Flat Earther Stats

Wednesday, May 16th

Apparently the "Flat Earth" movement is rising, especially when it comes to young people...also, what percentage of people wish they could be a child again?


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there was that we. Heard there they. Become a thing. They don't you because of an Internet YouTube Twitter and all that stuff you thinkers just. People were believing that we just we know of course. It is out there and it seems like. You hear about it more. In the last couple years. You've got to do is serve today. Certain demographics. And by the way to do about it doesn't summit some adults witches. According stats kind of represented the US population. 84% just 84%. I've always believed the world is round that's all the populist. Says that 60%. Or they can maybe. You know wasn't. Or that in what do you eighteen to 24 year old 66%. Think it's not around. Miles. While now and a professor at the allow. The peaks at 94%. If your 55 Borough. It changes guided the route the age groups. Two thirds of young adults in America except that the planet isn't a blades you Droid is so well that. SP HE RO ID. I'm guest on late. OB LET yeah I think it means is like kind of compressed slightly flattened a little flattened in a doughnut T yeah but not. Not my last Bali shag any kind of mash stat ID be ticked us fear and mashed it down. Look at elegant little bit here it is at that service of revolution obtained by rotating it. Let's just look at the never mind does this huge bonus and aloe blade is the year and the question how securities is. If there's an old Blake steroids. Could be I guess maybe it's terribly flurry of trying to put the mega selling ads dumped in his article. He is. Yeah 5% US adults have always thought the world was round. But it come worst skeptical lately. 9% 8224. Believe that it. Wasn't always around. Two thirds of young adults and Greg except that the planet visas. I guess it is oblique. Steroids. But still only 66%. It's so that's where they're raising is getting weird maybe they full well am I talking about what I really. You believe it's in a blade steroid now or is it already in Albany I think is an old blades steroids. And armory in his right. Right do you guys think some. Are you did you Google is learning about it there's no blades which would mean Bennett is still troubling that means it's 33% don't believe it it. It's not I don't think it's like a perfectly round sir we're really yet the earth isn't permanently rounds and ilsley steroids makes a little Morse that's still 33 or whatever it is don't. Don't believe it it is the that is caught round. The rise in the AFLAC birthers. Is because of you to FaceBook and Twitter but it. Picked up a lot of steam whenever the a popular look at what happened remember back last August we that's terrific that's being double lot esteem because people were trying to use the eclipse as proof that the earth was flat. And so there was like the strong push from. That's right to try and and talked about how there is because this morning to yeah yeah view because there is done. So we are notably steroids or steroid Nardelli. Anyway 33% don't buy it. I tell you know I don't tell people that because Matt might be wrong in you know then you look stupid mean you have to take you heard from Matt and MA should look even more stupid right in to stick with the did a sick with a headline. This 66% of young adults say there's this round you just go of that yes you did anything refused conversation. You throw that people. Omniscient and also Matt Harris is generally confused. This part is yes. 2% of all those surveyed always believe the world is flat 4%. Eighteen point 4%. Or like an out. Understand and understand. 16% eighteen to 24 girls they don't. In the blue when they do this in Germany where every day that I don't want any women as a congregating together they you only get the less flat earth beliefs you have. Most. To sensitize opposite for like the theory of revolution. Were older people are less likely to accepted. Not science but in this science it's the younger people or review which is. It's weird to me that there's that many people don't think the earth is any kind around. Or like I'd say no place here he'd. And the more religious. The people who said that they thought it was a platters. They also called themselves very. Not religious at all or not very religious there were less likely to believe. It was flat but. There is also. Celebs. That have come out and said. Like Sherri shepherd which usually ahead of the game. It is from Asia and on the view when she said that I was so done. But you wanna know I'm really trying not to judge is she's she's really she made a really hard and then and and since then there's those things that. I guess. I have to midday when someone tells me that they think the earth is flat I kind of and that there are