Dogs Before Dudes

Thursday, May 24th

Would you ever date someone if they hated your dog? In this episode we also talk about how to handle a hoarder and whether or not the people around you might be psychopaths.

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Today to that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when exhibit nine the link dot com. George listening got off to a bad remote. Like Apollo FaceBook page too by the way we haven't gone there why don't you should dancing. Burglar. Decline now and they just relentless declines of this stuff. Leave. Mean he had the running of the bulls. Kind of a grainy food footage but if you go to my Matt Harris page. The actual footage clear of me being her smoke. In and in the meantime what about. Have to CNET yet what are they going to deals and edited at the dolls. I am with the 86% of people who would dump somebody who didn't like my dog. Didn't like it didn't like my dog like hey you know what if you are dating. A dog mom or a dog bed I. They are dog mile more dog pet. You better understand that just like if they had kids need to suck up to that dog well I would have trouble to I don't ask but I that I dogged the way to my arc. I yeah I wouldn't be but I I don't know legged. I had trouble with the equalizing kids in equal to a dog are. You just over saying it even would be like. And you. Any significant if you can understand why I'm coming from then you're probably not the guy for me back and I'm a 100% okay with that but. It's you know. Did I'm crazy dog lady yeah yeah I got exactly are you back in my crazy dog lady world you need to suck up to madame. I suck and I just not having dragged I have to like title with a dog unrelated to pet him. I need to panic you need to pet him. Not an underdog beat right when you might door. My dog armories gonna come over he's gonna get all of next your legs and he expects she the leaned down and scratch one to bring down and that's it. That might want to reach out to sit there one year laughter gain of that but you need to acknowledge him because he's being nice to you. Okay knowledge. That's at one time I walk in and I'm back in the years and still it. They're not again not again I don't have to never touch him again. And when the don't know next time you come business angle but the dog starts jumping on you are you let the I'm not your car and get down my dog dealt obvious they had yeah I have bad habits he jumps on people I know he should mention of isn't okay of the person like pushes them off. If you step aside. Push him off no not pushing your voice. I'll. Announce that push him hard push her off canals not to let your dog hit and you re Max. Dog so you wouldn't want to Betty I know you had not data woman who did not like you don't have a dog now but not like you're on line is if she hated him. I would like there's a level right right in as long as she's tolerant. That I have been and that's fine that'd what did you doesn't like the fact that he lets say your dog did jump. OK not to like that part of it that's fun. You know that you know you dog is a bad habit yeah well I'm OK with you saying it can't. Yeah. I guess that sometimes this comes back it up though they don't keep jumping right up my job. Unleaded is back up you don't got to keep him or push him and that. And all the value what he did there that is community. Where you will you stick out your knee and that keeps the dog from to open up again and angrily at a distance before they via. Well I went out with a guy once who came over to the house. And he made several comments about. People with indoor dogs over the last on the game and I have obvious recommend that that's just rude. For anybody I mean you can mention it. At some point you know I could tell it really bothered him that our dogs lived indoors so you think you would just grow the resentment. Was that a religious reason this guy did it. Carrying heat he grew up with outdoor dogs a doctored and I didn't believe that dogs should be indoors. He thought it was dumb for a dog to be indoors because it's an animal should be outside. And he questions. And this is the part that I. Found very offensive he also questioned the cleanliness. A mini home. Adding inside it's time you go your question the cats and lend us your guess that's what you did a guy with tax no I would not. Not date. And they you know double standard why there's no difference that same. Same. Not so different now. Yes which you are doing it still question the click it or not talk about being a Frey were talking about Clinton won't get. Asked me if I would data that we can attest and I need to learn while I I'm not dating a guy with cats is because it would not be feared him or me. I'm afraid of cats but I don't feel comfortable in a home with a cat signal would they're giving me a spot. How fat I don't remember the rule on my brain guy they're plotting the demise I can never be comfortable. In your home there's a cat. Tying me how about the guy has a dog is an outdoor dog. Some do what bothered by the fact that some dogs live outside and I know there are some dog sitter. That are outdoor dogs like my neighbors had a dog that was