody about something and. I don't know and I typically in the role of rescuer. But often times when it comes to my family I tried to play the role of mediator that house I ago. So don't. Another man out because the more you can take away the drama queens audience but that's true that's true I think kid. Right you diffuse it's so it doesn't blow up. We've been getting to that point where are good you don't sometimes. Aaron not to say or names absence he's my house its thirteenth but once in awhile the drama takes in and we decided we're just ignoring here. We'll put on headphones and a blindfold. Okay thanks can get on her you. And it appears that hit the and it gallery but it finds it he just rampages go say that if there is a drama queen in your life working. Period you're the persecutor because. You aren't paying attention to then your putting them down. Challenging them. So independent and me ask the victim to clarify their knee not so they're learning and your growth to try to tell them to tell the truth even when it's pain. Like honey maybe you're just tired. Mean no one wants to go that's a starting a fight me you can't tell us he's that money's a woman that you know yours taken as personally as you tie. You just. Are you tired now. Oh no no no brown bat now no just I'd prefer to say are you on your theory. Although no. Not terrible I would never say is that ABC's about it. Now now now that he did you may never ever ever an idea. Mentioned the you know it's not just stay out you just stay in RS that candidate I around you want to rescue type to take bandy. Not drop any lower depth reformed well he was rescued Ramona and that key difference between a rescue or any mediator of codes. Is that. You. Allow people and to solve their own problems asked questionnaire has basically you don't Ed guy. And yet advise on. Helping the person do what they want to do you take it is too deep just tell somebody you know. Are you tired yet no retreated to honor it is great what is your overreact like maybe it's nice OP big girl. Are you on big girl with a loved barrel barrel big barrels a bigger audience and band is bigger bite them. Raining cash and 1079 delay. There's so. A thousand dollar fortune pours down. Time he still didn't win every week day at the bottom of the hour from 7 AM to 7 PM when we announced the national he would. This summer fast or twelve times every day Monday through Friday. Went home and snowed here in the cash this summer camp storms from Charlotte's best mixed 1079. Billion lake. My and news not a bit ago he's beta doesn't it 330. Every day and this one was of interest recently. A man in the ski mask was arrested Saturday after trying to rob a Broward County bank according to the FBI. But the thief didn't make cool way it didn't get away with the cash in fact he did make it further than the little door area the man trapped. Police say footage shows a flannel wearing man trying to open the front doors of the mercantile bank. But the temperature that day were is that the nine the Sox. And one eagle lied teller so all that he was wearing long brands. A heavy flannel shirt and started to put on a ski mask as snow and period. The bank's lobby area that is a clincher. The doors were locked easily in the man trap when he was. Caught so you think that tellers and every bank tablet but I then yes like at at 8 o'clock killers as president entrap area and it's good time and again between him and. You know some banks have been more accessible man trapping areas and others because let my little bank in Belmont there is a man trap area but. It's not readily visible to the teller you know than ours and I Nancy. But is a every year by the station. Where they air has historically been a lot more crime. They can see it coming from the parking lot that ponies and plus a lot of times like you're by the station. There is one bank that has a man trapped where. The second door only opens after the first door has closed a giving time. They they had it. Evaluate you first before they happen. The first is an idea Andorra but then again I'd be suspicious of anybody bank then I would promote. A gentle person there isn't a bank the bank again today that. Yeah particularly is doing. Take a picture and composite and there are cell phone like abnormal heart and trust that I'll. He's in that Netflix is you won't catch sex iPhone where we yours is gonna end. I certainly get my mail via pony expert he probably did you get mail that's the first thing that went wrong there and I was trying to do the digests that guy by the way. They they get together. I is locked in the manner of Brooke is way out one of the event BI special agent in charge said that there in the bank robberies there's a surprisingly high level. Our high percentage of bank robbers wearing flannel so apparently that's like the uniform. You go along with the ski mask her in the clown mask or whatever long sleeves and access. Yeah that if you have debt deal distinguishing marks. And in now yeah and distinguishing marks and everybody can. Where those. Everyone can pull off Atlanta Greg last I. I thought I could have went and I've never seen anyone but not in Florida though and it's in the mile radius of the ban wearing a red. I'm glad that the navy was just mean the ski mask. That immediately think somebody in flannel app again even though it's ninety. I'm sorry I'm suspect in form and with a plan look closely you'll know that's not going to lose weight of it. And the problem at all like has a lot of people who work outdoors. Do you Wear long sleeves in the summertime. But let all the and Butler and last year's senior adults and even then you're in a mile on the mama. And also obviously the world's highest paid entertainers came out Floyd Mayweather. 