a little bit ignorant immense that's I I need to open my mind because they might be thinking that I missed it. Or maybe they're thinking they don't mean enslavement as an old Lloyd spirit of it. And I mean. Yeah. So I think there you know my first thought doesn't go to anger goes to craze. My first one goes after it first goes to crazy. Then more than all right you're just trying to be contrary to everyone else but man what it's like some of these people believe it. And then there's probably people answering the survey of it be contrary and then there's people who are listening to these celebrities who are tweeting out amount. The earth being flat and they will believe anything a celebrity says right yes. So am I don't I'm I think I'm to teach my kids it's no surprise in store for I'd start wrap an old Blake spear and not a it's anyway there's morning's. There's a lot of things that are easy to deal but winning money which Charlotte's best. Is the easiest we want JT ready for summer with some easy my. Every week day from 7 AM to 7 PM I think it is to win a thousand dollars cash every hour be listening at the bottom of the hour for the keyword and texted him immediately to 7881. That's a confederate flag is easy money from the station that wants you to have adventures all summer. Seven now. Dumb link. Ladies or guys your. Before rigidity that mix or go to Matt and go to FaceBook page light and and follow. If he'd tell us of their bending. You off their podcasts. You know if you haven't been. Did you get a from the and my FaceBook page is I guess you're listening to that's a good place to go to your friends together and rate and follow up OPEC. Aside just in Scotland have just created a contact lens. That shoots laser beams from your ride that is fantastic at any what do cage and so all creepy looking. It sounds creepy looking at it is every evil character in every scifi movie you've ever seen. Laser reads from. Or like undressed and isn't that what the next move in oh yeah. I was getting guys on. In Superman I had yeah that Superman and really guys here wrote Nolte you doesn't laser beams. He has extradition means cut through our season and cut through like metal bars and stuff and his brother isn't gonna be that intense won't be able to. Icon you know be a terminator or anything like that right now they only amid a very low powered laser light. And that's something you can use her like gaining the bar coded degree she Seward sob that could be able to vaporize your enemies but he against. In it without having to carry your phone and not go to the check out like the in the Amazon grocery stores right now it is walked out wit that's one less thing you have to do is beating your card you look at it yeah. Unit to bring your phone and now now let's wants them to such a baby step it's all about input little laser beam eyes for about it and eventually. And it is it is to the widespread illegal seasonal wall or something public cut something like you cutting it on a metal. That metal cot would cut food fight crime but again you guys that I migrants is able to fight crime and it's also able to commit crime. When they got stopped trying to power comes to worry about you. With eyes that could cut I wouldn't I wouldn't take my eyes and I'd do it for myself. You couldn't because you have you have difficulty. Looking at what you're supposed to be looking at it's true. That's true so your eyes are 'cause when he darted around. And so I see no you're just trying to cut this long for the next thing you know you know you look at your neighbor's dog. Sorry yeah yeah it was same kind of people use like would actually use tools and stuff. They can do it sort of having a bad gig solid again what some call it than just draw the line on it and she. And it also be safety goggles and able to cut. Whatever. Good or weld about that I do a lot of welding in my spare time. Should that I am coming up things trust you with scissors. I'd I used it says there's. Yes I don't doubt that Andrea idea. Not a but I yeah I've seen I'm coming up the reasons and ways that this would be good. They say and I am right now they only work when a different laser is signed at them to power them because that was my other question. Are they kind of how do you actively. I have my fathers did it I just think really hard like I wanna vaporize and there was a switch on your glass yeah. I webware images like that. Because they're contact lenses a I don't like. Yeah and me at all not to use them we great for doctors surgeons. Yeah there ego like him of another one. Surgeons said during surgery just have to use their eyes is that and it just looked from one Saudi armed to the yeah I mean not precise and fast it would be or would it be is the robot batters dale and I was just a robot would still be better. More actors still you got human mistakes your eyes yeah unless the lasers are. Have a