primarily an outdoor dog it was a well taken care I'm OK with. I'm OK with that is right as you are not being role and it's tied up two lottery yeah OK yeah I'm reporting Uga. Out here but it goats in the backyard. You didn't go foods. A little miniature goats now because that guy would who ran a petting zoo tragedy be onetime items is it now. It. Holds up it. Very sweet. Yet that he had a cow named Oreo very sweet. I I want no part of you or your petting zoo and all I can imagine with him showing up at my house smelling like betting it can handle internally or Sears those lists that we do in the somebody is Leone say try to. Don't have your list so long and you've got along well knows. I didn't Danny you know now that's the amount of time. What we are to. Honor all. And then day old style I would hate him. Yeah. Your number not my sounds Greta it just me about it for no reason do we get our zoo part that's a weak reasons enamored by either losses hands. Does it have more. Yeah today you have had a he has daily and penalties and empowerment and about that's Arlington. There are a lot of things that are hard to do it like we're keeping up with the Iraq this email you have 42000 email. Keeping your phone shocks Paul's merging into traffic in the lane next ends in the that's why 1079 delaying wants to make win. Money. M the seventy. She donated for the national keyword in the text in a way it's easy money hasty. And Bob and Jerry Kelly buyers came. And Charlotte's best mix what I was seven and I don't blame you still have 31441. On my. All cylinders them weird ways. People became millionaires. And one this is guy Eric knock him while. He made a mean where the open mouth cat. Asking for it cheeseburger. Says ITN has cheeseburger I don't remember it. Do you do yeah 110 million dollars off well and millions all blood ten million. Yes yeah well. I missed block and a lot of web sites. Wanted to use it and you had you may pay ten years it off in that amazing. Betty stock. I am Dianne still I don't know I can buy it and at what we hear you say your cat this area cats do really well. What within isn't such well grumpy cat did we know we're a year there I don't know I had a tiger's birdie on in years past ten million years. The registering the URLs. The domain names and whatnot. Back in the day you can make a lot of money out and baguette that gap back in the day it was and I just lost it again I think it was. I know on giving example. At pizza dot com. Two point six million but that's not even in the game and just tell you minute ago and I forgot. Look at a most expensive and I think it was like. Hotels or something whatever. Sell chicken wholesale to become a millionaire. These Brothers and 09 series selling chicken and a parking lot a buck 49 a pound. Half the national average. The buyer had to get that operatives forty pounds in two days they sold 80000 pounds and they were millionaire and he. Well if they're selling chicken at a parking lot I heard this a similar story about the guy. Who popularized baby care it's. Because until he came up with a way to market the baby carrier. It was basically. Sum them that they just dump on soup company's damn machine don't care company yeah. Like just to get rid of it because it couldn't be sold rights as regular care somebody's gonna buy him so. You'd make pennies. Just basically get rid of 100 so he found away premium like Maine it sorts out he found a way. To market it as aid baby care at ace and that care rate. An argument that super rich. Trace. And I had that I'd hear it important break. The domain names insurance dot com. Bounce 36 million. 2010 vacation rentals dot com 35 mil. Private jet dot com thirty male Internet dot com eighteen male short dark on sixteen melt I think gosh bank. Office chairs. So on a bell nick was fourteen at a time at 500 dollars. It wants an office chair company called is it chair dot com. Why 05 the site annual revenue fourteen million dollars. And 08 that number triple. Was he making surges telling I'm tired I'm guessing you can make them just site where you can go and see every kind of business out of office share available on the market. Fourteen. You. If this guy for money when you were fourteen. I don't think I did and it don't they had money you're getting the money flowing Long Island indicating. I don't I'd I'd and papers. Out and I don't remember when I am now now I just that they know wanted to give me one point this argument poker chips. Imagined that this thing they went this little space for David did you poker chips. It's if you did somebody get like a blue Iran or light or whatever. And that deal they allegedly at the end of the week and in the minority attach amendments. That part never happen I just never had a big bag of poker chips and I guy I just keep collecting camps and she never went anywhere it's. This guy one. Gotten become a millionaire I gaming the lottery which can't do now because there's so many. Possible combinations but. Starting in a fifty stepped in Mandell. Played global lotteries Romania Australia or whatever stepping up every available ticket. Darren tying guaranteeing a win. 19921. Of the many he went was 27 