Doc's New Wardrobe

Friday, September 8th

Producer Doc is turning heads with his new look at work! We've also got the most annoying restaurant habits and the ways to tell if you're engaging in emotional cheating.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the only god. You're listening to all deal with. That we were stunned today. When we came in and producer doctor in shiny clothes and here are usually dresses. That's. Who we were stunned today when we came in because that doc was in being teased me too close yeah you don't see every day. Yeah he's wherein I'll banker blue. Button up shirt and a black dress pants yes and I immediately said why is it school picture today and I say you died. And and then that standard the standard you get a very casual office anyway if we should people dress up. Our administrative folks well really just our GM. Yes his upbeat but even the most people dress again this sales and our general manager right also the people in the building our capital. Right right right then and and doc has always been. Casual and historic slow low. Teacher at a good he had to grassy T shirt. I'm radio station teacher and a Paulus a big deal with the Eagles sweater over hoodie over audio yet as big deal so he's not a game you know and and and it's it's. I'm not ignite and the same you're not completely. About Clinton. I'm not browsing and maybe Tuesday because it's that's always been good to me OK but he comes and today was that saint he chaired on by that meaning. But my buttons up and he's got a voice here and it's not Jesus and police are. And you lay it on a stock ying got a new wardrobe. Thing about it on some new clothes. Now I got a new wardrobe right. And even think about this for ten years it's been to ten years in the making or L so what specifically tell us your journey. My dream was that you know one day I can just go into a store clothing store and just. Basically just by entire wardrobe. Like right there on the spot just grab any thing done just often and there Uga. Brown has spent a power ball movement you can do like all one shirt every few months have been alleged here. Well then now. So you did. With a pocket full of money knowing you're walking out with wet. Thirty announcing its ten outfits. Who's gonna be when I'm on Tim pants that you've bought at least thirty shirts. I. Dublin Ireland. These jags but more than a wardrobe it's meant as she heard snow and why it's the you did did you. Did you finally got a one that fit and a style you like her knees but thirty of the same one. I don't know it was. It would be like to hear it to become good all the search were in the same areas so in. It was just a just grabbed he doesn't dress parents and right you got some casual shirts in some sort of a casual shirts in a swap for these records and good solid how many pairs of payments. Like six or seven and all dressed facts on all dress pants so to see you wouldn't like multi colored. It's much and I know you hate shopping so maybe that's why didn't take years to get to. Like build up the energy unit as I did this take notably in the stores all day was it was an hour and a happen I'd a waited until. The curry. And. Tiny thing Bonnie that's good question did you try living on and I didn't need to try anything on I knew my measurements which made it easy so why would you buy those out. I'd just looking at one of the other shirts I had. To want to make sure that one little shirt tucked but my measurements in Maine's largest. I. Exhibit measurements he Manny you know I've this much is salacious original. I bet you know now active ingredients. So is that what you use small medium large and neck size though the backside where the fifteen and a half 3435. Oh last. Oh you know you and you're. Oh man. Yeah and has so a single person say would you just. Don't. Like an entire month of Colo. So a shoots I think she was over what offer soft she thought that I was doing back to school shopping for new and I don't even if you I think she was overwhelmed 'cause that I. Went in late at night because I did I'd be too anxious trying to do all this during the 8. O'clock. How close the I don't want and I suppose that Michael I was I was there are til from like nine until a little bit after 101030. It closed at eleven yet. It was of people behind you and I'm like holy crap the other is there's nobody in a big thing are you gonna wait to hit a totally. Nobody around. In the what we're salesperson helping you pick out stuff we did it all by yourself. I did it all by myself I was concerned that they might think Al is stealing 'cause I I was in the government's department for. The entire time. Did it was yeah. If it. It is really guys deals are these not hang around and Aaron. Yeah it's a tough act saudis this is the place. Where you don't have. A lot of people coming around Saturday helping out. Yeah there's an orderly I've talked OK fine but now you've accomplished this dream his goal. What are you going to do it hears it if your goal might have to sit at this is a part of a bigger play. One look nice or worse work 'cause. And if something that bothers me every day is Iraq and the water of Colin they moved the positions or it's right in front of our managers. Last line of