Don't Make Me Talk To Grandma

Tuesday, June 19th

Remember back in the day when your mom or dad would hand you the phone and force you to have an awkward conversation with an adult relative? Good times!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com your listings are there with. I don't you grew up in the 1990s. Yeah that match. Things that you're at the door when you. Had a small talk friends. And every day hand to the home. Are you calling on. Andy has advancers. I got haven't been through. His dad to get to him or not every dad just on the good news for new yet they have a conversation. Now and I hand doc we don't know about such things. Who are calling anybody and yeah you leg. Ever called house three not very often. Not gonna that I can recall. I don't recall many phone calls. It's weird to me and David did it would be but I don't think we talked to be like somebody like caddies they tipper basketball practice or some like that. The user who worked out ahead of time. Whom I gotta I. I am I gonna go and have a girlfriend. All. They guy well. Still talk on the phone my girls I ever had any I didn't I mean everybody played where it is and most people I hung out we had played with a but it calling it really we're just in mind. One dead end street of like. Fifteen houses or something when going anywhere at that says a lot about your life that's my boy and dating. Like going to anywhere and gone wow I'm a primary bike across highways and things like that but not to see anybody is known as the you an idea glad my bag was a highway it wasn't as anybody maybe got them going anywhere. There's rise it's maybe Diego I don't even though our I was going to like sit in the I guess he wasn't a valedictorian a bicycle out of your mouth now realize that that I mean I really had did you call him. I mean I called my Graham on the economy did and other than that I never touched the phone and I would nameless I wouldn't ask a Mac then I was. Screening calls yeah rose cool yeah well look I mean when I wish I had a job. Painting I mean the guy would call and say. Rained our not working today but that was. I doubt answers and Oregon and so that does that sound that comes his. And I answered at the bus this guy and our pain there. I had would have the opera in conversations. With my friends parents like below listen dancing guys beat the big key. Unseated unity conversation with a thomas' blocker can I speak to Camden. Boo yeah I am a little time to analyze more and you don't get a lot of didn't. Than guys yeah. Yeah no it's I don't know I mean to you guys and I know that because we're really kind of weird you know some acting. Don't remember having opera conversations with the girls who are calling my nephew. I don't you wouldn't just let him through yet now pretty gatekeeper. Is you know what I mean did you did you do you drilled them on. Who's sat at first I thought you should. If you calling someone's home there was there's a certain adequate for a day the car hello. No I this is say your name Newton may I speak to hear me today that hi Jeremy there. A lot of I didn't whom am I speaking. Hawaii amber this this is Jeremy van. Well maybe Andy North I'm gonna teach you a little etiquette. On the phone etiquette that one every one kid wants to learn as long that we don't want to learn but the needs are not remarks and they're not learning not just cursing anywhere on your back was she aware that you're like Yahoo! living there and answered in Baghdad to maybe she would just turn it. All greens are girls said Al my badges this could mean an hour. Let's not get the fiftieth. Yeah that's not a good entrance into the in this bar on giving off a calendar blast you can blaster or light the girl to. Calls at like 7 o'clock on a Sunday morning and you say Jeremy is not up to 7 o'clock and it's called the Reagan 30 on a sunny morning he had given her an 8 o'clock yes I N Allen at 8:30 AM light. I told he's not a wage and that I would let him know yeah he woke up did you we're calling our yet you can give her the business tonight Gary that's one that needs a knock down there were girls who needed the education. That anti Ramona was given. But one of the parents didn't. I was telling him stuff that their parents didn't even know that those girls needed to know what you want when their parents. You ask them I donated data could change and they didn't learn a little bit just talk smack about you again. And without my bag and we had in your lane yeah yeah yeah yeah. Clancy yeah she is and they cry became again Saturday anyway. 