Don't Worry...Nobody Has It All Figured Out!

Thursday, March 8th


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Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you were listening to offer there was that Ramona. Hey everybody AA didn't odd facts Conan. Where. Or are there podcasts Carrie who's I'm not a right since you know you love it. I'll horses to read body lying in his language even they don't know what's. Yeah more likely to approach people displaying submissive postures. You like or elected. Meat is a loose and Rangers did yeah he looks submissive and you can't. I have to act. They're a 196. Countries in the world. Who I shall let you guess that which you guessed when he's six I don't know even though you think there's more right less. And I don't know where to start hey I was gonna say like 200 but virtually none of them that purple on the national flag. So it's some of that seems odd that. Back in the day that was the incredibly wealthy people at I'm gonna give it like it are you saying to you. Kind of what the cost effective. Price had possessed purples that's a potent and remember that in its troops. Green poop happens when your food doesn't stay inside of your digested track long enough. Lol yeah I've been there and we don't and that's for the first time it happens irritated some at what the hell. Check green poked the bounds to on your world don't worry about it you're not doing enough you've got to have the talk but your kids about bring food before they get grains of wonder what happened. Speaking of which much is on the side tracked off and I left. I you know what it's no big deal which could imagine. Your parents I mean they have to be saints did it. Why breezing. A little mad man with his little anxiety easing court did. An easy straight back then how mom and dad here as it happened after I met you. A little bit. Yeah. And cut and I still say to this day might I buy says Jewish John notions like seven raise some C a death. Still stuck inner Nicholas who figured out that they deny it I saw anyway I. All full of life I sort of got my brother backs me up but parents say they don't remember. I'm an iPod block and now she's got your door prayer which brings us to this. And what what's this star Kristen Bell. Who is the voice of bellows therein I am on on frozen and she's at this a good place on NBC married Jack shepherd she was on. The I'm very very average Joseph the tail shout and and she talked about how she got. In dorms which are but we're basically just money can't stand the thought of and she says she should think she got a former kid yeah being a kid brought it home from preschool. You you don't even like talking about the fact that Kristen Bell said she was going to the tuition seller of worm. White learn my worm like a pretty not to widen the need to read a magazine has. If I make a near again that you know attitude in the end I saw the article. And I said the size age and I have to tell you I say god thank you. Because there are times and I was. Questioning. Why I wasn't a mob. And then I read stories like that I'm like okay god you knew that there was just certain things Ramone I'm couldn't handle. The day remotest home remotest kid comes home from preschool would not a Marlins. Yeah I am I going New York. In it is not easy you couldn't handle and you don't get to learn. That you know I'd I'd pick about I don't I saw my leg. I and I'm glad my night on Monday. You did and you are trying. Doolittle and then. Did its and his. But yeah. Hey here's something. I don't know I'm not let me know the end you should have to sell put pet hospital they understand have a crazy dog owner. They give you mean I would not rush I don't I. Imagine if that was my kid I did yeah I can't come to work this week. Because he we have been end says agent and had the and that's a student go to my yard output didn't. That's and a bunch of you I don't know from the I get myself back together. Mentally a little mentally. Shot like into the day off your dog had a yeah it is Google and find out today and I didn't are you gravel right on so. Anyway she got utterly decides she think she got you get it from like under your fingernail. Yeah under your fingernails kids get it because it gets on her pains on the put their hands in their mouth open and it works its way through your intestines to year. But area. And and let's. So I'm cellphone call we have from a listener. We were talking about weird. Either weird ailments or weird family remedies. Something and this guy called and about his mean mall. And how his sister had bin worms and he remembered his mean not taken a flashlight. Finally in the did worm I do remember that put a piece of tape over his sister are hot hot hot. Oh it's just over over the pain this night which is what you're supposed to do Betty do the tonight it looked it up to what you what you need to trash yeah today's a a crazy meanwhile saying number transparent tell Scott state and Scotch tape or something and then you cover up the whole area new menu. Take the worms in their whatever to the doctor and see exactly am trying to catch and gasoline. Bill I got some could've done that. And I you and had. Probably. Had a problem. I'm told today any accuse me of having not accused B she thought might happen went and Israelis and accusations. Needed OK. I don't symptom and this is this since he was it seeing a little too deep pretty. Not that I and hey does your butt hole it's a matter of days you'd like you