Embrace The Air Kiss

Wednesday, February 14th

Ramona and germ freaks everywhere are trying to avoid the flu at all costs!


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Today to what that meant remotest yeah. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com north listening to all there was the remote. German holds the lead yeah ninety alternate. We must reach out of our legislators. We usually don't reach out to the surgeon general to this TDs he. To try to get this nation to embrace. The air kids. It's a it's a little too close for my liking you possibly could mess. You hit skin but even if you do hit skin like it if you actually hit someone on the cheek. It is far more hygienic it's a far GAAP and do the anti shake hands. The that's just the truth. What strangers kissing me on the cheek out of there to. Help but so what I'm saying is let's just do the air kiss or get. But no on you lose my job over harassment and you're not. Actually just went inside and by actually landing kids. They are accidental turning ahead the accidental bombing so many things can go wrong and how likely it'll probably sick to work in my hand lettering. It felt Ebola. At this critical content to getting these is not just a cold in the. A great return agony trouble for handshake and let me ask you this. Howell. Hello are what are we doing with our hands for one thing. They just fire sides. You know all the by the way I anywhere what are our hands literally hold the luckily I think just slightly touched I'd say it is appropriate to perhaps grab a forearm. And. And I you're touching again any touching. There's a lot of people are you turn on for Narnia too much explode how bout 11. Each have you put your right hand on the others. For arm in our touching analogous situation as it turns on the whole arm but. Well that's that's not the same topic germs and operation as I can actually be worst lead in areas not areas. Not going to be as bad putted still goes beyond these and we keep our hands to ourselves and we airs yes. How about them. I'm. I just you can't be the one to start at there was a problem that's why I eighty has to be decreased largely if not all camp pre. It I mean you're the first one to do it how weird do you lock it and how we ended little on energy legislation you're getting voted out if I do there's not a law it's a decree. That's a look at it and like maybe the CDC recommends. Today and it's not all. Is all the time people ignoring big don't. Take heed until it becomes law but I. Making it all loft on. Make it a law and it rat somebody. Guys took somebody you know into a public restaurant to comedies without seeing a sign telling people even aware are you need watching his exactly. It's just a suggestion. And frankly we don't suggestion. Has not been taken by mini how well how many times I walked into the restroom your work. Actually went exiting as I'm injuring merit and I look at that sink in Italy. I as a bone sometimes they dry bone. I'm white my sink down some no you don't I have wipe my thing down before really there's been splattered blood like that. But how can we not go foul. I love it I averaged written for the ballot for years now seems just so much more impersonal to me. That's the whole point seems very respectful. It and depends what you know obviously which Grubman but. A battle seems more respectful to meet in the air kiss yeah which seems like and I am a fancy French artist. It is just like it's it's kind of it's what's. Think it's like yeah. Say this fancy in some countries do the ballot it's just basically the balanced kind of what seems very would be to audience now look like you're above the ground we you don't band you know I the kids just seems a bit pretentious but the bow oh. I think is far more. In this call in our culture that Deval is viewed as is far more. Impersonal now because you're doing it's basically ahead not just a little deeper and I hit that it's a deep respect. To don't go really anything that. Real housewives of Beverly Hills or here out on. On the air kiss I'm not doing gas I say look so pretentious yes they do it yes and I I'd be a school would like think you feel better with a back out. I'd love them now. Okay not going deep and about I understand the culture you can leave deep regatta more respect GAAP tempers so we're just like there's a historian without. It's like kinda edited and it's able to americanize that we do is do they had got a kind uncle that had not because. And and it's not that bad and I'm OK with that except that's very. Would sort of look at Prakash yes very I would just I don't like little blown. Ellen. Broke out of this may have given us that it is a little bit and. What does try to air kiss you. Which way you turn your head when you get you know left side urged. Yeah and you have a left idol knowledge that yeah I'm going for air kissed if you seek legal when and where kids and you turn your head to make sure I get a cheek to cheek. It's left first it's kind of like at the same thing is that going to. And your handshake. Is that Iran needs to be free see you go left right. Because you know I am actually studied this and they found that 80% of men and women here in their heads to the right. When kissing cheek to cheek. At its iTunes backwards each go to the right. Now like that though it is overwhelmed going to are right where are just let cheeks attacking it. This is too much still much to learn you're gonna accidentally kiss somebody you feeling committee did you would go into the left. You're using a less emotional part of your brain. And that's the opposite of a warm gesture Arnie and be warm to the patriot gesture. About what a fist pump and we do that this top of the handshakes not alarmed gesture know that settling out. Those are the fist bump looks like you're trying too hard to be cool circa 1981. I think just looks like Erica does that sound. He has his has been around for ever in Europe have it have an elbow bump. You know your your elbow bump you just neglected to a German folk and your public doesn't look like it Gemma booty on booty. Bump. Bumps hips a little