Get Out Of That Speeding Ticket

Friday, November 3rd

Matt thinks he can get out of a speeding ticket with these tips...can you? We've also got the 10 things you should never wear at work, and there's a good chance we've worn most of them!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. George listening got off to a bad remote. Moved thanks for sharing thanks for commenting if you have. Gavin do it Breda Steven that's even more important. Let's see I didn't. Finish I think. The how to beat a speeding ticket I know that have already said way below winners. This year cop on you know. Hiding either I didn't and I liked auditing and we said now and the know how how's your day going is that when they come up. Which and how about which you consider giving me a warning. Be polite don't admit guilt but ask what. Go to outlet a gap a warning there and her to that matter I don't think hitters as it gets a deal before I am I try to version that went okay. You say you were in a hurry. Speeders yes it on the air and I can I give it a ticket as fast as possible now now. I promise not to speed this is one motorist pulled afford to. You know who I am. I have no man ever asked. Act that the car or net all of my idea. If you're trying to get. Some extra French fry now tonight theory EU art Taylor Swift. You may never say do you know who lying now now never I have you ever been with a friend who pointed out in the US. Yeah horrifying as an idiot is the most embarrassing. Thing because first of all no one ever know and I will be more than number one. And minutia but still no new window doesn't mean that everyone know when yet. It's rare that you get that person's like and it it's usually my mom doing it well you know who she is. Alone. In order portals or the person that that the city has is a madman Marcia they'll play along like the guys in the morning yet. Dawson yeah. Show. Yes that's a great month and then I kind of letter. He and a editor trying to be polite I Greta I are so I just. What do you know but but it we've puts them in a weird spot pass to me and I island barest yes I don't think I'm getting embarrassed just thinking about all those. So you're definitely not gonna use video land and leadership affect. It make sure your car says I'm law abiding. They don't cops look for somebody may act according to this. Went to bumper stickers. Area all. Spoilers. Tinted windows neon undercarriage light things at Sam Malone fast. I think there's deuce and that Isiah replied looks like somebody's don't pass it looks like you designed your car actors to race on the fast and furious yes exactly wanna be fed into Erie. And I go to court. When you're in court. Keep asking for continuing it is I'd like to continue in your honor. And every time peaks and I'd like to time really worth it for 35 dollars or a hundred dollars whatever it is they say to keep going back to go Mac keep going back to somebody to the top of Chela. You say can have a continue to die out and Tom. I have beaten a ticket twice. Simply because I went Norton. I a long time ago eighties I had. An attorney for good court for me in Denver on the court for ten yeah I never and I senate got until I went one time as an eyewitness. Early speed is now go through it read our subsite ticket and they rule in my buddies later. It was my body would like butts why did it and you can get a court to be Indies on your side of the story whenever I really think I'd I did believe it he stopped. So I said that a judge lets it. I'm like this. You said yeah yeah as adds I'm not trying to save him I had an ice on my friend I wasn't a car he did stop I think maybe the cops look. Way or something if I didn't stop I don't know against. It's like a couldn't get out now knows. Though would you do is give. Have somebody who doesn't like is no different in my car had disguised cat and I'm but I haven't been in private time is driving F death. Maybe if you are gonna corn use that went have somebody your satellite is packed media might mean he's my bank on it could also say a man there was no speed limit posted. Hi ally and I did that on a look at them boulevard that. Because there wasn't. They they say it has to be a certain distance away here whenever I gave a whole speech as it. Officer you can ask anyone who knows me I don't intentionally speed hookup pastor Eddie iron was. Now the last Ireland so all. Said. 45 miles an hour. And I know I couldn't have been the one more than 46 what was the blow is the speed and he's so well in this section eight it goes down to 35 as it wait where is it posted. These are given lip I I would I could where's oppose it because as I need to look at that I'd be scared I would never getting. If I was speeding I own it because frankly a little proud I'm not question a cop but in this case it was leg. I I know that I was going if I limit because some Bay Area careful. On a sin stretch and even some boulevard because I'm just trying to dodge that her drivers and taxis and stay in the right Elaine going that the newly. I think I would ever do is I really thought I was. Given a false ticket I would go back and take pictures of photographed apparently given leapt atop. I was I was I was series yes it where is that. An unmanned as opposed. I couldn't