Is Financial Cheating Worse Than Emotional Cheating?

Wednesday, March 21st

Emotional cheating is bad, but we talk about the devastating impact financial cheating can have on a marriage.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening don't talk there was a net remote this the first throughout. Justin is it actually financials genes can be it's way worse and emotional cheating and always but it can be. And there's some reasons why these. The author says this. Just like cheating it's a lie that involves resource is not being dedicated the person who's pulling with you. If financially with some of your line them about your priorities. And emotional fares are partners like about prioritizing new on an emotional level. Financial and modality partners lying about prioritizing your well being inability put food on table. So just the same as emotional cheating and that sets you're not a priority. Either way the emotions are a priority. But on top of the emotions that be a priority your wellbeing is that a priority when it comes finances yeah what's on top of the you're not being it is it's it's all I all all the things had just used that is on here. So you're you're you're right. You all night my eyes to see it in a different way and I will tell you review where USA that. The financial seeding also you can't help feeling like you are played for full. If you'll gullible idiot answers in armed. And onto box that's a tough act act but that I did open your eyes of the article about what the stealing one. Strait of stealing a steal from the other person straight up stealing your. Taking money that you haven't discussed. You are. You know in my case. No I will say may ex husband did move with me to both Virginia Beach and Charlotte for my career. Right however. There was always an expectation. That he would work to at least. Cover his room and board right or no really just you know he loves cars though Joseph okay pay for your own car. Yes. Every year under their that you do an interview just got it when you take tens of thousands of dollars you somewhat yet when you all. You know go to the bank and there are thousands of dollars not mayor right you know we stealing you both work. RT still stealing from the poor. So why doesn't that matter whether they're working and I'm working Amy. You know as matters to an American ever allow whatever that's our school. One of us on. If you if you could all around you finally got a brand new TV that you guys had discussed during new car yet lets you mean yeah. It's a big ticket items that bright guy very and that's what this person says it's it's stealing it's also it's not even lying like an emotional fares even more. It's forcing some to pick up a tab debated and agreed to. It is not holding up their end of the deal. You know as a suddenly you'll find out here on the hook for somebody else's bills. Lose it and when he had divorced people find out about them or where you get yet you know that back in Russia. Marshall genius painful. But it doesn't impact your jobs you know and your future. The way financial team yet. I see here earlier on this on board that I let me item I'm an emotional person and that hurts but. You know to hurt my livelihood make me feel like we'll watch out. I'm I'm just soccer soccer work it out put money in the pot for not while financial and LED human dehumanize is UTU. Means a partner sees you as a walking ATM. Or Leach. If they cited a person that would do that yet most of team different. The financial seeing literally says they don't care whether you starter. All hooked up. Really it aprilia. When my asthma do what up some resentment that I didn't laugh I mean that is it's a prayer and after his may be some. Hyperbole there drills them but I am and I guess. And away the most of cheating they're not. Taking money off the get booed off the table. Necessarily in. And I'd like emotional infidelity to unified summit to be angry at. Aside from your partner right blame somebody else right specialty event but it's all that person yep. Stealing him as he walked to the garage and see that. Car yeah it was good I don't respect you. That's the U the full and it's the ultimate form of selfishness. When you build a lover out of mining. Showing you we care about yourself let's dissect gusting and Celtics and you might be associate that while. You know we're cheating you're probably care at least a little bit about your partner damaged financially by I don't give a crap anything about. Men that's that there's an app. Yes having your money stolen. Bad news stealing from somebody loves. Bad news may have bad news or 79 the links podcast yeah. Just the from Fort Mill South Carolina this 11000 dollars for one knows the mind the look. You got its yeah. Now it's your turn to name. Every weekday from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM to grab your share of twelve K a day from black best birthday chip and Charlotte's best. 