bums it's a little. Do you yourself Djibouti on booting I'm worried about an air kids get gas trouble in the workplace but you're gonna suggest I think. Any of the rim co workers. A tax cut gonna growing on growing. Probably just say nothing new rules you don't do anything just like not you is make over bulls this Andy eat this or you can a lot of times when I introduced him and his social setting I don't necessarily. Think. But he had a crowd is laid out. I. Like include EAU little nice wave and a half hours and that's very operator oftentimes. A little wave is opera. Yeah. More like just the economy had wonderful and I'm under an air kiss. A good luck would have put it into practice for elected next thirty days I know how again and it's it's gonna go importantly you got to hug the office tomorrow got a drop out of work my way around our little. Office of my guy pal Ayers is. Which cannot education on and engage in and Ryan and all the guys in there and aggregate don't give me a I think they'll be receptive. I met with but a poll out there and it. They all based on its citizens vehicles. They stand on the ticket not telling you right now. And a half. Like it is already 107 idling FaceBook page I would argue Tina bowel or team air can't support team. Nothing is VT nothing. Degree you need to greet people I don't. Bottom verbal greeting. Hello we do that. A cable let's just dip that went into you know out of there are just have a best hello. It's flu season how are you today did you hit it down before a hatchet and a cold. So I just say that for example. Any. But it didn't have a high quality. Five years straight to jesuit herpes chronic conditioners. That there are differences and Emerson. On the often Corcoran. 1079 the link has blown up the box office literally. About seriously guys yeah we should probably get rid of the evidence. Listen at 730123430. This week is we give you the tickets that didn't. Think it's day. Why gesture on his. And Portugal the and whatever shows that aren't my only smoldering gal she did all the details 179 the only guy. From the station that knows its way around a fire extinguisher Charlotte's best man. 107 not raise the wage. All right there are some. Bad pieces of advice. And you're gonna hear all the time according to this person and onto the New York. These are not. Pieces of good advice the old success as a journey not a destination. They say place. Successes managers journey. That says state over wins you have control responsibility. Now and it helped team can't say yeah right journey eventually succeed just hang on a net. Five and try to fire truck isn't on the journey would put up a fire. Eagles are on a journey yeah they've had some success. This fall but it doesn't stop there because now. They can celebrate for a minute and then people are going to be looking man I'm like okay what we got now rise another season coming out with a destination. It's the journey and it's in Germany met Manny is the you know like yeah I didn't witness who all want to never again you know. Two distinct for the resident life. Now but here's is that six the saints got thing you have to average earning eighty you shouldn't have a journey State's success is entered so there's a success shouldn't be. Defined by the journey this test is actually when you get to the place yeah you're headed. That's the success Super Bowls as success right. A team like the browns it's never won a Super Bowl says loser yet he has got a good third I had no success sense but they are pretty yes so there doesn't. Except on a journey and yes yes. The advice Ernie my whole life you know inaugural winner Mona. These advice you'll ever hear bad one just be positive. That's sets people up from mental health nightmare no one has ever just positive or negative. Most successful people balanced. Overly optimistic. Don't consider risk associated with their action. They have you painful trial there. If your positive thinking to beat yourself up a lot for your negative thoughts could like ally and at him and that trust me I'm Marty telling my solution be positive time not work. Not working as I can't be bothered and they're telling them that I can't believe that may Bob it has and then just a spiral and the lack positive. The alert tells me to just be about why can't I do it. Right Lowell and Youkilis then then and all these books are my girls saying yes I was hitting it. The task revising and Earl. There's so maybe you should say there should be a balance of positive in negativity that way gavel little negativity here not feels about it right. OK so in this studio raging in if you feel that your positive media negativity or ballot. Not has now that we better ice and all the better players shrink says he's just trying to get to the neutral not to get my shrink did say that. Mean I cannot get your deposit I'm just gonna try to get an ego drive and on accuracy and a tough tough tough. Usually lands. Let out and advocates myself. Because if and gag I got it figured out Second Amendment at a the old. Does saying do what you love and the money will follow. Yes this. But I love watching football needs a Coca. We'll launch a Netflix. Where's the money and there is the money. It is. At first we said. All they do wing. Yeah. Requires effort mental effort to whom I guarantee you could flawlessly now you their Bryant and the people who can't just doing radio. And they lob it bad. They're getting by and pennies. I just a good doing a podcasts or something artists you know how to they love to pay monetize that debt that's legitimize. Soviet listening. Throes few bucks at the you know is he said like he would fail on projects at saddle or am I hope I'll I love do and that's bad yet and don't feel guilty guy making a profit. That's it. Since then I've just doing what you love he says be fair honest and make a profit. Who feels guilty about making a problem and people do I mean there are times I mean I sometimes feel like. You know I'm better off than some people like it's a sham it's the fifth. On that and have more money than some people who seem to be like. Much better people