Eat That Shower Orange

Monday, March 12th

Science says you need to eat an orange in the shower to enjoy the ultimate mind/body experience, but Ramona doesn't buy it! We also talk about the reality show of Matt's dream as well as his first kiss.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening to all there with the remote. Mental attitude he seemed to be outlined competing in Orange dish our headline immense help to an article you must. You know orange and a shower every day don't knock shower oriented do you try to show our. Or Compaq and that means to not being. Just ask I don't need to writings in order to mock them there's something that I'm just not signing up for and eating in the shower is one of them. I you're you're not. Eating it you're not done editorial enemies out on that. You're not that usually opt out of rumor so. I don't imagine my kitchen. To the bathroom I don't. Know because. Mike lit wallet is it separate little room is just a couple two steps away from my shower. But but you know we did it you know you do you got to ease the smell. As you are eating the orange which is a good smell. Our personality or you know exits at. I have. Various body wash is and so they give me. And very lovely fragrance bird but this is you're getting a little vitamin C would that is good for your stand like in rub that. The appeal law and you. As the U you have it all going on there you're Saban some time. And you know oranges nobody is a very Dubuque don't like an orange I guess probably are but it's good for you and dies. They say need to have for a week you'll be hooked. We got back to George's and in the in the refrigerator. About forty degrees that it for the Pratt. So I feel nice and refreshing and cool and and and it's easy to get hot shower cold orange and and then you spray it on you a little bit. Don't worry about appeal that. This big chunks let a fault of the ground you your teeth did you have to. And dad. BP. A rare managing your orange transported. More effectively. In gear and nerves in your nose gear and some like it a steamy type situation or something like that. There you know. Are you had to I had never done it before you probably including your shower here to scrub and skin yet and MM yeah Abbott. Refreshing my body with a little water. Yeah I'm a special spot to make sure they're super clean I am not in the air force we are not. The that's not the purpose it's like a side thing. I mean I would try it I probably won't presided will forget. But I want to what I want my you know to. An end. Albrecht an image that I don't works with a banana and a good banana blues. And idea. Let me say this sounds really sexually bandit. Evan and away if it can. Isolate that. It went uniting under the shall I don't I don't want an addition our. Everything in the shower gifts when we get a good because there's this re going on the call us. That's why it works with the orange I guess because they can get wet. You are seen yet I want to but then I was keep it away from the the water heater on the outside they say seconds anything messy ribs. Chicken wings. It diminish our weather we are talking about that night I had editors actually article written on what the sites Boone university. Ten things you need to shower. How about a smooth the race coffee. I'm. A litmus stroll. Where you yet the very you know. Whatever soap I'm using its brain. Re doing squirting all over what are you don't know what I mean. What that's what it's been smells good and every did you wouldn't hear urgent goal every week well I want my food taste like does so at a music or your morning. Even on your loop is it. That well why having our standard for a few seconds enjoy your orange or poppy you're. IC pops he's IC pops I concede that it's a body sensation. With a cold to bring down new he had and he needed quickly Apple's. It's a perfect. They are supposed to wake you up some people say it and some people say better what you pick up a copy so there you go and you can just happen in your map to me don't go a refrigerator to get on they recommend gummy bears. Gummy worms or whatever I don't know why they came up with that odds they say because it basically waterproof it gonna take a candy. And I gum he is is doesn't worry about temperature matters wet. I eat any inner. Dummies it's slimy when their way well I've never had like me about can you go trail next. There's just that he terror open and one thing in dumping amount. How about not a good possibility got to go to pops ago. Addition Howard Koch now it's good fast we have here in the summertime it is page it pops go to drip down your arm I think I'm I'm popsicle. I'm allowed on this Campbell's soups on ago. Does that take off that the guy and a. Rapper and why is this so wonderful I don't hit it I simply don't let it go Gertz an apple sauce packets. And spread. A beer again everybody's got here and beings who might do well. Eating in the shower are toddlers should because they're selling them to showers you don't want you know back. I urge you need a bat. That's when it. Where I ever want food or drink near me in the bathroom is if I'm doing a leisurely bath while there you go. And we're not rush hour and what would you drop you orange