French Kissing 101

Friday, August 31st

Don't be that person who slobbers all over their partner...Ramona's got tips for french kissing. Also, do you know how to parallel park? Apparently it's one of the many skills you can learn in a week to impress people!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. George the sink come on. My big guy if you like and I always couldn't do because he's up there. I don't want to say teachers oddity. Got a few classes like we did and she's taken out. I air then I'll be honest with you when I read days of it who need it. And then the more RIA ready to live the more I thought Matt Harris. You know I don't I donated Ahmed and I would say that most people you're married you could always step your game. Everybody get a little bit better but I'm saying that is really important for people who are. You haven't done it a lot or haven't earned her are not in a relationship or in the haven't had a lot of dates or things like that. And he's like don't hit her teeth. Should that even be on the list CPU guys laughed at me what I set a patent that hit teeth before I'll I don't. I don't gives a lot of people BJB. A laugh yeah T. My younger days wasn't like it was yesterday or something. But you know TDs hitting his happens. They had been people who are guilty of teeth collisions. Are people who were not mindful of how wide here oh how. I. I like. I and the one I adds Atmel won more than once but the onetime remember she had very large tour Steve. That was hard to I don't know listened to all our phone and yeah I misjudged because of this size in which it. No I'm not even now and yeah. It is so much bowl bump heads mean everything becomes awkward sometimes they leave room if you live in bulletin it's a little bit. The intense look in relative tenderness. And. Whom. Your timing right now if the timing is off a little bit now know and went too forceful in May last and dramatic comedy. Is the snow starts happening and I own a bookstore. Do not open your mouth to buy these dudes because the woman wants to feel your lives. When you open to wide she only few of your time and T. As a fine person your lives your lives are simply they gave belliard to on your teeth are not involved or idea you're gonna end. And I didn't get in you know he's blocking I have ever in highlight attitude is really. We have not had a great. Just salacious and mouth they're all craziness. If Rahal and well it's actually just a drive by clinic it's not like yours to Slaton. And drive my. Car in a car. They got stuck in that issues that I've learned over the years makes cents after awhile yeah he's always lose the tooth. It is like to get too much with UT. That you thought you would do much now and then saying it was only a lot of extra Anderson you usually bring going on and. Maybe her tooth when in an Al. I think you need to introduce that comes slowly. Note Tom you don't want to surprise her with it now not that I'm I'm a 100% on that. Don't die stride in writing for the French I'm not done that museum gift around the neck in the Al. Yeah we're a land things get more relaxed and eventual that's when you go in using your time sparingly and don't expander whole town. Now brown is going to your town and don't move your tongue around too fat. Hey these are all things you know this that's just in general and then don't give a lazy dumb dog just to get out there and expect her to do all the work both for your time that the Sundance it's just like sex. And many ways in joneses you know added Unita glued on your own self yeah you don't swooped right and let him bomb the united until. I don't mind Clinton and the his own movie was their teeth into on. The you know you just you you you don't just. We got like. Quickly he's that you tonne with that other thing do you like thinking me me me me me needing just take it times moods within a they go full extension either well that wind but the I was answering it write up he said the darting. Part regarding darting and art and and don't just introduce yourself. About. And the local. Well anybody image and yet the house but you know what you get married Sally difference kissing and that's not something that. Happens regular. It is very important when your friends kissing because this is not regular accusing. That but he added I Bart doesn't come from just the mouth and the time it comes from grind out in your whole body to do work frosting is it's. It's just is important what you do with your hand Luke. As was happening with your mouse and your year and year maybe you line up your crotch and your tong and do the same thing you do when you're done with us. Now let's go to the old rumor around. Nice girl and symphony and citizens out you're not. The organizer Linda and I'm an the he. And you don't want that spit thing between you and you her mound or between bloggers are closed at a young slot guy wants about remembering your past. Mean you have those Reiner and the odds are it was a nosed runner that's right. Coach Ron. Runner extra sloppy kiss and nose grew up yet but is where I gotta get back and break right he's obviously has something Algiers. May. Local or if you bring them do a lot of years radio gaga has chosen running. Break up. I. You. Richard let me know how you wouldn't know you didn't break enough. Then you have allergies and everything they want to do you have a lot of simple personal guy yet you can't think oh. Why no I really think they know what this is not a good time for me. Everything else is great Matta yeah reducing the match. You're guessing a Max of the defense then go and letting me as. Well. Now though I'm telling you know I've done worse with a run then he. And I kissing anybody with a runny knows and you drop somebody. Is it from now we're just 1 time o'clock and one time and Noah not one