Flirting With Emojis

Wednesday, April 25th

Matt barely knows what an emoji do you expect him to actually use them to flirt with his wife?


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That to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com source listing all the wood and remote. I know you leave them vote very much you can go to these here Aggies whose. Kids can expect from sarcasm. Or you multiple mode he's in one you know. I don't know I don't know it's usually it's usually like Marquette did in the tongue now like I'm against our favorite yeah yeah exactly yeah. And add you do are your regular mode yes. You are I'm the most oldest man do you use a bunch of them. I bandy just one generally yeah. Aha heard a smiling phase ninety resist and sticking out you know I have a really weird issue. I'm afraid to use analogies. Because. That's an aerial now not only because I am not sure exactly what all the Mimi and I did go through this to somebody today and they were like well it close and Alice. My daughter to guide me through Q zero confused but also if you like my start and ultimately Wu. This guy just started. OJ suit and got up early years those of us who receives a text messages from you. Would just be happy that you're learning something new that's how do and yet they you're trying. I know I I every week I get excited when I can understand what you're trying to say. OK a cat and you're one of the people who I feel might be helped by Moody's because you don't have to type things out. He begins Friday dementieva but it met pretty much sums up. All of the text message you think yeah I am not there as a more happening in just the bugs and let that. There's things going in her right well let's just I mean on the wording and split we're good yes there you go down there somewhere on. That tells us Sunday about how my mind works and it's not. It's time for Arnold he's gay people are gonna say ever but his dad started mode it's. About ten years ago it was another month and a client. So flirting using a mode he's. Do the occasional smiles will work. One a woman Alexis says she says she doesn't use them much so when she does. She really notices. Or smiley face are flirting. Be mindful of tongue emote GE's. This Kathleen says when used the right way sexy. But. Widgets saudis and a flirtatious way and it might not come across I have never used on them units next lot yet and I thank him allergies it's always about. Joking. Yeah. Well maybe. Maybe it's flirting like. When a cracked cracked down the. Pat pat pat and I will let you or do we assume that that's what it does sexton who. And yeah you expect a lot. Oh yeah he's instantly commode when she sounds like she's setting right it does sound like Suzanne. Is that there's he's he says don't done right it's sexy but it could be. So. I doesn't give you sex abuse it acts. The ignored the iphones a mode he recommendation. Which I do get a little afraid that at times and the pop up lag when you're typing something. I'll I gotta just. The heart just flew and in my middle might text or something so yeah the problem. For months and I'm the I'm not loving and. Yeah. You know I mean yeah. Like I don't wind and I put like piano I don't want a picture of a piano I'd feel we have a piano. Or something like that shows up yet they jump all the time. Then and she doesn't like to neither to lie. Printing one recently I had to which I was like oh my god amounts rather picture she pars and or whatever now we are talking about. Sheep really retired Tennessee but you noted in other words come and play in the things now again like Gil say. Hot dog and a Zeum hot dog will write pop up I don't like that either. And like at a at a I don't like it you know. So that you get hot dog for Mac and it's a totally penalized unless that's next to him but I. I mean there's a lot of traffic. But their inside joke we don't that it. It's just you it. I'll give us your in on the joke that I tell therefore since I don't know leaning on that yes whenever there's traffic I just say your bleep who's up. On match your partners a Modi cadence and you know when. You never figure out what deadly means so you need to ask Matt here is privately. Bleep bleep is that you and I can guarantee you're not gonna guess what the bleep artists. No one's gonna get down like a canal. Moves should. Move on Letterman. I'm going to let you are a wonderful thing with a McKenzie is an amateur partners them OG two patriots. Like if she's using a lot of Mozee is OK she's not a Mozy person. Don't barrier are remote everybody has a limit. A motifs of find the rhythm and find the rhythm. It now. I'm in a mode you read some yeah follow their moods even the losing your got over thinking it is just one would say oh Leo now thinking Joanna who is 32 says. Cautions against using some remote geez that it becomes a defining characteristic. They had somebody dated nick on him OG guy. Stick to dwell time smiley in May be a wig dinner ST two or something like that. But I. I a you do you don't wanna be you do not one over remote is that it's if you're a guy load this. Legs and eyes and just did not over. It guys had to be very very. Lou careful about the use of the mode. It's it's. And you can over use it but absolutely you kind of in this day and age have to use it as he ought to be the person who's completely out of time it's not using him OG. Exactly I don't mean to guys starting and adamantly want to related. A smiley face and he. But I don't know somehow someone is up as at the poison guy analyst. On but you