285 male. Economy Greg and fight this is not counting agent seasoned attorneys or take out stuff. George Clooney Damon at second 239 million and Aziz I will never win against. He sold that tequila company. Is this the best. Annual take come up his and the others actor's career. I'll remained excellent America and in particular he just started making profound was embodies yeah and and it blew up in his. As a million and a movies lately now it has. He's he's just the luckiest man on the planet now and campaigns can't summon lucky and a it is good actor got some good things out there okay yeah. To get lucky but yeah. Me and I'm feeling aren't aren't built every I don't. Those things sever 239 million U yeah. Kylie Jenner at three I don't consider an entertainer Clinton and you can't change my mind is gonna show reality show or late and on TV. And that its programs aren't call reality shows entertainment for some reason and I don't know a lot of damage from on Holloway and I do blacks might be the reality Judge Judy 147. Million. Every day hour is my how old is she she did you just say she sold her TV library for a hundred million and that. Library. Is timeless that the library and warn her hair. The same way forever she's more in the same row with the same lacy collar. Or ever you can plug in the a Judge Judy Schilling you don't know. It's 1995. We're 2005 he's 75. And she shares my birthday October Tony first. I have always been twins and I need some cash money in the TV library she's Hilary right knee that means death cases that our nation number five Dwayne the rock Johnson. Oh totally. Yeah he's he's been and everything and yet he's producing movies do great did at this weekend now it didn't do that great but it doesn't matter he's bulletproof overseas to write he can be in flops and then you'll semen five more movies you've never seen any controversy ever am though it is it's always been a good guy I don't like they put bans on here. They've said number six you tune number seven Coldplay. But that doesn't tells the individual entertainer. Ryan cousin yeah no bond those making more than the edge right and what's his name. Drummer is for you to hear and the American model money. You'd shoot and Judge Judy on the same list doesn't it leaves too we and yet know the soccer player message he had a edge series nine I was surprised amp gamble beat a top ten and older attend because he's got a splash she is Taylor. Area on and I managed here and he must have been selling out an arena. But he does not yet Smith out of a Bruno Mars eleven. I wouldn't have expected him to have been much higher in edge here and the rest system that it would play Katy Perry nineteen. Taylor Swift when he won I was in Taylor was much higher but I would Dave Perry got American Idol money tip yeah but I wouldn't totally flip flop George Clooney and Taylor Swift. You're brick colonial habits are real details or call in number two yeah I would yeah. It'll be on you bet that the deal thing yeah. Staff courier 24. Pinkett 45 lady god guided she's she's 49 traits that. After all of duplicate that in Matt an amount announced a look at. That again and Titus amid the thousands now on based on again terrorists and keep a keep looking and elegant and if so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Ramona so whether it would defiance that's when you to a hit a network powered bachelor now. There's been a Twitter verse. Food questions of people around the World Cup for Americans and by as he sorted amount for us and found some of the ones that they found the most interest and on why do Americans say tuna fish sandwich. When you're not the safest. Way to it is vicious dollars in new quickly I'd get a. I don't call salmon fish. And you don't you know ban on seventy something you're able Lauder Fisher anything else really gave the talent as an example. To the sell it and I'm just to net so why do. I don't know for first and I think the kids because generally when you have. Tuna. Unless it's a tunis. We mix it with something we don't eat it by he self most people don't just eat tuna at the key you know out of except for dock and feels little packages yet. And like you've got other two are basically being an all Allah didn't cast of role earns. There's other cancer all in another person manna countries says why do Americans EL paper plates in their own house. It is physically up nobody rats and wasteful Americans paper. It really annoys me. But daily paper plates and I'd get I had company this past week. And every time we sat down and eat it like don't you have paper plates don't like. Plates. The watcher. They want to usher blow. Now via paper plates like slowly he got a big group nor want to download when he plates and hugs and you can't. We want you might and also is taking time away from your company realize that. People think that it's so more. They think they're saving me from something I believe what they don't want to lose you're you're attention Marie go for twenty minutes away doing them out of there on visit pet pack backpacks I want to be lost 10 America's call main courses. Entrees. This is confusing