Elevator Etiquette

Tuesday, November 14th

If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the elevator! We've also got a weird story about a woman with a crazy tattoo and why do men feel so emasculated?


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would then Ramona. All right break and come on Sunday I. As we would I love it is. Let's see. Elevated elevator etiquette rules first of all the 1960s. Some guys cited this your personal space area of public space. How far away should someone be. And generally a public space it's a year wrapped a Parker something in you gonna come set up another in Europe like gators something I haven't. How far away should you set up we peppers. On the feet. According to this study. Were blinded like I'm you immediately basically expand. Ten feet twelve feet. Twelve feet. A social space. That's at least four feet away. We need social site as an icing social space means I can bomb. And I party years. Because and be an important way. Probably yeah yes or that's at least so that's about how you would have a cot like have a conversation. It. Yeah it is good taste of four feet they say is that personal space. And a half feet at least an app right. So I get it grocery store behind pursue that line. I recently met a woman who. Admits to close talking. Admits to it and she said no well I know Obama close talker yeah that is so. My question very nice person and then and she jokes about being up close talker. Not a nineties. The question I wanted to ask. And I might one day after I ran into her again. Is if you know you're close talker. Why are you still a close talker I've always assumed well that close talkers didn't know that they were close talkers. But someone has obviously opened her eyes to close talking so now is it a facial I don't know maybe it's a thing like any inch is. You and me so I think you're just a jerk. Maybe it's a phobia is a brilliant if you guys talk myself into Iraq. I know people tell me a rock I still can't help and we know what do you know your rocking when your rocky. Every once in awhile and you know Iraqi right now yet again about erotic side yes our hectic so maybe it's a similar type thing. She sarge doing it means that we'll wait and that he backed out okay ABC stars adrift. And I. And and here you raised is really well and I asked not to me like. Manager. 08 may be something like that you've gotta you gotta be able to do something about it. Social and that's close to and she realized in the rocky long is rude but it doesn't mean that it's not. I don't think she might be unaware. Amber had someone has now made her aware so now she is trying to work my abilities and biting your fingernails or some gay now Orton match rocking. Maybe something like that she's a where's it she's working on a route to you know there's got to work our and there's a disease. Where you are. I can't I think. You're unaware of its name it we hunger basically an odd note and we are like your arms and legs it's hot. Apatow would distance and all of the figure this out to get back to know where your arms and legs a little trouble. It's like you might hit somebody accidentally. Starting your object but I did all. Right yeah I just can't do this at. But if you are generally you're walking and suddenly it hit somebody or some of you don't realize how close they are new arms as you know or suspect. Pro pro recipients or something like that. Pros pros this and not prone they call it a sought peace approach he's. Okay. We don't know the distance of your hair to the ground. And it's and it's throw. It back yeah. Text my friend. We he'd like to say it's it's it's and yeah. No I just approach something or other and Owens broke the probably appease liberal laps all inaugural tickets. OK so anyway. A couple so that that you know you're you're. Within a flak you're hearing you're an intimate space under item yeah yeah and in my underfoot hatchet. All right so anyway I let us in this elevator etiquette rules. There's that too slight roll. Even at Tyler can understand. Younger at least two flights opera down. Distinctive darn stares into gonna be angry at you I get pro on year the other people's elevator agony for twenty seconds long. And there are exceptions or seed. As stroller or a hidden stairwell where disabilities but otherwise. Got two good legs. It's dress up the stairs. Yeah it's your list and exercise and many uses violence care what the stairwell is kind of sketchy I mean there's a few exceptions like that or you're this there was like a beast that you like you're an office building our hotel. Well if it's late at night I get an hour Memorial Day yet like it up office in our delivers all the elevators weird place. Very weird yet but also I don't take there have been times in the stairwell is locked. I'll get tough obviously your here well ahead is she you don't know sometimes at this Iran has issues I would tell people. And getting on side one on