gotta get that check gets. You know. And I do. Go to Iranian decent. I urge you know yeah our our own online no. I'm in no time knowing that you you don't need seeing is a good guy and you think your comment then take some time now. Dixon accident the lotion whatever working whatever hell yeah. I don't know the blood. Check this insane it's another article but an illusion yeah. I lose some sort of saying like yeah I don't know what are your home run really love America. So he was just I didn't. I did and others in the bass and perhaps even an old guy won't let us dialog I never easy to commercial fur or whatever it is it would you and I hope I never had. A pack. I want to know what it eventually turned out to be I'll love dog did a bet I'd just go to the Clinton. Your wife and put that some disgust argument I did in my own taping. His gold bonded there before been on tape. I'm the I zone anyway should investments he married man marry me seeing god bless her rights anyway. Obvious more odd facts later you know we got a few there comp. It is important that. You're listening to all there would mess and Ramona low light can follow us on face. Please and take two seconds maybe five maybe ten to out rates with five stars the better our podcast okay what you have. I have the fact of social media doesn't actually make you lonely. Meaning that it. And we heard. For years now that. Social media is there any danger of replacing real human interaction that got to legally more how to relate to be able place campaign staff. To become too slowly hermit sir. I new study out of the University of Kansas says there is actually no connection. Between how much time you spend on social media and how much time you spend face to face is people. I and I can believe that any news valley it's a different time. Because you still go to where if you go to work you've got. The same time they used to have based base of people you. If you're doing social media night where you had 11 o'clock didn't. 1987. Walking around neighbor a talkative people wrote. And it. Like there are times when I'm actually just done talking to people down but. I bloom did on bass boat can check out. The pictures from my eight. Cousins vacation we definitely I wouldn't do that I'm not gonna call and say hey how was your vacation I really don't need the blow by blow of her vacation. But here again on FaceBook like her pictures and connected a minor way that I probably wouldn't connect to now at all. There's no way out I connected with these people that I connect with on nannies are relatives and stuff I even listeners that matter Noah. No and Manny made a point that you know you're probably meeting more durable go on swipe wire right so. Ladouceur and Tinder dating half which is considered social media. They're probably going out on more dates you've got more options you mean half a lot more people have similar interest as you and your spending time with them are you know how about. The fact it's your I don't know it's this is just keep your and a little action. You know I don't really great idea there's some worms in my brain in my mound got the rail and went there I got that got totally derailed. But I will it tell you this that remotest freaking out about the the act or whatever visitor and Abra filled sir what do you call it when that combines your face. Math so there are several Arab wire there's maps that. Will take your face and show you what you look like if you from different countries like now this is what may MM look like if he was born in Korea no word. You're in Nigeria. Or wherever. There's an app that shows you what you look like as the opposite gender. What your future kid might look like it doesn't end up well you say usually know you'll be no end because so many of my FaceBook friends are doing it. My timeline. Is flaw they did with just creep these photos of what they would look like as a different gender of what our featured kid might look like. Yeah like what my friends Monty. Did the one where it used he's a guy. And he and this picture written to this app that shows him what its future daughter might look like. I'm like who or what did it makes you wish to help because I am because they are big big kid and it shows looks like it was a result of BC reality that's why are you worried about it why I say those pictures every day. So what do my friends did it. She was turning her face into a man face. And it was only semi creepy. When I did it I'd look like they ranged from Mission Impossible love him in a really bad Rick James Dwyane but don't get too. It was all full. I'm sure are doing about this should be honoring or remove. Facial hair you would think in the in the site. But I think you look and facial hair bandied it would misuse your daughter and that's how she came all black that's about a half half and why does it I know now is an ending kid. Too many absent. Buried varying varying theory odds let's zoom while I concur my mother probably doing it. They have to make it weird at the kids are not cute their mind reeling me. Hundreds yeah and I'm just more likely to let them know you're not. And you know one's gonna do it and it just comes up like a regular look at it right. And if this is makes it death so I have I haven't done yet I'll Bob but I'm maybe the exception of the rolled some beautiful man it's. So let's see what happens or doing us a compared to my real daughter as a whole dilemma in an accident more in a minute mile. Hall where Ramon. There's a mess