peel in your back. Now probably not that's not a bad idea but oh I think it's thirty years on its. Keep this spring with a good okay and aren't known ribs wings anything like that behavior pentagon. Act. Or. Well it's always nice to hear an hour of nonstop music L 1079. The whole new nonstop cat. And every weekday from 6 AM until 6 PM I think getting in to win. Thousand dollars cash every now wearing. Eat at 7288 WiMax. Have you all new nonstop cash it's music to your ears exclusively from blood test prevention and Charlotte's best mix. Squats and still linked first guesses. OK this on the lips. Not being. Pushed in to someone in second grade just back. Tappan. As your first look issues it was in college yeah yeah ours are remembered. As an out ox was after so why he had to do it kind. I'll be adopted oblige I I am trial looked. Of that behavior are. A little help or is your lips to cook for college yet. Had I save a lot of these for college and all of them are broken down every kind of virginity you can have up now maybe a black. Act act and act. She can't. And I had to race. And I just sort of think it's based on eBay Yahoo! did this in the archives of sexual behavior and I subscribe. Surveyed like 700 college for a ticket what it's worth. Heterosexual. Men and women. Personality traits health habits general background questions original lesser thing. Mom and 14% of those had never kissed a partner on the lips. So personality wise they tended to be more an erotic and lacks that extra verdict. I don't know I Fonda your automatic Monday you're erotic and I didn't really I never want to they went to a two parties tired eyes. May be shot there to do well I think was. Intranet on pick and graduation parties that really counts himself. I wouldn't doubt about that but I. I had a horse setter hasn't been anything just let him come to graduation and this was before you can actually vicariously through people we've years snaps attitude ams central. Or are played video games talk to somebody says. Your double a.'s you I was married meadows and and and and I'm glad otherwise. Maybe I'm not I don't know. Because a tigers are drank a lot once they got free some may be about what have slowly eased into. I don't I don't I mean they're easy and anything panic act Ramiro that are it is that. The people though that I didn't have. The kiss on the lips and more over bearing moms. And lower self esteem. And it's me and rounding up the whole thing they were also more likely to be in their schools honors college we are just let's say well yes fifteen hoop. I know that island and not lead to nothing but fast fast act I did not have an orbit overbearing mom but she didn't have to be overbearing when going anywhere right over there yeah. Used automatic baseball the whole thing they are also more of the people who didn't just lets kids in high school or more likely to be in their schools honors college. Arrogant there. Atlantis as it used to tell law far away odometer read I didn't get bad grades but I know how to shoot me an honest. Not trying hard and not be in bright. Okay. No just act like there's a beastie cat average act. Half where I'll have done better to affect you guys. Yes. OK let's see they had. Doctors noted they didn't distinguished in those who made a conscious choice to abstain. Although. Altogether those who just ten yet found some of the could be a different right appears trying to get any and that. I'm pretty sure that you wanted to kiss somebody in high school right or GAAP did you made a cut you may not kind to ever to avoid uplifting now. Decent comes your way no lips came your way now now I know no guts that some idea. Surprises me because you're on the basketball team and I assume that if you are on a team of some sort. And out as at the end of the bench that matter. Obviously and Stiller and continue and I would say I was the top nine. Usually teams at ten in its. But to be fair. Many many people tried out my dad always said I would just I don't know. My school is even told me that huh. Bet if he held you back to you right here. You probably would have been bigger and you might have yeah. Yeah basket I was I graduated seventy Brad and behavior might have been better gives you would have been mormons ruler and and I went to very large icicles. So these are my excuses OK I'll make it work out well for pink in just a worrying me but. Hey they are from Doyle some Pennsylvania. Will say that tank ignition coils time I had my downtown to us and west. Recently. And ever and they'll hardcore people went to west who need Iraq's people like that. The half. So anyway the the what else they say the a researcher wrote to the late participation. In Norman of sexual favors. I'm just a pattern where we draw from normal social activity obviously. I mean. If practice you're probably not doing a lot of stuff like going to party. And that it might you know you are. Yes you might be a little bit silent awkward in his eyes. Now you're both right yeah it was not allow him. But the the good thing is like in the movies. The nerds and up with a woman. This is true meet up every every move be rolling out worked out for you yes did I don't Sears help. There is help for dot com to teach him a thing