do it I couldn't do it and the cut spending or you're Stater jurisdiction. Issuing officer had it's the issuing up to not show up and there's two robbers in the patrol car they get tossed in both don't show up. And if your license plate numbers on your name date anything anything and all the paperwork and cracked. And all of the speed limit has been like a quarter mile. From where you pulled. Usually within a quarter mile. So. They go next time go back in that videotape it measure written. And that sort of thing I would or should go to pick. I know what I did Jesus say to him let's go back walk a quarter mile team you're climbing assigned to handle make our big decision more podcasts and just. Yeah Otis Jason. You get your last chance to win Jay-Z tickets. Holy war tour edition early November 16 yeah. Listen at 7:30 AM at 4:30 PM this week to win against also ahead what seven idling backed out when the chance to win but I. Thank you again or errors subscribing we hope you're subscribing to the up podcasts and sharing it. Number go up and we appreciate it and also we could comment and wow rate that's like a 48000 stars but it ought to get that many but. Go for Mandela every day it's got to face but they don't ban Vietnam on a rice put up a new things every day recently put up was a cats on ipads are describing a rally in Milan got an iPad. Kinda creep are you pins Q and you don't like desert you can execute is an attack on an iPad. Mean cats learn to use iPad your all into trouble in the us. I don't agree that's all I can beat them days that end. Maybe other days you don't like even like it like America's funniest on Nvidia's McDoogle cats segment of cats falling from things and supper lack in babies and ahead. I think. And that's typical cat behavior should expect that act. OK what are you doing for us I am a shopper I truly enjoy a. Real bargain hunt I know you do him. And here's the deal if you're like me and you really loves shopping do you didn't actually get more pleasure from it then you get from. Is it what you call thrifty sex. Or bargain sacks third clear clearance it's apparent clearance Clarence and really adds a minute of it have you are again these are your pear apple Apple's. On the than your shopping at your asses off some things. That great prize said is even. Her then you thought it would be so they edited as the sex is at a great price. That's. You're not paying percent or get a return exactly return a lot of what's return policy insects. I was onion the receipt I wish I knew you married that you. As far as we know the united busy. And so. You don't really you battered like to a science expire for us. Hook up maybe this weekend. Like cook on Saturday shop on Sunday report back to us and which was Marshall. Filling the researchers already did. I want it any analysis and I found that only women. They they took a look at people's brain waves and they found 84% of people not just women puppy love shopping get more pleasure from it than they do from getting off. Because asked to be mostly and obviously I mean guys who loves shopping more than sex not many it's got to be alone element got to be allowed number. And I you not to be stereotypical but I'd be really low number streak. Yeah there really loud and that's it. I can see you think I would really. Love. To have guy who enjoyed shopping as much as I do. But I also enjoy shopping alone. Yes united unified a woman like shopping as much as you do less afraid I'll Annie you tell us stories about you going shopping with the women and again. Tired at the end of the league aren't you are on and you don't enjoy shopping at all yet and ages you more meat because your enemy. They use made because they hate shopping. So when they Dougal missed or they just pick out. Just anything in their size yeah begin home they might not like it that much and then they realize that they paid like. 300 dollars for a dress that I paid forty bucks for it but it is the time lord use me. I take him shopping. And that was in normal and they have a new wardrobe that the only beat a couple of and we go to war and how many days I mean out of hours each day. At least eight. Full eight hours at least eight. That's got to be a nightmare. And I got to be and I can't play like after Howard I would be tough times after ten minutes of one sort type out my Mac got to man around. Through hungry you know like you know what please think about shopping at Sachs remember that time she claimed it was a shopping injury. Now he might know what it really lives in no way your foot was. A pattern of its twisted it there. Shot tool on any keel and every one of Dallas. I will say. I agreed because let me look at the brain waves they've found that the middle high from shopping last longer. Then the mental high from sex. Maybe it last longer. Because you get to it wary or use it or whatever. When says the guy is done music or Samoa ladies out there. It. Would generally that generally generally happens. I'm pushing him he's pledging means a mutual pushing mutual bush really you know learns that the same as shirt. Yet you know who really is often don't. About I don't you ever gonna compare issued where I where all I guess incompetent in its rights put him in the closet bring about