Free The Support Goats

Tuesday, December 12th

A couple is fighting the injustice of a community that wants them to get rid of their "support goats." We also talk about why making time for meaningful conversation with your partner is important, and how to handle a holiday party if you're shy.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. Jordan was they go off there with the remote and talk. About sports animal born. And into Bowling Green, Ohio. There's a couple who asked whether her husband's depression and has caused them to find a support and oil and in this case is support governments. Goats they have three of them. They're getting in trouble because of zoning. And the Bowling Green area any violation was that dismissed. And they butted heads over the goats would another village and a couple remove the goats last year. After village cited them but brought them back earlier this year when doctors certified and as emotional support animals. And it's indicate decouple again in September. Essential comply but some continue fighting for the goats in her husband's happiness. I me. Love the fact that she's a writer died like she's fighting par or goats and their husbands happy yeah. I have to tell you go completely. And totally creep me out coach eyes. Ahead like all go to poppy as a major Jessica is at the you don't everything bothers you everything. Just did creep me out I have a whole thing they seem a little skittish to me is sometimes it is weird huh painting lines weird sat. And I could not imagine like it would be like a nightmare. To be awakened. By a bleeding built. Regularly wins out to you to read it neighbors goat is bleeding and I that's not arrogant that stretch that included Mike Taylor swift's songs all the eating. However I I give the mean lower. An anti anxiety. That yeah I just wanted to he had nice you on video while it is the aborted the John dog. Great gainers something dog that got. Taken me sound odd to impound Newfoundland. Over. An important go. As soon go to gonna be allowed me Dawes to rely on to that Bartlett but but no it's going to be outside the whole time I assume yes and there are going to be I think they're allowed in I don't own. They are not but also to small neighborhood she's innocent and Oregon and goats I bet there's a bit of people who have had goats inside but it is illegal tying my idol. I don't think it's a thing I don't think it should be. For them. Something you know getting back to. Our listeners Casey Casey and her I think she has an indoor no she dies. In our go to. And like a pick me go to some. Book where have you saw this and does she was close irbil just like every has gone down. I've amassed only people that Casey and I don't want you to know I mean yeah Joey I believe. Fits her boobs have close. The low his indoor guilt I did. I think where that adds we are sorry they feel weird I do believe they had matching outfits at one point out that we are indoor goats. My house I'm sure you know it's tiny little area they've detained stimulate tied up I mean what is what is going on David. Invisible fence we're gonna go at Ina fried Aaron back so many questions. We didn't get to eat like three in a patent something. I don't know get a 300 pound dog or you you know five now on right led. Now that the reason of I remember right. Begins backs. Of the goats eyelids like freedom or something and that's why it looks weird that it is at a thing I've heard man making that up. I. Like it has like multiple eyelids that making crank out or something like that. Well get something weird I think I remember a whole bunch of pictures of over that's. Look at Ellis Island it's allow. Them to get worms and come out about that. I'm not looking at here Soviets as the goat island sex to I. A and the Philippines yes. They currently slaughtering go to car about the idol adds. And you know it goes there. I I I I thought I heard that could be wrong I don't see anything coming up uptight there's some really nasty pictures of goat eyes with worms. Hey guys I'm not into the you know within doe eyes without worms are disturbing enough below on wonder why. Why. I lied today like people cleaning me up back in the day to go like evil animal right. Well. I believe there and think about what I want with devil worshippers like affluent or something. I don't I don't know but I mean double the animals. You look got a bad at double worshippers look black cats I don't which I don't nets is going to everybody probably says I'm not talking about two weekends. Then they Isiah sees what says that they can see all over the place where their eyes are. I would probably be one of the evil people fighting it. Yes and I honestly I don't exist. You know there is a while there were people are getting. People still are getting chickens. In their yards like in neighborhoods and that's that is bad. That's Italy after smaller clients but. There cock a doodle doing the roosters to be a roosters I don't know about that later. Morning morning and it just goes underneath you need three I mean serious three. He has delivered one boat. Matt and goats next door and they got an opinion their beard is a thing that I have a problem it. You know I don't even know vase it's out of goat smells when you have like one goat they are here now and getting pygmy goats I have so many questions and ask. They've got to be tiny go do yes it. But he got