Don't Point In Pictures!

Thursday, August 9th

The guys think it's lame to do the cheesy pointing thing in pictures...we also talk food etiquette and the best times to do certain things when you're in a relationship.

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Today to what that meant remote showcased via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come off there was bad remote. He's averaged about the things I'm certainly the latest news from the bus is an independent candidate yeah I didn't know. Wanted to know what what what was being did you don't like to see anymore. I am I is started with celebrities back in 2015. I mind and as you Bruins are three 'cause I Google that tell you back up some of my outrage. It is time for us to stop pulling in other people within the same picture that we are standing next to what I did it there in the picture. And we see them you don't need to point them out for us as we look at your picture. I will say I am guilty of winning I enjoyed point eight I have pointed at my cell yet I don't know what to do with my hands into this thing when it I don't know where is that I. I mean good comedy because just recently we had a legal round was sellable performers. Our boss took pictures with several performers scene and he pointed. Several performers jet but time and one of them had his hand caressing his chest it was not a okay with a affection he armor around that's great that the hand on the chest that's fine well just stop pointing. What he. Our boss stopped and we could open the doors sectors happens that I died I don't know it's coincidence or not but I just posted. Quite literally I didn't get closer to intimidate and her husband and pointing and Albania spiraling out of control is that he's got a lot from Bob and sharing a particularly difficult every scroll down he was pointing well we gotta stop I am for giving any past pointing to say and starting now now long holiday is he's got enough it has been three years three years and it's time for that trained to stop we need to come up with something else and move along as someone like I just I just got big in bunny years so I'm holding on to the point in our until you come up with something better for me to do with my hands in a photo. That's an undue isn't. The body you're used to be called cock older something like my something like that memory of your view that's a difference in time. And coming up. Any idea lifers on the you put your finger and never anyway. What are the it was it was more likely appointing with the wide open map like act or the smirk. Point we will review more are more likely see like Denton it's murky kind of thing or not. Wide open mouth the wide open mouth I think that might have been outlined. This guy via my mouth I mean I am also guilty white of the mountain Adam Levine at all right how about you and all leaders standing next to a person. Whom you probably know. And you're just like lull. I'm in the is that nobody is birds and these people are afraid they don't know right out of your personally don't know what to do I think what you're going to land it out and block or. And what. Do I think there's. August that it kind of I think he's. Got an enigma to exit the year most of outfits don't have pocket. I handled my hits just looks really stupid I don't always like to put my like he'd he'd buddy up for picture okay. Did you underestimate. How proud to do my hands. Or at and you don't wanna do the data and anything they say is that the stock or scholar. Will that or you cover your crops. Thank you know I was adamant Nemo and they are getting their picture taken in the garden MB yeah. The cover her crotch and that's a photographer's last night it's okay wanted to do it. It. Yeah yeah. And as conservative pulled out his camera and covered the circuit a cover up zip code and the naked dude you have what we need to go and finally I don't but I do know this that in no viable that they sooners they found they were naked they begin to change it and I got that part and he did their part then yeah. Department of lamented I did stimulate the king of weird did you could end and I came and it and they started ninety Annan naked afraid Adam Adams agrees that that's what that. Raining cats and 1079 delay. This story. A thousand dollar fortune pours down. Times he's dead and didn't win every week day at the bottom of the hour from 7 AM to 7 PM when we announced the national he would. This summer fast or twelve times every day Monday through Friday. At home and so here in the gas this summer camp storms from Charlotte's best mix when those 79 billion link. There's been a raging debate all raging in the studio when I talked about things you know when he's list. About ways you've been you know an off year repeat offing the offering making your coworkers mad with help oh I didn't until making words today. Making words up even under constant attack and pass sentences I can't thank yet. And one OK look service when you you microwave your stinky left overs in the office it's. I say. That shouldn't get it's like putting. Signed the bath and wash your hands shouldn't everybody knows that by now that sticky leftovers are. Staying in basic. EU what do you consider stinky I'd like. Use my eight thanks for example one of our co workers. And won't say his name when I was. Making coffee. He was in the air microwave being his Brussels sprouts. I think Brussels sprouts. Are disgusting little vegetables. I cannot stand the smell Tony I eat and I can't put him on the list I hate the smell. Input and it's like a sauerkraut T kind of is. Yeah part of the thing as mentally thinking all of these are amazing I grew these MR gardens awesome for him. I can make lunch. For me I find that very stinky food that should not not be microwave I'm probably in the minority here. Based upon what we know about different cultures different things if you believe what smells amazing do you like boo. We'll sprouts can't wait to triumph somebody else it could be offensive and yucky. And it's and it's permeating a large area. Is no way it is is things consider a day lady if you just an alibi the microwave and your pot if you can go. Ten yards away and still smell it that's the thing to check off Andy here's a bit our own carried out browser producer. Oftentimes during the show goes out microwaves something never stinky he brings it back in the studio and we play