because it's like entry as a starter. And started it's sort sounds again and a on like Julia and should be a star yet but that's an appetites earlier on. This is dom what Americans eat cereal times day. You know middle of the night why do Americans drink alcohol at a red plastic cups. The solar cup somehow beat. In I don't know why that became a thing somewhere on or other colors they had white they have uglier I'm guessing red came out first. And people who needed to hide what they were drinking went with the red atlas and when a greater around the. Of like you go to a party or something and you get a red Solo Cup. Automatically assume that people are drinking alcohol. When you're drinking at a red Solo Cup like there's punch can go round I know but yeah yeah that'd then. Water bottle yet why do America's values knives and eating. Stop using aside your fork why. Nor like values aside in my Clark tells me that only its second I don't have to assault through it I go through go fork. I had that I know it's like a nice tender chicken right and went right through it I only tell you tonight is just or well. And this is one night I don't do edict. Salad dressing pizza I don't not a ransom a pizza guy. And people dip in sales double crossed and there are days I tell us trust me out of bread sick at that point. Remember remember and remember. Why let's see white Americans eat dessert for practice I don't know what that means. I cake for breakfast. Skit for putt for my mom she done she is today and as well we were little kids she'd hide behind the cereal box either Kate why aren't able. More assured. See you. Brags about this and that. They were talking about like your cake doughnut so I don't. And you turn over your various pace. OK some people see as dessert I didn't know because thing even if your momma straight beating regular cake. A cake don't know which my mom loves Landis fighting lame damn thing only it's circular with a hole and. That's a good point that's a good point. American stricter tee with a little tea bags still edit I guess everybody else takes a tea bag out. I'd like to take ninety bag out with you that most times is dangling an animal. That day like that anywhere. Oh why do Americans eat dinner so damn early Lotta European countries in the late that would kill me I. Brenda actually uses of France a lot lately eat dinner like 10 o'clock at night 9 o'clock at night. Hot which is still go to the event later they get up I just gave it. Imagine I can't even start a new movie united IRA. But didn't. The quote unquote meal I believe is much smaller than what we call a meal you're still up late. Are you still operable 11:12 o'clock. 830 or nine. Now I'll probably get country as a dinner party go there for two hours right but I don't like having a heavy dinner because. I don't know about the year when he late I have really crazy dreams. I don't know. I do know this though you wouldn't be eating that late is. Used at a different jobs under federal law or it's got a different I was a 5 o'clock eater when network morning while I'm on my dad as a past user and I'm. Noon Dottie wants a matter we drivers at 1130 my parents or your parents like dat too yeah mealy like 1130 it's like I'd almost on site yet again very nice things like that you like to do everything at a certain time. Well I get to work and stuff but I forget like sometimes things like that. Why do Americans he rice with works. Works and do in the I guess legitimate Chinese yeah. Mason jars if he's got Mason jars but I'm sure that's using. Don't know or Allison I guess Arlen drinking out of cars instead of cups against them. Enemies are probably in short it was back the old moonshine days and yeah I'm guessing so they they knew they wouldn't. Have that and the finding that Mason jars are making a major comeback. Any resigned he has Mason jars for our panel wedding thing and down from years yet and Americans eating sweet tea as a marshmallows is that a general thing or white people thing. And O and general. Yeah but I saw a regular thing I mean I. About mamet I wouldn't puts marsh president sweet potato. Like I just can't open it right like eating and yet but I my mom's house Thanksgiving Christmas boom. And how they do that because three and a little marshmallows and live now works. They burned a little bit on Tyler. Well that's the best. And and it's also and it. Or maybe stomach Somalia and those who live burden that he cannot be completed at I would have been the first. Can history just did about having sex while. What is found that I I think that you said one of the things that men who wish women. Knew about sex donors they went their wives why now. Men like a good quest in allows the man to court the woman. And make him deserve. Her desire. So this so expert says emotional intimacy is about closeness but sustaining sexual desire. Demands a certain amount of distance. It's tricky balance. But big key to striking the balance. Is allowing each partner to have what he calls separate sexuality. A sexual life that doesn't include but also doesn't beach raid the other person you've. Or just certain point whatever that couple decides is that separate point you might make out what somebody or some any examples for him. That might mean allowing his wife do you stories we're not allow don't think that's my decision to make. I heard the term letting I mean look at her. While she does that. I mean I had a team that that's real