Don't Call Ramona Pretty!

Thursday, January 18th

You heard it right...Ramona HATES being called pretty!


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Online dating to stick man but here's one that I know you're not like. When you on line eight your message back is a gorgeous hey beautiful. Assist. We know it Odom cursor over the edge selling. A pretty aerial. Hey I'm pretty. App. Yeah there's and that is your worst paying for some reason. You hate the pretty thing I can't I don't know why end don't need to tell somebody to ever start date some. Meets on ran again. I don't know that I did. LO report says the last guy I dated you know I really don't like that. You are pretty well before after each how long that was a prostitute movie and I'll column I'm. It's just it's just really shadow would the the process now so it but pretty lady is just a vaguely. Ship pretty laid a pretty girl pretty woman is just too shallow and it's just. All the levers that your beautiful color here all right you change these thumping. Pretty extreme ordinarily know it's now that's a pretty flower that's the exact Geithner. Pretty beautiful like Albert but I'm Toby bit got a pretty dog. I sit at a beautiful dog. I don't like you know I'm saying you should tell the guy before he says. About the way pretty stupid to say that like you went on and Republican. On comic Freddy Mac which got through.