million dollar prize he over all through the course of his time when seven point one million dollars. Resetting. Of the pet rock remember that what are we doing wrong here it also wants everybody millions of those this guy invented it boggles. Like I sunglasses bird bird dogs. If he's playing frisbee and his dog didn't catch the prison besides abacus I got in his eyes and he made dad came up goggles and they go more than three million dollars annually. Wow. And dogs don't even look at the sat. The bad hangs. I feel like I am even if you came up live like a really good idea. The chances of it blowing up like that still have to be astronomical gas well because this is that. Kind of think any keeps she downed you know I'm mad kinda thinking you have to have. But it does seem like there's something out there are missing and now old because I like getting down with the website you got to know how to build a website you got to know how to I'd arms and stuff out and finally I don't I'm I don't know man I'm not a big men in no way it began and yeah yeah I did enhance our problem is I do I got Diana while not gonna give the idea. I but it of the eighties and continued from there where do you go. Well I got a call I had I have slighted China and need a scientist with the kids at all as it is don't call that but I haven't had. I haven't had one come up with a fix the adhesive thing yet. But an idea like one of these you'll need a scientist now. I'm on his cell chip business shares I just call guy. Isn't. Hello loses airmen. I'd sell a business and I. And be a millionaire now you have the clerk and tell me when it's done right behind us except that seems really simple method does just figured out. You're listening to Hossa there with mess and Ramona write your mom it is. Not quite a quarter window and her up collector. No matter how good the word out to my friends and I'd love. How my friends love my mom and I've already put the word out please. No books of books no brochures. A brush artists Hugo's brochures. She keeps brochure you loves paper of in yes. Yes there and parked it on you. No brochures. Please no angels. No bells. No soap with no lotions and no T she doesn't use the lotions and soaps. My mom is 77. And she will be an oil slick well into her mid one hundreds. Just on the lotions and oils that she has right now there's no way she can. IE you'll never be as she she will grow go to the great shiny what what she needs no more lotion as it got so gives giver something that. Will disappear basically something that she can eat what they know me know Teague got the exact. Too much T and you're under it. Can you get rid of which are not looking shall now. I don't wanna argue that Denise I try to be respectful but it's good that time's ticking now a lot of times I'll. Like when someone comes over I'll say. Task force anti. Engadget and I'm lucky. Community so then as we have this T Mon do you mind if I get so so this entire box of gamma meal I add. Ten boxes right many make up some sort of ailment they ask that goes back adds it's a buys well. On the net that should help us out like you gave several days and policy got a race not as. I say if you don't anybody team get. If you know anybody that's had parents die. And that parents lived in that house for a long time you'll hear stories of just hell what it's like to clean out there at a garage is that doing so hired you you've got to hope. That your parents moved. Am not a few times at least you know like in their seventies or late sixties or something because they'll never have a lot of stuff. Yeah move move in their early to mid sixty's yeah yeah. And because the you know I hear all kinds of tales of people and hopefully the kind of people that aren't gonna move. Older stuff I'd I'm I'm uncle to move all this. Like is that tools and everything Andy's you know ninety targeted. Use these tools but he did stumble would die flowers so it would have been like a barn closest anyway. You know you've I'm sure we've all known people had to clean out their parents. House ganging never yeah well my mom was 64 when she moved down to Charlotte as a big nose cleaning out her storage bin that she hadn't. Physically even being in other then to add more staff. Was horrifying was a big one. It was full stop somebody nearly deputy has summoned her try not right I tried not to you could throw under all elect how he's technically. She did know was in any of those boxes Tom Kite Camelot it was where school supplies she was retired. Fair ball I'm leaning to the makings for a Spanish one bulletin board didn't. The cheeky text box yes yes he saw as a textbook no no no no they didn't put your but we gave in to. A nice. Or any language teacher Ramona new. Out who's with the dog out in the country. Unless there's this little. And an innate goodwill and attention right right well that's one of the things they say to help you. Help the person in your life get rid of stuff has offered to donate or sell the item and then maybe they'll be like dollar and helps them buddies so log Everett this clutter. And maybe look at some money that's my my best defense is saying it's going to somebody else who really