1079. Driving it superstitions. You know it was a kit but it really founders superstition I just had a thought that is is on. What do these things you still do some days he told me I'm amazed at that. Amelio had me you would still and I don't know a single adult. And I know lobbed it have been Iraq I mean they might do it alone or something that I had no answer never amount hollow then I didn't think this is Matt there. I didn't think it was possible. I never heard of intentionally scratching your new car for 10 I haven't heard and that's absolutely horrible and incremental zero for 4% of women in three point few friends your old car. RO used threats somebody else's. Know your own pets now 3% amid still do it. That's that's weird. Throwing change under a new car's seat never heard it actually we'd throw the change under the mask. Come what you do in Iraq there is still to this day to this day every car river around what am I just gonna luck and good luck yet. I never heard only 6% of people and I being killed in a car accident. Has everybody but 6% of the population television channel. I never just tapping the sun visor passed a yellow light on her now without supposed to do that just at all. Superstitious good luck stop against the game so about 70% 17% amended 14% of women do that one fraying passed a yellow light. That's the audio balloting makes cents as we like thank god thank god as you just due to credit so close yet but I I laughed. Eighteen about 90% armament. Center men that we get a lucky charm the rabbits but elected glowing things like that. That's. Want me 3% and 29% of men. Okay now again the ridiculous we did these is a child and a Tivoli adults do it holding breath past the cemetery. Of course you do why do you think how do you think that's gonna do anything I'm not because we live by a cemetery and really in order to leave our house we have to drive by she got it. She can't do it like she used it we don't caller we see for nothing cheese heads series breathing issues were very dry so. She holds up two fingers and tells on the rest in peace every time go by I meanwhile I'm pretty much hold our breath. Two fingers and again like a piece that you sound like recipes. Rest and he like says it out loud or to wait until they've out loud or sizzled operative fingers and if I'm talking. She won't I know she's not really listening she's resting in peace and I on the other hand still hold my breath until you pass out wreck but. An and it's a very small cemetery. Yeah right the problem is when you're like on Sharon Tammy and noticed Charlotte the law and Colley you're trying to hold your breath and then you get stopped. I'll light your leg and it may again. I had ever knew and anybody has an adult we did it. So that was the audited fourth most popular hybrids don't like report percent. Rosary I got into more pop. Surprise is popular. Think about it right of the tip thing we never I never really thought it was good luck I just got a beef undated. The regular Brett alternate like anywhere and get it. Yeah who win but do not take an act and a lot to do you know that I could I know every I was in guild in front of the cemetery drive by the so word either the 75% who didn't have a religious emblem a rosary or some other symbol. He still advisors an advisor Angel and percent. In Atlanta we Christians to upstream Bynum and Amazon anywhere you want I have to pick one up on the way to a program. I've had a car loan lease for the past. Think twenty years I've had a car Angel. Well I don't need my examining. Remark. The that was third second raising feat over railroad or bridge you're paying. And I will do that only with kids in the car. Birth but not for right for five I don't even think got to Seattle the ever told my. It's about these doubles boring while no your driving an S doing good to arrive company over average. Again and a. A half ago or bridge every single day and they've already your age act that when you're driving now give. Are you rate one of them. No I never did the race differently Gary passengers you'll never raised it over bridge just it is a miracle water you supposed to hold to breast. And I don't know that. Much going on in the bridge I'm on again I can't do it. Make sure that everybody's in their lane in a library of its too much. The being number one thing. That both men and women. Have as their top superstition while driving is holding breath through it title 30% of women 35% of men. I used to doing. I used to do that I don't first of all really gold go through any tunnels here but we lived in Virginia Beach. I was always hold my breath of those tunnels we go through title one tunnel to back I don't yeah I tunnels are too long what does that I don't believe and I've taught my kids any of that stuff. True I didn't know what. It's not just yeah but I got to not let Bubba got videos now we know the year olds are brass thing you know have the blade license late game