a game. What's hockey eating based upon what it smells like. We generally liked the smell of what he brings our neutral. If dock where eating may be something that had to spice and we're familiar with where vegetable lit we weren't. Familiar with. We might think gosh where we're like tuna fish and I bring in my accident obvious gap to him and it kind of fish any kind of fish and a list. Finish finish is on a list drawn onions. On outs and smiled maliciously they're voting no undercut gains. Onion smell ground micro noted. Too strong. Like a big garlic smell that's I talked to a chef who says when he goes to do dinner parties oftentimes he just puts. Onions and butter and it manages and as. There's a Big Easy because people when they smell onions and butter they start thinking met. Something delicious is coming you could say that predate the you're not sought pain and you are is eating them raw or are migrating and complete. Think that's an album did you guys they essentially do the majority of people don't you got to know a strong smell you just that and what I mean how can now. When no fish no onions we know I'm popcorn I walked to the office of buying ten people who love the smell of onion. Now I've been today I thought out I was in their office in the onions I bet there was a yellow missiles to listen I mean began over the explore what that alleged yet but. But now I yelled. I am very aware of things I like but I think that our twos even on the bubble look I try not to. Anything you have strong smell on smell. And you know what that is if you had some ups they'll let go like garlic Italian or you had some. Chicken seek him a solid that your armed yeah owing to that a lot of people don't necessarily like that. And I have it's a and think about what's your breath would smell like if you rated low they and then and then that yet translate that and burnt popcorn. Momentum is popcorn on her visit that it doesn't matter I purpose you know some places have been and it. Yeah I am. As people are dispute irresponsible. And I cannot sustain their delegates can here's boasts a staying there and count the seconds between pop's death before you know it starts to learn. I'm clearly Greg Norman's daughter shouldn't. Yeah yeah on the other thing on rich we were debating is. Talking loudly on the phone and take it personal calls and common areas so here is a debate going on between bad in Iran. I act yet desirous to. Bandy thinks they're well aware that they're breaking a social code of some sort little. And they just don't give a crap now Ramona believes they are just ignorant and don't know their Brittany social code unaware unaware they're breaking the social. And they're very few people I think who truly don't hear. I think there are a lot of people who were unaware unaware I mean I'm not I am unaware that your. But aren't you were you aware vote blow the rule the social rule. But if you say oh you shouldn't take. Be loud in acute cubicle okay. My inside voice and Madras is inside earlier. Are completely. Different but let's say your personal hell yeah personal off in the office and one's very comfortable let's talk about personal. I mean we needed bats are they just they don't care where ignorant that you shouldn't. I'm going ignorance. An hour ago they don't know and I'm think there is not even about the personal call I think that there are some people who believe that you can hear them. It's kind of like the guy I know I'm in his nose and the car is if he's not surrounded by an act pack it's that same. Unaware spare bandy stabbed before the court would like to say he's seen people do it with a sign right area at sitting in doctor's office waiting rooms. There are multiple signs posted an guys on a cell phone talking loudly stare for a length of time right at the so over. And analysts think guy. Clearly and he makes eye contact with me he did not care what percent he's only wonder why given him distinct 1% don't care. When to say. 75%. 1%. Use today are just Aigner about the same. I'm gonna say 75 or ignorant and maybe the 25 accurate complete opposites. No I won't impact I have more spiraling Hannity and I have none fired I've well in this world don't. Care every word like Darren and I'm so I didn't hit it up and on the bubble to now that you mention it today asked a we're listening to all clear was Ramona all right let's take calcium which you. Compared to other people and their relationships. And what time they do certain things. Like when do you stop trying to dressing to impress. The other person. What month relationship warm more than a month one. And never. Never never you know don't you come you're not late and later nothing you walk around your sweat pants or something. Very unit just grab a ball cap or whatever and hadn't edited uncle saloons and close you really don't love locals alumina. Video player with it and it got PayPal. Never present not yes yet. Thank well I mean it would help you make up. Sharon Anderson trying to impress the guys I mean. And did I give me if if you're the players are looking nice and trying to address is run staying over a year placing your staying over my place in your Simi without make up. That kind of stressing to impress I'm saying yeah you because it's college or just going Allah you're gonna meet him somewhere and you might not work in. I egg egg here but because they hammer because of other people here because I care. About that I mean it is it for hammer for other people. It's for the world yet guys to win because it is I think that's a difference when you're like. I checked it ultimately see someone so that's what I think it Presley and friends you know eyelashes I'm going to me that's like. Probably you for months that she's stopped Dresser oppress some nine months for men one year in two months for women. I've never had a woman on. You know. You don't know which she would've won if it weren't and it and it's a nice idea that's picking it up a notch in front union have no idea is true yeah this doesn't know when I'm on a morning yes I'm actually go around nabbed just doctrine put. It's our parents right that's right. That's right you're good point we don't know unless the until something changes. Here a year in two months in with a woman next eaters eat your granny detainees in yeah you know I mean I stockings at that role of the bottom. That's a smashing my grandma make it. You ask