Eat Your Way To Happiness

Tuesday, April 17th

What percentage of people say the happiest part of their day is when they're eating?


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76%. Of us say. All we have to do is eat 76% of people say that on any day their habeas moments are when their eat the show. Hossa out. And the sand I don't know do you have that because of all of that I mean it is enjoyable leave for the most part but it's not usually my. Favorite part what did you struggle coming up with your favorite part of any day right your wife as huge too extreme to the dinner table. Five awesome things that your grateful for that happened. That day and you struggle not I will say she cooked meals say this meal as one of them gimme wept. About I. Give I don't just I guess I'm not that. Foudy type or and I'm not. B.s so it's not on my wow not to do list or European and it really screwed now by now eight eat to live not live deet is color. It did their guy did it does is that your favorite part of the day it now must imply that they lost in TV GAAP. Greg cook cook a lot early on a high horse here because much. I happy now that eating because they are eating something that they love I'm not Mr. T V not one not not looking down and am I'm just saying it's not and instead it was set. Mary did it right but I mean I don't even know you. I'm only in my account say it's pretty sad to see me working out remember a line in the food banks as happy as chocolate. Did you got pizza and that's a juicy steak burger now. Ice cream okay now should we strive to find happiness in other places and come back. Yeah really and a yeah listed deal. Your pill but there's a guy and good at this he's done not a not an odd about it I'm drill hole I am I handling this and that this room that's better there's a lot of happiness there he's Tuesday.