emitted belittle Emily and if you feel like they'll just buy it if I mean or die night it's a very we're getting in this very weird course of what animals can be used again wanted to use of a rhino where hippo or you know or something like arts Iraq. Those animals are actually illegal to owns the well has done well yeah they wouldn't BVL some sort of doctors know it's not just about zoning. Chimpanzee. That's not just about Zoe you know and chimpanzees ID exotic animals all you do is about zoning with a at this is sold out zoning. There's places you have chimpanzees number that money that girl's face off. I don't think it was a legal. But it's it's not really that's what I'm saying you can I don't think it was eight legal step that not it was doubly illegal tip if you don't have a legal sense. Yeah out of the little tiny man have a bunch of time Montes ran around in with a like organ grinder monkeys okay yet they had an album though genmar honour California in your backyard. But yeah it. That back I don't any animal. Area is to me don't let them know life. Is too many what's the number of residential area with a number dogs cats everybody. Outdoor animals how many Al Dora or. That's a lot more on the lat yesterday that many I'm I'm not a knock it down that team won by a dead one. When full time now but let's apply. A. A Boeing in a million more than one before dog. In a residential and I try outside when you had five other Baylor in your rescue or you can't hand them back our whole motive of the agent can have four. And a four outside dogs yet but dogs you have a not for outside Nowak. Against you can have now OR or are outside dogs of them is not like it usually. Or that are prepared and out right now I'm against it against it on morning. 1079 they'll link cares. Send this link to kids it's the most wonderful time of the year and we need your help to spread that one year we teamed up with CN TD for -- willing to kids help local children and families this season by sponsoring a child's Christmas join SF promise not on Providence and virtual village on December 16 in nineteen to drop off your gift and enjoy special activities for the whole family get details on the drop off parties and how you can help them 107 and the link dot com. The other day and he was on the all they ran on air podcast would of course be expanded things off there. Was about like 845. Minute I think it was only five minutes 36 questions to get to intimately know your partner Matt the long damn time. 45 minutes. Now you bring us somebody's brought us a ten minute yet it's like the work out things in minutes or less less you know like work out programs. You'll see Yemen and get that Alex six minutes a great grabs her. 42 seconds of huge biceps here's Deborah things once things let's be shortened quick. But. Yeah I think if you're not willing to take 45. Put it on its way to. I don't I don't do very well and it's now it's not sound like five minutes. My relationship already great we don't need it benefit you and I just don't K 45 minute minutes at a time life is. About time you what east I don't waste time. If I say it could take you 45 man that's a waste of time draft. A perfect fantasy football team would you say that the wait did not. That's important exactly I'm not I don't really probably I would probably breaking open a twenty minute segment. That I've never I don't university good yeah you're all draft saying I don't think I the other guys did I knew that. Took you idol or now I'm not I don't think I have ever sat for 45 minutes one stating. You fantasy football or anything else that you're telling me that wind you wind died in bandy and all the other guys here. At eagle draft party data at your ten minutes and now. Now the draft party takes longer but the research. I don't sit for 45 minutes on my computer but you do devote 45 minutes to. Yeah not one time. Okay. Barely apparently really give you 45 minutes on the show a social problem is if it was 45 minutes and you break it up in ten minutes yeah Mike you better yeah. Once a month they give you ten minutes here's tipped as a lesson you won't even bother to try well it's my painful conversation. It's a useful exercise. To help you learn how to really. Listen to your partner. And truly ear when your partner re saying this only takes ten minutes ten minutes so okay here's a Judea. Because a lot of times. You know you're not really losing do you partner you kind of tuning out not only one thing and Jane going to do is waiting for your chance now jumping in and tell them what you think about it other 'cause there's and some silly. Here's what media mindful conversation. One have you plays a role today. The other one's team. Bullets AMA. I talk. And then you listen for a set period of time. One minute to minute you'll talking stick that are faced added remarking stats at Harvard dream of. I don't have idea like yeah. Yeah. Back. And and oh my god is an example. I like the time. And I didn't bat an act. With him and it with a number of the government. I I. Out well because we have established guidelines jets all Iditarod been doing is that deadline. And not. I sit what minute to let let's make it through a minute I didn't hear that. It's pretty topic for a legitimate threats to law. It was I mean it is to get him minutes right you are a minute maybe it. Yeah okay five decades and it I didn't I demand to know