need. Yeah but. Even then sometimes she's calling in and it's a rivets you know younger person to someone as your room later here. Whenever something and they say the purses as lazy doesn't Wendy clutter you can say am I gonna sell the story. Annulled they might go over that new. Actually do seller so whenever I set an example lets on innings for the most part you can't. The stuff that lady be able don't wanna pick up mostly little lullaby you have. Am I beating case but maybe you just take it away bring him back and box where at least say no one sold it it does but it. I broke I did throw it away with it. It's when he fell focus on one thing at time have you argument simulate witty and other stuff. I don't want thing that drives you crazy stick to that dialogue. And less sentimental stuff. Magazine I think and now the idea that. Yeah that doesn't work. As you what I thought I would do is I would focus on the women's world weekly magazines which by the way every single magazine is the same is. Colorful caller with somebody losing belly fat. And I ranked eight measure around there in two ways to do something seasonal every single one is the same. Mom want to save each one because there's one article in every magazine she wants you can't so I think you know what. At the article. I went out of water scrapbook. Our women's world weekly scrapbook that she could go through magazines that I article that you while think this and I butter trouble is for help. Articles. This about a week ago today. And and that was the thing go through that that one article. Written about black co hashed Keith. You know it does not work. These. Tips are for amateurs instead young wizard it never really one day like OK I use that pick at that don't. It was right. How did you get her respect her perspective and share yours. Ask them questions we knew not ridicule them here Rio why do you feel like you need to keep. We're doing which are goal for this. One was allowed to play these people have never watch orders buried alive won the last two guys you all. Bull. Our little quote collectors. Have a reason for every hundred finance and easy. Jar it had pickle could check it could hold it may not happy giving you a list of reasons now. That's more. Plastic bag that I could recycle. Eight years but the tell them what bothers you about it and say I hate it right the good reason why the enemy we finally get all the stuff now you get angry enemies saying they just makes. Is he such anxiety to see these women obliquely is just about you all and yet. I can't you know well I will do something to relieve your stress to do something to relieve. There's an assessment. You don't have you received a Baghdad is against Baghdad tells them to get up right compromise. Here you tried that should. I get it relates also say the box strict we take all the things that you think there clutter preliminary box opener at a site. And if they don't look at it and X number of times or whatever then. You go out and the storage unit didn't work. Just more stuff collected at and it was time to get rid of it she wanted to look in a and Reebok. And find a reason for an everything in day. Linehan and the in this in the and a country on this they do keep it maybe do that she said and there's a space on here is a drawer if whatever in his drawer. You can put this and this size bookshelf right medicine at this is bringing through the possibilities. You just given up. Yeah yeah I mean I thought that war I why fight it. It's off there with Matt Ramallah you guys ever think you know I have known a psychopath or a seems sick suspected something was a psychopath. Yeah do right really Anderson yeah and looked. And. And isn't it Mary do one you knew him I'll cash a right but I'm not call on the community was probably. I. No I did or not. I know I think had I known Avian arsonist. But I don't know they've gone as far as. I guess it went potentials like the past behavior for a decapitated but yeah we're talked about like a pass because the occupations with the most boring some study. Aren't. I number once CEO. Yeah I cycled past have something called a resilience to chaos. And that doesn't just mean they keep a cool head under stress they also sometimes create Havoc for everyone else. Because. It makes them look good when everybody else around him is struggling. I'm catching just kind of people they don't SEC you know could be any. Position where there's people jockeying for job or promotion under whatever but I can. Let me Soledad we're totally we had. Program director at one point you lose like that that I think that this study or whatever it is is probably. Based on. Psychopathic tendencies in and they bounce it over to what kind of job that person might do I can't imagine. Actually taken a poll of CEOs and said the oldest forms as a result of that right it. Psychopath is a very broad term also a it's a person suffering looking around chronic mental disorder. With abnormal social behavior. Are OK technically we're all cycle management yeah. Normal medium level and TV and radio came in at number three behind later when we have to begin a person's suffering from chronic mental disorder. With