Get Along With Your Coworkers

Monday, May 14th

You spend a lot of time at work..your life there can be so much easier if you learn how to keep the peace!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there and then Ramona. Sometimes orders to repay and in a news bad news for the office. Some nice tips to get. A little better. Along with your co workers it's which sometimes being a workbook and command into your whole life so do you view these three things. One is don't leave things hanging. Some driving you nuts need to be decisive nor am I agree you ambiguity. Is dead straight out. This is what spot army is what you need when it doubt speak out ask questions. Sources assume it's gonna blow over don't hide in the corner and then it gets bigger and noisier and and you have to step and I squash court it's all out of control. Oh that's good idea. Also what did you do the last time you had to squash something. And I squash things that often. I. I do like I think I just look away. There who has it who's that guy. Squash anything Aaron I think I they've an average squash so many people over the years they don't relate it and company and because they expect is watching. How to deal with a I mean I said notice of meetings and stuff like that but. I don't think guys there was there's been no we irritation. As of late and it had to say stop doing that now. There has been the Tom London of the undated. You guys just yeah. Therapist it is important for you to tell me your own conclusion that yeah my conclusions yeah I just can't nail down the last time. Okay today I. I haven't squash things I've I've just decided to stay in the we called a bias fear the studio it. Bandied to vote and in theory in me and bitch and there are only squash things. Just now warming to do anymore I got that what am I gonna do. I don't care given and given up completely resign and so on your strategy and the fan apathy apathy apathy and then. Aberdeen might event at the ideas thanks does that sound like a recipe for the Harry it's not on this list. I think it would no empathy he has. Like the opposite of a motivational speaker had don't know I don't know where. But no one's gonna show up because they're all apathetic but even. And doesn't know where this leads to people who still care. Yeah I know now here's Sonny stopped caring that's right that is true. There are some things that based squad. Not just about right an important skill to learn bitterly as it otherwise you know hard and it and it is important skill to learn I have an end. Cool a new ways. A lot of other people in the family because her favorite saying is. Oh well no well yes gas house. And it I know is other people that had this like yeah and we all chipped in money for us to rid a bus to go to the family reunion in Mississippi. I spent on a new fur coat well okay. Okay well that's. About it what does situation that he could be huge he could be small caps she could be to blame. Or not I but. Well mine is more are not all miners. Or these are beyond my control and it says enough about it that let Iraq now like I'm. You know taking money out of somebody's pocket or something I'm just like at. Yeah about. I tried for years. The change you people make you more efficient and better your jobs. More. You are what you are looking collection of stress myself not you people as in this room to. Tell everybody outside his room so they're not everybody Abbas are fantastic. David did a better than that but in the past about a let them happen on occasion. Italy two of you like I'm I know I have never been. And I have squashed any now being right like dude I think you more than squash I see you back yeah she lately it's huge. A payment lately I had I. But I've come to a good place where people need to be in their offices wherever their cubicle there and right now it is there nature of business. In just spirit. Good group. And it is getting a bit just ignored it best to ignore the most you can ignore the best to not care about the most you knock air map. Systems. And there you have it pleasantly I thought I would look. That is nice these everybody. Outside of your purview you try to add that I met side had to be speaking at your graduation these are good words. Edwards later that tomorrow stopped caring and I mean you can't make it better now it's out of your control that you are controlled. You that your goal is to not care about as much you can not care about you know this advice that your passing along. From this article that appeared where. Oh I hand it. Some I think Forbes or some business I think. It is an event and I don't how some business thing it does not have on the things I just that. No men who don't want but I am better business in the Forbes by Danforth yeah yeah. Mortem that Americans. A lot of things that are easy to deal but winning money which Charlotte this. Is the easiest we want to get you ready for summer with some easy my. Every week day from 7 AM to 7 PM think it is to win a thousand dollars cash every hour be listening to the bottom of the hour for the keyword and texted him immediately to 7881. Messages generated well he's easy money from the station that wants you to have adventures all summer. Seven now. Dumb link. Any I never really thought about babies and glasses. Oh we never thought. Oh until it our all our guy you know little Lance is. Ammunition. Kids like school aged kids but it that a baby is that I hung in sunglasses. You know maybe we yeah a couple of once again anger or something there was. Mom in the store and she had her baby in the car and I looked over in the baby had on glasses and I was like I can even. It is there's so much cuteness in that car I can't even. I don't like where you Google it there's like a lot of babies who just mean I I assume they're not they're glasses it would just throwing it on them on. People put the NC Graham told her glasses on their babies. Cute cute. Death and Arizona is a really need glasses but whatever the point is that the the people find it cute the professor of cute studies. Wow who calls me every day it's not do see how I'd do