Driving Superstitions

Wednesday, March 21st

What are the weird things you do in the car to bring yourself good driving luck?


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Driving superstitions. You. You know some of these things you it is kids but apparently some adults needs things to you by the way women thirteen. Send Morse it's been superstitious male drivers are never heard this is very small percentage of people intentionally scratching your new car for. Never heard that never heard any that's horrible that's only 03%. Meant throwing change under a new car seat. You know you don't I never heard that my life. Yeah every every car and didn't throw busy doing yourself someone else to do for you. Yeah Lucy later on Micah how much it's it's under it's generally under the mat. How much it's really is I think I only have a couple of cents on a couple of and I'd never heard of it I'll definitely every car Riverhead only Alley 6% of. Tapping the sun visor when you pass the yellow light never hurt now have them spraying passing yellow light. Now 18% in India the 2% of men you ready holding their breath letting go past cemetery. That. No that's very yes here it is yes there is a cemetery on Sharon Tammy gavel where you. How we still do and if they're adults and extravagant stuff there. You're in AM and got to pass out you still do it as an adult know them Ephron mom I don't mean anything to kids. He did teaching kids about live to their feet up and Guerrero. Acts that I I don't they ever put apple and an overcast and a number one holding breath through it tunnel. Is at 30% limit at 35% I don't at Virginia Beach only because I didn't want to be caught off guard just in case that being flooded but you've already into an every breath left. To be read like crazy case it's let it. You're very battle logic. Bother you want to holding your breath through it title 30% raising the over railroad. I got an Angel in the car holding crept past the cemetery. He got element 6% of men lucky charm rabbit but etc. It's on there. Weren't saying that people used at all in dinars. Or good luck. These to have their kids babies use browns. Yeah yeah now man can still Wear those issues weird BBC's Ron Sox. Not disdain bronze jocks.