time yeah I can I can let it happen. Does that Q do you when you realize is certainly don't. Please don't drop and I am not gonna break out there and not gonna happen again you are. Sorry yeah talk about. Because no one who legal pain and not. Nancy I would be kids I want kiss my life with a runny nose I went very Derek parliament do away now I'm Egyptian and I flew. Anna can you get that I would kid's dad went I guess about the runs. Out of the running and he does a lot you're too easily dumping people. Until I'm very lucky. You didn't yeah. You. Want to miss it. You could say no he might not even know what it's. I don't know yet or on my god you know. No New England all different demagogue on and on the ice drinkers some no yeah. I I was running all the way to know is amount this route in New York blitzes but your mustache. I pop my. Grandma. Is just. Smith got the right it's off there was met Ramona duke junior learned a week it's gonna impress about it. Any wine. I don't even know these impressive. Learn to solve a review room excuse. I isn't resident Bennett and wouldn't act and on the ocean has been mildly highly aggressive I don't think I could learn. You can do and less than ten seconds they say it and now. Yeah or something like that it would be that would impress some people back. I'd I don't have the pace but it says that you can learn it quickly I don't think I learned quickly nor do I think I was quickly. If they say in a week how much every days and hours and not devoting tiger yeah basing this on press people. You learn in a week at a parallel park which well I thought I. Who press that I have is that all kind of am and the drivers and teacher let. You know why now he mentioned Mona I knew guy who could like really speed and do it because he's to be a ballet and eat eat in would you like. Really quick yeah it was pretty impressive. Via Knoll a veto code and you don't really like really fast I am impressed the other line out there and acted it was like. I. Like really quickly. And I'm not impressed are you seeing him do it the line up and then back in and you know you're on the greens this fast. Before. I got my Jeep with a backup camera on it. It was horrifying you condone it I could only do it if it was in front of the building that had a window where I conceded reflection of the car. And now. And running ads and and I remember one time trying to park uptown Charlotte. And this guy who had been. Either loitering that. The bus stop or waiting whatever he was trying to direct me and it made by anxiety so bad it was I'd just like. I I know people try to help but made it so much word relevant cars behind you to read to you could do it really fan like he I mean I'm talking about is really crazy fast yeah but also it does make me a little. We did out with some is waiting also to his lawyer I am proud about like a patio. Think yeah. A if I think people sitting out like on outside want pat and I need to know that now when I'm when you like your judgment. Seeing people I know they're lucky they are wanting terror. No way just thinking about it being lax the gotten home it is impressive the public on the front. We. Like a bunch of the year meaning that even somebody you know all these years and all of. We had to meet a client went time in those ran outside there office about a one to wonder if they could see the out of the window. I'll talk I am exactly the. I. You can impress in one week you can learn how to cook an amazing day it's now the dance like a pasta dish they say is a good example. Or perhaps burger on a grill her steak on the grill at my desk. Who couldn't do then a week Coogan knew that means five minute I've tried for years as you're you're you're you're you're there's your line it's. I'm also I'm lying until you get the diarrhea from infected I wouldn't have to present. They didn't give the Veba diary in one week yep. I don't know about has been impressive learn the basics of martial arts self defense and little I would like that yeah knowing basic blocks punches take them maneuvers. Odds are what are him Pratt who used him like practice in the hallway and only time I mean. All. I know you don't know who examined the and. It's almost like went a little he'd first learned is there a dance routine. Or they first learned martial arts moves. And any images that you stand around talking and he went. Yes and presents it in slow motion neither it might really rough but apparently trying to pick me here's the problem I. Let lies that. But what I think Damien what I would say is more of a self defense thing. Where like lake that was just a random checks on your face. Like you dig deep that is lying down grabbed my arm site hearing was not blaming a net off there in the rain. I cannot random that it but like I did it for. I would say the I give someone of every bit but it is a dead area is that it Republican close to your face of fluid arm arm big time arm twisted that me and ahead of us. Don't remember when Matt use it like to keep it the interns that's true. That one and Marshall I that was hardly. That was just a brand of those does is play full time help. And I was not even close like people until I play I just thought episode of our region in death it but if someone says like. It comes up but I again they are used to tell woman how to flip a guy often go ahead try to choke PNC bank get out of it Somalis tell them. The mound like a finger. At an event like you can't get on the floor concerned about. The spoke. That's impressed with this. The senate. As well yeah. That's the really Marty yeah. Like allowing a guy on his. Floor and ask god we didn't strangler but the. You know. My. Brothers. Girlfriend is very good girl that likes that and and showed Amy about it. Could we are talking about it in his command and nowhere like