sight. I'm trying to look like oh yeah. How. And a bit. He never so much more. Dominant again lied before. The cut because the he's gonna get water based cosmetic granddad close yeah Sunday. Did you did you buy shoes I did by issues the eyes I didn't notice which are watching very right now I went like that idea you Suzanne. And rescues rescues laces all that's stuff nice dress various colors that you I just it's hard to find. Dark brown the really Barbara. Sure. And you've only gone once still act again don't have and rightly or close it and so a whole new world. Oh who am. I didn't use Sox and you're sewers just elegantly Sox yeah I get ourselves remembering your talk about the games I mean is important. That is out a picture as somebody he's going there with a every day. Would do AA dot blown that back. I Valero Spain and watercolors but it's not like yeah he's. A good idea. Why could not only know four feet. It literally moot or be. Yeah and you know ally and outlook client site change that well now when you fill it up the boss can look you wish you could kind of high eight. Behind. Like this little beam gas yet has two offices of sport now that acts more and then it calls these companies spectrum center October 17 and it. Now or never again. The link is not just getting you win this. I'll see we're giving you any day Hank. Halsey. Nick at 123432. And hold these new album hopeless counting them and you the end to win a pair of tickets and meet the grief passes from this isn't getting you up close and personal with your favorite artists. When a 79 delaying or some scientists think things that in this article when they surveyed. Servers are restaurants that annoy them. And some they say you're hearing not been at Jerker or whatever because you do a year perfectly within. The edited to do it it's just that it's annoying like ordering a hot T. IT is a big pain about server. Those heartbreaking incident I had never due IT out but the hot tea. Fan of ordering hot seat you can sit there and you put both hands around the mug in new thin and poppy especially if that. Sometimes you don't want that much caffeine and I really liked my coffee with. Cream and sweet herself I don't want the creamy calendar nothing wrong that I get the T even I just put a little. I'll sugar free sweetener in here's the deal calorie. This this was the number one most mentioned pet peeve among the servers and certainly for this story because it did it'd be big ask people what. You wouldn't expect things that I usual at servers are bothered by them might not know all the old classics. But down yet is for two reasons first is that some restaurants requires servers bring the entire box. He's. It had been that bed now had and the people are likely. We see that when it is Canada's northern Lyndon can I Alex and never let him just aren't gonna bring it Earl grey. I don't know like hole. There's always yeah. That's literally me when I'm there. I'm annoyed I'm minimum there are. Now that I now into the hole and others sitting there waiting to make a decision then when you bring that Chile's. Then all thanks by ace Pete. And oh. I would you grab when. You wouldn't like to. That adds extra true to an extra trip there show off a box of garden scraps as they says. The stand and obviously. The time via ticket out. Even. Is the rest or doesn't have the box of perpetual annoyance as they call. Got to put together a Mogg a saucer tea Bagger teapot alignment which is like 5000 more time and filling a glass would license. So I guess is they Alex and it's something had to do it just too big Internet and tonight I know bartenders for instance I don't think it's on here about a frozen drink. If it's not a place known for frozen drinks. Is. An annoyance and no guy should ever do that to a fellow human being. Owns the I cappuccinos they don't want your order. That's you know. Come on aren't easily given some conflict you and your cap Jeter is like having them poking out for five minutes straight so obviously I thought I. Long time they take forever to make. I have done in the dozens team right the restaurant using to espresso machines. But a lot of god don't order cappuccinos and restaurants chain back crap for a copy shops. Just. Under new ally. I think again these are things that are on there and they all understand that they just don't end loader and admire it and noises server out of the I've done I used to do this when I considered a bar it's tearing up napkins coasters sugar packets. I I didn't act and what is tea inevitably a pilot. I would thrown out myself. Went to that the regular displays and events and I know what it and music you know you've just been a time Tyler ripped up map and we're just one of those. Anxiety nervous tics but I don't do it anymore. So I can't believe some people. Tear up sugar packets. Yeah that's Islam that is the coasters I I'd I'd seen the like the little erratic get a little wet because the the beer is on him or whatever. But they say you know by a Phidget Boehner crying out loud yeah I don't print things up. Toddler. Yes yes pretty much. They ignored the steps greetings OK that is. Not responding. Or just immediately demanding. I don't have been out when I want to go well follow. Those