it. One of the things that make something shoot is a fact that they're just a little bit off in some way. These two videos with animals befriending members and other species that's always a big cutie they are people like to see. Tiny pieces of furniture. You'll settle their cute. Baby wearing glasses. Mets won on. You and makes their eyes look bigger is one reason yeah they're physical traits. That sciences found at UB. All feeling. Makes you squeeze something to death. We'll organ could put and we are candidates are part that's and that's really what I'm really feel like I you know think about like sometimes I'm at like six days there. Gang. Means Jack said this to the list should. I think there might have been let me get we will need to talk to the cops out there a full time. Sites of these of the things a larger push to let me days the thing I was just love. About 10 am to any eighteen hole I do sometimes wizards. And then all the mice and men on the and that lawyer up. These things large head relative to body size slash rounded head. The year large protruding forehead. Exe cute. But you know 34 rent. I've never. And I don't that's aperture trying to glom on a Q you mean students may just. It's a different person though long and on the hunt for five that. Lar. Large size relative to face. A kind of ironic I as a guys detaining guys Macy's. Eyes below mid lineup and is part of that whenever. Rounded protruding cheeks. And a here we go bottom and the opportunities. And six. Stitch she is they protrude. Other than murder and producers. Should put a confident and happy on rounded body shape. There you go into and got it solved elastic body surface once again and everything. Else I have to yeah. I got my profile so I don't know. If there. But the glasses and just certain lenses make the baby's eyes a look big recently. The B professors of cuteness said that it's also helps us feel connected. It's a sneaky evolutionary troll so we actually when it take care of babies so that's why they've. That's weather kinda cute they've had a couple ugly babies became man tossed amend it fires something so evolution made him make. Cute and so now we care costs could fill a. Came member and who may. I'm I'm paraphrase a little and then it's going to be he's do you not. The to and it it to reserves have proposed a baby's been different because of these cuteness just because of and also the need for socialization they like I had a baby's due don't have what he. They're babies and there. I kind of getting boring yeah she's changing her began. You can find out and I'll sign. It's a study opera so people who like cute things are always looking for new ways to experience pleasurable feelings is so you think about the ugly cute. Thing if you see ugly cute animals. It is so I'd either acute back kind of thing big media. So that unexpectedly dead bugs in general. And glasses also you mentally toward put in the things adult where. So it kind of like freaks you know appreciably likely some soft here there's classes on a baby. I'm must like a David because of a baby in a mustache to be an. Sainovic and it's gone and Ben. Hogan a cigar. That. Just aren't they isn't it cute back in the dates as so it adds to debt but say actually on here his whole thing. You can't go to a dull headache. And they mentioned pains and young kids in the medieval period. In those creepy they're creepy yeah I'm never really know like a beer to adult like yeah yeah it's I don't even have more like adults. Lowe being its. Yeah I have to type it in these little babies you remember I mean I of and those paintings are you like those. Supposed to be little people or you know those are key is all right I'll I sees a headline my babies and medieval paintings looked like ugly old men. And a all yeah. I'm kind of have a weird bald man swirl go along. It's best Ahmed the bald man Porsche you guys at a Renaissance made babies beautifully Asian winner in history and maintains you babies for the fact and is now. She's more glass and more fun it's also what's that Ramallah are we started mess. Earlier the podcasts these things. To do to get along with co workers stop the madness here sometimes. It is the office place is a mess it leads coverage here. Real life home so. Got to get to care so many things I said was and don't leave things hanging retreat talking app for compute. Communicate with conviction. Strong words he bowled. So you're upset angry mad. The softer you you use the words the less you'll be taken seriously. So think about when you're told to go to Europe as it did you know you're going to stand by to gaudy hero that's it that's I need to talk to the co workers really an end. Yeah that works for you so far mammy and I don't know I've kind of been isolated. As an accountant to go to their room. An example I'm so. Let's go to your office you and do you think there and I think about what you've got missed there are no ads and our box. You know you've got over there. I think that. You've got to. That's a pretty. Rob spot where you're starting to. So you are like killed all the words yes and are thus not like children but they say that's just an exit but you. You don't wanna be like wishy wash and be bold about it I am anger and separate you onetime out yeah. Hey Harris I like very angry with you know I want you to go sit in the corner and had to go. And had a right to corner that be fantastic. I would I'd I would pay for people here to put me in the go to the images and content for myself and acquire. I. Well I mean in my me clear that that means that I I don't look sometimes of people when they start to admit they don't say they're talking to me a stay with my computer. I seem to do that that's ma'am corner. Alec I'm not looking at anyone know it's kind of like Ambien in the corner who's facing. On an agreement not I don't understand our homes and nodded. Yeah I'm not honestly. And but I'd like this bank embed it as it did not Craigslist it was a big love she's still needed to be admitted in court to put in that not a Democrat I think what is. There's an like it started nodding Cordero