control on. Program in other words of the lasers are basically wrote. You control on like that every X three and that quarters three inches deep. By seven inches from there there what is that you like turning an imaginary knob on your uncle in mind there's a think coming out of my guy that's not a return punts swivel around deadly another dead yet they do it not a comes out of the Frankenstein. That neck god you know it's not title had been anything for the body what else can we Lazar there's got to be all kinds yes we want this is a great thing and it doesn't matter how bad no backed outside old there will do. We get there always a snort listening to all there with Ramona 67%. Wish they could be a child again. Eden and I mean he's that I like to know I had researched they say for a day week a year for a week might be cool. That's about my tops. And maybe a month. But I don't wanna be it for. If I have my same wisdom that I have now I would totally be killed you'd be stuck to governor. But you're please know. That minority is. Could pay off. Damaged now but it's EU EU we know you're peaking at a certain age so you know you're and you're not going to be you might think you really Smart then which you know you're going to be no -- on Oscar. Bees arose or any kind of held again I have all the hope and where this has had no because you still the same hope you have now. So you'd just be ten you know. A little. I'll do my childhood. It also non so they also asked him did you wanna grow up in the current era snaps patent based occurred to rig are days. If we do need to acknowledge entertain ourselves back men. And 58% that it is better back again today because they didn't have a technology. Oh yeah technology. I am all for Eddy Curry generation let me be a kid now there are some things ups and downs. You'd you can communicate with your friends you don't need your own princess phone everybody of the cell phones do play video games people all around the world. Were simpler times simpler times whenever I'll take these times and attacks on yeah there's downsides and upsides to everything going to be mostly upside. That. To what we had. Mom all right so. They oust him what do what do you miss when you miss when he missed ten was weekends with no errands or chores to do to us. Source and a pair as they grow up and I don't parents I know that I mean there are a lot of air I'll take care and the tour is an ideal enlarge Georgia now that I did. Then. It's like act and missed if you count error errands and chores one package. And I'd get that plus I have to take care of kids. At a I have to be and hit on the weekend might be yet didn't driven to stuff. GAAP at a show fodder for my idea it's lesson got to go places on the weekend. Well just dance lesson at the and I got my parents have alioto our search. Right Bob baseball practice things like that. Ours eater something so I had to do that and had to run the editor of grocery shoppers. Anybody that that's that's a lot off your plate right there. Watch it play like puzzles that three or rollers on the video of those times. Penny candy and never. Having someone else cook your meals. Bat that's pretty good. All at that time it went in coming home and the only question is what. As being cooked for me yet on Nye you're grown amuse you go our restaurant. As someone else that as a as a Camille but I mean again and I could I can't do that a series and now heads. He's gonna sell easily the most stressful question in my day is what's for dinner. That is the most stressful question and I day. As well me ask you some questions that but I understand when you're responsible for he like would name visitors wanted to put a whole week to meals at a dude does get. Repeat sound and it says. I made. Slow cooker type meal today and minus a poll data is non. And going going on the swings. That's on here. Any says he does ice in my backyard it's very uncomfortable. Squeezes me. Where are wrestling with. The kids are you are you on like I'll playground swing set a kid yeah I got kids playground. And squeeze it never seen anyone who couldn't finish and I mean I think there's not comfortable or are. It's just that you're you're squeeze a little knack. No no Space Needle little breathing room. What are good the seats sit did doubt heard at the street boards stared down. There in the they're squeegee men knocked comfy. Not compete not having garnered an a plus or 08. Now now on Stanley vacations. Now I don't I wouldn't say I miss them I am my own family and they're better now did you depict where you can go exactly right. Back Daniel and a lot of places you wanna go I don't wanna historical places as the as a lot of relatives. I. At the mainly we went to. Ohio we lived in Jersey wins Ohio that was our that was our summer vacation we didn't go. We had the Gettysburg Pennsylvania he had out of take camping Hattiesburg Newton who Internet