my guys on top of you how to take a modeling is a simple move to get him off I was like. Yeah I suppose and let. You know yeah and then I had for opening party to visit Everett didn't do the jet lagged. My brother's girlfriend. And GT mean it cracks are dynamite guy Ryan. He's like you via burn see somebody about to get stabbed and I've fight do this. That was entertaining MI Joba print job immensely brought up. I find all these very. Doesn't quite remember the central. He has thrown her early as a real threat to earth for a week yeah. They get an event usually doesn't personally lost consciousness yeah I am talking like it did. It. Think back. It's more glass in more fun. It's what's that we're. Ramallah all right some arguments that we have allegedly comment arguments with couples I guess that's raised these are good he. Dumbest our dumbest attack at most couples have how many of them have EU and viewers together ahead. An argument over clothes being all over the floor or wet towels on the bad. Never never added I will have sometimes the close again as sometimes with her executive she's a little slow putting her clothes away after an on line. Did you pick that up below that so that they have the jury doesn't it close and yet turn doors ring close a kind of given up on it. Or doubted myself Burt and economist at some of the arguments like animal yeah it is a cat but c'mon and it is up to sit there. She enjoys my mom to. Always as I was gonna Wear the leftovers. Now we don't have that we used to. Three kids on occasion I would come home. And she eaten something that. I thought about like all morning good morning reason I thought about how we keep rates at home any that leftover pasta or whatever. And they need to get there has gone you are ready to fight and are ready to attack. Just everything in your system and it's and I should be gone to cholera but what this week. I needed yeah you can't do that when I'm thinking about it but fortunately she's got to a point cinnamon like let covers a much anymore some gold and. I wonder why I don't. I stood at around it and they inspire raged yeah bring aid I haven't got I'm probably a much better marriage. Football Sunday is as. And that's viewed not every Sunday but there are arguments about it today. Football Sunday. Arguments are oftentimes symbolic. It is symbolic. Because it's bows. Feeling a little jealous. Because there now may be to say that there is refers to spend more free time now it's not that oh no not that it's they want to do something on a Sunday and I am unwilling to do anything because I want. Imagine a bit but they would rather they wanna not a beneath it and now it's not satellites I want to be romantic and spend time I wanna do something social or want to go dues some solar girl is and phone. Oh now. About being yet about being in the Netherlands and maybe because of it be different I think he's spent a lot of my articulate. Why does is she gonna do this thing along because you want everybody to suffer cry. Or hit I guess that's why as she wants to be social with other people Janelle and leave the solo. Yeah he's against her daughter like a romantic now or I miss you kinda thing exist. So can you need I need a reason for being married because she's yet to go solo now. Robbing our place of their lives and now you knew I watched for a long Sundays when we got married. And I mean to cut down. Yeah and have cut back a foot long lot I cut down on sports on at. Yeah when you when you read it it's part of that yet to trim your sport street when yet if married and gets from its more and get kids. Isolated down the light replays an NFL game and and worries over the return to die out there is. A twig Charlie Brown Christmas trees which are down to. Somebody in. Is pretty much laid all the time while the other person is on now I don't know that from banana. Am like so he's late JJ everything new involvement time all that many times that you find you you said it before and I do find it. How Larry is she doesn't miss slices of flannel and yeah completely geology is always per very hard time yet it even early. Right but no maybe in her private life she wants to relax on the clock on the you know what you can relax on your own time as did there on time. I'm in May these plans to be social over the flight you had beaten me once sometimes has its worst habits their plan. Since planned to go police social I agree de LA and new web. Are we light. And you really that's got to get a job that's getting them. No one else to read allegedly. By and there is always this bad over walking speed. Because some people just naturally walk faster on the last inaugural he says it doesn't have anything to do would being in Mary you're trying to outpace somebody else. Yeah I don't know he got Bernard doesn't know itinerary of the big financial data and do a bat without you know getting snippy about his fate today. I must go down so that we can actually walk. And top that I don't want to dock. I do walk fast sometimes it is better do that than it's been an attack in the littered natural walking in sometimes it's not I'm if it I'm a natural fast walker but it isn't. I a lot of times I just wanna get to the next day. And I see no reason along the gag. When I don't want them here. Down in my office yet Anderson. And and I've hung on run everywhere aren't like a gazelle big strides aliens again only. So I don't understand all leading news did you could call people here in the workplace slow walkers move I don't know how they limit themselves and another lumbering a lot of and walks so slow. It is out and amazing. People are taking time actually look at our window and I'm not just a lot of people are just turn it still time to get nothing to do yet but time will tell you know yeah. Stolen bag you know dad passed. Its