First Date Mistakes To Avoid

Friday, August 10th

Will Ramona ever have a successful first date again? We've got tips on how not to be so awkward at the first meeting...we also talk about the memories you should be making in your 20's.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would then Ramona. Then pulled bombings going. It doesn't dad fighting back doctor doctor temple Popper round he's started last week. Fan. Now I mean I've seen a lot of that he is on on line. I relax friends before it was cool death. And you know these insane and early ninety's I've been talking about. A lot of popping pimples you have now or never for getting married kind of going usage we're going to invent a giant head of dimples as it's come true they haven't now. They have it in ninety now well what I like about the full body management. Do it all kinds of things you can all come as a little exit out of its body could push it right literally coming out. Part of that you'll repeal these sunburns scan other places will be cyst. At fifty pound tumors like all kinds of things to a whole are and earnings well in her for me at the for a plethora. Popping out of bodies a marking out and in my basement. As we speak. So. Some people fighting grows. Some people find it satisfying an intriguing. I think. He's leaning toward the intriguing and interesting and I've got to see it. Ramona is leaning toward the nightly you're just pull on grossed out asked you not here I'll watch you when I turn when I send you sound your turn a computer unit. Watch now doc watches. Which wonder are not sure where he stands. Is there wonder smaller does 'cause he says you tell and too timid because the talent. A lot to get doctor respond to anything he does he have a whole Generation X. on them every day he's. Ottawa the everyday issue comes up you sell himself any of those alone. The guy that. That's reacts in. He really didn't know and it somehow as a reminder I'll delusional. And. Attacks. I feel like an interventionist. Is to read a book about discussing a timid to get a bit. There's a thing called discussed sensitivity. And measures how sensitive you are to discussed. And he's leaking grossed out how intensely you feel the emotion when it comes to bothers you militia gross things. But there is not just. Black the way it is gray area. Some people I might have a high discussed sensitivity. To foods. But then Iran I'm proud dog put a gun bother you just that he never government got their button issue rag I'm pretty sure that. Cooper is a place Vermont and doesn't want to hang. Well into dog -- I like honorees group has about it doesn't. I don't think it but I'm grossed out now. Is it on diet is very controlled very cute wheeze kids it's a size is bothering you out attack. When we're excited to get that team. Are letting him think he spooked and one animal it today anyway I don't think we have to get that deep in do doing. I'm at your finals case that bomb one thing that influences our squeamishness is exposure. Are you rarely see something. Like that say eating horse meat. I'd be gross to use some places where the horse meat is not gross to them right edges used to it. As Fam environment social circles like Canada's side. If your fine with temple popping videos might because you've already become desensitized. Because you're against her own skin every day. They. I I had to fight it off and as a kid so he did start up but I had some. And I did pop and all the wrong times the wrong time like right before you're about to go out to they do you dig one out and I had a big. It made it worse look at him when you're going out my bend that anybody event at Dayton who. Need newer popping your pimples before Dayton we're just a bit more data are just going out like going out of town. Haven't dated high school this is Alice Palmer and hanging her like he. Another. I have a US and yeah. You know and or your regular milk party. Go to the bathroom you're catching viewer and Amir and the got to squeeze it now it's way worse or your bleeding. Then tough life man had so anyway. Watching us come out of someone else's skin is inherently gross I don't watch it from matting around everywhere that absolutely. And because coming out of somebody else some thinking. Could be contagious. Now aren't I. These satisfaction. Level is higher on your round can you actual field low but the grosses level might beat us this. Again let me tell me things. I'm equally gross but I don't have that giant thing the oddities here latching on. In like Robert video serious yes to an open in recent of fingers and there are some. If you enjoy or you're not grossed out by the Campbell popping and things like that. You are less erotic. Yep that's very those yeah you attend and eroticism the tendency toward negative emotions is going to anxiety moody Nez. Multiple studies have found a connection. Between higher levels of the trade and high discussed sensitivity so. I don't know what that