a well again it's great. You would probably have rather have a great. Outfit that you bought at a really low price yeah and love. You know men and a lot of. Not me like I'm really not later you want love from your mom in from me and anti dog but I'm talking about a love. A you're loved by people but I'm saying you rather have a great outfit. That you bought it at like thirty dollars it was worth 300 then to be married to the guy if you're treated. I. I. They bear with us at all app and then I added let's say let's say that outfit really costs like 3000 dollars. And I got to for thirty day you are right back I learned it in a critical now reduced to. Does it that way what happens to be by you pay full price for one which gives you more shame when nice standard out to get paid full price for loan. Yeah it's all there and remove standing never ever Wear to work and we have warned most. Give me most. It before this isn't real worries isn't like this is a real job it doesn't. But William losses we consider it a real job in hectic and the real job but it's not because it pays not real bills this this is it but it's not corporate like we're network morning at Google or Amazon or something without a green is sending ends like cutting it. And had an economic hit a millennial. Yes. So. But we don't Wear suits and hide things like well our salespeople do that we downing shots and is about us is we barely put clothes. Well now that's not true you do that you know I fear. I fear being. I'll say the woman at the station. Who is just chill bumpy at one of. As fear which you you can you can. Because I've heard people talk about the person who looks like they just don't care as nobody lightly here now by the way where your very fancy every day. Almost on every day most days I try not to do depends on this list like this any outfit that was made to be worn to nightclubs. Show we tops and dresses and teachers under Tommy very short skirts tight fitting stuff. Be on board and all that. Yeah AB technical reason why I didn't Wear my Halloween costume work. There's too revealing tonight. Way to reader Roy Euro going Custer there's a picture of me in it on FaceBook I I didn't matter or they don't wanna go there. A guy he comes a lot of tight I I just couldn't imagine even though with Halloween walking around looking like that sort of thing that's in right now. Sometimes I'm muscles all over how open should open up my mind. In depth. Don't Wear anything you would Wear to the beach. That brings us back to about ten years ago. We all don't forget about it Jerry doctor Hauser. Laura swimsuit. To work because almost clothes were dirty. As it. But yeah I mean where's Lindsay is a little high. I'll have a limit but it Ari dead to a document never that is is one dime to me but about thirty days ago remember he went and bought sixty starts yapping like that now. Now he's so fancy I've not seen European shares have had a and not yet now now still got to feel that app as today. Periods and yet you figure that your I don't washed my clothes and things like adds to. I have I actually do cold. Cold wash is now and I'll. And I don't I look at Saddam is a goal water yeah. Tom don't Wear any garment that's dirty ripped where faded. Okay we can get away with that yeah not dirty bit distressed we'd definitely distressed I know both UN I have done distressed about dirty. Shell and dirty is unacceptable. And we had a coworker who is just Bailey very dirty and we had one who gave written but he was tied together with both those because he was. Dirty and this letter was stripped the saints were everywhere every single day yeah gap that was bad. And it is supposed to be even music creative see him a little bit of a break down cannot then I. Creative doesn't mean you haven't used to be dirty cap. It just does a now but I married a creative but I like to call at. On any pregnancy but did not come aboard dirty you are not take a it was time at a time to shower eat amazing it out it was a year. Advanced elected. Washing yes they did state and that's the keepers and was followed me around and Vietnam and I think it's too small for you went over that yes. Exercise where have you done and it now. I don't count those pants that I have an exercise where would you like me or a half hours. Exercise player called joggers and whatever they're called on the political joggers yeah well I don't know if that doesn't mean you don't get them. You couldn't too tight. I. Am I know we yoga you can and you'll get what Umenyiora. I can't do jogging in his pants. Yes you caller yeah hi do you only want cannot combat it. Yeah. Ownership or government for fashion they are still considered. Athletic Wear. That's what you're out jogger but he's not the officers didn't tell us there's. At leisure. OK then either at leisure that doesn't mean at least there's not work out in at least there's two major around the I'm the third out of this very leisure just I. Can't let any garment with words honored apart from the company love it teachers is much. And we've done it yeah. And I mean and continues to burden docket today grass he is urban Indians can attack he achieves or whatever. Review its major donors and then I mean now now they lose visitors. So I'm really that good