now you don't want men it's good can I take notes at the other thing that I take notes. You should just be listening but why not take notes why not just listen because offered debts and don't take no it's okay do you think. Did did that they did the attorney just sits and what a cop to sit ins licences to the end licences listens to the eyewitness or does he write notes that. He writes those that. Not a court of law that could look at somebody who wouldn't it. He's done about him and them didn't sit. Around and kind of outlets and I can only are they listening. Still give him when it. Yeah. We have established that. And I entanglement. With a act. Isn't it down but one million everyone in my guys once you have to detox from one minute and even if you're not finished yet to stop. I'm stopping and then I'd get it but that went in I stopped after I was a man like minutes and you get. And then after that one minute you say. What I heard you say it is right and you reiterate what you learned about her no one minute and maybe have only gotten only part way through and they learned I respond. Or just repeat. You learned nothing. We know how. And when Harry you that he is but I'm what do you angled my leg responded just repeat. US and I heard you say oh came at the end of act and I add on ridiculous that was. That's why the senate that you bet obviously. You did catch this apartment heiress but isn't wire home with a doesn't let me talk for a whole lot easier to tell. I. Exercise should be doing by one minute until I'm satisfied that you understand what I'm trying to tell you might understand. Up her and a button at the wrong only can it may we switch roles. Ending you'd get one minute to talk but wait a minute because. Once and I don't take notes you restart about a guy let's have I don't take notes an area and I but I repair repeated back to what you said I'm remembered I think I just repeated battles you just keep going over you know that I forgot it because you won't bring it up again for a month. Now do I want to remember that conversation. I only and I got married okay right you're right I don't I'm not doing and there's a whole tone thing. Like she says. You know. When did you get for decades. But she's ital I hear it but you might not say that way so I repeated that united averages now we got a bite of a tone but a mind that's tired. And she's well that wasn't what I set in stone I would like to not get as I still here. I'm doing damage and so what does that mean I can say any repeat back to them what you hear differently wow now Dana. Do we really mean that you're using God's unlocking envoy of the mock boards yes hey is. Right right right yeah that messes it all up then the guy we do exciting news to me yes that's I heard yes yet and we have a whole problem now. Yes we didn't suspect the public educating give me one. One minute one man at 32. It's more laughs and more fun. It's very quick that. That means maybe 75%. They need to look like Thursday's. Incident behind them people like. I just think it's surprising. I sure dating ten year I noticed it 170 Iverson didn't like it gave up let's say. 33%. Didn't like Iggy and the other system when it gets to sit. They're not sure they leave their not sure there on the Bob Lewis guy. Should realize they have plenty and his first army and you need to go all end he's got bad breath that day Camilo as reasons. 10% we broke an axle crates and maybe a few weeks probably is may be you met at a restaurant. And this actually having Hannity we met at the rest and be. The number one you are. Gonna be standing now some parking lot if you. If you have out with somebody not get a little I'm telling him right now. I detest. I heard the name EU. You put it into an Alley into them like that yet pressed up against the building and an animal called the mental development don't get agreement I would probably paragraph if you're leading in print that no. And is there an area but I I think you're all I know people are now. I'm not saying that of a parking lot is no reason not to. Be my wouldn't you think you're going to be in some. Like down palace there's some happily so. Org Bob parking garage people who don't wanna make out parking garage on the court camera shots what are you got a restaurant may be you don't wanna make out there because. You rule don't believe in PD he don't look good to drive. The garage. Eight Nance humans around the parking garage you wanna make out what your wife Amy in a partying around my dating her. I was deleting them. You know just some 88 dead Davies holed it from blog about it dating her I'd probably make got a parking garage. Oh. Married middle iron on time and underlined emblematic Al. But in my own. Bet if you lie about a couple. Double. Who love each other the most known each other than as the evil ones try to make a mountain is just met this guy one data though or I just met this guy. Two out other going to be all over each other near B you know we edited I think that that's. That's truth if you if you if you're gonna make got a parking garage probably aren't gonna make out a pardon grudge by nightmares. Yeah. I would I brought about I was gonna make out I don't count that is PDA because I don't think anybody's around apart I'd rather bright. Up for the outdoor. Are these desert into a better ideas why did thousands of every pundit I've never been an up or down has had