Fork Or Spoon?

Wednesday, April 18th

Do you eat certain foods with a fork or spoon? Matt and Ramona discuss that, plus they talk about why social media might not actually make you lonely...


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com you're listening to their win. And there you. Your conversation there's nothing to do anything and bruises and they are here it's an I don't know what else for the red. Good to get something weird. To me now like one of these things is that Lee would have. What do you even has been right. And in the end it short goes you have. Site dish of corn. Off the cob. And now you're putting it onto a plate not like an koppers. But say it's in I'd put those little side dish bowls. Oh it by itself oh yeah oh goodness Paula again and all day gets into. And got us now again if your house okay. Or is fear a toddler OK but yeah it's grown up and you're at a restaurant. It doesn't matter how they serve that corn off the cop you gotta go for you and your own bull. Before you don't want. Are you talking about the polite thing the most usable way and this is about justice I'm talking about the grown up way. Other adults expect other adults eat like I like about me and would you guys got out here you're grown up teeth in now. If you have it. I'm paying attention to what you're using yeah corn where I assume we're not talking at some fancy Nancy place like a lot of those places are the places where you get. Your entrees like Allah cart. Yeah and I would be on your plate of credit is ready I would put tournament. Continuing use of torque I would use the fork was some sort of wall and view busy at all. I won't call us at the port about it. Is that an important because when you're when years you can never really scoop with your fork so you need to. Gather the colonel's. On the pork. And then push forward on two a mountain of potatoes or perhaps. Aren't big. Did keep them on the port as you know bring it up I have seen people use their knife. To kind of nets are currently out on to. The floor that's too bad that's in itemize on your pink yet again. You have Tivo yet here. Yeah it comes. Building a mountain and. This argument for building a mound knowing I'm taking on the meet on common knuckle all the way dragon run across a low wounded. All news Cuban right up on the fork in Manhattan on. It was important to so much regrets in my leverage and you'll only yeah and then let's do it like Mel likes you to. Yes I would do it in her own all right Jerrold bulldozer yeah. I can't say for sure that promise I don't know what I do for you I know is that I've caught myself user hands me items for our you at least your hands and he wants all of sudden ground while my. I'm glad I got it. Remember now could give the vehicle off net gain ha. I remember I have used my hand I'm comments have been like to keep something out of it's I'm not gonna say it's the best thing but it's I don't. Patricia Dunn and I felt bad about it but I don't feel I'm innocent it's very efficient but it does. It didn't make. I have looked demise solvent optimize I just use my finger that. I guess. And I wasn't on top of them yeah. I remember I I. I like. An embarrassing and it is younger ones looking. You're famous last words did you think he's gonna get back half of gay suppose near Edinburgh. Party he. Maybe you should our and they give you a plate and it has a screen and he. Do you choose a floor I get to hear or ace believe we got usually eat this is what I find kind of frustrating usually they'll just give you a fork. The Allentown and a leg and down but ice cream. Is ice cream on top of the cake or nick I don't like I'd just keep the cake if you put it on topic. But nice you know on top and just keep Atlanta and is I can heart I assume not that much. A hard. Please just put it to scoop of ice a hard one not not Salter it's on top of the cake got to its. You can use of afford decent guy because it's like now got a little plate for your ice I don't like I don't like my. There make him friends like that you know like I mean that's if I could make it to end like since it together. IA that we can't separate take an ice cream and so and they just give me. For alcoholic. The senate let's. Of all I was Sam yeah. Just read it with a fork. What does it 'cause it's because now ice team is already made the cake slushy. Is there is nobody could end and you put ice cream on top of the cake ice team begins to melt into the cake and for me since the cake but the but it isn't in my lifetime. I give you PK more than I like the ice cream actually your I don't think we are right tree. No way away like he's a motorcade and a and a and and and and so what TD using. What for cake and ice can you do is going straight spoon. Its report. Straight awful for I screen. I'm not in this case because it's its combat higher camp on combined to win the K eight. Now suppose they're serving ice cream K that's fort holiday. Now you to quick enough who will now not melting it's our our. The experts think mentally case you choose. The spoon. Rarely always they answer and they never did you just told you which like Bo is the answer on the price gimmicky cue the cheesy. Sum up our prep for a company ahead in the expert on its yeah. Canada etiquette expert when it comes to take and I scraped