implication. Implication of all do you politics toys with looking. You're saying webcam by night about an hour or whatever league entry now. Jeanne thanks for that tip yeah. And I think correlate crush your. Computers at Nelson is that when there's 42 formula Heidi is in the area looking for youths were. That didn't totally on certain sites yeah. Ever happened. According what actually managing I don't know does that that's based bunkers them into. Does not face the easiest Deanna I think dot com Elliot from I don't know web site that is but I've suggested you block it before you allow your children to get on your government to. This as a as a I don't know I did and I heard about it if you're so yeah I anyways so your your your. An American art and it might mean allowing your husband to watch pornography a game by in order to experience a fantasy. They say indulgences like that help maintain the balance of desire and devotion. And don't. I don't understand I don't have a problem with toys there women who have nomination Baghdad I judged them. There arsenal men who have a problem with. There wife wearing. A mini dress or something that might show off her cleavage or something tight there are sent guys. Who are very territorial it threatens them yet when they see another man checking out there wanting got to get over it. Dry out some other yeah it is a different dress like oh in the fact that. They have this beautiful woman on the air arm and other guys which they can have her yes I would add it didn't it is only god nor. On San the other the guys are wrong and I'm right how are you write that if we give a warm once he's a toy that's her business and just it would be a jerk about it. And second of all him. Guys check anyway I'd be proud of it out you don't wondrous and Pakistan anchors something in a prohibition laws should just Yankee Lou that's got that was long as she comes on you should be a guy. I don't ball that I know people around I had no matter. Judges neighborhoods and which is out of there Ford attacks might. Family in my shoulder and everything else but what she's doing a privacy bedrooms. Just watch read the sex. You're you're voting for the web. Yeah yeah you Mears gang and a man Andrew. There 1734. Yeah I don't care act. Now. I mean he can't go dressed and an editor like eight. And appropriately to a place. Just for the point bankable check her out because that's. We have daughters we have a neighborly either certain but if she wants to walk around her to us to use to always watch videos or you know play games or just. Brian and her. Wearing me skimpy bikini around here. Yes yeah. We had not yet every every citizen just could be but you know what appropriated gone appropriate inappropriate is the most part. Amazing it's really up to the individual who yep we know we guys. We look at I can guarantee you. Way Amy would Wear to the four beach on any given sunny day is nothing that I would ever put on. Because for me. That's an appropriate because I I don't see myself and to be separate Disney there's never appropriate and I wouldn't inappropriate for me as I mean like you wouldn't say season nasty lot. That's I mean appropriate. I would feel like a nasty slut. In achieve peace we know appropriate and appropriately go to the pool all right now we could pick out peppers from kidnappers. No no you can't because. It seemed more appropriate. It took my real well with us. What she sees is inappropriate is different than what IC is an appropriate. Given that what you see is an appropriate. Can be Deborah but like minded people I know we all know we go to the neighborhood pool which runs an appropriate it's. There's very hitters at a very little bit grayer but the most part you can go to Wal-Mart and you know ninety -- at a time all of us are gunnery which is an abrupt. At least managers. The website people who Wal-Mart. US and tomorrow on where it's on to work just throw point. What's important to an Odyssey was while the vote is an appropriate or not. And my. The only person voting is going to be teaching our HR personally yeah on the literally out of the building in voted early ala early vote. And yes it is an appropriate. Narmada early witness that the 6040 we don't know no I'm no gonna get rid of these figures you know and he could sway my votes but not an isolated. I don't know what I appreciate it bottomed out and I was Jacob Allen Leon and I cannot have a hairy bottom. This this this is rumors he's going around and it's. President picture of your tattoo on FaceBook and dine out there and I actually think you have Harry bottom. And others who think there's no way that that's. Hairy side that that does not lead to. And Gerri bottom unless somehow god gave you like fur chaps around your thighs now I'm gonna I don't know that it's time for an antibody don't want. I think about it alma bedie early though he did. But not to even think about it I just as it is it wrong to show one naked cheek. Just to prove that detail work. Discovered I don't know what's appropriate it. Obviously third. You your definition is much different than mine are BA just like I think. It just looked like something hit the ball. But all of. You're welcome my mind is good yeah. But the big yeah he's. Dana Blanton hit her bottom and it's a lot of what you're looking at. Details so yeah I like the volume on the economy. I didn't I didn't really needed to hear yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.