don't want to be the ability Geico real agreement that you do not want to be called him in your worst things you can be cult of the worst things yet. You can't do more about how about we just encourage guys to use their words. And then. It's sprinkle a mode he's in for emphasis on gay via. Shoe tops emote geez you can't go for 500. The rule. Maynard and one text third commerce lunch next okay yeah I'll yet. Two tops Yangtze yeah pop stops in yet rivers an official yeah okay and no got a more than two remote tees in one. And next to that policy here or else we have here I don't with a mode he's in every message there you ago. You moderation and use less com memo he says Abigail. Creative guys like. Music hominem or see daylight and a guy recently sent her a waving lady in my OG. His response was a line item OG. You know Leo and I was always say hello. I would nobody can do that currently oath future man as Leo and if you think a guy is going to. Posey going to interpret these sending him a line. Runner up our act exactly it's gotten so out tank is not only that you would bat an inside joke at that point. Like you would say he'd send you back at square except here. Call them the scales of justice or whatever we should have. Enough in our justice sexy flirt and it's off there we met her. Ramallah. Amazing. Transplant. On amazing. Tell us about it. Doctors at John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore just announced that last month they successfully completed the world's first total genitalia of replacement. That means they gave a guy a brand new. Swaying and the brand new coin purse yet quiet person not necessarily the Bay Area we've been trying to research anyway it is again a week. Well known enough we need more details yet but they they both work the twig and they record purse both work. The patience of veteran who was injured in Afghanistan. The organs came from a donor who passed away and it took fourteen hours to perform the trans. And when you say they both wore. I kind of understand. That it wave good work can he and have sex. But that's a weird fairies were keen that means he can make babies to. Well I don't think so we we couldn't find a mention of the varies because it matches within the. Article there is aim. Ethical issue of testicles low because. If it was donated it's you know somebody's DNA in their genes that sort of thing so they've been signed off on there. Standards as their man Macon there'll be people make it be better baby batter. Then there's an issue there. So they just give them. The sacks. It's empty. I'm thinking maybe they put something and we are. No goods into your not a Wii well I mean there's no mention of an economic czar says it really wasn't that you have done Matt Harris cannot be trusted yes. The position you. You get so mixed up all the time you read it word for word right into your head as I'm not. Not and you translate it in a completely different way I mean the exact opposite of what the writer me. I'm I'm reading this interestingly the positions didn't include the testicles in the deceased donor during the transplant only an empty screwed him. This would present an ethical dilemma as the testicles and jeans came from the deceased donor. At time magazine. I read that part two minutes that's true we just don't know if they put some Mary's in the air for. I'm from us and reasoned that there don't may get a dead as separate very don't bury donor or maybe it was named as I do they weren't working Mary's they were just like steel marbles they were just there to keep the would you say to fully functional. It gave you say well I personally don't like all right we are trying to find out what happens during that. Yeah is as the hat at trying to find out because he can't watch videos but I don't know what happens to be don't have. Right test because the surgeon said he has near normal urinary function and near normal sexual function and back in the day. Right they cut those Aussie couldn't have such a right low so any unit couldn't do it so that's why were confused. As to. How this guy doing it without. Right as the twig works but there's no. If you know he's doesn't have the others I don't know argued. You're so can you did so well let me tell. You I didn't even know do need to know if you want to watch a trans planning your future. I know what I'm going to somebody mine slightly used. Only on Sundays at a news. For you miles detergent out immediately and instantly years have been good enough to ensure. I a little lady that wrote this thing yeah I'm I'm a little bit if it's a single and no matter how many miles ads than is generally tired it. So yeah it's pretty cool. This guy. From 2001 to 2013. About 14100 guys to military. Got some general election. General acts as if it suffered injuries to their genitals and a lot more data general lax this could help all the dudes yes first ever appears transplant I was six in China. But the patient decided to get the procedure reversed. We that we're they'd go through all this trouble and always that it put it on my channel like the way if it. That's good but it rubs me wrong way X. 2015. The second effort. And then into that sixteen surgeons farm did the first in the U nastier aspects yes states it's. It's spear man also non insurance that he John opt in. I covered the surgery expenses. So yeah up there's video Tom. Video of that's why actual procedure yes. I got the video I'm not the sound like duke won video of him using yeah it is using is I don't want that Obama explained. I wanna see Jim Carrey in like gas at a cooler. The other guys staying in rush and an off a telegraph was about Malaga after death and it and how long do you view. How long can you be like ten or whatever were to take that part right things like that. The key can they keep on ice for several days out there finally put in milk someone who needs loans. And yeah I don't know if it is thought to send her finger me like somebody else and after the now you're nice finger and I say it's like to them out is that reelect him. We'll go it. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. Already supposed to be asking questions about evolving you know I guess relationships and stuff before you get married. And these are some of them and they are here as we didn't really go through immunized some sort of question and answer session. It's like a lot of self kind of played itself out. Money plays into. Your everyday life. And that money can be a source of contention. Why wouldn't she discussed. I'll mainly because that's no reason why they used to bring up credit score the first. GAAP GAAP. It may yet you wanna I wanna see it I'm when they asked what it act as a my position it was different because she really dad and brandy is able. That fact I'm just getting it dead well sort of a college student you guys read the first man we got married she was yet job you've noticed that she does that. Our house budget very. Put the real estate or something. But I justice. I don't know I don't know I would ask that you think you just plays out you know in the U nobody can you might want to let me ask but lovely day out laid out the when normal people can you are never. What what you've done you're about to be little idea through. So I mean you and I did ask any decline and if your older. Then you might have that discussion. You married maybe you're 50% that you might certificate allows the ire of these questions like what Harry. What are our financial goals like what are we working toward here yet me. That can tell you a lot is they say I would. All is all of their goals are related to things they wanna buy and not toward what they want to invest in. Now are now. How to save for retirement those kind of things I wouldn't be maybe in your twenties I would. Never said anything about retire manner. Anything like that I have been like and I go to Europe for something wherever it I think the age matters on the answered that. Question did you think it's. You know you think it. But again doesn't Qaeda. Now and the sense is such an engineer and like a bra partying yeah I what are your financial goals and it's it's very broad but when you start talking about. Specifics like combining bank accounts and who I am from what I do not hire a I don't know financials what are our financial goal but I am goals is a tough question they end. Yeah of course I make as much money is like game before our retire. And I wanna retire now monitors and stuff and that may be travel. But I did back in six yeah because like. And Amy didn't talk about travel very much ten years ago so now sees it is because they can change so. Yeah you know argue revolver whatever you change your mind there you have kids I get different things you wanna do. And perhaps. What are your goals I'm Amy I wrote down our goals one dies as one of those things are supposed to. Ellen did his press we found a five years later to draw Earth's. Is innocent Israelis acts. Today is one of us chose not to work would we be able to live comfortably. That never. I get it seems like a weird one unless you're saying I wanna be a stay at home that. Otherwise you do that's important thing do I guess that's an out and now that won't do that right now where she's like I'm gonna work. And he's like yeah I don't want somebody else raising our kids I want and without kids yes and that case otherwise. You know how to edit tell but it but I don't get your your guy and and a woman's brings it on you're like oh by the way. Yeah I'm pregnant and I'm not going back to work to tell our kids are five years you always hate and I always thought that she would be at two income family. Am I assumed that it was. And is this kind of as an idol and maybe the person who just brings it on me with just a bit. Sometimes people as well you know how I was raised the work you've heard yet not a guy. So that you make assumptions based upon mold you've heard me talk about how much I admire for NJ and you heard me talk about growing now the mom was never there year so I. How much money you have yeah we know that one TT got to know that we can't afford to lose an income or we can easily afford it is and yeah I hate. I was gonna have kids I got married so everything James Earl yeah. Our legal reasoning common that it's going to be tight below window and then this is she wanted that it's going to be. We're gonna make it or get by took place. Right doing it because your former employer says you have to. Well yeah yeah but is on the kid front because you're definitely year partner once again. About me here. Decides that they're not going to work. Yeah that's a completely different that that you. They're no matter what conversation you have got bigger problems than talk conversation it has been a lot. Bigger problem. I kind of person is gonna spring it on you would have lied anyway yes yes it would lodge this this quest. They know it's funny man and notes it's not like it in bed you know she says I don't wanna out at memorial to mark an avid did. He says a keeper navigated and then the kid comes along and like mad hatter I. I've got a good