Epic Couple Car Fights

Friday, February 2nd

Listeners share the stupid fights they've had in the car with their sig other...we also teach you how to go out alone and we've got weird nudity stories!


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Today to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com it's your listening there with the net remote. And Ramona and ask you this Durbin and day out might just didn't get other arm. After giving up by the roadside of rotor hit leave him and his. I pulled a little bit like that. I have walked. He walked and. Yeah when we we're in Virginia Beach it was. One of the several times that my ex decided to just buy a car. It. And I talked about without even saying it got to be is quoted quotes are. So well it's prize for. It's it I think I don't got a good to rally at a ribbon around for you now programs Sophia so. He. Bought this car win the I thought we had agreed that we wouldn't get a car until we paid off the car we already ahead. And he's trying to convince me this car is awesome it's my favorite color red it's great great thing I've if so I I. This just comforting just to let go for a drive this car which I I should not have done because I was up I was the so I just threw on issues that were next to the door. Which happened to be his shoes but again this guy because there was really only expecting to go around the corner tell him that our socks. Take it back. And then come back home. But did he install that I would warm up to this car. So we wound up about two miles away. As the Chinese restaurant. And I I couldn't get back in the car I just could I yeah I was. No we did meet with the beat he's got to pick up some takeout. And I think you know I can you I can't be in this car with you. I just cannot this and in such a confined space with someone who you are just staying quiet and riding. In the thing you're arguing about brutal I just I can't give back in the car. I absolutely cannot happen so wearing his shoes I want to own two miles off line they you know by the time I got home I was even. Angry idiocy feats. I ever one of those car fights islanders. Hi Larry is doing. I had that we're at oral surgery at Moeller from my mouth and they certainly in the trucks still that they. And Italy where I went home apparently hit at a black tiger and I argued with my husband about it. And when we continued our route home I'm making all the track paper I got out of the truck and started walking partially that they are. I don't read all the in my Cooper because he was following all right I've been in one of those arguments yeah. I don't remember any of it I didn't buy bad about that until weeks later top. NATO. Why are you are doing her what are they. Hate hate government of my why. Are you telling her or it would attract what you and I like. He looked adamant that she dated she does head or arm now you've got to come up with me are gonna go to the hospital. Home like yeah what a concept probably like a what do we do now or or they believe. They think this is just high hands on and how Liz thank you I have one of those long Jennifer's flight. She storms and the car you drive real slow next get in the car to be an unreasonable and articulate and like I don't see that wasn't Amy T you know because I bolted at a red light out of navies are because she would let me be out movement rather there. But there's another time when choosing their parents and their like mad get our. I want to be a drop he he estimated take him home the bidding would only let me take you miss Fareed the goodwill yeah. And then he they. So yeah. So OK out drop you hear it wasn't even good will sort of like when they're. Collection trailer that was honest and beauty drop about the collection trailer. And they pulled up a Mike I'm finished in the law you guys are gonna be prompt and picking me up I'm gonna make a point. By having Ramona drive we have the way. Now I want to present and evident eventually do it easy don't have a day when it was a deal that was supposed to pick me up at bat that goodwill spot and Elaine. They relate to take him out. Sort of walking baseball decided they do not supposed to maybe I think it's dropped off there. Greg is on the matter monitor hi Greg. They did what what happened to fight the car. Or on. It happened in ghost so it sort they'll push all. I'll. Check out there so yeah she took a knock on me. Or dark out here it. I. I'm not a lot there. At the outlet. Why here it ran out they order. I order so oh. Many did he chased her. Got up that picture it was equipment. And right. Did you get like Iraq. Are. Our. I don't think you're allowed. To. Iran the. Like it I don't that you described people rallied as if I I don't know what. Maybe easily stole it no no. Maybe it still is an issue Viacom had opened a card that yeah he's about it and now and in the driveway at your. In other people when you're reading is taught. And under the cover. Unable unacceptable. Always it always does not around the country and so it's not just brown moment I know it's probably illegal but it's not reckless endangerment it's. Yeah well yes but. It's all I ask me not to think about it reading people off the road you know they across your mind you know am. OK I have to admit on my violent doctor legal. It's a seventy. That's not okay. From RCA. Can save. Only change what got me there. Any doll so I have not mastered. Maybe know how to handle any moment alone. Yeah I think you're at a restaurant. The movies you get