thing wild west city one day for it was just two day trip so you did today and. It but I tell all book about. I would rather have mine now I don't miss them because now I get to Jews. Lal sort of not real ethics and if I guess they do is I would do that we get out of the house now but art but now I mean you can have to compare I'm not as happy and to now when you rat don't you prefer your vacations now I'm just happy to get in the house what did you have to give it got a big one. Spending time with your parents. And you'll still lose that. I don't have as much as I did obviously I live and it's better now because they're not Boston around Dolan will do very well good luck with that is my mom lives it may sell your day is not having to work we all agree that's ridiculous that's that's enough that's the best. Yeah plant outside with friends or street lights came on I was also it was awesome bide you have to compare. Now to then of course I do the second but in the second job at the TV's agencies to be needed to act then my nights I still wouldn't wanna play outside. I wanna watch to its so you also ahead at times headline a guy and it better if you're downplaying. Yeah cool. Now rather feisty day and play outside right now though wanted to till dark I don't refrains of let it. I didn't mean my preference like come sin coordinator schedules so we can't play began net. But play outs you guys wanna come over tossed the ball no one's Cutler tossed the ball I haven't I've been waiting years for you to buy you would adopt the ball and I think that. He loves him the didn't. Putts I'm not say plural verdict they say they miss hot Summers narratives look. And let's I Amazon now. Yeah I mean or better to be a hot summer when your kid and it is now. I think it seems a lot hotter you like kids attitude and Everett opportunity run around. Yeah break in them widens pools. And school vacations. I mean. Yes become the summer. Tennis summer odds haven't week off for spring break and then re couple months off on the road that's hurting as pretty get it on farther on down the list of things that. Playing tag yet who misses backed. Intact water fights. I am would make it handled it. Redding gave up birthday list or Christmas list from a toy catalog. Look at did do miss that going to analog and so was pretty all circling Minnesota Vikings and the that the Eagles underwear dominance on the that was pretty awesome we have to agree on how I loved the Sears Roebuck and out about sleepovers. I don't. Remembered the over is pretty awesome. Getting money from the Tooth Fairy. I don't lose like duke mystique maybe that's why am I did yes OK I can relate to that when I was deep and again nothing Natalie adult I know yet. I'm mom you miss other people the only adult I know under seventy who has currently seen on other people's birthday parties. Aaron in America automatic probably I don't have a friend around the play. And what anybody it and it watching Eagles game I'd rather GAAP friend about what Eagles and to go outside and lost all play tic and when your birdies which did way better as an adult on media network DN alone now all you look more forward I mean even if nothing happens. Like now. Totally. Don't care about my day is so much better now than it was when I was a kid. Am I. I'd just like the fact as a kid. It was you know you didn't Julia really old. The EU I usually liked getting older because your closer to whatever lies driving here this or that team all of those things were joyful you might get to Wear a hat. And having said that it has to have hit a but. I'm not wearing an adult people had to make at Ben and people loved it. It's all there are remote western culture. Most everybody that western culture crosses the relaxed. I did not know it's a way it's phrased western culture. That may be assumed that. Other cultures don't cross her legs maybe they sit. I guess Asian. Certain parts of Asia might sit down you know like and are sitting at a lake I guess that wouldn't that's not rosling obviously. And says things about the fact crisscross applesauce not everybody eats at a tea like we do at least table right. Right there's going to be able eat much closer to the floor they are seated on the floor so I don't be I guess you get used to it and be flexible but I think to be area. Like sitting on the floor crisscross applesauce is. A struggle. This thing into the operating be honest with you I went to a function where the word serving in. I'll sit there was an international table. And act and it was so uncomfortable for me to figure out how to sit like to get comfortable yeah I get a yes I am as you say wind can I get. I can get with his own cult like in the position and now I'm running in the position but staying in the position then it does things like that kind of position gracefully. Anything we're ridiculous yeah having your date which you're the big