to. Do better things in this world. Inserted death I don't I don't turn a lot of things I feel guilty about a certain kind of guilty about it and ultimately is still collecting. I am okay. A bit guilty about taking that deal once and no outs people. Bombed the old saying that's not good advice expected till you make it. Bad business strategy for rookies bulls game to professionals. Never trick those you wanna win over the damage your reputation. As for making yet knowledge is power the more you know the more you grow. This faking it they'll crush it is best. Somebody at some point or sneaking. If your faking knowledge yet you're not getting it right but taking a little confidence. I don't know I think on nose and lakers got pretty far in this world now that's true and they handling caught Vietnam that is true. That is true but doubters okay nevermind. Had been fired. No that's true and that he faking an inning I'm mad as yeah exactly and I never. They may didn't make it eventually by some but at some point we we'd like to think I announcement on her negative I have. Until now I'm not a negative off I stopped going I could get my card a neutral over that like America pays a guy. Since the you're a little positive to see. Well he's. Than like than the one of my psychologist Almeida. Was a little may have a stop sign a whole lot of time with a face on he was doesn't hold up when you're being negative I have added a pile of paperwork been filed. A hundred. Things have sought to do a downgrade of the plot there that are there could be some reasons why FaceBook causes relationship. Problems. But once you spending too much time I pick. It is as your purse Parker gets gala and here commenting on your friends voters is that it's all day that is spending quality time with Dan I don't know about journalist I would say that you know laid to our. Annoyed could not focusing on the TV show were watching together currently. That's not have a little time you much immense. View or our essays book when I see if I look over and I apply as I said. Are you really really. You wanna what you wanna watch this or not lapses that make the call. Now I'm not I'm not rewind and then just. People he flips it around Tom Meehan says all I saw you on your phone you're on your phone lay low and I am a Mardy trying to watch Steve. EM I have to and there's more work for me inside I can do like sometimes when I'm watching your show rivals the actor. And other scramble looking up program and that act yes Dinah crazy but I could still follow the plot and I still do things right why don't you think she can do this thing because she does it. 'cause it's later she's only is interested in said drama on FaceBook. People's lives and what didn't do it now and again it'll be she's interested in other like you know. What about being entrusted to me and my favorite TV should admire promise she's more of text. And then I did I say you know what. Or hears about it. Of excuse me for trying to set up our lives his schedule our daughters. Practices and pick ups like yeah well excuse you get done that before we start there. Why do right so all blacks certainly it is sacred time yeah it'll be gone someday tonight I'm going back to work it out here. Over sharing because big arguments. Some people may not enjoy some of the information you relate. On FaceBook I have to tell you occasionally. I will. And post about a husband or a wife. That. Makes me feel a little embarrassed lower your partner. Gasping it's it's him over sharing at least ego. At least I'm doing it for and I say you know what they obviously have a strong enough relationship or an honest enough relationship where. This isn't a problem. I better be a funny dig not a PO date mean you can do it no way that it ends up funny. Rather than just you don't there's a different ways. On the other hand. I give too much information on this program. About my wife and my family and everything but I get paid for are getting paid and based. Part of it must pay and elect. Spending time on FaceBook while in bed. To put a damper on your intimacy affects sleep the voice heard that unit at the screen time before sleep rich whatever but some feel mostly. The. You guys are gonna boob who everything because your avid FaceBook people. You okay they're not not not doing well. I am an and I. Can and the last time you checked somebody else's V besides Iran. I. Checked that man Ron Paige the president and yeah just a bad don't count. That's a good point that is gonna blow it out Obama probably is going about my time line. Yeah yeah yeah a look at things yeah I look like I'm my eye and I check someone's plays well no not. Yeah started. I got a minor girl nerdy guy and that you're apparently yes anyway the important thing sort and upload Boeing is I think over sharing can go as big arguments and I do you think tank in my salmon paced a could cause problems on up pulling it. But spending atomic faced while beds as we all and there are. When you take out one more brand that of course a leases are no more brands and post and I Oregon by your partners asleep and I can't do it. And if it happens all the time the first gonna be resentful because tag. Sleeping on naked here. Going on the view. There's a zoo yeah. As you let me why partners instead of phasing out here just write an essay in India because it says that although honestly until she's done and it says it at all. And then there a male lights fully unit. A jealous partner can use FaceBook to be manipulative. You know get a picture of hammer her with an opposite sex turnaround at a party I know now the face but he's not your problem. That you eat really well into the as well as they delegates not your problem is that one yeah okay. It didn't cause major misunderstanding. Like wire though are those two people together today. They go around haven't Vonage is but you're you're dinners bump into people. But you know take a picture or you Allah Allah or I'd. Just certain Aaron as you log in utter. And I should close what my problem so just chill. Checking face accidentally fell Lotta we're close guys techies faced but