Do You Fall Up Or Down The Stairs?

Friday, January 12th

We're debating life-changing questions here on the Matt & Ramona Show!

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And once and I don't think Charlotte's best mix you've ball up or down steps more off. Fall out. Adept. Adept. And base that you ought Alamo I can't even remember last Emmett Till around the payers. Talking about the big like all the way down I'm talking about you rumbled missing his staffers not doesn't happen. I have a problem is they're Triplett just triple now amateur. Trying to do big bad balance. I mean taxpayers okay. I've had a little. Why glue. I'm glad to know that it's not something recent pop up now you struggle and flip flops too so yeah you're not a good engineers who is running thing and I only that he is flip flops ten years ago. Learn how to use this image she sounds especially with Lyle might be. And my mom still has any issues she she got she doesn't like to Wear flip flops because. They he kicks them off what are you. Like injure an art. Like how you. Gonna edit at the guys and stone and I got to down element. But only. Years ago but it ran into some I don't. Do you Wear flip flops I I have a the body met in Jamaica he cannot do flip flops. Causes some issues and falling down and things went on. The high speed. Video. People who can't Wear flip flops trying to walk in Libya now Damian Davis Larry's one night I took a day alerted and enthusiasm there and turn down my brother. Give me a senate and he's been out. Plus. It's. Yeah and I Norwich like that you have backed Steele gets caught on something when it locks on flips. Flat part and then now in flip flops on the stairs is no. It what are you know. Days on the cars look.