means. Now there's still a tough and I think it up a little. And that would like if you are there's suppose we're the opposite Liesman if you are exit if you're an erotic and having anxiety in moon Venus. You are not grossed out aerial. And al-Qaeda over the opposite we've proven otherwise we're not we're not ID and erratic as we dollar. Some people like apparel that my line and half years and not and I will have a desk we get pleasure out of feeling bad. You might be honest I'm small jolts of emotions and sensations who when liken large doses. Like roller coaster we went and or the burn a spicy food it's hurts so good pain. Are your sore muscles I like when I have a cramp forests or muscle I love it when like Amy push on it or what happens when you I'm not your back Ouattara pushed my thumb on dry heat. Well I love the planes or is there now but I lot of lumping pain hurts a good man. Doesn't paint hazards like you like maybe like you have it's a two thirds Pritchard tongue out and all the sirens bruise you push all Bruce you push on although Amy has like XIC bruise on her I reach over and push and no doubt that rule yet she says it's not it. Isn't so at another reason you might like the pimple popping videos is you just like us as the stimulation of at all. Enjoyment nobly emotional rounds arouses some people say they just do it justice they actually feel something that you. And I I look at it you are used to. That I write so. I don't know I might open a putt pimple popping stand itself I think historians. And he just get them yeah yeah yeah I got a taste of Charlotte rather. And they do recommend probably demery talent is stuffed and then not so loops. Like you you can digit to right right there and LaMont as they might have some cinema sized lice did you pebble Bob I'm Latin. What's it sound like to win your share of this summer cash store that I live in god cookie guy he's here I usually. Good Carolina and I usually you know unwilling to. These military. Tune in every week day from 7 AM to 7 PM to grab your share. Listen for the keyword then takes it immediately hit 72881. Standard message and data resupply. This summer cash store is she there oh I hope your share is waiting. Can storm from Charlotte's best mix when they're 790 no no no link. There are some first date mistakes to avoid money you have many affairs date. Probably made me a mistake yeah I mean not lately guys are an area all I think he did at first neighbors in. Yeah I did on things you Google probably never be another day so hard look at an outrage. Addled talk about it but to add that I will tell you off the aaron's bandy now I am like. Q dated diaper and an article linked she did and you know you commiserate. If I commiserate misty did tell on the right sort of tree told him it's only one angle OK we don't want this mislead everybody but I don't say the true story. Papers state mistake which you agree this run going for a fancy dinners a bad choice in a fancy on per state yeah we got a big time. Oh yeah dollar steak house kind of place. Yeah yeah that's a bad to a median price wrist nice present immediate if you're trying to take me to like the super high me and Fahrenheit capital grille kindness. Maybe just our problem you run to go somewhere and feel comfortable right and you wanna go somewhere super fancy where you feel like. Yeah address early ninety's and then in the what are they are one of those people what I antsy or generals or experts are. There are people organized and they go to those places but they say it is too and they. And places where you have to Wear pants and they say to arrive pressure to formal yen. I think it's unnecessary about the form formality. It's about the pressure. Yeah it that's I don't wanna feel pressures. A don't want to feel like you'd just been you know 200 dollars on me for dinner so you might have an expectation. To. Much pressure today and it is it. Pressure in your in your locked in new room for hours as opposed to. You know reached a walking this place that place or whatever. And appeal full and bloated. What not I don't know why I'd be less not eaten a lot of wrestlers. And and and do you think it's great idea because it shows how much use your high you aren't the economic. Status. By I think by most jobs. Women a man to kinda gas. Yeah and in general ballpark which make and they might surprise it would make it more. Yeah. Here's the thing anybody know who is in. Any type of sales job. Or that era a business owner. You know I can I own my own T shirt company and be the number one supplier of T shirts for the Panthers started or can I could own my own T shirt company Andrew he. Pushing out like a hundred teacher of the year for family reunion. An executive at the bank sounds like you race that an executive says yeah I'm in sales for the link in your right I don't comedy entry level sales guy who didn't get a list that's true whose garden from the bottom or he can beat. The guy