one like. A yeah I had science and exploration and yeah I. Know let's hear about your. And now look good and I'm not got a hopeful. I. I had gone to an event where I needed to go up or down a floor. And after the event was over or even when you that was ideas it if I had on different shoes at at. I'll see you point it out yet however I don't let up or down when exactly Emily Blunt I know calling on one glory and. On or soon yeah yeah. IPad in my mentioned that no one that would be aware. Where where. Morris against is one in there is to be eight lighters three or four elevators there is a line. That starts you get in line and as a door of things that first person yet sad dork you don't have or aligns with where elevators or is it says stat. I'm an underserved first come for Easter it's this is not that this is the deal sometimes you go to the store. And they have one line. They might have four registers open but there's one kind and they say next person next spurs' next president right way to do other stores. They have four registers open and you pick a line as soon in the elevator as the next person next brilliant because. I picked the wrong wind doesn't need. Welfare or you picked a shorter lines now now it's luck of the draw of this slight is huge mound and now you and I help yourself. There are lines that you go next person. We got to assume that the Al because that's the way to store has set it up what had good this is the way society is set up the society has yet. That gets as you can't cut us in every ten minutes being you just showed W ugly fat family you got to go in front of me about it. Me personally. Under the student enters the main event yeah. Everybody knows. You alligator looking really good I think it would what is governor Eliot forty pounds of luggage and ugly did hit the can't whip Tom I get a lot of timely go to the doctor town. We had that situation where there are like three elevators and we pushed the button were with us he would line the talent and I. Dying because you confront I think that I'm right here is gonna be next Arnold did outline now if we Iran alone. He is that we got a ticket Al the next time. Now will gamble when my kids which. Doors you know but I don't but Linus. Somebody in mind if you're standing in there I'm right here on official elevator etiquette paper now I some woman named manners mentor Marley and T. Look at a campaign has mentored Merrill image he eats it does us a step now not an arm and she says expert. Ladies first unless they're second acts on the Mariners manager says about this. Social situation what you're gonna add. Dinner a restaurant or something it whatever it. Concert would ever. Ladies board an exit first office building. Men and women is for us we treated equally and you don't friendly but you don't have to Wear a guy who its first. It on or get off for whatever I mean. It's that's their basic. Rights and title day elevator door open. For somebody no matter what they are. The mother probably if I want to hold the door. But it's an elevator I've never been in before and I can't find it in time wise he clearly seeing you for your arm and it. I put my head it's not gonna crush your arm ever I've had a couple of situations where that did not work. It's bad and then the possibility. Legal. Yeah it's like I'm down trying to build a leader I have had a couple of situations. New pot where I two I did despite through the air to open it. And it did not bands including long hair out and not coordinate where I'm not sure yeah my arms so hard that I decided I would never put my arm in a little. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Regulation. In the woods to all people. You're there and you're going to have not only let her art. It's. And never tried again I will sliced through the medicine the parents and yeah I can't lie to in my. They're good if not I'm religious and so yeah you're here in saint. Live concert series presents a night you don't want and then. The united EMI continuing. Any person can make. In each of them went seven feeling dot com are. I dare say I'll lawman who got her dead dogs Paul prince tattooed on her breast. As we years it is either victory dance that are up by a huge yet but the moves that weather moves are okay but that. And it also does. OK I was one or what was he in a why prince the Burris a boat Paul horning in that big. They should put a DC put him up there and 07. And she worried that it makes Randy able. They were and I'll malls to her beloved Bailey dog Max. She thought she loved them forever like the dog. I knew my Max just turned eight which the average life expectancy for his breed and Adele ordered a permanent reminder of her furry friend. So got a large hall print tattooed about each breast eight inches wide long huge eight inches wide three inches tall. That's Vick. And they're near her collar low like a pot are up yes it's kind of hard day at a Vermont. She said when she went