Frozen Food Myths

Tuesday, January 9th

A little salmonella isn't gonna stop Matt from enjoying his expired frozen dinners!


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Myths about frozen food and bring it ought to be couple. Of these out. Outraged and angry. On. Frozen food fruits and vegetables artists help these press adequate. Thinking here's the important. Frozen food expires it does. Food safety I got a bottle of lovable. Frozen food pretty much remains safe and definitely now it's yes man yes that's why can't. The net might like the other day was like I'm on these are bad info regardless of what Anderson beef segment. With its eight year old Alex it's. And in particular. Entity and he did. Of it's covered in like a freezer burn your uncle and I affected taste rise nugget effect and you gonna cook it. Yeah I'm gonna affect what you not get any can't cook out. Freezer burned me. But it's not given a shot which takes. I again bad food a shot Bob Bradley I don't think the fight does she miss now and so horrible it's still. Don't know Ali its still a book take cash. I had diarrhea parity thing you're just might be like Abby covered enough taco sauce it's on it's that simple. Why. I mean it was like the bus ride through a league that these 2 things which I am I anyway at some organic crap. But I was going to need it or you paid extra to this junk let's eat it. Yeah. On Monday that its head and it's like OK hang. Think investors sold by September 20 cent at 60% in my book that's Aston sold by. And saved worst of salt buyer worst of it is the past it and as. Mark way around it the.