170 am spin I the that means you might as well it is openly. A lot of tech going on. Really late and really early yet a lot of parents don't even know about aria yeah I actually think the girl calling itself and and I can go to dinner. A bit yeah. Maybe I got it in my judging correctly and I please call the three AA is looking and and got to like again as he's got to got to got to find yeah that's the case yet really close now how does somebody else giving another exit off run them down. The day three and market. Back at me clowns just keeps getting better see the day Saturday July 28. The biggest and best of late night lineup. It's one. One location and the only way to get the game will be 21079. Close and personal life musical experience that includes meeting the fans and photo opportunities with them all the details are coming so. Exclusively. Sorry it's best man X 1079. No link. Ramon. We'll tell you she's a commitment. Phobic. But. Commitment cautious a cat but you can put it to the test like going to Ramona Holloway phase out leaving heretic and ask. I just helping out late that level when you say that and it has also been trying to do not an OK then attract elements and is often as possible. Odd no we do not do more they could do more alert we're brighten it anywhere sorry I thought I better times. If you feel like. You've been seen this earth and but you're. Just don't see them match up like. You've been in the text mess aid going into DD TL about your day for example. There are a lot of opportunities or any other person ask you pretty much anything yeah. But yet. You're. Text. That you received looks something like cake or outlet fund our wow I mean like very. One site it unfortunately. Sometimes that's how I answer amien real life but I ago. The prison I was today at night and so. And they're in good shape to do today. Exercise a little bit ago it's so I had it in real life on the bad. Talker. Well maybe the person is just better communication yes beat bad at relationships. Let's talk about a lot of until one. So noted. That it did it communique. And then the and the related. About I do it but. Muted given he did a Gator ultimately change in the us. And you can entertain. Her when I have things to say I communicate them. And I have nothing to say I do not communicate. Like should I thought it is available right so yeah. It at. Does nothing happened during the day worth repeating it the more I forgot what it was so sometimes. How's your bag on a dime bag and and it did. It's gonna be on your tombstone someday plan on Honda got not. It's instantly remembered for that. And I'm not and. As I'm sure I've got to Macedonia and thought I gotten up its. Got no feeling or emotion and sentences and dance tired yeah. Is. This is every day out to be something wonderful to talk about the words are important on. I. You know yeah that's what it's like a machinists. Or. Arteries. Or. Where you don't have to talk a lot when you're not responsible. For witty repartee yeah. That. Didn't happen you expect me to come up with something interesting and then who. I give me a god or greed isn't it. Is there and yeah right right. And all day. To day thing. I think. Or yeah well. The B the machinist guy that can zone did she say they make a widget you may get a widget I'm it would just and to them it's like. Don't live in infamy. Yeah I took penguin guy he's the boss and his house as far as like chipping in pain or pain. I'm meg. And do it all here. Yeah we've been on the table and I gone there's sends about your house votes are all a little bit did you. A metaphor. Isn't there so I guess saying like to shoot makers did have notes users on the list and nobody there to put some like Benton is you know I'll have a parent. This has mariners on the like yeah doctor kids are sick. A dandy you know since kids never even as. No teed it is. Irony you know I did stupid I am getting a taste thing. I got an idea about what you got. Sometimes I got nothing else. I don't write that down a lower lines are dead and buried them whatever they took me a man. You can either earned or as a like this and it's your servicemen have. Sometimes Matt had enough. Browns be digitally and I really do I got one you guys as noted that sometimes end up a bit. Yeah I've got a lot. A guy not a lot but I got more than nothing on this show. And every Greg apparently has done little more than enough and real life shouldn't deny the I'm a little more Obama. And Sandra I don't know on paper look and oh yeah. I. Remember the radio met promoted shows slogans of like real not for real life isn't real life and that. I. Did not really talked this talk it okay I'm talk down and you talk you out and I got to act the rest. And tell them more things go to the navy's Joseph. We're used to be that something that it that it isn't it uses half a dozen. And. Hall where. Ramones and and I hosted Charlotte voice. This place. Yeah link voice. Taste solid festival. Water we had listeners get out it was eight of them yet and they sang parts of a song we had judges. Who would then turn their chair around and they thought it was good enough and then. Three or four. Got all creatures and we chose somebody get a big ticket packet