to college. Morneau mr. tad too which she logs that it is always getting my boobs out. In an attack to resolve the doesn't like my thing. But a yearly pay. And she wonders why guys thought she was easy and yes it was there in that. A year varying in an imam your boobs down Lang got luxury. Rental. Gigi said after years she started getting negative comments. And being called names like Paul tease. Me he doesn't it you sit there with a person. Noticed and it everything became about my boos that tattoo is not about me. He's now 28 she works for charity. She says she hated my booze and what I'd done my sums are wearing high neck tops even this summer I'd be sweating just sort of cover them up. Love life has been affected buyer Paul prince singer's self confidence and shattered. But looks to the wrong idea about me they think I'm easy which is not what I am like all. And there that when you were soon. Yeah hopefully. Yeah now I'm sure she's. This has led to use him on wanted it to this is true. I'm sure because I think any time a woman gets anything tattooed on her breasts men's seed is some sort of invitation. An invitation and I Syria as an invitation that she wants. More attention gallium is more attention attention for her boobs based ad team. Like tattoos are mound is getting more attention. All of them matter when it well a must win and again you know the suffers a little sentimental. It's a these committees are senate metals grizzard and your. If it's good boy you're asking for people ask about them. Pressing boots and where'd you get that face tattoos yeah. Yeah oh yeah I think he's got he's got this in Connecticut it's anything I'm not asking any identities and on the shoulders of not asking that guy Oregon and Oregon or whatever. All tattoos. On the boobs. At heart ask yeah I mean you just asked are they were you asking. Me what on your credit. I don't know I didn't. And I'm a I got to the only thing yeah. I they are they actual son. She went pretty you didn't do now we know what she I would not do that she's so excited because you haven't removed. He says we'll take about eighteen months because thousand pounds. And chilled special police will be happier owns its interim. Happy days to faulty tests just to let them be lessons here everybody's Leslie lady's let's go let's note taps on the movies you know can earlier at least a little while met Amanda makes it to a new Condo not me not me let's step back so there's. All there was more remote okay. Help myself actually lives are gonna buy it yeah. Here yeah. Talent names addresses it's not the biggest problem the problem with what they did. This is what I mention India and but the biggest problem is that the thing that keeps him from doing this is. The man who is over forty. Retires to use it. I'm not Barry tire you mean retires despite. He stops updating his work to address the same way as forties that he dressed like Candice. Late thirties early thirties. Ten years and he's wearing seeing you he's our he's. That's the style he holds on to for the rest of his life come on I don't think there's I got seem like anything on clarinet and I am I worry about. You law. Because no worrying. Here's the thing they say right now again his forties did. Still having fun with this fashion you should have a good idea of what it's Hewitt styles work for your body shape. So right now have fun with. Pleaded Carrot Top trousers inherit top breaks in texture and then we didn't get the comedians like cal cup. Carrot Top. That a brand name now and that mixing carrots on belts and Neiman think Dionne thing called trials there. I am Mac million trousers lets us care and topple and they kind of if if I would have been a time. Kind of like your joggers that you have whereas the crotch is the ball is dropped a little bit. That being the I tell him. Also not that we are gastronomic your doctor. Are they open men's. Of that looked like and short on women. I think you do you do have a a pair. It's kind of like that. Their electorate a gaming content watching the cracked his bag year yeah then is like a jogger yet the smoke and. Are you should be experimenting with stuff like that instead of the shooting Stuckey and you are. Jogger anymore. Vision and we'll usage your eye of the tiger pleated pants are really scared like really shortly don't count down to here. Rush RW look at Google images. Like huge coup lots yes and her other got roots and here's one that looks like. MC hammer pants. Well medical care if they're trailer and they tend to be Fuller around your fly in Algeria and you guys have to realize that I was afraid for you is. Pleated pants are making a comeback and I did I tell you won't go back you know that's the problem. UCL OK now I had not completed well completed the comeback you she didn't try that again yeah. No we are so. Stained. And soils. And I. There I know from this from our impression on them because of the people we knew held onto a two on