as a result reality addiction when you when you're dressed as commuters are reminders. On anything seeds through our back list. Back then now. Leaders he likes and I went in shoulder. Calm pajama bottoms or tops. Is it a try to block the top spot I've seen you know. Young spoke trying to have bottoms before honestly it worked on roaming around all they should go to the flip flops. When Malden with the exception of doc ever own flip flops. Wolf in college the sailor mandatory for the that to deal with the dorms hours as a problem that they're mandatory in May or not that well for me. Yeah Athlete's Foot. I never Laura and only going barefoot for the love of his life. Yes he could save his beat for marriage. I know. Why would he be all barefoot in a shower now college iPhone may be season mandatory. VA hippies that state. Edward Burke stocks or somebody attacked while Scott Miller shower shoes that are. Not that I find it disgusting that effect you know I invited TV show and yet today you or showers use it adds to eat in tax you had ever England journal where. And I'm Natalie did because the message iteration with. I'm human amount to elevate anything that. I'm not hotel and Jim would usually I would Wear them at. The I'll roll the dice and a life's too short. Luckily. Not written. Our budget TV show the other day needs to detectives whenever talking. On a bed and they were sitting on the motel comforter. And I said at that spot in your right action how did you know I was an exact same thing how can the recently that comforter. Yeah if I could and when I noticed right away to I don't like it not one riot he senator company would you mind that. I'd sit ammonia roll around on. Let once a month. It's off there. There's word of the master of words that. Brandon. Jag. There's always baby showers and maybe move into an expectant couple but the second honeymoon. Prior to having their first child and that is done and is. Dumb I mean. That's but it is a first the first of all that means the widespread how much is you know enjoy. And I mean how much is made it. Yet that the baby move and I finally out and he does that in any pregnant women I want to relax me she doesn't Leo and you rather go on vacation which is not dragged. Now. I visited then they got it right after the baby is born vacationing takes on eight yes legally well this is after it look and feel this is this is a second honeymoon prior to having. The first child he just had ever write to we're having your second tells part of having your first time elementary second honeymoon and yeah Ernie had. Padilla can do it like. OK we're gonna start getting pregnant. And in and Ed meg meg at a when I'm gonna go boy can turn this vacation may be a beta have been made. That's something like that. A JPG yeah. Inception lose hundreds afternoon it's pointing mirror and conception and you grow too much pressure on what not but who cares about it man credited racers. Not prying eyes I do still don't understand YE. You view the baby moon is such. Horrible thing. Horrible. Old and I mean I'd just rather not waste I'm pregnant girls are out of and Arnold Klein and the general moonwalk and around where we Dolan who have earn. You now feeder tired yeah he went out and what are you ladies are all here are different stages of pregnancy at a second of all. Some men like to be active into their ninth that's true that's true. And can't yeah a lot of laying out your AM where you're being too much can't drink smoke or do drugs now some people do and it. Why are now you're. This day down the New York Times as saying a new phenomenon and I question. When newspapers just make it up and caught a phenomenon of the daddy noon where dad chiller party. Call also home again Vegas is a place like a bachelor parties it's at. Due to only counting designed to celebrate the final moments of relative freedom for a dad took me. And you can't be my friend. You're definitely not my friend if you say daddy moon. And generally cancer where daddy is here as an adult male. And you know some people are saying they take it. Daddy even close. To where the pregnant mom is so in case something happens they can be there. But I I really question. Whether this is a thing yet this one guy and the he had at his honeymoon. I had he went to impose somebody on a baby dog to the occasion they carried with him everywhere. Snapping photos of the once he clad toy and talk a bottle of grape used by Ted etc. Come. An ultimatum. And saw. Oh. That's just awful. The beauty and tearing around a baby. Tearing around the baby. Good and I'm not a baby doll around Vegas and posing in pictures and send them on a day honeymoon probably ordering a T shirt that's yeah. Isn't like. It's not dollars and sad and pathetic. Over didn't you yes right to exit seven a baby doll you have it did come off this. The it's hilarious. That you have the right friends or anywhere sash and all that stuff news. Or any runaround and little scavenger hunt for and their eyes and re. Not a party you little babies diver yet he has as you might give you started a bit yourself you know that's kind of a practical baby nudity released that army. I'm pumped up more than mentally. Live concert series presents and Nike don't want and then. The united