a total account David that the corn has some stake out some not given an and it did. There should be no at a device ever on gay guys are acting take. Again I should ask you. If you're eating watermelon if you using. A spoon or fork you think you're picking up a watermelon and nine but to be doing anything year a year ago on sports. Yeah probably kinda. Damp but here's is what might get a fruit salad. I really wish people would give me a fork. What I did AS Boone I had you know a lot of time to give me a spoon in I got a I had to much rather stabbed it through. I think I got to be ready and I think I'd rather have the Jabber having the vice president because they'll have a little like. Yeah for its great offers any and it fits in a cup format it keeps rolling off your spoon in a bad taste and over the coming up. He said yeah yeah that's it's. Having it static. But you know nominee I'm night and get and set. Yeah and a backpack and that's a gamble that. More I guess. Fresh off his number one song call on my mind. Anderson he's just taking. Country by storm. 1079 only presents. Anderson east for a special exclusive acoustic performance at the company's own on Saturday April Tony her. In town that acid is the acoustic show. All electric showed the underground leader that. Winners qualify to win airfare home. Tickets to see. Anderson he's in mind that red rocks interfere in Colorado on June 20 no worries if you don't win tickets to both shows he can still register a 1079 the link dot com this CD comes to show and and they should they're red rocks in the deer deceit Anderson he's. The company's own at. Acoustic performance must be present to win a trip so look you. There's an east. The electric on Saturday April 21 only from Charlotte's best knicks 1079. They Ramona we're talking fashion which is right man. How to dress for sexual success tech Q he wanted to he. Sexy. Very appealing to open it up woman. Start with your shoes. That I Eagles button. Necessarily wages. You know there's only there's only so many people a couple of the guys I just think that you don't wedges yeah. That's like high heel but it's all one piece good job at companies he could always see them I think that one's gonna tip over. And looks better that's that's scary Israel anxiety long as she's gone down any I don't know roller ankle is something you. I mean you've yet to be assertive and a certain look to pull. We think we can put up and yet having its. Most guys find the have been falling over bottom little blocking it not sexy and definitely not as sexy as the stiletto mime I wipers. The Lockheed and its like it. And behind us is like little quirky seeking. But it bombed agony and annum since socialism. I and is it. But the high heel thing didn't we decide after research that there's a certain level it turns from. Regular woman heal and to. Stripper he I believe it was fun mention five inches is that the magic number I believe that assignment so let you know at least that that's the number but. Strippers widows because they're considered to be very very sexy Yeltsin dance around and Eddie's. Bet that's sexy as well but not bad but we don't want ally women's. You don't like you weren't dancing for other men yet now. Not that not a out of high and joints. And a a man and now maybe I'd consider it. Am I mean it just a different are certain things you wanna see. I don't go to those places and are but do you know you you don't necessarily want that person come whenever she's wearing to be at the family reunion. You know they got me. I'm not that. It's. Amazing that you took her from the strip clubs straight to the families. I got the guy that's not what I would like to see on my woman in the bedroom. You're saying if that would yes what a seat on your woman at the family yeah yeah today. Yes you know what are you women in high heels a lingerie the family now union smell like BO that's if that's a that this is a way to get through life. I hit it. I contacted access. And I don't even know amassing guilty beyond the dude it's an item in Ramallah now there's nothing in there. And. You Google the advantage and it's OK let me know if it. The thing is that we're gonna things I have to admit that anyway Google yourself evokes another big. Men might like you and your tight jeans. Even though well fitting pair of course can't of course but when you're taught about. The cool lots. The cropped layered trousers. Sure guys say now there's a lot like clam diggers. Finished. We used to go gentle push you don't push your kind of flared pedal pushing I like the regular like a consulate where a three year olds I'm prince. Yet. If an all time it's where there's. Ought to outlaw. Obviously has some different thing like that like the purple satin things that are. Prince you know like that bubbling approved the and they look like hot water Benny Franklin and ailments like in golf can't sleep now again outlet. An urgent kind of a Snickers thing. Now it was time out yeah I don't like there's twenty dishonor and a player can't there's nothing sexy about them I don't like it. And other Sammy am not like in. I mean right now seemingly everything. I did I but you don't want an end. To. That is for men only so. So yeah I'll cab with them on that on the which they flared. At the bottom like bell