handle is negative like that things do change that's right that's right so why is point but it talk. A conversation went. Would we be open to moving away from family and friends to start new somewhere else and it could be a pretty good 1 am the person who's really into their family. But again all that could change because so easily. Yes oh easily sunlight gets a job somewhere and you gotta transferred video that we would be open to it. Suggestion. Is I think important for somebody who lives. Like right next to their mom. Relived in the same town it always lived OK yes something like that yeah there. Just a couple of hours away or an hour away and the move here considering his across country. That's could be a little for someone who's close to their fan you're saying here having this conversation. You don't actually have the offer. You're saying if we did have an offer which you know right. So there's I don't didn't bring that up across country I think as one of the out. Tightly I'm actually. Now it happens in media it doctor huge that I never center which he moved to LA Ayers thing it does it but you've dragged into two different stay pat and has been dragged and again. Contact gay men and groups he had enough I just I mean I did say that the beginning I might have to move. At some point in his business so during your out. It put down on the air. And it does on the air but we will take a little quiz off the book and the book is called. The note does it part definitive he'll guide animal flats it's. So yes yes or no does this one cute nobody atom. Okay he really meant here. This is a man of science and joking. Pipelines yes or no I haven't looked at the answer. It definitely or no way I'm going no way. I think they do they've got oh hole in the bottom right and and that they swallow light. Their prey whole so yeah there's a lot of arrogant trapped in the air yet is that over goalie and that's my theory is down something I'm out. It's the remind yes. Yes. The flatulence as described as charmingly. As that can be. Meghann maybe it audible. But because of its neighbors diet it's easily detected. In a final say that the immediate flat as how I think I mean yeah for the suns coach says victim EDT. Did you envy I'm sorry that's it didn't make enough that it is not flatulence. We don't I go to the bathroom until you're you're right I'm probably don't poop. I mean I mean I guess that you poop you and I think the guys who have stakes panel along anyway but that now I know they get it I've never heard a guy who knows next to me about that they can meaty to its. Goldfish. And saying no way right. But I don't don't you think you see bottles I'm gonna go now. No doesn't go. And as they may be rarely been really watching to scenic or goes on all they. They do of gas producing bacteria and got it. It is pharma Thomas in Denver back gas and as well thank you not goats. And doubts come on that look I get to reiterate there and a tenacity in gap there girl. 2015 a plane pulled over 2000 goats on its way nick while lump war. Was forced to land unexpectedly at the fire line was that off by the copious amounts of gas responding goats on board. I'll. I can read drop that and now they go to any new Prius somehow. About termites. Yeah that they did and now I'm at now all that live there and Palin may have just remembered be like pencil shavings to map. It's giving interviews to Iraq climate change. Eastern by half a micrograms. Of methane every other slot not compliant. That's why doesn't who does a pretty strict on similarly applied the lobbyists. It isn't around you know again being maybe not do anything gig and maybe be slowly. Really. Thought that. Hundreds acted. On the slot and it doesn't slow digestive system you know name it leaves a lot. They had packed slots. Dedicated as infrequently as once every five days. It's like always on the case stomped and tortoises. Odd tortoise c'mon. And Indiana there's please don't person made it that it lets you really slow and I finished fifth and a tortoise is due. Abrogated at a show like it is independent. Herb of lords. Have behind it got for Manning digest attract. And that it's supposed to even mean it's it's it means we've hit a low and broadcasting history and a waiting game like learning. The more you know I'm an amendment that could be useful. Or is this sciences did an adult conversation. Where or how easy it you always use you know when you're at a party Mueller do do an impersonation of a sloth parting at the bit that. I'm tired is on the podcast guys. Listen live out of a class act like low and that's it. It's. The news didn't move into the meat cooked they it's good c'mon now. Everybody love we were talking earlier and I and I keep my kids from doing to humor it's really weird that something on the part of some can't but anyway. Of any network comedy Yost amid anyhow all over the Internet now. You're anus having gas today whereas the running gag you top story GAAP. It's that story everywhere. So wedded to Madagascar's what was it again it's stinks the gasoline during this stinks yes I have. I have it's everywhere and everywhere such as those yeah. That's. That's. And the act of progress my heart's content that's USA today headline. The Internet. And time figuring it smells terrible day every senate that it People Magazine scientists have discovered your instincts literally. Thought this is highbrow stuff apparently it's so we don't don't CBS news you'll not find small parts knows it. I'm one half minutes. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.