PM on January. Any person can make. Indeed sales numbers have been unwilling dot com I enjoy a. A big gross video and SD video. Is out video. I know Danny does docs sometimes in running government we have one. You don't do it on purpose but of I send you something you might open it permits. The what what's the preamble proper person again doctor pimple Popper yes yeah you gonna. A blogger doctor Danielle. There. That Jesus video people cut and opens as assistant I exists and things like that gusting and dad's shoes it's got millions and millions of viewers and followers and not right. So that they. And they had the psychological satisfaction of watching gross add videos on YouTube. This Diana flight smear machine electorate some university and specializes. In this science of disgust. That be great you know she is the person at the party every one gravitate to that that there is no question about that. If you find out there's a scientist in charge of disgust. You are going over to her and talking I guarantee yeah. Do you know you. Are limited. You are tells us a lot Harrison possibly a sex opposite psychologists Edwards tells me she's got a men to do isolated and ultimately in the ST sex only Danny you're not going Denon and and and and healthy curiosity about life but it is an obvious people do want to know people do wonder why figure it's some people are drawn to alert. Enjoy grossed out videos and its affairs psychological. Question right. And she says is that evolutionary response. Millions of years and make. Any and I are way more evolved than you. Yeah I'm instrumental. If you're being above me who knew what that means you watch. Videos of serious busting open ended yet symbols being popped. Yet though era when it. She says we evolved in an environment where there were tons of act oh parasites like flies lice and ticks. Which at all transmit disease humans evolved to groom each other to avoid these act no parasites. We enjoy it it's and we developed a disgust response to ward off the parasites. Physical and emotional recall of things we think will cause disease. Earlier while I. We are those disgusted at those of us who are truly -- wears so does that does and now we know it's important for those of this circle of life. And research has shown whenever our disgust responses triggered. You're still actually gets more sensitive. So by looking at a you're aware of all that nasty and I hate to hide. At any time something comes out your body. Specimens some kind of inflammation. We've been discussed response since fluids like blood and costs are likely to carry disease. So to get ourselves away from that risk we scratch and pick and pop in PL appeals sense of pleasure and relief. And asked are your likes it here you watch somebody do you know they're getting rid of disease. Tell you like to see disease killed them you love it yeah exit talks now as you seriously. I'm not a hypochondriac but as we're talking I'm feeling and Campbell were on my face. Cannot great oh are you a lot about it yet would you do video Boris and now harmless and our listeners. First of all I don't believe in popping pimples just Felicia. But it worked dividends. I don't believe in aren't they I don't like I don't know. Why don't believe that I do on the religious think of than programming and and dared me that's a huge. I'm too old for that kind of refresh public remember when used to like a lot of us it would put Al homers glue. And wait for to dry out your hand and peeling off and say that's the same thing. An adaptive response. It was good to block your skin. So it also is watching people picked things out of their bodies living vicariously through them. Let all manner of us and turn it on our skins can move on and long beasts and disgusting when you got picked a stab at. Appeal something off you feel relief in the same way did you feel relief after having expects. Not really sexual got to Texas he says but similar chemical response. In the and you do you is don't mean all that stuff and happily pick ourselves. There's a reward neurological Leah for behaviors of a grooming him disease avoidance and so there's this tension between discussed in place. And at. At at now in denial that couldn't be here. Yes so imagine that taking Doctor Who believe you know also a six solid just his specialty is grossing people out especially especially. Finding out why people enjoy a being grossed out. That's what are specialty as. And there are ample Popper now that's not her she did the question was raised her because of the success of doctor Campbell pop. Dude who is your threat I think is three million more dollars. That it's fantastic and I was way way ahead of the curve by the way you know be back. David Boren and everything I'm talking about Britain's. Spin off until he saw everything else you're you're you're an early death. I could barely get a scab equity and value leg or something and you start appealing. But you try to twist it off so it definitely is much that rip it off to do the twist right. At the natural connect definitely adding things he. I'm just got the article not to do the little turn out this little whistle no better grip yet couldn't match the master plan. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.