who's been here ten years with a million dollar less power and a lot of dealers and their picture in their job and I'll tell you how much you make. All right we'll Duvalier and then I'll. Filtered out for remote an ugly win around and help promote and get dates and that's what I. Over dressing or under dressing as per state mistake to avoid. Dress like you would normally for any kind of event. If wine bar where the servers where V neck T shirts. If you Wear want to know don't present a blazer for God's sakes don't Wear a full suit. No cargo shorts. Now when in doubt go to the old decent but not the nice dress shoes. That's it. I prefer guys bring so easy term because trash or take. A button up shirt. A pair of iron to clean techie. And a decent beer shoes. And go anywhere where did your wing tips or loafers or. Tees. Or even had his theories. They can go anywhere in pretty Latin. But for women. Some don't get every day you're things that you Wear to work aren't too Sandra day. But they might be too but about for a date maybe that. Am like fine most the time you're wearing that usually doesn't go and out closed at all I was talking about mean that everybody embraced every woman's got a lot you on our clothes now know that's Wednesday to got a good uneasy when I would probably have to buy something. You must review day after two yet you want. Something they appropriate. July and are a liar personally you bent on dates in the last year probably. Good to hear it. Where again aware of that announcement apparently it or keep wearing that thing that you Wear out work you could wire and it's humorous jab on right now. Yes. It's not beat each. Not being as you learn it we don't naked shoulder thing with the billions Lowery ladies Childers did you. I can tell her boulder holder. It. All the other guy I would like Dan and lowers. And there are ways to prod didn't need to do now. I don't go around that and Oregon and. Oregon. And another first date mistake to avoid guys is not going to be just at the end does do it. Now complicated equation now do it might get it seeks aid survived. Gotta go over on that first day of extra vigilant but again now you got to go guys got to try it you wanna. Russian making gutsy and that's on you. Try. Crime and Iraq you can turn the cheek is Terri and yet it's it's that was topic is set to overstate kisses into the when that that's the text. It's also the old memories you respect to making your twenties. Otherwise you'll have regrets. Act and all right spontaneous road trip. Any checked little Dahlia ride Jack. Harris Jack. Doc now. The closest they got is when the boss made him go. Where was he went Hilton and they love it up a little bit and so Ahmed and you were you locked about which are four in the water. You gotta do is. There spontaneously. Apparently not enough playing that he doesn't regret it now. Weekend long music festival or event. In dot do it don't regret it never had. Adam went to a long life one of those the year status super concerts for get like ten bands land or something like asbestos and de act that account. It's only started like 8 in the morning I'll deny a week in lol okay you'll get a credit for that did you go did you go to multiple days it is 11 day. Loan. As long. That and I don't I'm multiple days and a multiple day one. After you're out there account out I don't regret it and really had the opportunity eaten ask out someone you've been crushing on. Man. That should not be every grant of your twining his view of regret every day of your life if you're and a whenever that ridiculous he would expect to get a date ever announced on I've happened that it wants pale house Purdue again. And on by the way. The person who's just an idea that we are writing me yeah and I'm still working on forgiving her for ten years ago capitol advantage at least you know I someday I'll let it out did you guys know that she won't. Be the one making a move you can reach her Ramona Holloway not faced a few days back on how well you've made enough Danica has got your crutch you know that they are being you know. Always been a giant camera on on well attention. No regrets. A class act and it says guy you're twice as you go on out all out for what are your birthday parties. Apps a little epic hearted. You rent out your favorite roof top bar. You treat yourself like royalty I say bull crap. I've never done that person who has money in to try to do that and not to mention you know when you have a summer birthday. The odds are merely you know I've grown up going to play on the on vacation. Then why let alone an entire twentieth. But I can't bring cupcakes to school why your mom bring cupcakes when your twenties. I was already. Hurt by my birthday herded disappointed. Delays on. I think I would find you very silly person if you did that I'm okay with that if you leave out the word party. Go all out for your birthday. In your twenties like you got Greinke goes some way to go to