Everyone Needs A Work Wife

Thursday, February 15th

Though she's been Matt's "work wife" for years, Ramona wants to find a work wife for herself!


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Today to what that meant remote showcased via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Jordan was going on there with that Ramona how it works why it makes you better pay your job completely new study and go. And man is taking this opportunity. Did come out and they weren't happy days the. That would mean again we have yet to having eight were quite. The work quite the same thing is where 'cause. I mean very it would be just isn't hurt I'm do you call Amy your husband. A huge day. At that it definitely alive and yet. I mean not indicative of that that they hobby is keeping us intact you know. Gender fluid married did you look at it as. Not need that was written from the perspective I'm sure of of of the guy being. I mean a woman being electric bike to god and abet. For the case of all the goodness it comes from that. Like I give use sweet goodness in your plus so. A little. I mean I think a couple of this week new. What is going on cause I don't think being in. And I went home and let. My company and you got it. Approved I have been in docks begin as. Analyze anyone like you to ship more Beers we did this and you keep your league and who's going on the account to be more cousins and. I mean isn't apt to be out of this isn't your work husband and I don't like have a work if it liking Doug Stewart apple. They both OK. And I can be. A non sexual things Elijah and I be alive. Today if it's. Think there are some who are successful women. Who are professional lesbians. And I will maintain that two of my I cannot realize. Dolly Parton. Boom has been married to. For a very long time but people have accused her of being a lesbian with her best friend and assistant Judy. It'll say the same old golf for a as your friend Gail read her magazine for people cannot believe that Gail is just afraid so Oprah has been accused of being. And as the not cheat and used women in the role of the work wife almost has been. Now she et professionally. She has had a work wife that's wired. The easier for me to be the word I've known yankees being let out the bad thing yeah negative. I didn't want platinum I don't know. Does that mean somebody's either upsets somebody did you have to pick some up one of the women in this building and Daniel I can't argue work lesbian yeah. Like I can't believe the monsoons. And Courtney to be her where. Y I this is where I wanted to hear what you really believe there's good thrower aren't easily steal is a better. Dude and you practiced polygamy. And work like they did or didn't. There's no arguing yet you don't wanna like do you you're a top position you cannot have. Work life. This is too many. Not too many women sales wanna be your wife had too many but most people wanna be here why basically he's going to be jealous that someone other than you lose a video work life or I'm you comment. Just. Everybody. Everybody in this room and idol ya know. Means that you could give me sweet goodness not gonna get those elsewhere W shot you can. Elsewhere in the same you're gonna set some people the benefit if you don't have to carry the load on your own behalf dividends that is what is that a positive or the what does the things that. They degrade. General health and wellbeing Gypsy productivity. And in. Are overall more positive and it's that this does not hold agenda. Seven times more likely to engage properly with tasks and projects that's me who are fulfilling your full potential. If you have a work why aren't doing that a positive thinking part. Which stumbled on marital dysfunction later Japan should silverlight to. Buy it I can fill the needs. And the Arab you know and having me good didn't mean. But getting out of the you have to have a wife Thursday. Minus the 2000 sly label it much there all right okay interior signs that you found your work wife. You remember exactly when you transition from friendly co workers to work BF that's. And. N news and remember that it was not an ally to America around eating lunch together is usually your favorite part of the day now because we only launch I mean like we only once during art. He didn't do that based and we we do a snack together. We have snagged documents that you don't work events you stick to each other like glue it. On now and we do. As were scared to. Nothing apple. Act. We don't talk you can exchange special subtle looks at no one else picks up the idea that's. Raw IRL. Will give you look into it and film about to get doubles look. Okay I'm not in the looks so. My looks aren't subtle yes that's problematic. Now allied I've retained a lot of things and he still has Newark has been in Dakar on again. I can't let them. There are your work husbands or their you work wives. A little bit about that to a near the time. And I I. And I resign now you can hit a moment of lords and there's an accident and road port. I'm being there were packed it. Yeah. Man what an idiot I brought you need to begin with big. I'll have taken when I do get these. Things. Does this mean yeah. You don't want to just be good news