lots of people. I abandoned parking garages weren't as your last week it's Colin and I meeting at like 5 o'clock in the morning at the last one to go pound gorilla the last viewed. I meant to lower its these last couple weeks and I'll and I as you go make out where do you make an able person ball I. I don't know why don't these people I guess maybe the game ended but I usually just keep driving and and part. Not not fight for it's like it's Weezer spots on his keep driving up to adopt. Hopefully she would have to. I'm more or else they geeky kid today wanted to say I have my doubts they want to optimize our other belt loops you could say why am I you walked in my car. No two women and evading ever have a demanded a single do not well cancel the bell the contact no probably would be okay for the got to say no let's walk up in my car and I did you drive your car. Now and at Aruba. And that that these are doing is yet to make her feel more see you wanted her to her car but what if your car is close. You know one he's atop my car. While driving it a year you're a lot which is that further away you want to walk in the cold not nice safe card. Mac can lean over and she can look. At Atlanta Tiki in the practice yeah I get the car. It's really close and hers as far away you can ought AA I think you need give her the option. We in my car is right here I can give you ride your car or. A walking your car you add let's go to my car make out now if Helena does the other responses to staged. And being she starts running to her confidence is I think it's on there with at all. They're I doubt they're producer extraordinary days shy person has me. As mentioned most often times sons beer and on the podcast is not talk hardly awareness channels and media. See where I. Thank you might have had a conversation with Kelly from the mid days today really and she stopped by the studio she says it all tell Bob what we're talking about before was a members only jacket. And hey Roy is frankly shocked because. To think. Of I think he cheats on other people that's from you had to have gone out of his way to have a conversation with her because she's in her own little studio. He probably needed something or did some Bieber. Right doc I got to meet with her every day anyways alone throw you meet her every day via. Battle that oh no we have to. Left the door handoff part of our catalog via daily music and off yeah. Which he played which didn't say multiple word surgery is an off. Yeah I do but maybe she says and he. Yeah I can't imagine we'll maybe shooting. Cheating with I did I he see your. To be very act cozy with a lot of the guys back in that. Bull pen back there relative ridicule all their name yes he does. But he's very stealthy series easy and all the names ask but he did you got the holly party coming out. Using like the only people who dog doesn't talked at drums and the guy I talked to everybody and he also does not talked to management. OK that he's a brilliant is secretly secretly a so I shy people and Ali parties coming up they say go check out the venue. Seems like you make its way out of my mom doesn't we're having their restaurant so it gets to go and restaurant is not eat better. So what he has wander around kind of wander around check out the place. And it it he says that I was this. I'm not I'm not managing wanna runs around and I'm like oh see we're just like a rock the banquet on yeah that would make me feel any your mom. Jackson out of where she just missed my mom is. She absolutely. Needs. Needs to visit the place where. At a restaurant or if it's a restaurant like yeah do you president. She used balked sub he drives there she finds a place to park she walks in she takes a look around and she leaves. Really. I've taken her many placed third feels so weird that there's Lockett in India as brown hair and gag idyllic. And got a highway as an item method is women there they bullied we're meet at a church of Serbia did. I love did shirts. He went door area. He's afraid of driving. Monsters something even wants to know which entrance he's opposed to campaign wants to know what the parking situation now live with the Keating situation gas that's I don't have that kind of time that a lot of willing to devote that I attacked. Like the places right next door hit you probably Donovan forty minutes round trip probably somewhere. That's pretty crazy on you so but you're you can sensory overload to be really shy sometimes so that might help yet and it tip they say is volunteer. To help put up the holiday decorations that we are an early date he looks super helpful your brown noses and year. Taking out the place favorite primaries got there yet the lay of the land. You know to reject anybody decorate. An area I think we don't we don't decorate one it's other places now we don't. Actually no question that we get something was an old Mac we did something right there is able closet stuff for some. That's what the rest are rotten I feel like I saw people moving things around. It's okay. Maybe I didn't. The shot people a lot of times we'll go in the on the perimeter observing what's going on May second your anxiety worse. Because they feel like it's a spotlight on it. The year over their stand by yourself and and aside so in the middle of the room where the people are that's the conversation takes place they'll be self conscious you're by yourself. You lost