invited to a party. Unit alone and you go by yourself I go right for the bar. If you go to the wedding invite herself at ground. I've never done that meant I would love to get never got to win an accident wasn't married now a single month ago we know we're starting out at a restaurant how to handle. That alone. I've done this one time and did it. Because at the time I was met my ex has been Niedermayer at the time in and I was determined I was gonna do like I can't. Nobody but myself. Yeah I I hated it I felt. They go there's a TV. The only thing that got me through was I said at the bit went to a restaurant and a bar that we eat at the bar but yeah I don't think. And I was still uncomfortable but I would've been even more uncomfortable how to set the table I don't think activist handled at a table. And analyze. Sit and they recommend first exhibit the counter or the bar that way you can watch the chef so what's the bartenders at work. You get instant activity to keep denying ops plus goals. You don't have to stare at empty seat across from you is there at the bar. They say to chatting with the waiter asked with a waiter recommends. Or be adventurous until the waitress to bring you her fight favorite item on the menu. That way he don't always come back to check on you to see how you like to eat and builder report. How to handle a party alone. And the first they may suggest to me sounds a little desperate the odds first of all go to a party we met and known human. Hello I've been to not knowing any. A a couple of things we're only knew one or two people. I should they may not be there that are bidding was not there yet boarded air group that's true you know they they're not free to talk to that moment good point. As soon as you walk in that. Seek out the host and say hello. And then follow up by asking him or heard introduce you to some of the other guests Nadal can do that anyway I don't wanna do that I don't either but the hosts should do that the ticket. I would feel like a jerk Gillick who. Do you do you use me you boom boom legged as yourself loser perhaps if this is just my issue here to think about what they're hinting at with this next on and it at a party allowed. Here's a hint. Approachable types tend to hang out by the desert area so make your way over there since they're not as calorie or carb deprived elect need to be a little more easy going than the other guests. Out of I noticed immediately Alley. It's. Got jolly written all over yeah. You got right and apparently alone. That could look court savvy person had there's. Brett other brand dog is not the waning. Well yeah pretty mind to be yeah that's what insinuate thank you very much the chubby people hang up by the regular food to buy no it's not just the dessert yeah you people don't hang up by the desserts too obvious. Boulder you're right. I. I yeah. Hobbies I want to know why and shouting at OK until Mac and I don't think I I would vets say that I think that a chubby occurs it would be afraid hang out there because god is aware of what's there. You know and people stare and look and laugh and I'm assuming that the people will think. Will she get away from the dessert table and. Yeah. Please come on there was. And remote. And I ask that you do Butler the video which shows a typing teacher is into Google and see what suggestions as CE certain. Search anything comes up with Betty good to type an opt eighty and he ordered them to eighty year olds are talking about. Well. The top of Google as a response was I'm thirty army camp on eighty. And divergent. Our number one with. No way it is the just do it. I am AD in emergent and ADN am tired yes that's number two pounds overweight. Is a and pregnant yet I've tended pregnant gosh. I'm eleven. One a baby. I'm thirteen. Does it get worse and still breast feet. How long this up I mean I that the most popular thing is that rigged motorcycle ago and. I'm nineteen I tell you read about this week he's listening right now. She's saying this in today's job at that in the days. Debuted doctor and a bit funny nine and. I'm scale of the grassy no that's. I'm 29 can I join the military is the fifth I'm 29 and never had a girl from Penn. Okay. Yeah I. You're listening to all there was. Which got Teddy and his name is not out. Can net again if you don't make up back yourself physically and you risk getting grounded. Or rested in this case Luis Torres was booked on disorderly conduct charges after his mother called police because the eighteen year old refused to clean up the mess in his room to move. Brett is 54 year old mother alerted authorities that a hundred Terry what do network and on October 2 claiming her sudden started swearing matter Lou when she confronted him about this cleanliness. When officers and to call the cops and yet she would you visit you need to come because I'm about to kill this kid. Again again and they did not as it is a man yeah man. A when officers arrived however the residents they say they force their way into Phares is bedroom where she was hiding under a blanket. Okay. Army under it and wearing pants concert not gonna do. Tip line for us that you and how. Well. You end up on autopsy that. A variety of offices forced their way into the bedroom the suspect allegedly refused to put on his plane. Sensible and I invading his privacy. There have been apparent that it's Perez kept yelling at officers I have Bryant didn't happen. We're gonna do it's early stuff. I didn't meant he continued to break his mother even