bottoms yeah Emma Taylor that in certain. They also say it lot of guys who would disagree with this but. They think guys are in tune like the whole hasn't topped the boat whole lash out. Got to help me out that. They say it isn't that it looks like you know you're trying to channel stump an awful Little House on the Prairie tolerate it and by. It's very hippie like. And that. I'm the a lot of times they have a tendency to be very light didn't elaborate so they're very low Lee and sometimes a little speed through my eyes and I don't know how loudly and a bunch of right now I disagreement gone on the attack. It gives you hippie. I would do it any minute now live in a second minute now you know definitely a sign of someone who wants to hook up that bad out. Oh yes but he'd be out and get that that that recall pheasant peasant or whatever that the presence of pleasant. That is definitely a someone who's actually adventures. Or that. I'm declaring it right now. Only this is one you guys will absolutely. Disagree on line and it is overalls. I don't but not finding effects are not sexy. Sexy enough. Mean they're only sexy and hot or win and I was gains where your dinner on top. But they save for the love of god now do not Wear overall if you're trying to guess sexy. Yeah now now Baghdad not at all. Maybe did now I am a 100% -- them like you think we would disagree with that. I am an because earlier today. You we're talking about how global warming an oversize. Sure I do like guy but I guess that's my new sexy thing like a a smaller woman and an oversize which. And end it hard. Digital director Nathan said he was into a woman in overalls and you sign on. Well I was because I was going straight to the hot roll like. Some woman on a calendar with a little oil on her face or something yeah. In fact he said yeah if she's on he'll call. Some matches and that's not the only difference there because I agree on need all in overalls gets me hot. And a hot it'll always applies for everything on your your typical day today person overalls and a even armored does. Am aware some tomorrow do you think you guys are maybe you make it work for you most people. Power to consummate teachers EB to be using your your conscience. You know that I got to Greg come back at. He found them on the Internet so little they must be true match odd. I'm Jim d.s sound final. Off there yeah Mac iPod that's gone. Yeah and let's start this NASA claims that no behave real emergencies have been reported in space. But if you mood and anxiety disturbances that actor. That is not somewhere you want someone ago group. Here it is looking like a capsule and Emerson but the main it would mean it's bad now after the on a road trip in somebody's back it up. Now imagine yes you can't just turn around and say you know what that I be doing this. We're turn out we're gonna. I I guess that they go through on tests though. And lately that means there again an alien inside them yeah ads they're gonna hurt the rest of the crew that's true got to be you just you and how to they never just and those guys that are. And then to weather too forgiving and its movies only two because the guy's got a disease there is dirt don't take his word he doesn't lock him up. They're always like all but I feel good formed league giving guys running for the ship things like the last one don't like. Maybe he's okay. And he's not comment on what I did see you right now because. Them being left behind a bit well we didn't we did capture or throwing in the hole for a long long. Your gut is the only organ system that could performance functions of your brain shut down. They've brain dead which opened. And they're creating jobs aren't the wrong thing there's twice as many pigs as people in Denmark. Come on you never guess that. There and the bottom of clinical. Suggested a plan that. Are. Lurid. Pigs than people in Denmark. Only. I can tell you the Netherlands and Spain and places like that on. Our end. I Nash while we can't handle it it's an awesome. During a car crash we 40% of drivers. I mean 40% of drivers never to hit the brakes. And that's gonna make you feel get a kick yourself mango is most consumed fruit in the world never would've guessed. I am not gone mango I think I would have gone apple yeah it would take apple write it any I think the rest the world let a bonanza Megyn and I get on a broccoli the only vegetable it's also a flower. It's a while we have Florence. Well man Manuel has made that out well I got a floor it's named after. And Arctic the only continent with no. It's a bird I say is underrated. For its strength and ability don't know what is now all that's right and Arctic no files no birdie issues I bet. An am ashamed you for knowing I know them and and and Germany in Germany the and Germany are no magic underrated Barrett at the end yeah. No what I'm blaming your bad romance it and miss those who doesn't agree with whom he brings up every day you at. That is. And Germany dash sound that literally means hurry up. That that that. That's totally different area that's elevated because there's going to be a fight like you don't know a person's you know their. They're they're nature. Itself. Now thinks of me. And when I would image you want a little kid Koran at a dog does that does that you've got. Now I