aren't we do. Occasion we have this you know take a trip we have this Alley got. I don't like the dollar store something on to keep games ailing car bingo hours then you know India finally win it this ticket and I have. Are there with the added Ramona hey boys again. There maybe I'll miss Matt Zahn Max Boone. One while mayor Fogg jazz version. And. A lot of the 1000 dollars was raised a question and asked if any greed you know. Doesn't that every hour resorting at 6:30 in morning. The 530 yep it would give your word detect magnetic grant. A through this whole thing at your surprise. I'm get a chance to know you won at the Alfred B open wide yeah because Robbie stroke probably and shot. On any mind blowing facts and write your nature enough that England. And that's elegant English accent. They don't cardinal law insulated caller this sausage lady yeah. Must and India access via my not blown so many Janet wider than it is this sausage is not the name that is. Like it's not a term PP it is the well. Maybe in the maybe in England I don't think sausage. That adds. If they don't there are. A lot of people here who don't think of sausage in that way the Alamo. IE if you generally have no everybody does. Com. Let's see here I I'm gonna say a that. Many women over sixty. Don't think guns. A sausage party at started paying over sixty. I didn't give us seven. I mean if someone you don't bars are getting about sausage jokes many years off. The whole. Maybe it was time maybe maybe I'll I'll sit over seventy can't get your percent because. Would. Sadly I rented the movie sausage party. Pretty funny one board night. And mom wanted to the Jews like I just don't get as as like you see he's a sought. In June but. That's my Internet and to some of the subtle jokes but it's all about the big picture the most about god and spears. But I think. Okay that is how they get by the stuck with you know what if but I just didn't think could you saw what he loses is greater than eight. It took us started did you see his spiritual imagery yes. Yes now if you send your mom have some guys at him on your mind to give him a big sausage you would understand that. Not even and you think he's gonna cook something yeah. I would it would amassed my mom and my dad gave her big south and see wouldn't know what a target now I'm at and then it was coming from your dad because when we're talking about given the lady is saw sage and you immediately go to your mommy. Very wrong not what it seems however that would that is out of my mom really gonna tax us jokes doesn't like your mom samarra. Odd or interesting facts. Pretty woman the job of course went you Julia Roberts yeah but they wanted to Molly ring mauled. She could have pulled that off I love you Somalia ring mall hop Forrest Gump. John Travolta passed on Forrest Gump. Good move. Sports and didn't have any dancing in and he does his best work it tears at some point. A dance break in light of all he was kind of on that you know a slope there he took pulp fiction. And battery and that turned out great for him and even competed against tanks for best actor Oscar next month Johnny Depp. Especially me. You'll her after his dealer day off not. Matthew Broderick off now and that's weird out in Johnny Depp just thinks we go rolls it's now thanks. Depth and and interviews and less time Johnny Depp played a regular human being I doubt maybe he was by a young when he went demonstrators age. He's a guy doesn't play I'm over him as a matter death and maybe zoos you know he's like you know what I've always wanted to be a whimsical actor just. I don't think I am mr. Wednesday when I guess you Lindsay but I'm a bottom over. What Andrea does himself or like himself that something that's not a huge character type thing. That the movie doesn't succeed I don't think I remember is sick and he's another guy on the going to be friends with you denies Johnny jet he gets too into his roles like as other data like video. Day-Lewis. Did that would end Johnny Depp busy and pirates of the Caribbean you think dead leg for the entire dot net filming he's empire. Arizona DJ stays in the role like I that you be too serious men I think experience diving like an acting serious Danica we did Daniel Day-Lewis is I think somebody else's Wii tennis that I can hang out at you and ask. We don't actually what I'm sorry Daniel Day-Lewis and Betty that I'm an heiress is busy. Or whenever you call and Star Wars instead of paerson forward it was supposed to be out the Tina. I'll know that would've never worked. You know we're just been a whole different thing. And stuff like that. Bubba the love degrees few more here to make you happy. Torre oh for a brief time Melbourne Australia. Had the best thing and a planet it was called Mac mania. Why would you change back mania you know why probably because they have a lot of bats certainly wanna highlight at the gas. I'll let the Lego Lego company the largest tire manufacturer in the world. You know agitated. And this is all in this beauty. A load. There's an actual real measurement of weight I don't wanna know what it's measuring behalf of I don't want it now you don't go bus load you know now. That's not going to be a boatload Togo bus load or be the nicest thing I'm like a computer yeah I don't I don't usually give you the whole thing. But. On this one I'll give you some more information. But load originally was measured capacity of a heavy cart which ought to butt. 48 bushels 384 gallons. 