it. Yes I guess I had to do it I feel obnoxious. You say what the norm and that's on the relevant or just talking now about I think the unity come into. The hostess stand whatever like I am Jill welcomed or Europe the table you know I'm big Willie welcome how's that Turkey. Or something and on the house that this and you just hope and unity and say hello or anything. Nudism I know miles arguably closed than a week for you and good equipment and no it wasn't good husbands or can't do it that he didn't have to acknowledge the person right DB yeah Atlanta is now news and I'm not saying hello. It's the single biggest. Teemu you can pull and it's obvious is snapping fingers ask mapping clapping leaving two pennies a tip either don't tip. Quit plain that silly game yeah really a few pennies. The Austin and Alou there's. Ask your server to taste your food. Does he say some I guess people go like some promise to do you taste it and it's too salty I guess I got to a sultry and try it yet I've seen it happened really I was mortified that is more violent. And the customers today you know I've been accused of not knowing what the food should taste like and I think that's absolutely group as a loan. I dash that is something happened here is way too salty war but mom this is is really bitter. I I don't need a taste of myself in burners a problem also it's disgusting how would you yeah I definitely I don't take me every Tuesday on an unexpected heat after me that. I expected to testing I say there's something wrong the numb I'm I'm not gonna sit at the back for more food I just a wanted to. Well let stuff we've already discussed that at bats but I'm talking about you're not I'm not gonna make this server tech it's meaningful now beaten now that's wrong and people going gray I had a friend who is. She's a stickler about how hot her food is an if it almost makes you never want to eat with her again because she'll hold the clean up like illness Hitler. Like to handle these ice and you're almost cold to save I didn't think that the enterprise called don't like meet the server like cuts the price in the skies now. Now we're levitate her hand over your earlier rule. Yeah and now I don't know she'll still take your word. Course I am sorry but these look at every yeah yeah that's ridiculous as embarrassing. They understand mistakes happen their say in this but they don't like it when you don't ask for all those things it wants. Summary decider rants. And you come back with the ranch in May say yeah definitely anything else. I would like Sam gadget. Then so use that would lap as they are these satirist ours anybody needed any else. Usually ballot diet and they come back in the riady that's an academy like port lives in a run yeah Agassi and I'd be annoying. And then this I never thought about. When you did you mess up people sometimes mex credit and cash. Excluding taxes finds it's part of a job. You'll paper X amount of one card xmas and another car and the remainder in cash. Oh yea you can't split up your own payment don't know no like. There's any of us you take cash you pay cash IC but I'll take all all. Pay. Gained and cash and I don't credit all ten of the tent but it the person doesn't do the math right on the castle county just tips on is. IG paid forty dollars on years and forty dollars and your thing but I say I handle the tech news you guys don't add any tip. And myself typical thing but only to the mice part you know it happens all the time for the person doesn't think it through brag yet you know what I'm saying rang again forty no tippy paid forty no tip I paid forty only now in person on year forty dollars now. Total blue granite so nervous when they remember is that bill. I get so nervous about the tipping situation. Because I feel like the server is looking directly at me and saying you. Otherwise I'm holding responsible. But this stupid situation and I feel. Yet theory responsible for you right and then I I don't know people's nerves like it. Did. Yes yes yes I I now under I do want to like take charge that we're there and we ask that you could reliving it did you know and I. I went I went that our. We shake down the server David him on the spot it and Andy remarked I guess that a missed it suits also air. On the yeah applies to ask you a little. Let's go to the mat remotest Facebook's eight feet. We are Roy's cranking up things earlier individuals but there's that con an easier next on obviously you explain that said. It's nickname is prison day he's from Raleigh, North Carolina got out of prison and because of his sixteen mug shot he got a modeling contract dynasty that he's not permanent. He's not my type like he's definitely assuming you don't know he's Exxon with the IA and you know I would. Equal opportunity cocker to ride the design is not my type received. There I can understand my Miami agency might like him he has a very exotic look because. It appears ES 1 brown I am on blu Lye yeah. But I would look at his mug shot do I want to paint women know what he was in four. As being in Sutton also wasn't liking in me thinks it. Anybody you know Mike has been getting out on the epic concert with your things according to our clinical psychologist or shall eats. These are things. Examples