of all the other great content. And you know our round she did an amazing job. Some of you who are new to our show don't know that the mad money show has a very colorful history. With the taste of Charlotte yes we do various things have happened me he's written. From. In almost altercation weird Matt and local weather guy you nearly got into a fist fight we joke biscuit that. And dad yeah I'm a guy from SNL showed up and found that mediating in keeping Matt from fighting. And we had a nice. Buried his face in the bowl of ice cream and Anaheim nightmare he was finished it looked like strawberry ice cream of the the client was aren't quite as well as the crowd we've amass tornado and not many are worried though. Always seems to be something very weird only when when we are there. And it's. Us it's always. So we're almost beats doing the link always. And singer has just finished and I notice and I could tell my mom had noticed that there was a gentleman. Who appeared to be affected all of this being. Who was at a burger in one hand and with his other hand was. Air hub being the crowd and flipping them off sighting right he was having trouble standing. He's right at the front of the stage or Brian you have. Yeah they are out. Between this anger and Democrat. So I. Bad decide ams is going to ignore him most of the crowd seemed to be ignoring him. I could look down and see my mom eating at guitars and I notice that again was like she was trying to figure out. Get about it this week Jintao here at yeah it is very sad. Like look at her added a poor I'm glad to make sure she's not trying to regulate the situation begs. I because she was sitting next to your daughter at a in her foot and yes and I know she felt that she was responsible even though I told them all look after each other Asian country at that they use you can look after each other right so mom I know was getting. Agitated because he was doing this in front of the children and it is also really stealing the spotlight. From the singer yes so. Next and know it's time to bring up another singer and Madd says I'm. And and implement grabbed. Well why. But really weird. Haven't tested have just. Out of kids they think the next year. Like yeah it. In my. Yes this is obviously. He's. Holes. Ain't yeah. Isn't. He here somewhere he's yelling at him. It'd sit down put your finger away. And leave I'm sad that it. Last words I heard from Matt Harris as he is where he hit. It. And that I'm going to take gear it is viewed. I so I think I'm getting agitated like she's about to do something Matt has now run onstage and in east sitting there thinking. I want yelled. Some. Else. Really hurting anybody just being an appropriate. Yet and yeah kindness. Yet so that's not having. Some. Some disappears from the stage stand up by myself. I am China on one hand it got to the corner of my eyes see if there isn't altercation. And keep the chance to going at the same. And you get this was not part of the plan. Rising so I am looking and now I'm introducing the next singer I'm looking for man. I don't seem. To impact back. I was leaving to the crowd and I also. Don't see it. Anymore and what happened from your vantage point of. All I did it as it's it's edited sounds dramatic but it's really not. All I do is go on the floors some police officers. And I said guys. This dude there's not been staged some people off whenever you're not a daycare and as I'm gonna take yeah. You know. I'd say yeah. And and and they said but there's nothing we can do. Mya OK but it. Can you at least keeping on because he's. I have no idea his famous mom and a half. Boss in through the files on the holes. If there's somebody on Baghdad amendment may visa Zoellick urged community and I NN neighbors will be given like. Pay that's cool I respect you guys do a great job godless whenever. And countless that is limited to about buying back on and Hispanics and the guy was still enter. Any team back. And they do one judge. No carrier. Oh yeah. And he is an ego and her weapon of choice. Yeah it's hit them with me. Ordered that the that. After. I tasted eloquently as she can go anywhere somebody down at the classic prison now wept and Marie are political lines of her vantage point. About used to here came out and handle things. We did that's what she's on her so she didn't have to get either Matt or Brad. Another guy used to work here and handled it even though she wouldn't have to give up. Are you ready just give it a second that he's back in full clip an op mode but then I think he got a little intimidated the only mitigate they packed app flip off. So he did like a nub at an awful thing here. You'd like got to go like this you know like. Whereas in the middle finger is Holmes middle finger down. Something happens it's analogous to how what you like and arthritic can't stop that we just gonna have. Middle finger up in the air and you know