a crowd you know roll around to the crowd you know. And it's too hard to do battle that he be too because largely on your buyers to look alert. I was. You know hanging out on the perimeter of a conversation just standing Norman and where they PI Urlacher I'm pacing through the. I know my party we would open we sol dot it would it would be included. Think people would would part the reds need to have him enter the conversation. Even or might not say anything. They went on to dealer. I really Letterman well first I usually winning an award of some sort dancing. The dancer but he's done it two more days program I can't act as a way of either. Getting lost behind the camera taking pictures out of fantastic way Myers he's so I'll just manages to just. Beat there but not been and he's a ninja you don't know when he showed up and you don't know when he left that's why it's good for him to not do the perimeter. He's able to scoot around and I've been alert there and not standing at the ball. Yeah clearly not a worker he's not gonna hang out by your conversation there. Maybe he might you don't notice some. Might be international. Rehearse or conversations. No I usually it I had like a one I want and it Christmas party yet. Earth to they said he if you wanna get face time with a boss don't have a drawn out conversation make you quick and simple and it's a great party boss. Thanks so much OP have a terrific validate your attic. I can't do that yeah but we you can't make ads. Did not make a one sentence to sentence thing. You adapt too much there's no way you do and I'm walking away watch me away. Monday and to do about yeah that would let things get a boss Rick party thanks so much depth having holidays as Greek government. You really don't. By Iran right now are trying to tell Yost his mover and shaker. And he's not he's an. This is Shaq really hard you really no way are they into sentences and mocking way. Because I caught myself. Over engaging our supervisor. Over because he just you are over gauger he just moved his office to a new location. End minority area I was walking down the hallway you know that that's his new office yeah end. He had his head down. You know he was learning who's working you bothered him I sure did I couldn't help myself like a new. And it's really been you know. And you can time decorate your office like our other balls that decorated the Euro. Do they need on the enemy might be good small talk and then. Saw him do that non verbal thing where you look at me and you look back is a computer screen like idea. Yeah yeah how many times have people that and today. I knew it was now and I realize that I'm any any man and the need to do is dress the part. Feel comfortable to appropriate feel cool. Wear shoes do you want to be easily at I don't need it all adds admit that helps shy people this is ridiculous pretend to be a journalist. Best becomes someone who's genuinely curious about Sutter relational dynamics. So you look around the room France and you look at a person missing and why they talk and rappers. Buddy looking around the room public. Server who's going to be. Engaging the big boss he's telling me enemy is not going to be you know I think it as there's no good value on the show he'll try don't try. You're trying so I'm only saying. Nice party no you're not know you're nine back at reality I think I will. Annual I had that I hope you want content and probably a better idea. On but I've and then of course they say as you always hear these things don't worry about it nobody's watching use their only way yet you're worried about themselves or but he had any problem block. I can go out and I can I can do this I will's take care Alicia consider me. But the liaison from the show to management on London little learning low I will take care of locking all management you can stay far away. I got so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with Ramon Harris. Then second straight year and a better by the way and I don't like Japanese it's your main. Including one to deny that I mean 293949. Rate before they hit the big eyed. Zero are you feeling kind stressed we knew it. One of the time now you know want and also I really kind of forget how old Lance a lot of time how can I mean I don't. It's like after bank cat most times I have new Mac. I'm just blurted out. Are you being not it and you may. A I I often forget read it in like my life makes fun of me and I I I know I don't keep up. You know you're raising the army let you know nearly eight and bursts again yeah eyes to get to the doctor's office yeah because my mom is evident. Problem with that's lately she's been telling people she's born in 1974. Maybe just feels young in that none at all. I don't know my birthday it's just that I I have to stop and yes I did do the man yeah yeah got to man. And a year like can handle that one. I'm not yes is that I know now it into a meeting different as a birthday was not a big deal to me. When I look back and pictures I think it should have been a big. Clown Sosa. I I was much. And you went. I thought it at the time but I. Another way that people might she is a trigger major relationship milestone. What they mean by that is an engagement. Are the votes shy old. Mary's. Both of you Mac in the had been through engagement and marriage ripping engagement seems weird because. You just you both feet in the poll. I can see