giant lies and attack ads that and a good time I was a very big girls. Was very unfairly how. I'm happy that we you have trouble crossing your legs went a full cross Actuant bill full cross second do the figure for but I can't do the full cry is that. They'd need to figure four is the ankle bone. On any of the other foot or of the staff and they called the European. Is that one where you it's a tight cross leg over leg in the legs are tight which as you had mentioned on the air and angry was. And we your grade schooler something that's in a feminine way and to cross your legs yeah. I don't know which still list. Probably right I don't think so don't think anybody cares aggression like our. There was a thing. I was definitely is also thing was how you carry juror no. Where your boss know about that thing you got to carry him by your side of your guy you couldn't. I think they're both still listening yeah I think they art which again. There's still looks feminine look. Looks affinity Kyrie year as a kid. Not now are like. I'm thinking am I know put it to my chest my arms crossed as opposed to swing by yours are okay now with a backpack. You can do is back then ask. That and Mac expected in Madrid went on my mind if we do not he's back I'll play it really it was always just and nobody else. Yeah we get a battle that we can be ready to get it but religious carrier books and we had a book bad book always had a book bag at an amateur hour. Maybe I didn't have really enjoyed the books out of reality at a book bag free wheeled college. That's when I got a backpack because all the cool college kids and backpack are as a free Wheeler a voice. Always a free real. Maybe it's writing it and I said yes that's very good good good its management books around a bit of a pencil. Anyway yeah no no I didn't go. I don't think you went back backing off. I carry like two books I think you're in the rare video idealize not a good back myself twelve dollars in grown man's man he cares a backpack to work in a and I double rocket which was definitely a thing you didn't you back. You're a single book and it went limp back in force there was a nerd I needed to double book. And then it went yeah then you're the single and then that was located do double for awhile. And then I guess where I guess first on double. We're still on double but most. Most people aren't double they are guys aren't aside race. I do recall that late you know lean over the shoulder strapped. Messenger bag where you wanna call yeah oil tankers up tax. Yep you do that with a backpack. But over across all of them look good with a backpack Netflix does that. Could just as we've broken it paralyzed anyway if you cross your legs EU are. Twice as likely to view right leg over left. We decide if you which reside here at least you feel like your next unless. Left over right. And in bad doctors left maybe a lefty thing. It's a lefty thing. Have you crossed and and you actually twisted your man's act our. Any delusions. This you have a little maybe your legs are just like. It's. I realize that he has thick legs and fighting guys that never twisted me and its restaurants where it. I've never tourist I had an older guy saying no even youngster I remember. Now maybe you're just the is that not how many did you ever twist to your pants or anything ever twist them sit on many things. About the deer he's right right. Never sent her life never never Switzerland. I don't know what you mean by twisted to me like you know likely going as an off and sounds and the world and sometimes they're they get into uncomfortable situations that did just but I wouldn't call it twist ever heard. It's uncle I never. Stolen something and I'm holding get well. Over just gave me and I'm club to tell me is the answer. I'm asking and cancer to sight orders. Athlete student. Is the figure for by the way is that the big wide like ankle on thing and that is that as we use for power. Today mr. not what I have intentionally ever done that now hour now. I've used it to be looked more manly than eminent is younger but not for power and it BBC coyotes. Yeah I asked a guy Eddie told Doug and share many embarrassments that maybe this means a dominant make the thing imply and this town you inherit a and a coyote. Before you attack that I am married and went like I'd get my lawn chair. Medical professionals say don't cross ice bat freedom many different levels. Bad for different. Nerves and veins and what not as comfortable sleep in over yet if senator Everett at I don't know bidding you be out. I I'm Florida standards anyway but apparently did we broke down in history it's stating a fact that wearing right there may think he's capable of we have less sensitive and delegate. Manama to take a hole. Lead down at a very. Yeah the whole sad me. My time line if you did with us. Chris who do the. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.