flowed around mountains are now on an act we don't want it to leave the studio and heaven forbid these one. Things to speak the language of a lump. And it's a whole different ballgame to them broadcasting to the world's Shimon. Best mixes can. And the opportunity to make an everlasting impression you were sweetie by using our airwaves. It's your shot to propose to your honey on the air during and that Ramon shell just go to 1079 the link dot com. They tell us about your love story and why do. A perfect person to propose over the Radio One winner will receive the certificate for a diamond ring from diamonds direct limo ride to the radio station and I love struck at least register today to broadcast your language of love for everyone to hear from the station that loves to dress up like you did once a year. 1079. The link. This jag offs taken advantage of the system. Morbidly obese city cop New York City a big pension when he retired not disabilities 43. Academic people get pensions were more certain type person or something. He's suing NYPD claiming had a job left him. Court Gillick. That X and YPD officer was Aqua back yeah I listening to. Five foot ten. Over 360 pounds that's gone 400 is 10395. And he says that Mac as I can be as small as you race and we stuck in a tiny person you eat more than me. It's just the stress it's put non that the weight it's not not what I eat it just stressed towns not eating right on our. He not own insurance when he is UH because I was ready and beaten a good idea well that's only ouster as a way where this money says he eats he's diabetic. And eat anything sweet he's agreed tee at 7 in the morning with honey. And not have a fruit. And you know I have four ounces of lean meat with carrots or broccoli or cauliflower. At 4 o'clock ate the same thing for a ball sleep or eat an apple. I cobble a contract I. There aren't wildly like yeah he has some Tai Bo says he doesn't mad about metabolic issues that are causing him to game wade it's water waited some. Now it a no no hypertension but that says no it's. And out right so he wants is extra. Money. 199097. He joined the police force and a 180 pack. How many years later is that it's and theological ground when he years later does not dinner and they stuck to his lawyer who took this job. I had the job the cop isn't conducive to healthy eating. It's so much he's just pulled McDonald's will something down when your busy. An ally and a jobs said a nurse a cashier's. Teacher. We're out there and destruction alert here at any given job that anything that the Village People aware that there isn't. A sailor or whatever. On the yes everybody's brigades it's easier. On fed Aybar is in you is in sales on the road anybody any buy list you work and health food store. They and you might not have an argument didn't eat overeat when you temple. McDonald's and order a salad or something but anyway regardless distilled and a dumb. He he says he did have a physical altercation with a landlord back in 2011 which threw a wrench his career bet. That that's not an amateur cup. We brings that obviously is better. As the stress and as weights authority called it quits and when he fourteen. Yet we don't it ran for two cops are at least that you reach base. As we wanna disability but 4000 dollars a month. What he got. The next year he wondered more errors so he went 6200. Dollars a month. Because the police says it was a did debilitating condition caused by police work I think you want to answer money to buy more food yummy smoked yeah. And explain this scientifically in the hot selling around saying food the medical involved board set up cable give you were we do them about a job as a cob list as 10%. Well give via. As as stressed even man. And then and then it says it all about this guy I as a people guy and visibility packages spread damaged pinky finger. And here I am of the main organ in my body. Doctor about his heart with outlook zoo or his heart that he he's got like hypertensive of course our parents. And it and I'm being denied. And it's all from stress I'm not a diabetic and he is on its list of things it's. I'm on day. The area here out your lungs is purely are we really are out of your mind. As Packers are a one more weird kind of story that like I call the spurs creepy while it's Craigslist. So bad he already labels home. Warned seven to stall low wrote a missed connections post used to read an occasion yeah you'll still do him. Seeking to locate a mystery man in yellow shoes. That's just the first problem and reduce our personal problem body allowed it wasn't that serious yards and she took a shine to but he failed to but failed approach about a New York's subway train. When that didn't yell as whereabouts in the Craigslist and 45 year old son a plaster the add a twenty foot billboard. Which will be waiting underneath today in hopes that the stranger shows up wow I live by the phrase it's meant to be. Or I'm thirsty person that you put those intentions around the world whatever is meant to be or doubt. Hopefully doesn't have a girlfriend sees as its. Lead six Craig's list. On the portable and got on the news because the bill were brought to you right now are you know mid meet up with a girl