don't think so you've you've got a new yacht I. Now I am elated the dock at the rats a hollow thing or moan don't have heard other I've heard there's like. Honorees like. The more drawn out to assist us it is I can Andrews can't walk backwards. Frogs can't swallow their eyes open. This has come on give him give him I'm blown one of these the funny bone. Not a bone it's a nerve. I like to retake continue articulated 63 Ers did fit inside during this. The first killer robot was 1979. Marvelous book about those that you have to Google yourself but then it was at a route. Area or through room is 1979 isn't just an angry about the death by rumba implicitly rumba. The let's take a yap. Marvel has a superhero named wrong but he's a fraud because the power of the war. Wouldn't you watch that I'd watch that I noticed down the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie. Sold the idea that never sleeps whole house in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Ripped off duty at random at all. Ripped off has been pretty awesome thing that you ripped off ripped got to get more money that. The cookie monster's real name is seeded. Do there you go alone if you look at the friend to me it all there with mad and Ramona. Well let him follow us on FaceBook please and take two seconds maybe five maybe ten to rob rates. With five stars out of our podcast okay what you have. I have the fact of social media doesn't actually make you literally. Then that. And be heard. For years now that. Social media is any danger of replacing real human interaction we're excited to be believe more it might be able faced any staff. To become too slowly hermit here. I'm new study out of the University of Kansas says there is actually no connection. Between how much time he's been on social media and how much time he's been face to face with people. I. I can believe that any news now leads in different time. Because you still go to war if you go to work you've got. The same time they used to have based based people you. If you're doing social media night where you at 11 o'clock and 1987. Walking around neighbor talked going to be. And like there are times when I'm actually just done talking to people now but. I Blum hit on FaceBook and check out. The pictures from by eight. Cousins vacation we definitely I wouldn't do that I'm not gonna call and say hey how was your vacation I really don't need the blow by blow of her vacation. And yet again on FaceBook like her pictures and connected a minor way that I probably wouldn't connected at all. There's no way I would connected with these people that I can actually on nannies are relatives and stuff even listeners that matter no. No and many made a point that you know you're probably meeting more durable gone swipe wire right slight laugh. Is there and it Tinder dating half which is considered social media you're probably going out on more dates you've got more options you media. A lot more people have similar interest as you and your spending time with them or you know how about. The fact that you're I don't know it's. Your idol. Action I'm here and now I don't really great idea there's alarms in my brain in my mound got the rail and went there I got that got totally derailed. But I will tell you this that are monus freaking out about the the act or whatever it is that it Abra filter what do you call that combines your face. At there are several Arab wire there's map that. Will take your face to show you what you look like if you from different countries like now this is what man may have to look like if he was born in Korea no word. In Nigeria. Or wherever. There's an app that shows you what you look like as the opposite gender. What your future kid might look like it doesn't end up well you say usually no with no end because so many of my FaceBook friends are doing it. My timeline. Is low and it. With just creep these photos of what they would look like as a different gender of what our future kid might look like an odd one of my friends Monty. Did the one where youth he's a guy. And he and put his picture written to this app that shows you what its future daughter might look like. I'm like who or what did it makes you whisper rock because because eight. Big big kid that she looks like it was a result of BC reality it's why. You write about why I say pictures every day. So what do my friends did it out of she was turning her face into a man faith. And it was only semi creepy. When I did it I'd look like being reins from Mission Impossible love him in a really bad Rick James wade and rocket. It was awful. I'm sure they're doing about this should be a battery removed. Patient are you would think in the site. But I think removing facial hair bandied it would misuse your daughter and how she came out black about a half half and why it is I. It's an any kid. Too many looks Bayer green Bay Area theory theory on the highest. Yeah now I can hear my mother probably if you. To make if we execute turned out Q thereby doing in particular. Like yeah I know you're an. I know when you do it. Originally as it tries. It makes it that client I haven't done via I'm but I'm making an exception April its bank. But let's see what happens. Compared aren't. Involved an opponent. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.