in the presence of officer wow she said she feared her son and now wanted him out of the house yeah it was taken into custody. And ordered held on 5000 dollars bond. Are there with that and Ramona. And such things I 80 craziness today this morning a little later than normal. Doesn't gas station as sub site contact sandy angry he tax that was Stephen Reid and again. Exactly imagine why you always tell me he's Menard gift cards at three of them in my car. Trying to get it to damn gas and run a little bit late anyway it has doce register person inside or whatever. I've run in there and it is working. It was nothing on it. Now that it's good. A bunch of crap. That's gonna go back they're gonna find two more to bring him back out there is nothing on that money there and it is like seven dollars on the other one. On Zion out. All right and just get used his car giver might debit card go back out there and it's not working again have to go back in debt on I say why so what actually got to take the pump thing out of that thing and then reset it equipment and handle or whatever is what you all that. Still like gets rejected and I go back in again and some reason they kept changing people are shifts or some decided that these same person previously backed Tynan. Panama. Tell me that with time that's where where did against Casey rookie coming on animals and. I'm not going to laundering money and never gone on it then and there. Don't think he impressed I noticed one without backs have been something in your credibility just got to I mean that all want a black what was line and another line. I think I've got a cardinal you debit cards not working all right that would act on and I'm really freaking out as it would try this credit card I go back out. Credit card works but now motor running light again it's a dumb questions you wanna car lost money rewards are doing on the sides. It was a black and white person or better go to all this so I'm running late night finally found a zip code. Dollars wrapped. It. They asked yet before he gets it bothers you notice of the prisoner Michael Ewing waited on do you ever danced and honestly I. First time and you know I was so tempted just to pull away and say screw the whole thing. But I was really really at a gas I had to fight my way through it now is that. Anyways I vehemently as my text and get a chance we'll read maybe off the. Are there with Matt in Ramona we're talking about things that only it's been mostly just like people like my thanks Joseph. I don't I don't prepare I can't I can't I'm Erica I get what is thank him. I look fat ass sometimes I see a lot of flat Stanley is wearing. Eight teacher list of all color photo folks are not prepared this C family member and I never seen that with white folk. And you feed at Disney World bench Terrell and then so be it or twelve people with the a picture on their church and it's passed away in their family. So. That's. How I just turn it around have you white people think of the white people. Does say the Al with a debt. Yet god in god and it had to do. Went away on the car and nobody thought the teachers no date on the back in my field of them like the heck your dad you are Audi site in Arabic to leave me. Jim thank you. That this is Matthew. I'm Matt you. So why people think so. Are already out Norton showed usually don't do any of concrete and they gave her you know survivor show not a by ethnic or more are sure only. The night and easily people are not likely on the late don't like you didn't like him. No I thought all my prayers not our thoughts about our survival sort Albanian. And not have a more. He's nodding his nose sometimes just surviving in the united opened up for. Al became. Want to put this into a look at that all of our ball mark let my survival still right there what are the things mostly just Mikey. Like 704570179. To make sure you all know it is joining us is first time Ramona is black doctor boosters black anti united white. OK there you go Chad. Good what's the white people think we're at. Least I don't like the big park yeah its. Like the cover off so what if it's your or need a thirty year old like white person and that you don't have one of those jackets. You do not cool. Yeah I but now you really don't jab I I have to say. I haven't seen us in North Face words he's not many of us yeah but not specifically North Face Chad thank you. Yeah interesting observation let's go to Byron. I've Byron hate what is it actually have to do that first one being tanning bed. At. Yeah we had and the other one public know protecting. A dollar Nadal. Across. A extolled the alliance. Grade DR are you black are you why Byron I am black. The people on those Big Dig. Up this idea what I put in Europe don't leave that. Now I own a great program merit your program republic ally I I'm not gonna lie I've probably done. You don't go deep is called fly buys five buys there grow up notified the damn black. Thank I had written about. The you guys gets that was in crappy stereo I. On the left field and it. Does show I'd go. At it but I easel that he. If there are part of how does or her. Ghost hunting. Yeah. Yeah. All day every day and that adds yes actually Joseph thank you. That's gonna James. Hitting teams but he got from James. And there. We usually do not eat macaroni cheese at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Why people aren't in the back and. Magna GR. Now I love it it's just I grew up without eating at a Christmas or Thanksgiving. Just