when you're spending time with your partner OK and at a restaurant. We're talking about something very important. Work. Doesn't say you're watching beats I can see that. Past photos of view with your acts. And made me make you feel creepy BMO bank backed nuclear mold out. May also ask your friends and bandleader movement. Is it causing tension then tyra. Thank I don't of at the top of the page I don't showing up. Well it's a point of having them anyway I now go through its toll on asked. Just take him down yes sun on feelings get hurt right just not worth it it's dollars and of one of my family members put up of picture of my acts. Are you title all of my. I have to lag and that worried that in this taken and I wish they would that be I only say yeah that it happened we got Mara. So it's more laughs and more fun it's. What's best for Florida. You do a couple did get a new snacks and and I got criminals that broke a record. It's really weird to its second numbers this. I got busted into a 7-Eleven in San Diego around 4:30 AM on Friday with a shotgun. And demanded that cash in the register. The clerk of course David tool in the guy left the 7-Eleven a when he got to the parking lot he'd realize he'd locked his keys in the car. No end to break into his own vehicle in order to escape by smashing through his driver's side window nowadays is heart locket. He's there it really is teaser now edit the cars or can't he really is a slim Jim anymore down op low power Yang couldn't do it coat hanger. They're still doing it on lifetime movies have essar on Thursday as the bus that takes awhile and he had to get away in a way where taker shot went down. And this truly did break the gap in he smashed it. The cops were able to track him down they were looking for gray Ford or car with the driver's window they staked out on the glass repair shops at around. It and they caught the guys and it turns out he ended up breaking even with the amount of money he stole from the cells alone well how much it cost to repair his window. Adam rob I don't think seven elevens in the going to be all you know I don't doubt come in new vision that I moved to cyber crime. It's been there or don't do crime okay they naming him out there and go out of state freer. Plastics again somebody you know laying on the down low that you or does he's kind of thing Chop Shop somewhere looking for somebody on the download. Hello hello they'll tell you secret secret glass committee last. Does he do love she just. Yeah. Yeah and wind blew himself up that is down low end. They're gonna we're going behind and load now it's this British. Drug dealer a broken record according to police. The is breaking right or actually broke the record the British record for spending the most days in custody while police police waited Brenda threw. And us back energy reconciles the record on that del march they board Lamar Jaber 44 arrested by police on January 17 rebellious stop. Along with intent is like classic drugs he's been held in custody since his arrest is pleased lately troops drug steeply just swallowed. Essex police said there was no update on the 24 year old suspected gang member as he entered the 23 day. Held constant supervision. Out medical experts say there is a small chance of his pals bursting before spokesman today refused provide blow by blow updates. He they've all been up days at Max would all be when he actually does. So it's been court hired him answering this question yes he took on and he's on Twitter. The cops on Twitter dates when he's coming to an end is still no movement. By the delay in updates that team and they're busy covering this and other ongoing investigation and. You aren't you know I've Babel we got better big that it yeah that will not via other Grimes. I ordered he has a cell by himself. Or the guy and it sounds like oh geez simply yeah. I don't think the death penalty before this I hear of them severely lacks a lie. Into the movies they have the toilet yet there and the cell like out on the open source of Jersey is the right I'm doing something to give myself put in solid during your mind about his get me started a funny because. And when it comes it's gonna count LO OK I'm eating it doesn't save I don't know early on in congress I Kindle one day at a remember upon the I know is someone unify ingredient night. I find it very difficult to go I'm on vacation Amy does too but she's always going let weeks move. And I aren't supposed to do wait I can't imagine going to at least I barely a couple hours lesser know her through him can he made a great show a good. I'm not following any drugs look at me right away. This. They'll be like ally to craft other girls at that that's. Given spaghetti sauce. Well that and that they got to find out what this guy's trigger your food bats against the that he may not. You know that might it force little back suggested to get here obviously the expert here that I. I think gives them to Geddes we need that expert I mean they have been plumbing jobs he probably given us a fellow alleged gang members a role autumn foresee him through. Say everybody samarra on the Smart took this you need a legs hurt and amazed that lie I bounced drugs and you. Let's tell us I'm Lamar he's makes a ground analysts ago and other Miron really hates asparagus it's just and good luck Lamar. Are gonna see this on any crime she knows we should date and the US the best idea ever implicate him in their like that giraffe that is totally gonna give birth this way no way take minutes on that note he had no. An average anybody who would say yeah. Interns is already quit that's another set a date edit this has definitely it turns out. And guess we're not we get to speak very few of us work through. If that I'm assuming it's still a bags are open because it wasn't bags. And just accidentally hit a pastor back pack. Late night and dissolved. At another weird thing lesser OPEC. Would give his name ridiculous that the next few days so I think now. As a they really didn't. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. 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