that may cross the emotional seeing boundary. Sharing intimate details about the problems in your relationship with a friend. Depends a close friend GR. I mean you know sometimes you are close and I've known you for twenty years and again I had a situation room on record. Who wouldn't be emotional cheating now personally I wouldn't amateurs and there's a few people in my life Beckett knew that we is that then again I have to share emotions. So I guess it's farfetched it's a half years. Thing. We have more of a brother sister relationship. And then a co worker relationship now he definitely had never had a romantic relationship. Now or any in doubles should. I don't think and you could be like wow wow texting and rev moon and things are you sharing something with her that you haven't cared to meet. I think Amy and I have reached a point in our relationship. That is the relationship between Amy and meet that we want you to share with the other person. They don't they hear it let's but I think sometimes it can be just. You and you're not attracted to the person at all opportunities and bank accounts and now let me now is no secret like I complain a little. Bad relationship because they're you know they're there let's assume that they're not attract. Okay. And his cancer aren't around that. Then you can just unload your emotions on ugly people or you know or you're the ugly person. You know whatever that doesn't legal I'll talk to people as your friend would never go for you guys are ugly thing in my as a bounce and things honor patent and well in yeah. And hiding conversations with the the brand from your significant other. Again. I'm not gonna tell every time. They you rule or Morgan Fogarty from ccb. Expert why wouldn't remember it just I think. So are apparently one of the women in my life and maybe actually money Ashley Anderson yes CR yes he definitely would yeah. And but they wouldn't be I would not tell her is that when even. Think about it's I think it's on your mind. Dimension. Seconds after you hit then you're gonna forget that's true that's true that is very I thought your intentionally. Receiving these emails and answering them and intentionally. Not telling eighty because you think. There are messages that might concern her because. For some reason they're very intimate details. Our interests and our aim the order you when your feeling in third. Inadequacies in the bedroom and generically the PGA museum my auntie and did Manning the national Montessori yeah now talking about it gets your territory yeah it is weird territory on I'm telling you you know he's out out here that I am. But fantasizing about the friends actually. Again that's on national emotion team. Is this and as you meet someone real quickly and you think. It would like to do there. But then it goes away at. And you get to know you don't know already announced he and it's just because you think about sexism and as a mere emotionally tedious it's like gas. Something that happens once I'm and I am. That I mean it's an emotional to you like no way would I ever a goblet Ebbers and right I just pops in your adverse it's similar suit thing about a celebrity liberty not GAAP and emotional CD now you're not you're getting into some weird territory I mean I'm not play in all the way through maybe an am I'm also don't Google. Yeah as Redmond and the luck of the yeah so gross. Getting butterflies and thinking about that person OK something that's yeah be aware that. Texting all day every day yes. Except when you're around your partner. Obviously yeah yeah Anthony and I'd say around your partner he is wrong. When you come up yeah. If you can't have you there's something that you want to say to me and you can't say it in front of Amy. That's a problem and I don't think so. That it urges lake. Because somebody's at the bit to some about something and you don't really me it is did get her doctor test there's no reason to tell the other person does exist you know it's gonna pass. Like yeah let's say we pissed we office we can Betsy didn't let the few that did nobody else you can share with there's some other chick. And on the via check I'm just obviously you're just talking in general talk and emotional cheating he. Yeah I acted pitcher batter you about like that I was pitch in this room in general. Yeah Abbott and I hear me and I definitely I looked at around it that don't happen again in but I Ike I I just don't think that's a complete sign if you have someone you can. Just whine about your significant other for a second yet you don't need to tell them and go any further than that and you act out and once again. They don't even know everything in your mind like your significant other does not need to know everything in your mind. Now I'm number once again if it's that weird territory where it's so woman who's not Amy. You'd there's got to be somebody else you confined to. Your I think that swimming to beat Franzen. And yeah it can be helpful and I am saying if. Dear are things that you have to secretly Sadie your female friend. She might be more than just your female. Around sometimes it is closest person and a OK are you got it yeah I'm gonna go weary Florida. To release this lazy I can actually pick up a phone