noticed aren't too different families that are. Black I mean they always have. Act Roni at Christmas or Thanksgiving that I get. You worked in the black people a long time Arabs are adamant that it didn't thank you name as I have could fit into. Guys maybe make Mac and cheese every day it's more laughs and more fun it's fair would that we're gonna did you ever hurt damaged. Somebody stuff. You damage your friends you made your relatives whenever there's no way could possibly afford to replace it greed and maybe it was priceless 704570107. I'd tell us about. The damaged in Scott's first Nancy you'll tells the story. I would Jack don't wedding receptions out baggage call for and cannot let the doctor as you did not not like we're gonna show up. You live and bear market they may have not withstanding your product her and it worked off and I know alcohol reception operatic ought to rent it and not new. And another girl all I am not trying to me. And not by parents. That great June oh well out of not collapse. Robert top hard. Adding it. I. And. 00 about it. And after being your gut it out and OPEC are. We're land at least eight other content that you action after all you're content aren't. And the great. It was the beginning of their like that there reception or whatever. Are you know your. Hands. Are part about it why didn't bet. You're and I got my that's my you don't have no alcohol rules. That the wouldn't have had real why Nancy. Or are getting drunk. Why and it would've been shorten it when I don't know. Yeah and I'm that it did is he Bob. And man to settle for 570179. You ruin something. Of someone else's and my brother Derek managed to rusty and you know we're we're Herbert. Remembered Bert I do remember it's there because it's you project to block out. Originally Derek. I actually hit a birdie or predict that I want somebody else breakage lap battle. Those who oh god will go well I'm. Know the party act act where I took them lite party. Drink you re going move my hand. Carpet were beautifully light and I go to didn't little tiny share. Mara quick vote should never go. And I hit it off or electrical failure. And that's going to be part of love but what why. Black. Are you pretty. Acts there'll probably. The couple drops on the carpet but it turned out Sheryl at each child care. And remember what. Hey. If you are out of I regard. Related the yet but yeah you know he just we don't want to say that I look it's not a good. Probably never invite him to my house I have my rocking chair from when I was two years old you don't yes. Just asked if he said Stuart listening to all there was. This week my wife Amy has been to a twelve hours yes. And on the charge of looking to. And but I have to duplicate past roles. That are completed in this thing or whatever the other. And so I said on FaceBook that. You know and I had to do this and it's amazing how difficult it is to come up for ideas via different John residents stop and stuff the kids alike and all that sort of saying. And I added was an an senator and do is complaining is when two. You know give salute to those who cooked meals every day and I imagine how mind numbing that is and by the way adds so not to be fair. I'm going to twice. But look at. Think of them have been for. At least one idea I'm gonna. And you have to my idea about what. I'm Al of idea and you hold. On. And I think it's takeout tonight could put a date every time I via. Did well. So I but my mom and it was mind numbing yeah nominee in I was. I was on the computer look at these recipes and then I did. The Mexicans the in the one night and then now we did the elected impostor themed one there. Donna excellent but we're arguing that covers which counts. The so that's three nights. And then my mom mother in law says don't worry will be in town Sunday. And I'll give me a break up my moms that is which we live closer so like maybe a couple nights. And did two nights we've. Yours and who you ask. Yeah just appreciate the cook senior laden might because it bit I have to kind of got my. Yeah I. Left everything get a lot of covers. To come up the idea. If you talk fair. When you uncomfortable with somebody else's nudity is salsa and you're really big plus 8704. Or 570107. Let's talk to mark. I'm mark. And that tells you guys were great well we had fire or out one Thanksgiving we also haven't seen it at home. And my mother was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden she jumps out there. And she's on her Knight dressed up and running toward the back room including mine. Brother in law. The diapers. Eight. And it felt and then ultimately up to me and she would come away. Our. Program on our. Shouldn't. If she didn't it does things that don't. Sometimes people like you give it to the bathroom stuck for the bad girls. That's what would go I moment. I think it's gonna try Pollyanna win. I didn't big hurry to get back up that well let out. Sharp Parrott. You uncomfortable with someone else is new CD is so so you're the C 704 or 570107. Mine this is Lindsay I'm busy. All right what what nudity may yield comfortable. Well what the thought about mr. what today and I walked into her thrilled she's staying in there up completely naked not found that she had several things appear that I'm never bite you should ever. You lose and you. And I'm this probably super weird because you started like staring. Yeah too much out like it did everything appears. Here. End yanks. Lizzy thank you all you don't want to see well I mean