the beach or unit answers are you go yeah usually do those. Super duper birthday road trips until they hit the being. In in my experience the big trio for got that what happens then now the problem is. You might be Mary eaters some light at bringing it down but in my doing the I didn't have the giant money but I think you could do like yeah. While some deal made me make. Yeah good guys and if you're just detonated car and drive debates yeah I mean to go to the beach go all out your turn and Tony 125. Or whatever. Duo or group Halloween costume because it might go viral please. Despite that on the list line troops do regret that and most group growing telling constantly is friends. Where we eat living humans are little they were senior year then. Teenage mutant entered. I am not against him and I don't think it's something you regret. Yeah I don't have any regrets on rent a beach house with your big friend group. I do regret that. I do you regret that I didn't I didn't work at the beach for a summer I mean really relive and crap pulls the governor didn't miss a lot and only and not proved to Cancun to think now. For all summer. I'm gay now we begin our. Doesn't say some. You don't have to have money go and read I guess there's an accountant I guess that's what okay yeah I was thinking market the beat Zambrano who can do that. Well I don't I lifeguards. Any of the law lived together and guys who all worked at like ice cream shops or whatever at this mall a lot of people who do that time. Which your passport to good use. At a passport go somewhere else other than the USA. Yeah if you can afford it yeah I mean it's not. Ridiculously expensive to be safe optic duo weekend in mix and scooters on that. Checksum and up your bucket list. They say should our small. The ACC right one and I think that it's treated as yet though. It wouldn't it to an easy thing about lag could die any day now yeah and it lets you have some chronic illness but I think you did you might say got to always at one day wonder Cal's. One day I wanna do this again so you do maybe make you kind of like a mental list. I guess or something be said about that. If you reviewed the still writing down right leg a list as a stand some dreams just like here's some finale and we have a chance is a boy wanted to do that need to jump out of a plane. Jose I always wanted to about don't yoga retreat me never and have filed your dreams even if you fail. Yes I'm angry and 83 inspected and all my life got treatments but twenties is a good time to get asked are you still you know. Got a family are sound and dreams means. You've tissue can. Your dreams are just as no that's not. Melting is that not true but you might. Not the only give up your regular job at regular life Ollie might not be able to now. And he does that to give up anything to try to perjury on the playing the violin. And he got the violin from Amazon and other I think she has we are indications I think his lessons next week. Don't ours is not. A it's thought there was met Ramallah a couple of interesting notes that it happened in the past that worth chatting about. And he has some historical. News for. Is that there isn't really that makes it sound fancy. Days and days of intense speculation finally led some archaeologist in Egypt. To open up a mysterious 2000 year old giant black sarcophagus. Which. It is basically cough. But there's one that was big via the team. Did discover something slightly gruesome inside there were three skeletons which were most likely EG options shall soldiers. And there was also a decaying school of dark red murky sewage water. This guy it is it is described. There is now petition on line. That's some sick goes started making arguments to be allowed to drink that sewage juice for its magical properties. Yes I learned very 400 people yeah April and of people behind have signed up there are open to give five so far they didn't I don't. Probably give 5000. I can't believe they can't get five that's. It is already have 3480. It. I know I'm surprised it's not a lot higher what I'm saying it may mean some of the it is may not be aware that. They did ask live science. They ask micro biologist what would happen if someone did drinks and juice and she said. Well in addition to the decaying bodies in the pieces of debris. It also have heaps of micro organisms that could be deadly. The ancient Egypt Egypt's antiquities minister he. Set out a release that said it is neither Jews were mummies. That contain an elixir for life. Nor is it red Mercury it is only sewage water people. I didn't use for money. See if if that exact salad and are you more afraid. The people who didn't want an open because they were. Worried about unleashing a curse. Or the people who want to drink. This sewage water the 2000 year old sewage water. Which group do you think is more dangerous to our society wow that is a really tough I'll. Probably the curse people. Yeah because the people who drink