or two when the mics are off about about waiting for a woman to make the move right now. Yes yes yes that you did it once he does what happens yeah. Yeah you're listening duck off there would. And that kind of ridiculous things we've got there also pop thanks for sharing maybe get a chance pray to god that OK okay Rabat. They didn't dating lives every single lady needs abandons. India let's see your single. So five people went on and I am saying any of you want to us set Ramon partner guy Adam it's a Ramona Holloway. FaceBook or Twitter. I won't even you know use the most recent and as I guess I'm I'm helping you. EU we won't be happy until the Craigslist killer comes after I'm well we'll all be happy I went to a lot of good story if you live. They can get to which you live and doesn't matter I want to say yes for a parent I think kidnapping out whatever it have you lived and Republican back to work. Then it's worth it for good story. Press bad press. Number why and negative dating thought. Is that men just wanna have sex. Hey. Yeah. In I'm just I've been divorced since what 2000. More. I think 2004. And what I found is. Gone is get a pretty good to do just wanna have sex but they also wanna watch TV and yes Mike Eads and we do glamour around yeah now we're on a budget sector doesn't know they are at a much. Angela food sacks and and activity. I would like some of that tip that doesn't Zack and yes we we don't. I think that's one of the goals too is to be able to. You know occasionally SX but not after really put a lot effort if not. Hey that's one of the Eagles not really wanna leave holes until the debt. You realize that you're lady might leave without you would never come back yes yes that's Richard goalless extra Hugo is not some guys who want more nursery I. Am telling you those guys. That there are all hot. You just want any I think most one out and eat away at my age and really at any theories are going to be somebody went through a bad. Marriage and I'm gonna say at any age. You need offer woman more than that because where the much more than just sex REIT began to argue of course I can't think of a physical. Breathing. Human woman who can't get sexy she wanted to know but that Allah for sex now as. Wally is the problem. What we can get some which might like equality so if your quality ballots that look in and some greatest act then. That's a different enough you can about imagine you know I mean it can be announced sometimes it 61 role may just much the next got several Manny much now part of an ornament on this is the people's enrollment is. Now Nokia is like on nine tender. Now say Enron may be looking for a role NN. Is Sam being. Leads. Companionship. May be more calm we're just believe but leave bodies haven't seen a lot of bleed buddies. And it now namely Al opened to more by open MR damn I didn't act furious. Next line mint just wanna date twenty year old. You're talking in this case you're talking somebody probably twenty years older and use of these forty trying to be somebody in their twenties and I've seen it. And a bag diet went out with a guy very recently. And dad remember to actually last year. And I was on my birthday is coming up when I told him how old I was he could not contain his disappointment. Oh yeah because he lets I guarantee you. It was a problem in a heaping some much younger right there what I actually am yes I found it a little bit defensive that. He thought he was dating a chick that would be your younger thirty years younger around him I'll I'll I soon to say keep growing as did go to that club twelve years older than his daughter everybody like you like to use so. Leaving nothing to him being and you said he Doral with a and so winning a lot of things in common so we'd already gone out when I told him. They eat right and then kind of bad is. Right me. The that was on your head see that Japan and its candidate six or thirty here now dating somebody you said yes it is what's wrong when trying. If you have a lot of similar interest and your yuk it up with a each other some cocktail party or something and they're lab manager like I guess the great person sleepers and edited it. I'm age doesn't matter. Are your own mind. Grimy list and you're out you're low on the grimy measure not right up there with super Grammy people but I'm near you child to any. When you're younger bow and trying years younger successfully did. How did he get my nobody thought he gets it to him he was successful until we found out the secret is now. No we get so elegant but he's not well you know you struggle Taliban so he didn't care about eight. A heat here no agenda and it's in your scared it's in your head if he didn't urinary he would not have been so visible it like no red disappointment I did not surprise no I did that line between surprise and disappointment. We really adds to. Yes I do my mind right for birthday board Beatty want it at the and yeah. I watch your birdie walk it out yeah yeah you probably different. In mind and I'm right about. You know whenever there's a thin line both sides that there goes my Finland the other day at the line between something really sexy yet pentagon in line. Tell someone's creepy is someone else's sexy guy like