that's holding us all back and admit there's are quite simple we think that everybody hasn't figured out. Which airport puts pressure on you might say figured out could be light. Pairing could be. Social media it could. BA. Dating her sacked certain. Anything anything your terrible that as soon as is or you want to hurt you wonder you at least a and I was really anything your. Terrible at now that's when I met. You'd have insecurity about gas yet simply not you think you're not really but you're terrible amount at ground and you think you're mad parent you think other parents Pam and all figured out Gamal Summers I think I'm. Average. Not that this is a but there are a lot of people a lot of people averages bad right Miami. Just don't want it met its not okay to be average. Guy Al. Sometimes best I can get. And his studies say that because. While you're talking one of our FaceBook friends Melanie. Coming in on a video docked posted on our FaceBook page about me in my mom. If you Ramona is awesome I hope I can care for my mom when the time comes even half as well as a Ramona. And alert I say that about. All of my caregiver friends because it looks like did kill it right and I always feel like oh. Mitt always looks like other people are doing a better job it always. Yes and I'm just figuring it out as I go along but it looks like other people have it nailed some other people. I don't think that I'm in the like bottom 30% or something Baghdad there's always somebody at it's like you're Dejan. Joyce east there's always next I've told somebody is like they didn't when Edberg Aaron there's always Matt mostly no matter what. Always be somebody lifting more weights you're has a better body that you and it he can't stop you from doing something because there's someone right. Better just the way the world works to be dual battery in ivory be a number one. So he'll come up here in five gigabyte you need to figure that better than not to say how you do more weight since I. Some dispelling this myth besides Tony smaller. And doesn't spelling America's all agree somebody better at it again. There are always a little bit project so I disagree that Everett hasn't figured out down at everybody because there are people have figured out certain things. You know today there's some people who. Like on social media make you think they've got to figure out who is a full they're really struggling don't want you senator social media experts now did you you don't isn't as they struggle there's people like you are crazy yeah yeah. You talk to other parents and you know Emil occasionally say you know it was attitude jobs you know Laura I'm you know and we work till saturn's on this in a banner something that in around. And marshy when she works so you miss an event or something like that you like I'll. Joe Schmo when Lucy Murray either go to everything that happens load those pictures and all the time and then I say they're not reapply Lehman opening schedule what is your best. So. They he quotes Ricky Gervais you know a comic British comic. The best advice he says I ever received is no one knows what they're doing either. I would change that to most people don't know what they're doing either not no one. And depending on the field I mean Oprah Bill Gates. Zuckerberg they figured out. I thought Cazalot figure out didn't didn't got to be some things she's. Other some things yes but I'm saying and business wise our computer lies there. Whatever I think Mark Zuckerberg or b.s though say Amazon guy Dickinson crap figured out. Yeah you know right Bill Gates today. Hasn't baste it and can issue at hand when he was working in his garage built and things together. So you know depending on the subject of the things some people that now life in general no one has figured out now that's something you'll never figure out. Not even after dead now but don't try we don't know meaning a line that's why so why try yeah. Only and you try to get me to listen as Oprah podcast not podcast. Audible book. Am I what's my on the figure life out by Syria doesn't want you think your life and I think she just wanted stop being so crazy. What an ad that's all mothers. I need another book and you and open a little brook wrote anything about that I did she just she's an I should write something just stopped being crazy if he. Arcade that's Laura look pamphlet case. Or maybe just a man and they show. Alone there are more now about sixty sec. So it's more laughs and more fun it's yeah it's that we're all summer yet. The lessons there you. What are some an idol every hour sorry is 6:30 in the morning till 530 happening you have a chance a thousand dollars you'll Eric keyword detects that you might get the grant. Who came Ramona we're talking fashion which is right a man. I how to dress for sexual success. That Chu who he wanted to he. Sexy. A very appealing to dude is a woman. Start with your shoes. I like I Eagles but not necessarily wages. You know there's only there's only so many people a couple up and I got I just think that you don't wedges yeah. That's like ailments all one piece job antibodies he has always see them I think that one's gonna tip over. In looks an area that's that's scary Israel anxiety level she's gone down any and I know roller ankle or something just another. I mean you feel to be assertive I'm a certain look to pull it off. We think we can pull it off Padilla having its. Most guys find the several of falling over thing kind of little blocking it not sexy