onslaught and apply it to the player in this building that are snow who's you know there are so slow there almost going backwards yeah. Mean I don't think I could keep up with them if I try to follow them for ten minutes I'd crawl out of my skin with anxiety and tension and like everything out and am and I don't walking behind him all the signing you both need to slow down you couldn't you couldn't do that. You've you aren't exactly as I I walk theories lowly and I learned to walk evens lower. Because I go some place with my mom. And and and that she takes little tiny steps. They even though it sounds like she's walking really fast we're going absolutely. And that sets that title that is tough. I'd I mean I remembered college guys commenting on how fast walk even look for traffic and I don't I don't I refuse to stop. Back and I can't stop now the traffic that's an agency don't get run over that. Also air and remote talk about your peak. It's not my chief should or shouldn't. It's the danger. Of this new urination trained column that you are in the nation. You mean trying to get a guy I have been trying to get ago it and the that you urine nation should avoid the vision doctors say it's not good for you because there are. The more people. Holding in the PP. So that when they finally go to the bathroom it feels extra good blood does steal it they nickname for it is a Axsys dot doesn't feel like that but it does feel well. I don't know. Don't describe it for the I mean women that I Nolan Nolan either of you out at you you are intentionally not going to the bathroom I don't feel you need to go. Well and I'm. And potentially of I'm not the place we can feel it in my cars on the like matter. That have been not intentionally just for the purpose of making it feel good but we've all held it before longer than we've won it's he right. Yeah yeah I mean I have done that I was doing Illumina Holden so yeah yes he is more relief than it is a gas a piece. It hasn't like if you were like the Hungary's ever banned. I did pick most. On the way. If you're the harder it is here really I'm hungry I'm Sharon then and I have to peak which one are you doing first. Taking care of the so that tells you that. Blonde and shouldn't the people remember a couple of take care of video corny part. And do you do you take care of them combined there and it's the just announced that it. Not everything he'd ever be put on the order of what feels good he is not number one on the island. I have to be really really bad enough as it doesn't feel it feels better than sex embedded when Henry. It really really really really really really have. Yeah. And dancing in the car if I run my eyes and ideas into an eight mile every dictatorship. There you copy hi. Highlighted yet so we finally get me rub your body and I'd like. Ebonics accounts up and out of my seat you port but I would say we're traveling she p.'s mark okay. On the road driving duties here. Anything else is. Well I don't. Much now yeah I didn't ever aren't. Yes it feels good to go to the bathroom after I've been holding it because I wasn't close to arrest him. And I'm not gonna say it feels better than sex or a good meal eaten either he didn't you read and that's how you had any of those recently yes. In Baghdad not trying to have a again certainly better than doctor TJ if you. Do that too much hold that in too much you can develop a urinary tract infection. Or maybe even permanently. Damage you're glad I mean I don't do it on purpose. Mean everybody should do once and while they say of your. It. X I eagle exercises exercises are different than just holding re supposed Emily says you're supposed to stop your stream every once in awhile well it's different than. I don't I you started years during the nonstop and and it can't overnight tonight as an idol number does. You'll need to read tabloids before you enjoy your urine nations need to read up on the latter right and it matters on Alex and I. And I'll be glad to hold on to and I'm saying I don't panic. Well. Right now on the other end of the spectrum. Are the people who just. Go to the bathroom all the time for just in case speeds like oh I don't feel like I have to go but I'm gonna go anyway via those people not good for you either you have that's like you say on an island were relieved and. One last chance rigor of the bathroom. You gotta try. Yet especially if your child. Torment Ayers could like regular shocker but if you are a just in case appear all the time. That keeps retard latter and then your Blatter becomes a week. And you wind up having to go a lot more often so did you become the the person who has the tiny Blatter met here is. Who has to constantly. Can't make it through. An hour of a radio I checked it well without having to peak but so there's been times they give us seconds like where we're where like that time for you feel like you have to go. But don't try to hold it to law yet as you get that urge to go guys. I just don't play here for another hour and drop your whole arm little roll the dice. I had before I leave the station a lot of times I'm not sure you know act peer group or whatever. And I'm Mike Ammann roll the dice as to see if I get home and I tell you every time not to never roll the dice so roll the dice. We always tackled but it's work that some guys might my own home. Got so you've all read it handed to you. Eating your driveway a couple of without going to happen but I've not been in my current driver. Whose husbands have been called. I really do it again. We're gonna have your homeowner's association well I kind of William and Michael sacked you know. I've not been in my did you hear a grown man in the back yard pick and yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that Ramona. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.