or any between celebrity get any further now that he's so lazy he just takes the first person to miss him. Saga going further than that now. And she is dead on and every game we did not that every time you're texting being here against high. And now I'm not at X users can be well loud and at the moment there on and an amenity and this is hard to believe but these as a sign of emotional cheating in this this Ph.D.s. Is Smart. Texting each other phrases like that your view or wish you were here now please. There's somebody new to tell you yeah it is Benny says it's only okay if someone died in saint thinking. You yeah medium OK yeah it is confident that small forward billion malware. The F fired something like that he's a major app again that we love. Also there and animals are my best friend he's you can check out what his manner that. I can do is we easy looks mommy's taxi. They doubted that the president we dot com or our FaceBook page budget goes to anyway and like it well but there I would tell you but I don't remember. All right so lord and lady. What are you telling me how to bring your family closer together at this is something that every he would in the family should know. And you know I didn't know your birth story. But I don't I don't I was born. Do you think the good. The big blue. And everybody now whenever a barn. Today I I know my birth story we too well because my mom tells it to anyone who will listen and she does but yeah talent but. Says if your pay teller earlier moms that when your mom says it's an aunt and I can tell what my mom says she's told all of you. You're she was ripped from spamming this iron yes. You hear your giant hand is there he asked. I had ten pound may be live gigantic gated shoulders like a linebacker have bragged that. That's nice thing if you give her five more minutes he'll tell you how the other moms in the hospital. Wearing beautiful mentally jays in a couple of loading up and down the hospital floor as it was so yeah laying there and paying negligence. From the stand there. Or like about him. Prostitution. And. Let my mom tell it it was like a spot for every one banner and there are negatives day Saddam's. Beautiful legs. It'd make life. I'll maybe you made me. But every kid should know the burst or lion what I need to not only care about it because it brings families together they say Adam. You should ask your mom and dad know how they felt when and they discovered mom was pregnant. That's how they choose your name bandied. This is going to be president had to decide what they decide to call you brits. I'm gonna mess up his place we always have to say branded. Brit there was popular back then that's the short answer no doc was named after he's dead. Yeah. I don't know well why did you did you name the only thing I've heard. I think this may remember it was that they wanted girl. And they only named head vacuum with a in the knees. And that's going to marry a name is that. Matt Dennis so at new evidence and because they hoped it was a girls. Yeah it was a slap and I. Analysts say when someone says tell me or what is your mom and dad's find out all we were horrified I'm gonna say yeah. It's really cute though. The wind families have named feels like he. Your family has steam going. Well I mean my dad happened amazed they happen to marry a deep Deanna. So yeah Eric indecent me yet it's at. It's weird like I grew up with a family VG it is only gets weird like with the Dodgers or. But the family v.s I do that with would you have too many kids college in Atlanta. Or Jordan on his cool for Victoria and Valerie bell once it got down to. Police say and Valero oh he had some. And a force top ha IRC and I had I had to choose the aim. What happened when mom went in the late. Learn need. Or not they laid eyes on new. How I had sex and make another Murton. Drag me down Teoma money yeah. Like I did Franklin and you know mega church passed. At bat I mean you do you get the list is somebody they're dead. I saw you are an ugly side and on the united. Although my Honda Center and I instantly regretted I am a news. Not that bad my brother and I Edward I can hardly babies and I'd sister. Is that I had like gas. One has had a very point the UK and soft and Buehrle and something. And one of us had it easy is it an M one had. And some sort of spots Oliver's asserted disease or spots all over amend. My sister came out to beautiful complexion. Yeah I went and she's still look at that for every year if it's true that is a true story sees it sees like of the poster perfect child. And she started that way we reboot started just. Pain in the ass in the beginning to pick and certainly a weird look in and no line. Be but your story isn't so that. I'm wrong to bring us together and Canada and yeah. Pop it out of the ugly baby yeah yeah. I don't look at my basement and heart attack and an. She got all of the girl and had over a girl that is really disappointed if it happens every spring is Claudette and ready for a child I game along. Oh no the yeah Utley got a Karo syrup or something innate. He never refrigerators on the could afford they put it out in the snow I don't know. Some long battling woe is me story and the. Very well. This isn't such a great idea I