them. The do you Windiz appointment Yassin to bring you to toilet papered it runs out. Who first time there's an emergency could put that I'm assuming in this scenario you can waddle to or call for. Right I mean that wobble because why else would you a lot lawyer go a lot of Levine and model run a call for now look AM OK would you. Your cancer blocking the next room and get it or call if you are wildly you know pulling you know I said and that's my next. Now you're pulling at your pants. Go get it as opposed to calling for. I gotta you know it's like an apparent Ronald. One calling for well if I can do you feel comp I feel comfortable all. I feel like Beckham bottle to it without being seen like I'm going to I'm going to search underneath you're seeing area. First okay now I've got a point there's nothing you have to look pants and go outside the room to get it or call for. I'm gonna call for I'm okay I'm your new your new Energizer I'm wolf cracked the bathroom door and say yeah. Her. Well by the way this relationship is over because. You can't drive it well anyway. The toilet everything eight months before Geisel yell Ford and one year two months for women. That means they're just riding it out walk and I'll really Millie with the European and order. And still want. If it won't do that and I'm married yeah that don't want them. Yeah income being now we're hey I'm not called for you know usually like a lot of luck and my kids are there MIT I hate while has two children do you count on that would. Probably scarred hills girls were like yeah I would hope it will lead. Leave the bathroom door open when you go. Lets it that way let parents understand never lets. Let's maintain some sort of mystery now you're just if it's just a number one situation vacuum bag Timmy. Maybe. After we've been married for. Along you're Varity. I. I act like they're mystery I don't tell them don't need to see you open emptying would you tell a guy needs to open Indian would you like so I don't need to see that. Yeah you fear and then you tell me I never once you do that again. Does and that Leggett said maybe there's a point where you know but if if you're definitely if you are hoping. Close the. The door and that well those horrible memory view it is the door open and improvement just leave the door open it says I I mean like a door. Close I am only like people talking to me when I'm going. Plus eleven months for as I mean let the monster man one year in two months for women out of focus. I usually you would sometimes and Larry about getting ready at the same time. And doors open I'm more likely close and I was children. But I here on an eye candy if I not. That's not a likely it did sound weird didn't it against. Us it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Ramona. There's some things that have different names throughout the US today you know soda pop thump than someplace just called Coke matter what. It's like that in many went. They have the I have not heard this. But. Spaghetti on top of spaghetti. You have. Tomato sauce spaghetti like us to get access. But used yadier terrorists as they spaghetti spaghetti sauce okay yeah I actually. Here. Well that's a specific time idea right now you can't. See Mary Mary if it's not. Marinara. Marron Marron ARRIS. I spent a specific spaghetti sauce is a whole wide range of potential to do you think he would be a big difference on but. They say in Philadelphia Boston some other places calling gravy never heard it called gravy. Does a year from Philly I agree on never heard that Italian. Is that we admire her well okay. Full disclosure a billion dollars goodfellas. The Sopranos. They call it as good gravy. I can't do that than any mountain thank you for your whole disclosure and let us know you gotta from TV that on TV in today's anniversary of Israel the end of a loaf of bread. Beyond that he'll helium. All right most you'll call to heal. 17% called the and the 15% call the crust which that's ridiculous to the crust is already are everywhere that the Christie's art and Louisiana. People there's and that referred to as the nose. Oh I guess it is the first when Al too politically it's the last one is that the book changed again is that the blood of the brand but prints a violent I was a kid my parents some of it across a good hairy chest. It. You don't want it to Greta if you want a lot of you'll slow paid a lot of it is fast track. Milk shake. Every call most people caught note statement new englanders. Call a cab and it. Picking out just a few people a cabinet. Because it's made in a blender from the kitchen cabinet. They often do a copycat and milk sick with coffee in Rhode Island. The it's no. Off easy and it's even the official drink of RI. But they've. You've got no right to me via Rhode Island you got to know dat you're gone down the road to another stage got to go away and you go to mcdonalds today when you order yet. But we don't respect Beano cabinet. Other thing you carry groceries in 90% of Americans say baggage. But as south. These carriers your groceries and back sack dad is also it was a lot of your motive not a carte model X six act. Have you noticed that if I mugging yeah. It added that that that is ridiculous there's you don't ride it into the guess I never I don't know anything about this you guys can tell me whether this thing I was in an arena but maybe you know something. When rain falls as the sun shines. Doubles being in his life okay you guard unit in Florida new England and some other places. It's there's the sun shower and in southern US biblical thing that that'll be in his life in Tennessee it's a double kissing his wife. The ideas of the battles angry is god created such a lovely day in Satan wants to ruin it. There's no that'll then I thought it was years in doubles why. That's what the devil is beaten them. Now and it just it's messed up and it's why can't we just have doesn't sign sour seem. Lot better and there's a lot and I got to go be bedeviled beating angry Reynolds. And homeland. And even more. We. I'm OK it was. The thing you. This thing that water comes out of let me turn on the hot cold. That it lost somebody call I tap. It does sound because they get over the north's boss Michael Fox as a club pays for. Plus it is the it is but I say tap water. Yeah I am gonna say fall. Eight minutes of the game I thought this. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.