nude. Went to the point of putting it below or she would that would Beatrice I wouldn't but I I would out of the you will know note that is a sure fire sign of some crazy. Yeah I needed it easy for loan. Practices. And movies this works out perfect nicely and it's raining. Which is under the bill Bullard and he comes up and shoes on. He inserts raining and she starts to leak. And they actually get yes yes yes they say that your right he soaking wet and down all the reporters they don't do movies like Denning lowered the snort listening to all there was. Yeah David Valentine's Day. The studio we yeah. This got us. Whether the Mona says happy Valentine's Day and our viewers talkative. The three guys in the air and after me or you were just saying it too. Like the listeners happy Valentine's Day I was saying it to every one we can say it to US when you first candidate. Now that I think back. So maybe was really and walked in the room he didn't say it out that's right I just don't allow it dawned on me I was preoccupied because I've found out that we have no coffee. I'd I was tennis tennis now and and you know copied and you you came in avenue and difficulty. A true as as a Valentine now in our arsenal and we don't want the ugly and I just just don't want to be my point I think you were saying it to listeners. Everyone because I don't think. That guy say happy Valentine's the guys know. They don't it is not something you never know you text your brother added on that. And in doing my dad had gathered to wish him happy any hotly and a birthday. That's it Christmas Easter season BSE among Christmas and all other holidays I don't necessarily always seem on his birthday. I wouldn't be Easter. I'm I've in my day Christmas new year. Irked when else you do Groundhog Day when else's at a Labor Day what else. Birthday is what you Ali and yet it's only get yeah. I and you might occur I don't see my Christmas they might get a Christmas. Yeah if I hadn't been happy Valentine's. They too if you do you use. Never would've said it to me. Now Robin and I can't undo it dawned on me it is really. And I got a better shot than to yeah we talked about it the but. One of the dudes from the sports station came minutes and act now that Tuesday to adopt an act. And. Do you senator as a joke you tell is an obvious market. In reserve was giggling and some things and giggling at the car has. And I think that there. You're smiling and laughing as he sent it Ramirez mocking it wasn't like. He would now he's I'm. I cannot like the guy's a mold not held that lead. It wasn't. You cannot be genial when I did 11 you you would prefer yeah he's they had a crabby Valentine's Day out. Don't even ignite it it's nice to have an amber yeah I don't know it's an issue I have I don't know but I it's not. Does nothing to do is. You know not guy's been a lot of guys. It's just that yeah this is an awkward I don't take a Merry Christmas or happy birthday happy new year but Valentine's Day it doesn't mean much to me Rihanna out and act. But not not only doesn't lie and I didn't really feel about love no I don't hundreds of I day for lob and I think it's odd just to say it to people. Who yeah archer. Like you're not hooking up delegate told my wife this morning I told my dentist has been painted so I. I did this I've everyone I'm seeing today and then added now you're a woman I I I wish happy Valentine's Day to our national sales assistant. Coming contact person unsteady bounds. I you're a woman. And you have no man so you gotta. How significant a fine line at we don't always FaceBook page and a contact that I grew that test games. It's not that we even have a manage time he wants and that's why Valentine's hello out of it and Minnesota my doll but you're also dog. It's a it's also a big holidays are big thing for you I love holidays so UB you know you are wearing red. Of course then. Mean that's it's the same reason why doc is wearing pink. Does are cheesy decoration come off the wall yes thank god it was the grocery that are at at and I don't know whether to go with. Me nothing. There's a land Patrick day sports just go straight to spring slash eastern at the ego I was blade through the early for Easter put a lot of eight. You begged for. Think that he's put a lot of sends up there and and have like a circle with a line yeah. And it ruling might get up and no smoking signs there. No chocolate no sacks build activity no you know playing at its stupid Allah. I'm right I'm gonna complain about the fact that I'm. They didn't from Ohio rules that aren't overly literal here. And reels and reels and recovered at their courage that pathetic and I recruited guy we worked with. Do but to also join me he's going to not. Give negative comments to people it's. He knows he can't do Uganda either it's going to try to see personal that's bad for your help. To hold things in like that. Not been. They did hold it inside and don't moan don't cry you know. Having resentments. And just being made its own. Crew. I don't keep billions. Aid. I think Melissa Manchester saying that all yeah. Anyway don't cry how Lal a drug don't cry in and fat and tigers. Nevermind I. It anyway complaining is good. Now does not and also bonds people I've read