that yes. And finally. The negative dating got you need to banish is that a bad date is a waste of time. The experts say no date is a waste of time because every time you go out. Learn more about yourself and about what you want in a partner. Say there's some truth in that as it's mainly. It's not a waste of time if you get a good meal out of it and you didn't act. Great yeah and that's always time if it's a boring. And he's always done because you have to try things. Like you have bad part about it but after about you'd rather do something that our afterwards but yet it's it's not always timers are trying babies they like. He jumped out of a plane it was that much fine. You waste your time really because he gave it a shot to win a known Avian like. And Nassau mom of the bubbly there was a thin line. Between. A good day in a bad day shift back to a country I am dying now IRA. You're listening to all there was a moment I don't know community like reality show. The city usually one to get cancer care about you but actually you liked them constantly complain about. Of their activity and there are massive sigh and a good show if he did meet doling them at. The habits and that like a real network TV one. I get the bachelor or Dancing With The Stars you stick you you be you know it's it's a basically show that a lot of people like Alex and off channel. A lifetime or something. Guarantees shall be canceled Vermont likes. Guaranteed. You know as exact as or is terrible. Or just like the awful premise that just likes and he never. Dan's mom does it because of people like me mission went to jail or something in the the issue with president about the dancing had great ponies whenever Dallas it was the printing a leak of a car drag you in seven other people watch that. But here's one that's that much better. It's the reality shows that are like. People having jobs and and I like relationships. That that those are much easier for me to I'd take. You know and like you know somebody Digg have goals them like that as much better. And relationship real so I was ahead in my game airmen in my time man Adam's time along thirty years ago Ivan talking about Campbell opting. And how enjoyable it is watcher to do and I wanted to do hair and I wanted to make a full managed in a different kinds is remember that and you know whatever. And that it recently made a toy. Yeah reported but you pop. Read syllable. Send their skin diver talking about refill with fake us in Akron saint appears not really million. And now others could be reality show from doctor pimple Popper. Who's all over the Internet with parents again videos and what not and some of the ones here's videos of are just massive. I guessed it they go from a that ultimately missing a disgusting. No not disgusting at all. I mean it just loose Canon has led to stock is disgusting and a good way. There's things that are disgusting and I think it is a good way like you wanna watch it can't get enough of it but you've yet so it's a guy great joy when they finish set last. You must act will never forget mr. Stevens being beat. Huddled over the computer calling talk over and I. Peco ranks seem like the largest animal as a waiter whom legacy list perhaps sliced open up so disturbing. So you're not gonna watch the new reality show yeah she got to see really see she's very cute doctor Sandra Lee is her real name. New procedure wasn't born doctor pimple Popper. Now now she don't want our special on the network. Called doctor pimple Popper this is it. As I think this is it. That's on this is that yeah. And a teacher infinite. I'd love song now. And you they had this is it was in January when our show it was so. News well received a that. You can now watch as they say on the press release Lee quote poke prod and squeezed. Her way through one hour episode every week. And the best part. TLC is currently testing for the show which means he got I think image are you on your body you want popped or cut or at least bring your pots the TLC. You and on national TV imagine the network they vet you get back to you know how it began taping. And how long you have a leagues errors this earth that can keep it cannot. Are presenting mourn I don't work at bat they are hammered a past couple weeks. In me live this long with a what's another two cavaliers every week. That's one heck of a stubborn temple but they have those kind of an medical shows on TV in that obviously people have. You know my 600 pal like you didn't get their overnight you're not gonna blew out overseer plywood used 300 bounce hoping that when did you get beyond had a better deals with six under that system. Maybe they get somebody's got a little tiny thing. And there are laggards that it might that it grows to view besides laugh yeah it's work that's right you know moderate income tax. Now a doctor Larry dermatologist to have ordinance isn't ready for the networks for instance UBS stock. And yeah yeah resources have in fact it could spread to wrap your Bob you I'm assuming. I don't wait for the nano and you've got really doctor and you ask doctor definitely reminds us beyond TV. Tamil Tiger esque. Every human bones there. Like beating on this. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.