and actually not as sexy as a stiletto mime Byron white has the blocking thing it's like it and the fine let's is like the look Cortese seeking. But it bombed agony and hang in them this could socialism and the that does it. But the high heel thing didn't we decide after research that there's a certain level where it turns from. Regular woman he lend to. Stripper he I believe it was five mention five inches is that the magic number I believe assignments so just let you know at least that that's the number but. Strippers Wear those because they're considered to be very very sexy the also dance around and caddies and bad debts sexy as well but not bad we don't want all our women's you don't like you weren't dancing for other men yeah. Now I am not not not at I don't know high and joints. A lot of the men now maybe I can center it. Am I yeah I mean just a different you're certain things you wanna see. I don't go to those places anymore but do you know you've if you don't necessarily want that person come whatever she's wearing to be at the family reunion. You know they got to be. Tumbled after it. It's amazing that you took her from the strip clubs into this Stanley. I act like apple and I say that's not what I would like to see on my woman in the bedroom. Like now you're saying it's not yet was COU woman. At the family yeah yeah today after you know what are you women in high heels a lingerie detailing how union smell like BO and mass student Jessica yeah this is a way to get through life. A heavy. It didn't. I contacted access. I don't know even though amassing nearly the other news and I don't mind Ramallah now dads dressing and. I thought I. Yeah. You usually a candidate and of yeah okay let me know and then. Yeah. Yeah. I. The flu I think it was a weird residents I have to admit that anyway Jeff Google yourself evokes. Another big. Many might like you and your tight jeans. Even though well fitting pair of course can't of course but when you're talking about. Deke cool lots. The cropped flared trousers and mature guys say no and I love like clam diggers are finished. Do we tell me gentle push your little bush and kind of flared pedal pushing I like the like you would like a consulate where a three year old time prince. Yeah political news that is an all time prince where there's. I too well. Obviously has some different I was thinking like that. Like the purple satin things that are. Prince might where you don't like that bubble like approved beat they look like high water Benny Franklin man or woman he doesn't like golf pants leg no leg no leg. Here's another gentlemen knickers thing. Now it's time out yeah I don't like there's hundreds assault and a player can't there's nothing sexy amount of I don't like it. And other Sammy am not like. In our name right now she really don't let me. I did but you don't know what an independent. Thought it. That is for men only so. So yeah okay I'm with them on that one. The or is it flared out at the bottom like bell bottoms yeah Emma Taylor that. And certain bad they also say it a lot of guys who would disagree with this but. They see you guys aren't in to light the whole peasant top the blow hole laps we got to help me out that. They say it I mean Google that it looks like you know you're trying to channel slumping off a Little House on the Prairie are already started. But hey it's very hippie like. Combine that well there a little. A lot of times they have a tendency to be very light didn't average so they're very low Lee and I. Sometimes you'll see throughout my time no no no alarmingly and a bunch of right now disagreement gone on. Attending gives he had hit the I would do it any minute now lives in any middle Tennessee men and now it is definitely a sign of someone who wants to hook up that bad out it. Old gas hit BL opinion that well that that when he called present to present whenever that the president sort of pleasant. That is definitely a someone who's actually adventures. We regret that. I'm declaring it a right now. Early this is why you guys will absolutely. Disagree on one and it is overalls. Yeah I don't read not funny it's actually not sexy I don't hear Osce. I mean it's only sexy and hot Earl ray and his name is where your dinner on top. But they save for the love of god now do not Wear overall if you're trying to get sexy yeah. Now now Baghdad not at all. They may be denounced I am on number seven wit them why you think we would disagree with that. I am really 'cause earlier today. You we're talking about how do you global warming in an oversized. Sure I do like god I guess that's my new sexy thing I like Eric. A smaller woman and an oversize wedge. And big men don't guard. Digital director Mason said he was in to a woman in overalls and you sign I was because I was. Don't worry about how we roll like. Some woman on a calendar with a little oil on her face or something yeah. Thank you said yeah if she's on he'll call them and I did say that I don't the only difference there I don't Liberia and he saw in overalls gets me hot it. And I can't rule always applies for everything on your your typical day today person no pearl's death even our money does where girls. Yeah I'm not aware some tomorrow do you think you guys are maybe you make it work for you but most people. An hour to consummate Beecher immediate beard thing you or your conscious. You know that they're gonna Greg come back and then I act ornament so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who Ramona.