worked the I. In the senate group B I'll I dare you are in an article under. I have some nominations. Are due to. I'm also what is crazies could kind of the same as number two can be given convinced this was do what you say don't threat. Just say I'm frustrated annoyed and damn mad in a picture for. This year that says again remember remember when your kid and Ramon your parents so he behavior was creating Havoc in dissent and whatever. You you got in your head you probably pull it together six votes tell people I'm. Angry I am mad and I am frustrated. At the take an MR. And how much damage at one time. And dad didn't go so well. Yeah I mean does seem pretty harsh right. Yeah I mean I am assume I've forgotten that our our previous vice president I told him I was angry and frustrated yet as they got a little with known west you know it. On why did your immediate supervisor about that. Yeah ally yeah I don't think any Democrat about it she but as easily well Obama well you know again there's no idiot you've got to go well. The SE do you have a do well. You do have to be kept get to a certain situation you have to try to talk it out I don't know the lingo and there fit in at all but you. If it it's a mess with somebody you work closely with. But I guess you at some point you gotta say something right you can't just let it faster you can say something but that's not gonna change anything back in the early that. Dang you you chew their mouth open you are sloppy when you do your work is stuff like that year. I just think about it just about like some of the but I have where example complained about the litter in our office but just flat out litter and I decided. I've I've spoken to people about it I've spoken. To management as bad did I just a couple of yeah. Agony and you don't his words about lyric don't go anywhere now we'll look at them Gerdes affecting. The only one who's I think in our office bomb about a letter seen what I need to do just for the letter how many times I told you stop caring so much. Can't a guy around I care about what was I saying. Got to learn not a charity much as possible. In these situations where you're so frustrated you're the only person who can really change it. But good night time that it can. Your coworkers aren't gonna change its not working your bosses Dick and Jane it's true so you can't tell you run into it today I value added did via. And has no effect really on 'til dark so today enemies you know they. Are in the office and carry on a two way candy wrappers. You don't even and I am not even angry about that part is a lot truth. That part is a backpack and I am I am there's a part of me who is very present right now because of that arm candy wrapper. No they're not candy wrapper any Rackers. Then and discarded on the floor as a they say many of the as senator desperate to get. That kind of Hewitt. I think you can go one on one no idea I only know like you in. I don't care there. You. Hate it. It can't say yeah columns that letter that chance. Yes indeed. And yeah and then letter. Happen happen not the issue. That your leaders of good leaders like good parents don't destroy your co worker or boss or direct report simply wanted to know that you're frustrated. Yeah Newton. Snaps right Louisiana figure we get Benny I have another grievance. Without knowing who went. Are only have not depart this breed winner mr. and mrs. Reid I've done and these days are yet we could we we could do that. Go anywhere McCarron has it changed my caring levels. So. But sometimes it spikes and that's a real problem and when it does sometimes most the time and again you know what I don't care but then some day here decide on no filled with the spirit and you can earn. And I'm beginning yeah. Libertarian who could forget there and again the societal needs beat yourself up. Yeah even know you're not the ones must be beating up then denied that is fantastic that it's Australia's Matt Ramona. Latest trend or whatever and Evernote these are trends or say things are trans detect via Trent. If you riding an as an article. Editor is that it and you hit a good did it decides attorney and even if it happened one dime is a trend of guys that tell the media alert but if you don't. It debuted as a flyby reader kind of person you assume like thousands of people doing yes all in all teenagers are doing a hook and he there's a trend. Quoting fingers of the reception bouncy house to an actuary to core and there's also the teen trend was Todd Todd were they doing this iPods he numbing. You re not iPods snorting condoms and now they're burning themselves with the deodorant challenge is it's spray or log after a lot braver chemical burns. And that's how long can it handle. And at that doesn't mean. The longest time people have been doing tic specially guys and burning themselves and doing things like that. Or attention it was a challenge and laws on YouTube have right there right it was just a thing like you guarantee the first fire. Accuracy how on Nicole over and over crazier in the end if LA I'll you all there and pull our car we have incumbent. Variety you're gonna get the guys and ladies tees and honored mincing our print TAM romantic. Act act so you wanna bully your man. We're not gonna go back to the fifties where you meet him all ball up. And this psychologists says may and are let's face it. Visually oriented yes they are where something just for him now sometimes. Your style and your man's style for you. Do you and not match. I'd like you might once yankees. He might wanna see UN thumbs Yankee nation lingerie. You're Ethier kind of girl. But just in. Behind closed doors can you Wear. That's fun he would like this course he should or that on whatever. Opened doors again you know wearing any lingerie in open door let's let's not endorse what good is their arms are open. And some doors can be open for. Its electors screened and voters are with the. I bet you didn't take him on a short shopping have been heaven she's outfits he would like to see UN. We're choose a lingerie he finds sexy I you know I'm not mature. I would giggle. Dig