it's but he you'd you don't want this nomination or the right. My due to gonna tell people while I don't think she wanted to share it with her sister this this is Wanda. I Wanda. Tell us about that on C able nudity. I can I I was about six years I know. And when they had Dolly cold capital alone and our writers and we were many and not safety. You sir is fertile despite you know I help. And silently within I have then I turned it got a peek out the way and that they taught school and I'll. And it's my mom and dad. There will make it outside. Scored in each other what the water has. I have like yeah I have another hurry. Up. And. There. Oh wow yeah you can't and see that you talent that you solemn. Yeah got no I got did not tell that I think they'll McConnell I was scared that I would get in trouble. Lot of debt even Matt probably say a hybrid to like it didn't happen I want to thank you I say and motels about it. I am I wouldn't. You might in Syria and of extra apple got bigger room I grant the opening there are paying a completely unaware of the day. Move on an eye opener. He bullies may topple his bottom. Yeah. Outlook look at bill. Is not right. Say thank you and finally it is Matt and Ramona and our question of the day. We're uncomfortable with someone else is knew that he saw so you're wanna see 7045701079. I've frank. What are good good it would happen due to the head the nudity. Well thank you what was a long time ago armor are faster and I went faster page youth retreats. Actually you retreat it was Paris and retreat with several or just. I don't retreat center of the bathroom or else that it worked it also had to arrange to have everybody bused over to the wind secret extra hours so I'm standing by the has the steps to. Of the box and I'm counting people up on the board 123. Or does not totally absorbed and everybody lost about what walked into the YMCA. Locked up behind them walk down all. Title left instead of right and I'm also standing in front of fifty naked women. Our kids hip hip hip it's I can. Just drank. Thought everybody in the parish although. It did naturally every time about it. Hot after the loss of every year. And it. Art world number sound basis. The stand in that congregation pulpit look now madam. Imagine you're at. Leon yes thank you you're not a hundred you do. Franco that's a good morning bouncy I mean bed eat there. Frankly I can wipe them right in the middle level and outlet almost. Do you like twists I didn't economic it's our wife was part of this was our outlook forward must work out right. Yeah wow. That. Riddick then you. And Clayton is right in the middle on and does. It Pactiv breaks marriages. The game you uncomfortable with someone else's nudity salsa and you really didn't wanna say 7045701079. Hi Sheila. What you saw. Out at the candidate you own wedding and I had been awaiting the art being liked there's that and embarked on it. And leave happily and I play and were wearing Armani my understanding beat the ever I hit it at a yeah they split up I yeah. I the idea to Wear your finger on why she can't forget that the good luck or contrary it. We were all that stuff on our stated they're. In flight. He couldn't believe me that's. Not exactly what you expect to see a wedding did you let her know. I. It generally. We are making sure not that nobody. Letter. Eight distinct eye contact with her acting that night. Is there with the game it didn't happen as a matter act like. Although later stage just the car out and that really have. Oh thank you yeah I think I got a color out later. There and. Ending ending ending ending don't. You guys disciplined me but I hit it. Is gone there and if it this is ray. I Greg. Butcher the new unity so. I was with my wife and her grandmother. And her grandmother like ninety some years old and we are shared a hotel and apply them where it. Think outside the bathroom you can't. She thought I was asleep British should come out they didn't end up. I can like night and some years olds. You are hanging down fire ways. Good to pick a topic you talked about. Laura and I got a bit. Our bought her mother looks just saying you'd like Beverly some. And I thought I ad seller every time we sure hope they'll let it is a come out nick. The. I. Greater day. It's off there with Matt from. I don't know I am gonna get you guys very productive. Games you guys just slack it. Thanks to solve in my particular how I was. Barry vibrant in the meeting yesterday vibrant yeah oh that's urged like I was moved viable your coach was very sight issue. Hybrid that's on our FaceBook page a panel out of it during the meeting yesterday so does that make you more productive and it doesn't say sit up straight here but keep to do list. Because they say used to spend hours trying to recall what are days you had to do. It's give up that little odd that it is and a modem in that market value does go around asking people what do you have that's true that is true and you know what I'm looking up to value in meeting times. 9 AM. And daddy. You know I don't embrace that and my daughter could. You know. And that clearly aren't fun to play in the major events and I thought that might be part of com. But he has to do list get enough sleep. Held yet. But I would think that you'd get Leslie get more done. Continue to die to get things back. Delegate. Big fans from. Not good and a big fan I yeah you're not fit that in fact we finish this list. Are awfully good. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.