am I. Seeing things how low your kids safe on the radio you were listening to off there with that remote. I had to accidentally dot com month. The management page you'll find out a little hole or survey you'll see it there about most important thing for a couple of cute together before bed. Here answer field I think about it and if Amy before bed no byes. Like I usually I didn't even watch police here include because I think I'd say goodbye and. Lady I don't know if you're gonna lancet meet you deny it I'm leaving be fair or you hit me yet so guy if you add W ccb is that five so I'm. Leaving second think about or didn't want to I was mad at night you know and I nag I will do that again. Well how about this if leaving your wife stressing you out. Tried talking to yourself about it in the third person. Met he'd sit when he has to leave Amy at night to go to the I have to say that the black and third person Matt says not night gaming. Something like that. Yeah. Panels off. That adds ban the map and says again knife and national anthems. Any better but I'm relaxed these professor. Of psychology at Michigan State a talking about yourself and a third person. Takes the stress out of a situation. You just Alley an area. And they say it's simple to do when you have emotional thoughts or feelings or behaviors. May come up you just drop I and use you. Where now eat or now he is now dead now now now now. This guy separation himself. You can say all you want to trick he'd mumbo Jumbo but no one likes it another person talks about themselves in the third person people don't like it. A may not like it but it helps you can and it is about you Limbaugh and helps you in the sense that you relax but it doesn't help you because now people don't like you wanna work with you. Where's it near you loan should have been used very successfully by various public figures including. LeBron james' path. It's like to do it they go third person on yet. But I don't think it's because they want third person not only because because NA LeBron James thinks he can dunk but it made him down. It when he was leaving Miami to go back to Holland. He said you know I've wanted to do what was best for LeBron. They they all mean many many athletes dropped the third person. They stressed to my dad and hundreds of millions a dollar and out of here the guy I really think Italy has used it. It's noble prize winners have used it you're less likely to PO somebody hears a regular schmuck in the opera's yeah Matt Harris wants to borrow your stabler. The yes they are really stretching out man there's like little but I really need to Barley state learn how I talk ice nobody really. Not stressing you out I assume is not stress you out over the question of just getting stressed that in life. Yeah beside doesn't say about a specific questions it says in light I'm stressed out so when I talk about myself. Final thoughts feelings and behaviors era so I don't constantly borrowing a stabler is an emotional thought I you know you say that part. I don't Willingham arsenal box. It but I love them blunt instrument but I don't let me get this idea he does now may need. Goodbye every night there's a state where our dear referred to as a blunt instrument the area. But I think it would but to borrows something yes like I want to bar let's say at a bar. Oh a latter may never town. That's very stressful for me to go over. And knock on doors they can have a latter yes so it out to early same account matters most borrow latter and that is weird I'm sorry yeah. That is weird that's very stressful to go through something like it is could your inconveniencing him yet by taking his last and even more so we have to knock on the door it's not like it outside nearly day in I have ahead in the year are saying to a neighbor. Matt Harris wants to borrow your letter he needs to take here are some things. Yeah it does make you sound like a potential serial killer yes I logged it just sounds yours is anecdote. And when. Hang out with you I'm not I'm not gonna long man mattered social how critical on myself Matt yeah I go full and Mac man. So I think definitely not an attitude alerts only doing that went on being goofy but I got India I I it is no endurance. Matt has any year referred to themselves as there. On mere name out I don't work Greg. As Bane eagle on places introduce themselves with. Bid he would like to have the bill I mean aren't hurting I did duck would like to. Having. Ails me I mean I may be in a like joking manner maybe at some point being sarcastic here's some land and that's rare act like meat or something. And I. Baghdad. But if it critical that you really have a knack for free advertising little he had a match like me and they hit it and this guys. Met out delight me. Like meet the innocent offense. I'd like to borrow me. Up from me and take me. I don't take your meat and dairy though it's only about jazz in the bar for me. I have a few things like about the big boys they divide my wife may. I didn't take as things. Man I don't face that. Somehow create fear in me donate the biggest thing. Can afford total. Electability is Tony isn't it yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. 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