and Anders wrapped it up and I said that it's bad here and she says to me she goes. You know it's off feed him as a low bid that he allows him what he littered. He's got a good look at those things that left a permanent mark on our Ernie ally bragged and its little benefit. Yeah you need to pile on with the letters it. You know it's like to got to got academy that was what was most egregious tracked its cause there was Matt Ramona I would never finished commitment though. You have more forming. Yet how to athletica. I that you are dating a commitment. Act even after a great day. You probably won't hear from any time. Because if you're dealing with a commitment but they tend not to initiate contact urged. Animal go through long periods of radio silent after eight meaning you will probably have to do all the romantic later. Is that that that is true but maybe the guys possibly guys just. She guy or socially oft word or he got busy announced 23 days later he's like you know now it's too late and. Easy plays into it because. They say the commitment food is a commitment phobic. Irritating only me about there's it. Like you'll often hear things like arm really busy at work right now attitude I'll say I have admitted that for so long things have been crazy Iran he air. Sorry I didn't really connects until now have you been and now maybe that's true. You know I have to I hired a king or queen of oil and diesel sorry just office. But it couldn't that be true. Grit and some things that here's my problem. And adding a match. My in my and we have some little look at a text. And but I won't respond to right away is that you know some happens there when it is not Ambien and I don't see that little. Circle because there's things and that tells you it's not. Mine is like that at that little third by their own notification leg on that's not turned on that I'm like I guess I have no texts. They knew that you forgot that you had a tax statute in right. And so I mean not dating some of these people. Hope they all alone. But I still feel bad when I like scroll through them which. I like to do once logs and others somebody probably said some governments else that I can get back on. And it's our time I checked my text when I'm in a car. So out Matta spotlight I see your text he had yet but it can't answer it and then by the time I get around answering it I forgot that I had a. But the reality is of I was hot for somebody I'd be different in just ignoring a different stacks and I were hot for somebody I would be all over that. Ten in all over like yes I'd be on it I wouldn't forget about it they'd be on your mind all the time and where are they earn it texted yeah oh where is nudity. And where's the Noonan yeah Soviet only gonna play and dates around what's it mean for them and there's indulges. A bit. Maybe that's the way it is and and he has got to figure out whether that. Is acceptable to hear it maybe they are some. You know got organ is way up the bank that's got to work an attorney that works it's not about it. They did also chronically late you flaky that's our lovely combo of both. I do like this field. Lovely combo boat. I don't laugh flaky. You're definitely. Late deflating an athlete. And he's like most likely that makes it. On get a unity seems like it totally. Forgot about a union shop at all. They you know somebody else you know I don't make some people yeah yes I think these it will go with the late we'll go with the you have that you you. Maintain a busy schedule you are returning tax. All those kind of commitment it takes it. I finished it laughing and how it. It is this list now. Although yeah some of it. It's a little close to home here but they say they're not great with PDA because is typical for commitment both to shows signs of affection especially in public. Really. Yeah probably some a lot of people who aren't in the PDA we did OK at holding hands. Most times right right right but there are some people who are veering like Mary Magdalene emperors and they don't want to play it right slackers are not interest. Another lender. I think it's just pick could be a sign of what they're saying yeah like maybe that guy doesn't wanna stand next few decent dude because he's. You know wants people to not think that he's that type with the so maybe there's some other women in the bar that'll be like okay he doesn't have a girlfriend just as odd six. I play a real. You know you're just an essential. It makes sense you know I mean doesn't reveal overtly necessarily because he wants options. See the other group of female in the room dude saying you like not yet. Yeah and when you don't tangled up in her immensely talented and right. So. That makes sense yeah that direct and that is flirt think I don't know they do it clapped out now. Sometimes. Thanks for listening to our fairway and that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.