384 gallons of two that is a ball that is a buck load much. It's reality radio what your schedule all off there would now. Goal and doesn't seem like it's good to talk to her about her most recent sightings. He's 46 by the way mother to see sued the California department of fish and wildlife. And she wants them to recognize SaaS quiets the enormous carry human creatures are creatures. As an actual species. And the spokesperson for the there's a violent people can't comment. Litigation and congregation. She looked at as comes across great she's genuinely grappling with something huge and unsettling. No money is what any monetary damages to take that off the list of YC's. Doing as all she wants to let people know that there's a sigh squads are big but what are you wanna call it. And it is not friendly. Have they will all of it didn't. She's side and it didn't attack her we see dogs and god don't attack or a heat air very. I'm assuming that most dogs are friendly while bear out of bear. And if your TV TV don't she's an acclaimed as if you don't the label it and they'd exist. People will not know to avoid those this thing to the hairy man. But I'm reading into it that's the thing about who's out there daughters. 1411. There a trail that with a dog what do daughters also Demeter reasoner tracks. Mom ran toward a two assault what you saw was an alpha male sex lives. Restive man's. We. It could end in all of they TV and movie images beef jerky. Yeah. SaaS cloud just so hairy that you can't tell whether he's a man or a woman study you probably. Givens studied OK so she knows enough yeah you know I accent now that's the dude SaaS black senator she says she. Have her daughter's got a hell out of there whatever daughters actually had a video on the time. They'll last a few seconds and it's unclear whether it's a shadow or bear or not seeing or whatever. She called department official wildlife they send an investigator. She's look at this videos were bound number of applies we vehemently so anything. And dies is at at best it's been a recent. And she says they're quote has my daughters have seen bears they are not scared of bears. Well maybe you should be more stupid bears are fast because. Their. Are the mortgage inches to encounter a bear in the wood or is now being notre. I. There are a lot of stories. Historically about bear attacks yes. Even in attacks there maybe be dead people that are attacked by south how many ironies glad to do that we don't know good people thought it was a bad hair. It's. Give me a little background it's our first sightings DC news a multiple times over the years different place then assess this feels safe around her she where a big foot track reins as vacation rather than husband. She thought what she thought was a small. Five foot tall big foot in the trees and locked eyes with it there's been a plaster mold of an alleged footprints and and that's when she said life's too short and life institution or at it and so. She lost a 125 pounds wow and dumped her husband. I got out like that big foot diet plan and motivated he takes my dreams. It doesn't matter her when she flared out sciences scored say they there's no evidence. Where'd it consider that every single person has a video camera now walks around. There's been no no who official documentation. But. Got the video and she says she is new DNA analysis and testimony whenever I'm Robert gamble and resume a man who took the infamous 1967 foot. No lawyers taking the case so far. And she buys questions reporters and others draining. But she says they're supposed to protect the public cannot do. Other jobs but this will I if they weren't yet. Lesser hard to tears as she could save some lives here in the Carolinas because Zach. McDowell county has been known for lots of big foot citing that the guy was like gee you know I think that was. That was just by acting out there was an old news story. This aren't solid dead at TV station that stays on top of bigfoot sightings actually that you see the NBC Charlotte there's a video. Jane have the interviews that eve talked to law enforcement they stay on top of the inside politics go Google it you need to integrate. Video I'll be back yeah kind of says yeah if you don't do you can't be different point out that a lot people thank based artist friendly shy vegetarian. Quiet. Actual killer. At about 800 pound. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.