the first time around the crotch loaf remember the chronicle he had a he had and things happening and they were ready bullion needed to plead against the deadly lessons of the crime and gone over the would not have cobbled into the low there's another person we know I who Annan it was definitely nerd jail you know it be like is like if you writers. Lab to be team hot right now we couldn't accept it is. You hang on to the flat front too long you are going to be even nerd of the future Laporte I don't want to khakis or yes I do damage is a very bearing. And and not just at ease your kids you're dressed and as well. I dress pants whenever anywhere that. But you you you can't be the first one. At least we can't be the first one to start it has to become a real fallout trend not just on some articles. Because. You don't wanna be the first guy. Tight trousers you guys can't try that now while some of these are really generic jogger election. And he had big thighs needing evening to make a little bigger and I hope bay and he had only like my mom yeah what's the big ties. I think a lot of our own huge I do like a lot of space Democrats in. I have a lot I am trying. It is an abject terror to begin with at least they're good for somebody different flavors that that's one thing or jogger case. But but but to Wear a dress can't win that plea mean it's not time yet. Mets not timing and Yemen and now it's not to have to do it before you feel to you keep doing what are mostly a certain person he's tailgate. When Matt our where's it on The Today Show then I can Wear. Are they what it has to be because you know highly shop the one place. So. It at edit them and asked to be like at on the front page of York. American Express and she expressed and expressed an and warrior gap or places like that right now I'm looking at pants on. Express and I don't see. The pleats. So about Carrot Top trouser is a good fit there. Many casual pants or go over there on men's jeans yep no no pleats on knock outs and that's an example. OK Jason has to be like some as everybody says all those same note that. Cargo pants you still go to Q school hips sites and they got cargo pants. So I here's if thing on you can't win me over when it comes to sports where. Men over forty should be wary. Of a well what Larry they found that these backpacks and baseball caps. Had an undeniable. Jew then will Liddy. That can jar with your veteran status actually you don't not free. That's and they say if you are signing on big guy who is now wearing joggers. Yeah where your sporting sweats. Then they should be quality. Plane versions. Crushed maybe the fabric other than Jersey. Even know what you're talking about now I don't have any idea Richard. They're Singh is each year does go to the store isn't what's what's what's everybody Byron Allen Aaron manic and spending and managing and yeah. Thought that we don't read into it that deed seem to meet you ought to think about that much is there's some places relatively epidemic mannequin and beat. Right I mean it did you don't over think it. Diesel edges out whatever is on a manic yet. Yeah because otherwise you you didn't think put the dumbest thing on the mannequin used to sell it well I does that sometimes you can tell that that. It's too much for its over the top or something it's like floral pants. Don't like that then you might be like yeah area where what he's what a bunch of in this store at. No I mean. Plus it takes a long time fuhrman's fashion to change yes it does along on right I'd rather just ride it out he did and then eventually be old enough that I don't get it. It says that's the difference between an outlet that and I'll leave those crops if I act. Look much easier to scratch yourself Democrats can't get to that you're listening to all yeah. We're talking Bastia. Executing great down popular and you know Thanksgiving tradition. Fans that Procter and out. Over the Carolinas. Are both the same. And I'm trying to Steve it's in any other state and I don't think it is now. Sweet potato pie steps we did apply it just better be imparted to Thanksgiving feast now. Against it why. I don't like you try hasn't tried it ever says that a good idea Dan tried it does not harm not throwing open. As they told you not top ten pies. I ran I don't want bloated Coke and a pot. Only thing that I do not know much about high are seeing in general. Try to we've discussed on welfare podcasts you had. If I'm going to pie I would much rather have. Sweet potato pie. It's either apples sweet potato anything else. I won't even try not to try and the only two I. Now we need AA I can't stand on the meringue or key lime really kind of like the consistency. You said apple here are apple tomorrow with apple area now on I prefer peach inning and Yang. I'm really be bad area really sleep a bit of I. And apple pie that's it for me we are decided you're gonna take over by it adds to defend here. And Gary is making CB