marriage. Because that's used in wet clothes. I agree that there isn't in the news and like like for at least a wild would you get engage like okay I'm in. It is engaged thing in an article but I get closer the marriage I think the marriage would be more like. Law. I'm an old smallish greens should be and what. So yeah well. Yeah I'm getting gig and I would be married but before you give Mary Brent closer there's a panic it's there as he did yes still some. While little gas I would think the first is more likely to cheat. Closer to the. Wedding have been closer to the engagement and that would be my theory on sticking to can onside and everybody I mean if there is all the time that's is that a good now. And at to have babies. That we messed up man but I am I concedes yeah I can understand I mean artist and that's when we go low numbers theory it is. Because you may not be you know you're just in your life is about. Change and government say it yet named a suspect. And your wife's probably not a good moods don't wanna do or whatever new DN. That's not me. That. He is the most horrible theory it is horrible that and what do I think this theory to be what else life here. What else do you this is not I had have a theory about why they cheat when certain theory makes me literally want to breathe fire at you may eat. I'm reading the people secret birds of a child. Or or via which pregnant or right after Janet so I had to come up with theory why I'm not the wonders as do and I didn't do it I'm just. Sad that laggard addiction. And just I am. And what does your theory didn't lie but a dirty dollar. That's I know I'm here to help the ladies you're here. To voice to give isn't it thirty all know give voice of the women to know to watch out of the dirty dog. Just tell him then it might think OK I didn't I didn't think that at all. A soul what should a woman do and what it decides that he might have dirty dog tendencies that he let me think it like this I think. I okay a couple of days you go you know I know you get a I don't know what did you do it but here's got to do better. Keep the affection going keep the romance going from both sides you know you want her to feel good you don't it. And everything now is good I don't know what else is. I'd give you solutions are just if you look down and dirty doll GAAP net and I yeah you're not here for dirty dog prevention. That's on you you're here for doing odd expose today jacks was say yes OK although I would add one thing is I find it hard to believe that people are cheating right after the date because I don't I'm not so tired. Well that. Wouldn't you guys who actually helping with debate okay yeah again like I am not right bouncing out. He's doing everything she's worn out right it's good value I would breathe fire you by coded. What about these enemy when you came up with a theory that's a mean they are eaten all of. Or profiling these. These guys who don't know salad the Berry. Yes they are. Another reason in order trigger. Would make sense they the opulent shamed about themselves or have deep seated insecurities or whatever yet. James is surprising orbiter says. British and the way you look into because your partners actually and maybe your senior partners retaliate. On Mother's Day. Create time did do was somebody else or at least I got up early sign up what actually matters that cheating site there's things. It'd apple please it could very well adds to me that I am going to have an affair yes. Well Mimi people probably mean they they might feel under appreciated it comes to ahead. And Mother's Day on the site the day itself to be retreated to a woman great all year and you Maceda mothers today. That's one thing I keep I would gas but it year screw up and even screw up a Mother's Day to boot. And she's like I'm not appreciated I want to do it was somebody. So whether Wacey giving announced that I don't even know what that was is very creepy. And let's say. There's the revenge affair. You more likely days you have a high paying jobs. They say the reason why is because they feel people are at high paying jobs deserve to have aside piece. For providing for the primary partner. I would not come up with that theory lose ya that's the word there and I would think the weird that theory would better be of more options. Of people a cool looking good looking people and then it's not that. You know like ally desired make so much money out reserve ban on the bread winners I deserved a slice office lies slide behind a slider up. Have a slight. I did little but I haven't this loan limits and then as signer. Nice cheese steak sliders and it happened I. 1079 delaying care. We've saved his link to kids. We're doing it again seems like it's your chance the some kids in the community we do it. We judgment to show element of our police department and was round and kind. Children who are in media over the holidays an example. Lancry year old Sammy. And lag a lot of three year old they need in the fall patrol and Spiderman. And we've heard it. Sammy Stanley could use them warm blanket because his mom has been diagnosed with cancer here where children she hasn't been doing well. And they really could use. And Christmas magic if you can make it happen these good one to seven finally got. And type in the keywords and. That's realistic are fairly remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 link dot com.