sewage water they're Landry didn't die out yeah that's true yeah accident then I noticed that around long enough arm is red and navy. The first people. End end. Go to visit to the Acker is people's credit we don't know if a curse has been a least they're not as sound might not know about is still time. And the curse people seem to be it. They might be one more anti science and the drinking assume it being. They anymore when it did to the point. Of the sewage that these these. Universities is weirdo. Groups so far it's our call Internet but you would think they'd be one of the same now I guess not. It averages they're both cut from the same cloth as an end like I did on the called weird I'm gonna fit enough. Apps and another little news story. Or woman has been injured by a beach umbrella. That flew through the air NM paled heard chest and Ocean City, Maryland. I got to find it. I got a real stars. Should be flown by helicopter to nearby hospital. Expected to make a full recovery. Which is that's it I wouldn't be doing the story in such a fascinating way it I'd I would talk about off the and last week one was injured when day doesn't this articles written in Britain because the Paris all pierced her leg going to be teenagers. Salt doesn't sound eerily like now is de LA TV did and tailback Terrance. I then. They give credit they abide garrison had certainly the right learn that shouldn't be equivalent air assault sounds the allied canceled meeting Huggins. Here and now it's it's a fancy umbrella somebody says to me like he'd rather be around a pair assault same thing now one just has. Pearls on I'm just saying if you told me if you're Joyce. Being impaneled by a Paris all or beach umbrella out taking a pair of solitary time yeah even though they might music I just taking my chances are cells are lighter like number Mary play you know Brandon compare us solve today's terror cells said Mary Poppins and prelude. Is the. So anyways she was a stuck in the upper chest. Struck by a renal umbrella of a blog that was left unattended. Mean are they always left and that's because that. Here's saying the poll umbrella balled him relative to cut. By a fire crew is that it had come in and they had these bolt cutters. Not that we all know talked about before never pull anything anybody. Analysts always leave and then always leave it and and but there the transporter I McCain have. Two foot thing sticking out of her right so they got a hold her down her every shot yours and to I'd I don't Matt. And mentally you better not me alphabet used to Qaeda. Yeah just to cut it off well do you think I'm just land their leg com and. Yeah ruins the vacation yeah got to beat your brother bail them and wealthy and yeah I am reaching our I don't know which you know I am you are probably. But I did it take you might be too much pain to move. Like unity and just Shatner Palin when I broke my ribs and couldn't really move is really hard to move some match until very. Why is certainly an experience. Where you know and I wasn't shocked I'm saying that might hurt enough that she didn't feel like moving. Yeah in my even broken ribs or whatever to see you have the desire like. Are streaming X. It's ilsley prior adult polar down BBC does. That big like bolt cutter coming towards your chest and freak out. And I can't believe when I brought it up to you guys that. Well first of all it is say a caller right now to make some dumb rule about these umbrellas now. That is going to be stupid because one person to edit a billion pale -- and it's. Some law that it has to be like. In some men ten feet into the ground now renting a pool poll cost a million dollars. Me getting impaneled Israel whenever I heard of the town when the ankle. Out of all the people on the BO. At least saw the and he can use that you know I had no now don't get it nailed it. To ruin my aunt and I don't have the leg rights have been an extra two minutes putting up my brief Jim I've beater but that doesn't blow when I have you had any hasn't. It is beyond I have proof that on consistent I didn't say shut down mud runs after I found broke my wrist I said there. Years old and a win would get sick and fell hey go to the beach sharks. Freaks jumping on a tackle the bulk of its just that. And I did that people get carried away anyway but you guys I was undefined I mean you guys are riding behind something that has. I could jump on it rebar something you don't imagine coming crashing off the back. On the track through your windshield and through your heart. I can't believe it doesn't like talking to people. And then there are always worried about not only worried at the time when the winds are worried thinking back twice in a club. Yeah I didn't club for that seems that you did. Right yeah exactly bar and club has a and everything embryonic just thank you very like a powerful approach on good client. Refrigerators coming into. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.