I have to admit it and be so embarrassed embarrassed already there is ill your wife took Q2 and Tony secretly tell you around and they yes and say it's right here monetize some line no way you just say just picking and oh. You're blocking. The sort of I have to admit. I know until you lose and I'm a loser yes I did at one time and I've rushed through that I will meet you ante and that's. It's a little daddies see it I and it felt bad like touching something. Don't creepy being in there or your I don't matter I don't care. I don't act unless she's standing right next to me keep an entire time we were holding hands and wearing a T shirt that says I'm married to. I kind of impact and I feel like a bird we are committed any are losers should do that it's. I know I Ramos and I know. No not and it is being on the is that I want them once there anyway and I just it's couldn't make it. You know he's in some of these. Medications are trying to do anything on now. We were just and if not I mean kids aren't even like old school man again that headlights here and a faith. Just a full alarm. But they've got some crazy things on eighteen then I went and wants to get stuff Warner. And I Akron go through that. And you know like you know hop on line again you can't say like a normal streets there was about exercise yet viewed at Victoria's Secret. We look sized cup are you well. Years and years ago I worked with a talent agency in Columbus, Ohio where Victoria secret I don't know if there's still according they're not. But we would do. Instructional videos for Victoria's Secret. And I he was hired to play. The worker. Who had two. Awkward husbands. Through. A lingerie purchase. UN wandering. You're in laundering. And. I was up and media has. An instructional media and sometimes. They can listen enraged. Employees. Of the company to watch. It teach you how. To dealing with awkward husbands and boyfriends when they come on the snore I think they need him video for the customer you know Florida employee leave right. Oh. And it's not properly go in by lingerie ask questions and associate with now being improper while announcing. This and didn't. I don't get past the. Talk into the sales associate finger just the even walking in there and finally a pair pennies on why you. An original right very good. You'll probably graduate doing your fingers am now yeah used she can hit it. Government in place so solved if he smelled the about it online ever Ben iCAD. Some data some people liked him. A lap now. But on. Longer good. And yet there it is yeah. God did show up at the Victoria's Secret that it ends or bad and I just think about over in the return. It fondling. It is good you don't want to just I did about that today it's done all fresh out of the warehouse. Led. They came out some of these guys these days to get accused the stuff and I read somebody was and that like like I missed all these things at some of these guys are doing and didn't angular. Yeah yeah. I wanna start. And dirty and do. The group percent I mean I've never and excitement about Andy that aren't on some. I'm science. The players so typical for you to be in a store because they might diocese act amendments or I guess I think that they are I just feel weird I know I know what's wrong I know him. Image joy are sexually repressed repressed manners something at. Apparently the breath. I'm impressed. As somebody even as being anything but I'm just. I didn't try it like you to meet in the paint and a pain he's win mean now it's gonna. I do a regular. Content just don't you know and unless it's bad that it. You can't let me put a ticket to get it. The dirty and decent again. There tonight. Would be winner I'd be better rob and I feel better about going it would ban eating Obama's little. No no to that part of the only about a threat. My dealer brats. Don't plan to go to the colors that really ugly guys that have like you know read a statement of certain. Jobs are like you know yeah. I like comedy didn't Brazil early man and that's it. It is very imminent and right Byrd led yeah you know I mean I don't know why we're only a campaign he's not the. So that. And yeah we can't meet it together again because it doesn't it we went to her hair so I don't look at figured. Hundley in the underground as you can make it. Weirder when you have your boy go away now coming to you by yourself because then you make a kind of a ruckus that shows a mire there. Yeah and he would your wife like the and then you know that he didn't and I oblige. The bad loan products and. Yeah in my mind on pandora girlfriend. Yeah I enjoyed it said saloon yes others. Are. Are some like that actually don't feel we had today you know. I'm not really really ever been here a wonder what is she is think about. It and then they come out like a remarkable. Sadly that come out hard and now they really need includes a release Ramadan Myers now. The only meantime Richard aren't. And so no I don't think is a great idea bandy I just let it out and I suppose that's as. Patrick you're getting your reaction Mellanby weird okay beat you guys and inventories and finally filming and now and it just gives we're largely in new and you argue might marry here at oral lone birdie prank would be as to why. Now just let you know just a bit detainees choices bandy and Mary's life being Indian meal or beta itself. Which the order of of and so abandoned his wife for being any -- romantic partner man what are you are or you put the menace is as his best possibility to worst spot one to really messes with my life then alone than with do you. And I'm. Now that then I'm gone alone in a moment my lives. Novel in the my. Another website you're number one a lot of the look we don't know. Being used to guard for Victoria's Secret at the halls and whenever that earlier in. They democratically be. You know people didn't just say you know. Lonnie Quinn. I don't that was another. When this I'm buying from my life. And some of those guys who do you know. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote. Check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.