abnormal social behavior attacked and they say the reason why they're so many psychopath as the media. Is that second has. Oftentimes are narcissistic. Yeah but not this is then can be useful in a jogger requires a lot of public focus you might want us. A pat says a CDO. Solidarity unity right needs someone who is going to be cutthroat and it's not your throat cutting. Is it when it comes to Baghdad media people you have to become the face of pressure are you see some. Well dressed anchor who is calmly talking you through horrible tragedy like 9/11 or a school shooting. Yes but I think. Mean it's yeah it's like being. Whenever job EMT here matters whatever you're you reach your jobs are you are cool under those things because you. You've either bend their local road or you have the personality sport right right. Yeah yeah you're reporter bide. A real it person. A media person what Ralph and you didn't like you couldn't handle that kind of stuff. And the day I knew that I no longer had no longer could be. Report. That just an anchor but a reporter. Was a day I went out to cover a shooting in Columbus, Ohio where mom had shot her children and a neighbor kid. And I as I was interviewing. One of the crying neighbors. I knew that that was not the job I could do I thought it was a time it. Your friend at the gas station. Okay that too. It was a friend you're happy to go to. Yeah and I really against Asian guy who I chatted with thin. Yeah you know he's killing kids don't think he was accused of murdering his gated Villa that was the end so case of CEOs. Media people who else salespeople. Attack. Together we're a think gravesite psychopath sociopath yes sociopath. And a different. I think so here's the the economic desperate like it. Psychopaths. Feel bad about what they do sociopath does doesn't care what other. Well that's pretty low so I ask you why now open to attack. Us. That's one of the reasons why surgeons tend to make this list because you know some surgeries go well. You win some you lose them when his surgeon knows that some somebody dies oftentimes if. Yeah but I think you also have to ask who narcissism and if you're kind of playing god and kind of surge and you are right Betty and also definitely had to have that stress immunity. Yes somebody's life is resting in your hands are out now. Out of all the doctors I heard surgeons and at least. Likely to be nice I was told by a surge yet I might SA. And I mean a guy like that two million relative like they know they'll have as much empathy is a regular doctor might rise because they can't because we're constantly doing surgeries like for death. We're so super Smart. Yet that the socially or whatever yet on the other side I definitely surgeons always other surges under the bus so a lot of say it and a link on the good doctor anime favorite news. Now. Journalists. Same thing man that's the last thing news media people who are front and gang comes police officers. In time I write. Once again I grew on them to stress most of them yeah the only empower people power you're talking about here. I clergy made the because like. And they are. They are the conduit from god to somebody. So a I could be easily had an arsonist would fall into that they're they're performing onstage. They believe that they today. And not say on in this like all CEOs and arson but they believe that they are more in touch. And with god and said I'm people some not all. A very few. Give a bad name to the profession. Wind gay used religion to exploit people right. Right so whether it's for money or fame game may email or are smokers like children whatever it is. And and what it's like anything less than CO whatever obviously it's smaller percentage of them that our. Like a pass right at any of these mean all of them all CEO's or on the of people and they would Auckland and I can help you explain mice yes. Are on the lotions or pain and gas I've heard. I heard like in about you most of the standard like that Jeff did. Not lose Lindsey. Yeah aunt Ellen yeah pretty and I heard every kitchen workers got some violent social behavior. Yeah I've always heard about you know it's it I believe it's true but it's like to get every movie ever why not every movie but a lot of movies are watched like you speak. Today. So language that Leslie's those closest friends at. The Manhattan out of it out and I got the mother seven ratatouille was a very terrible. The must get the zone. And finally number ten on the list of professionals like a pass civil servants. It's government officials. Where they can never be fired. Pack and they're usually meet once again good and at races and you may have to deal is nowhere else again. So you know they hear it they can just push it about a lie and deny you whenever they've cut major power. Yeah that it's easy you know if the odds of getting fired are slim GAAP and you can make your uncles. Don't feel like given realizes this and come back at three weeks where I wanted to Jason asked them you know my mom was when forever. And Health Department right yeah that's the authors are just partners I would test. He's just a general. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.