that before many times well I want Obama more positive people so not complaining. Gridlock or can hear the yeah. An early many hundred regular and that they took the ball I learned so it's more glass and more fun it's fair with a match. Okay. Yeah box of corn. Anybody have a synthesizer out there maybe it's the little things that meant that banks 205. Dick Cass you know I understand. Feel parade around a little bit you may be on your recorder. If you're eighteen years old. Got about 3300 weekends left in your lifetime and you also have only about 57 Summers left. I'd jotted suppressing its ad that is had 57 Summers I'm glad eighteen. Now so whatever raided eighteen is here Thirtysomething and your data like ME ST like five. Do so more fun this summer. And now. Is it just makes you not want her real low man you know low. Yeah on the other act at ninety degrees below zero. Your breath will literally freeze mid air and fall to the ground ball. I felt like mine wasn't as Minnesota minus fifty if you it's really cold when people throw a lot of water recovery I imagine your breath there. On. It's big and it's Smart things nearly grass Tyson. He's the physicist I guess is that as an error has roster of businesses and a he consider becoming a male stripper. When he was low on cash in college. Are you beating ness and for me on the Internet. Is also wrestler enough ice collect that somewhere some okay yeah he get wrestler and you're telling this I reserve physical at the Wednesday and a gang. He has great mustache shows you the physics of done in the seventies he logged in straight early. Then she's hot and it was a physics of dangling so. The color you see in perpich darkness is not black it's dark gray and it's called I didn't go out. As his leg douse the next time I won't answer to go out with they'll think I'm crazy you know they won't. I'll hostages do not stick their heads in the sand when threatened. In fact they don't bury their ads at all when threaten hostages sometimes just flop on the ground and play dead where aggregate. Austin's shouldn't say and think now I'm I would not be better. That you played out like at Oz directors I mean like the one who plays dead when the one that gets all that the pop possible blossomed yet. Is it really nothing they did not look plain dead pop not playing dead it's actually continue to be a seat seat in my load and they'll add an amenity. Maybe it is the at least. Awesome a plus and with a really good when they bring their guts out and mount on the side it's been acting you can hear the Deborah free hot and cold water while it's pouring. Even when a snake has its eyes closed it can still see through its eye lids. Do you like that. Josie through your idols of. It wouldn't. I would like that don't like to have a hard to sleep energy because people think your eyes are closed. They might do in stout but you can really see implemented suddenly horrifying happened you wanna close your eyes and not see it but you can't. Put your hands over your eyes that all the things members of the double the power Regina. You're tied up B can't put your hand though we the out of season my plan. It's. Yeah. I don't know why. Well why is are things happening in Verniero lively your idol autonomy of the gravity but your party your eyes the need to sue out surprised a president's Beatles and again I don't hold your hand now what is happening. In your life. All by the way crocodile can't stick it stung. So the patriots. Can put him wanted to tease another crocodile eggs are you Popeye sickened is named after Gene Hackman is character Jimmy pop by Garland French connection not. Pop Irish and our man. At bat that did surprise. Surprise. Did surprise me I know what they're gonna pop five necessarily but I thought it was like some. But he's nickname is yet I don't think it was actual movie character and it's weird. Several landlocked countries have navies of all those countries Bolivia's navy's largest 6000 men and seven the ship's. They keep them on now that's pretty amazed will Bolivia landlocked can be likes. You are about zero point two inches taller and a morning that night. As the disk and you're spying have been relaxing on nine men they squashed down a little mistake on the net to him. You love your canned pumpkin for your dog honoring yet. 80% comes from 1 town Morton central Illinois how about that. Blind people up four times more nightmares and people a site. Maybe it's because they imagine what some model look like. And he's a really hideous things. Actually. My game that's what their wife or husband a look likely is an idiot and a dream it's like some ideas because they don't want a point of reference. But the F so scared. That is the person looks like they're like yeah. That's the theory I don't know I am not son alone that are here and everything like biggest experiment. And exiting things and everything is scary and because they've never seen before. We can like I think a person you can imagine a person but their lines like swallow prior numbers six and good. If you're blind and listening to this podcast we apologize for. There's nothing ourselves flurry of clear as they exist and us. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.