data pie in my family is an art and the competitive. Art I don't think maybe I'm wrong. I think. People on. Her. Are now I guess maybe baking making a comeback or bad there's a certain people but there I would have to still take a majority people by surprise to thank. No not a majority now. Adam majora I'm not for days 6040. Buying it was but it might tournaments and the most people aren't acres. It's highly accurate is a baker. When you when you take a look at your Thanksgiving feast a cabinets one out of like ten people there and that's the person who may never got that centers. How. I believe it's kind of always been like that like. Everett back in the day yet they were more makers but everybody wasn't making because baking as a sign it but more people baked because that they couldn't go to a grocery store got a great kick. Reply to partly it's crap like that right so yes I'm but I know I saw something on here a bunch of that I didn't know what was it that. Two different states chicken spaghetti. And it sounds delicious Texas. And Rutgers it was Mississippi. It does sound and I looked up the recipes that cream of mushroom soup. A tender cheese then peppers and onions just from the Russians to act almost anything it sounds great job. Does it really does. It was a look like just been like spaghetti mixed gallery and activists on something else we use is getting its first us that it was like cat regular spaghetti. Substitute he wouldn't. Checking in for word the ground beef. But now I see gay. A good solid irregular nano in the spot light it's again the in my head of baby with the chicken hot ha ha local. A lot of places of popular chicken dip but I would never tie that together with Thanksgiving and all that says and I like Super Bowl and Ohio Pennsylvania both places I've lived. I just that's a morbid generic like that really had done that thing on Thanksgiving and it's the U analysis on here it's not always. Interest monkey bread is on their few places and I don't tied it again with thanks in Georgia has indicated casserole which I actually prefer over edited. And then that what I see the data is part of the meal and not the hazard which I'm waiting in the SE. India and that. Men there's a lot of you know like three or four states have sausage balls in New Jersey has crab cake I happened a year in our government bureaucrat Kate. All credit didn't I would think that's carnival like these. The shore the real Lynn and yet mailed papers crab cakes but get. Though there and and I saw strength twice and hear the he would be like of ocean type place but like in the middle of those bigger than the country. Our record anywhere but their place of Arizona. It and some of Arizona. Israel and shrimp and you know they make up today we didn't really isn't any type. I guess maybe that's why it's expensive army might special kind of pride on triple. Oh shrimp and an Arizona grocery store just like we do guys. I really answer it because we live in a stay with. Beach so most of everything else I nearly two muddies things like we did apply everybody's different thing and normal that he does over somebody's house and maybe it's more about. Right. Are troopers like your whenever it actually went on. Yes it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with that. As always thanks to us and sharing hand right us it's cool man. Who exactly here. We are seeing is that they guide you in masculine. That's almost impossible lesser man. For example. The guy who struggles with kitchen where. Kitchen where it's actually. Now. Let's say hey there's a jar of gently. And I tried opening at night kid did to my guy. And he can't open it either. I take said jarred back. To get ready to sink and some warm water over it out and a couple of times and I'll. There was a dozen counties used. Other techniques that you we just open it with your bare hands I would I would say Leah doesn't count. You always count. On the same guy yet but you did were not apple Apple's right there UD got stronger. To. I a strong man competent enough. And you and your Mormon mom being emasculated. I wanted to have me yeah. So I. I have every particular situations where you felt less manly. Nine I 'cause I don't have a very low bar on men. Know we can't even meet and farm middle. And that I don't know what that means he'd been here wanting to did you aging and with your face mask on after the yeah by the islanders I in my opinion I heard it jarred opened up for you know is I have done that I had done that but I would say that back out. You had a jar of something. And you could open right so you gave it to your woman my hands were Slattery in my hands or select from though. Reflect on what did it in slick I'm washing dishes that are you know America on the car is doing easy one of the things. I don't I don't want them from then he just oil themselves dance engagement of the media treatment I do put lotion on F. Yeah. I mean whatever it is he Yang at the storm and it's never I had my chair. Pride or shame about manliness except maybe in but did you mean when you say you have a low bar mainly yeah yeah whenever I would never feel emasculated if she'd. Did some thing. That stereo typically is master T I mean I see it hangs like pictures and things like that it's right. I bastard you know I can't put something together to get frustrated and ask her to do entered whenever it. I meant only to put the bookshelves together not to sell my house. Those times and I wonder why do you around. How do you know he had the one of the navy and that's. I thought I would never be emasculated well. And it actually doesn't apply do you either yet because it when a guy feels mechanically challenge now god no. Now I'm multiple times pastors can't handle basic car remain and while I can drive a cart deal in adults age but the when you're in a store army and realize that you windshield wipers are two holding handle late in year. Decide to pop in at the auto parts yeah that are out and buy new windshield wipers on. If it takes your wife to. Amman I asked the guys active. I had Zenyatta is on guy a rhyme when a monument. She's like yeah okay. Some of those I welcome them dressed up donated her deal are. And my dad. On experience alone India they're right as I got senator Lamar masculine yeah yeah and a bar as is in my car by an outside are laid out where his mind. With. I wanna do is when I get my royal saint sometimes happen and that's that's that's. Yeah something okay it's supposed to I've never change I tried changing each electric years ago had given up I don't do anymore. Yeah. Maybe fifty years ago I got receipts and I've never ceased since. A I don't under that's another I wasn't smooth slide into. They wanted my feeling. And it looks like it's not easy Bruins survivors on it like a quickie and cars now it's easy to. Back in the bill like yeah it and click. Yeah. That's a lucky thing until late ninety's vigilant now that. And have gotten it at mountain on tonight definitely should make an unedited remarks ladies' man yeah now in which whoever is out. To listen that the guy who has issues with click keep painting. Also has issues with. Electrical. And door. Technical things around the house. Gallery. At area proceed as two years ago. Egypt he'll not manly because you don't know tactic that let's say I go into a year ago when you called the dishwasher repair guy. Yes. And you were complaining because your dishwasher just flat out stopped working at Denmark and turn it on. And he came in turned on the little light switch that controlled the power yes yes yes it is instead of the repair guy. Had that being your wife would you have felt less masculine not at all thanks to simulate fifty bucks. Garcia dishwasher with a wall switch before. Aaliyah forgot to and this does not have don't have a while switched. Really my current one doesn't. My am last and it was like the god I've never see now before I know. It's crazy lights which they still know what they do around since the kind of beyond. Masculinity and between tabulated and yeah no doubt be aggressive and he didn't need mess. Stupidity you cross the lives. Yeah I did a good we're good. Manuel didn't go where it and you are solidly in Guber who really need to try some of these out item in item and hit a high someday in my Needham. What are light wood bit and you don't get what. I handled. The dirt and light over the fireplace battered that. Yeah. Acting I mean I. Blurted. Out what don't we just couldn't figure out I just now. You know I known obviously didn't need it maybe something. I can yeah. Here's one light switch on sometimes. Day. Will control the electricity on a particular wall. One day I know yeah it's gonna get turned off. And he's going to assume now that then I did the rumor has lost electricity because he doesn't know that one particular on the island Trish I'm gonna hit an elderly and I don't know man and as I did that turn on the lights late in the newly covenant here complaining now. Man now because he's got a fifty dollar now he'd charge me. Yeah. Democrat and I what I did it and bragging about how you don't know what images do I. It was getting and it would they do about me I couldn't like there's three there might I guess which one does why I mean. I still constantly semi garbage disposal and that turn out to get some lights on every night. And that's. Yeah it's just does I am an agreement to not. Only are now in the east a bad memory is new. Dividend is now oh I don't know of five years maybe song and hear it is always gonna that is easy shots sometimes. The dolphins like it's. Yeah geez you're not gonna. A for the fact yeah. Or let's think for a lot of people. Here and it. Don't twist my honeymoon. Deciphering clutch that's what putters things. My brain space flight. Thanks for listening to our fair would that Ramona. Check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.